Motion City Soundtrack - Timelines Lyrics

Sifting through the broken glass
The echoes of my ancient past
Keep flooding into every pore
Like scattered seeds of sycamore
Suddenly I started wondering how I got here

Was it a matter of time?

Catholic school my private Hell
I stuttered 'til the age of twelve
Discovered sex at seventeen
And soon thereafter Self Esteem
The days did not matter
And years were a lifetime away

Drowning in a heavy stock
Of teenage girls and Indie Rock
I flunked out of each college course
And set my sails for no remorse
The nights were for nowhere
And that's where I wanted to be

Someone said,
"It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing"

Do you ever wonder how you got to here?
It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing
Do you ever wonder how you got to here?

Branded, marked and paper thin
This angry saint went marching in
To war with scores of ninety proof
Found nothing but the ugly truth
The decade of wastage an instant
And everything's changed

Woke up feeling 35
Though grateful that I'm still alive
Another chance at normalcy
To chase the dream but now it seems
That days run away like wild horses over the hills

Someone said,
"It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing"

Do you ever wonder how you got to here?
It's just a matter of time
It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing
Do you ever wonder how you got to here?

Take it in and hold on while you can
All the destruction will one day end
And you'll finally know exactly who you are
It's just a matter of timing

Do you ever wonder how you got to here?
It's just a matter of time
It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing

Do you ever wonder how you got to here?
It’s just a matter of time
It’s not a matter of time, it’s just a matter of timing

Do you ever wonder how you got to here?
Do you ever wonder how you got to here?

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Motion City Soundtrack Timelines Comments
  1. night time television

    Hit replay!

  2. Jared Frost

    MCS is the GOAT

  3. ooga booga

    2:54 is definitely my Favorite part

  4. Stella O'Dell

    My uncle is Matthew that plays in this band! :D His girlfriend is Carina. They both are the best!!! I am wearing the Mcs sweatshirt rn

    Stella O'Dell

    im not joking guys!!! Uncle Matt gave me his cat beaker. Uncle matt saved her from a dumpster where she got abandoned. Beakers nicknames are Beak Beaks and Beaks

  5. TanMann23

    why do people think this album is bad? it's my personal favorite!

    Simon Hope

    Well, it's not as bad as the new one. Timelines deserves a place on any forthcoming 'Best of...'

    Jared Frost

    By "the new one" you mean Panic Stations? You should probably give it another listen.

    Sonic Breaker69

    i love this album its really good
    and my dinosaur life

  6. SamHewitt music

    its called memories. i dont wonder how

  7. Asuke Doodlz

    I found this song through a fanfiction I read. I regret nothing! XD

    Rayon Trees

    7 months later, but I just had to pop in and say "same"

    Asuke Doodlz

    haha haha. yassssss! welcome~

    Jamie M

    I haven't read it in a while, but I still listen to the playlist and guuuuuuuuh. My heart.

    Asuke Doodlz

    lolz, me too. Ludo is disbanding tho. DX

    Clockwork Couture

    I got here via fanfiction too but mine was a Hetalia one called "Air in my Lungs"

  8. Jeesoo Yoon

    My favourite song and video of all time

    night time television


    night time television


  9. liam

    guys, do you ever wonder how you got to here?

    Spunky B.

    All I did was sign in.

    Daniel Z

    +J Beezy Cool

    Daniel Z

    +J Beezy Cool

    Daniel Z

    +J Beezy Cool

  10. liam

    this clip is so well set up, good work epitaph. btw, i love this song mcs ftw

  11. SuperArt320

    This song got me rethinking my life

  12. JayPG

    I love lyric videos like this! You don't see them too often but when you do they're always awesome!


    +JayPG Agree! I think it's called a "kinetic typography" at least based on the name in after effects.

  13. The 69bob69 Lie

    Totally awesome :)

  14. Penbrook

    I wonder how I get "here" everyday. im lucky and I am unlucky at the same time.

  15. Sandman

    Supernatural is the only way I can describe this song. Where do I begin....I just turned 35, I stuttered til I hit puberty, teenage girls were my weakness, failed college classes, moderately tattooed, I'm less than 110 lbs (Im a dude), I was in the worst part of my life 10 years ago (bad breakup and eventually turning to alcohol abuse), Had a cancer scare last year when they couldn't figure out what was causing my anemia and inability to gain weight, Born in the year of the horse and have a bronze statue of two horses on display in my bedroom.....
    I just started listening to MCS while I was taking classes 7 years ago via a Pandora recommendation. There is also where I met the love of my life and we have been inseparable ever since. Last year sucked, but things are better now and am ready to get back to living life after finding out it wasn't cancer.
    Had the album for a few weeks but never got to listening to it until today. This moment is just unreal. I don't usually post stuff on youtube but I had to for this one. Oh and btw "MCS" contains all the initials from my girlfriend's name and my name. I guess its all about the timing.... Let me get back to playing this song with my eyes closed picturing the life I lived flash before me like a personal music video. Thanks to everyone for reading.

  16. Alana Rose

    who else can't wait for the new album coming out THIS year?


    WHAAA?!?!? :D

    Adam Irish

    I seriously can't wait. But Justin mentioned something about it coming out in 2015 now..


    @Adam Irish ah well, doesnt really fuckin matter. listen to these songs for another 6 months, it'll be all good ;)


    @Leedog CUZ #MyDinosaurLife

  17. Meri

    I love Motion City Soundtrack, because they sing about things that may happen to everyone. It's easy to relate to.
    Their sound is also amazing, and I don't care if the albums don't sound the same, since it's still the same people making it. :)

  18. john erzen

    ang gulong ng kapit bahay namennn

  19. Sydney Olmstead

    i saw them yesterday at warped 3

  20. xMrPumpkinx

    This song gave me goosebumps and fucking horrifies me

  21. KLP

    Time isn't made of lines... It is made of circles... That is why clocks are round.

    Cosmic Nerd Studios

    I understood that reference!

  22. tiny truth

    Whovians. They're fucking everywhere. I'm okay with this.

  23. The Codis

    So why are you talking ?

  24. Mr. Gate4043


  25. npra54

    Bullshit. I snorted lines of time one time.

  26. Tom Rice

    The only time I've heard Warren Harding's "Normalcy" used in a song. Geeky satisfaction.

  27. julianfielding

    @1destinyswift. You are my new best friend. Love the doctor who reference! Lol

  28. ashlynne f

    People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.

  29. ThePopPunkDork


  30. Yan Years

    You mean time is relative. Big difference.

  31. Paul Weber

    The best of luck to you, keep on the clean path, the world doesn't need anymore waste.

  32. SouleSwag

    Shut up Caboose :D

  33. Austin

    This song is helping me turn my life around, and is definitely assisting me in staying away from heroin. Growing up in a catholic school and being full of insecurities didn't help either. I'm not going to blab about how this track/band saved my life, because it/they didn't. I've just decided that I'm too young and intelligent to let myself go to waste, and that with a little willpower/motivation I can get my life back. I want to look back ten years from now and say, "Damn, I did it."

  34. HilariousReveal

    Doctor Who :D

  35. nhargravealton

    ooh burn!

  36. M D

    what was the video created with? AE?

  37. RudyHWhite

    Only on a Motion City Soundtrack video would the two top voted comments be Doctor Who references. Nerd Rock FTW

  38. Angus Downs

    This song keeps me off crack.

  39. Rachael Tucker

    i love epitaph records. :3

  40. Harry Miller


  41. Opaul Elven

    saw them live, even more amazing

  42. beciingyou Eventually


  43. adam78180

    If I have kids one day, you stay away from them!!! LOL :D

  44. JammySammy

    Seeing them live in portsmouth this saturday. Woop!

  45. Aaron Harris

    It's not official until its Facebook official! hahaha

  46. Daniel Stein

    time is more of a motion, like a river or current

  47. Jeremiah Pryor

    No...time is a line...didn't you hear?'s facebook official now ^_^
    p.s Motion city soundtrack ftw!!!!!! i love everything about these guys yes they have a different sound then on i am the movie and c.t.t.m but i think each time they came out with a new album it helps set the tone for what their going for. Which is why their music gets better and better, they aren't afraid of change or to try new things.

  48. Duck Wizard

    My favorite song of the album.

  49. Mia M

    For a new song? Every song is new at some point. Js. :L

  50. Magali De Reu


  51. DonovanSmith ofAliceAwaits

    Thats all i needed to hear. Okay you can have my money now.

  52. jkovach89

    Dr. Who references have no business being on an MCS video comment thread. I would make the argument they have no business anywhere but i digress...

  53. Dale Fenech

    Time is too vague and abstract to officially have a shape. Though time itself is based on mass.

  54. OCaptainMyCaptain425

    Dear Justin Pierre,

    This speaks to my soul.

    Thank you.

  55. Matt Steelman

    Thanks, Mister Cosby! :)

  56. VerbosityFail

    Looking through the Youtube page
    I stumbled in a pointless rage
    I looked through recommended vids
    And found what MCS just did-

    Suddenly, I started wondering how I got here...
    Was it a matter of timing?

  57. MotionCitySoundtrac2

    OMG wow, Doctor Who References on the top comments, CAN I LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER? xD

  58. grrargghh

    An official lyrics video?

  59. microbe

    motion city soundtrack somehow always manages to make me feel restless and nostalgic, even when their songs are new.

  60. Hexor Arcolas

    I got here cause It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing. :)

  61. varlotto

    same and I'm a guy

  62. TheBearGrylz

    this song is a good representation of the band's progression

  63. Lara J

    Poop my pants

  64. lastplacewin

    Best release since Commit This To Memory. Such a solid song.

  65. maeganmonster

    I haven't known about this band for very long but they are definitely on the way to becoming a top favourite. The lyrics, their sound, everything about them is just great. And this song. . . This song is amazing.

  66. KunisakeRM

    To the untrained ear, there is a huge amount of synth in every MCS album, and with each album it's been better used as a supporting layer and organic element rather than a (HEY HERE'S A KEYBOARD(moog) IN YOUR FACE PART) and MCS would be a typical punk/semi pop band without their staple moog sound ~ either way without the moog MCS would not be MCS ~ and it's a huge part of their success

  67. KunisakeRM

    As a fan listening to this band also since I Am The Movie, it's so great to finally read a library of comments that appreciate how great this new, and mature, album is ~ *^^*

  68. julie t

    fan of motion city since i was in 6th grade. now i'm in my 3rd year of college and i still love them. they definitely have a special place in my heart! :)

  69. Clarissa Marie

    i love youuu MCS <3 thank you for your music! :')

  70. Tom Collins

    Well actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff

  71. Brian Nguyen

    thats also why we have leap year because our clocks are wrong xD

  72. Michael Revan

    I get chills as soon as that chorus kicks in. Been following these guys since I Am The Movie, and they have not disappointed yet!

  73. VerbosityFail

    Then why are the hands straight lines?

  74. bigbabyj

    Only 29,570 views.. At least all of the underrated songs are the most beautiful(:

  75. jsh020

    they didnt have synth before i am the movie and those eps are still kickass,

  76. Jay Tsunami

    That, and the synth is what makes MCS the way it is. I'd feel like a huge chunk of this band was dead if they got rid of synth completely.

  77. Travis Kruckenberg

    It's like, Justin always knows what i'm going through.

  78. that anon guy

    Time...line...? Time is not made out of lines, it is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round.

  79. A M

    This song and LGFUAD are........ absolutely...... UHMAZING!

  80. jsh020

    this comment makes no sense, GO has the 2nd most synth of all their releases.

  81. HiroXHakuske

    I love how each album sort of eases away from the synths without cutting them out completely.

  82. Merritt Rethlake

    Yes. Just yes.

  83. rocluvr

    These lyrics are so deep that i don't understand it.... just over my head

  84. Sam Sahl

    still as good as always. welcome back motion.

  85. undecidead3

    right-o..! i never found them[specially justin] to be spiritual/religious at all.. which makes me love the band more.. most of their songs are about reality and the reality of coping to cope.. lol, not about any religious BS.

  86. Rysh


  87. Yoban Sof

    I don't know about you , but faith fills the emptiness that people feel , some kind of soul Reassurance

  88. Yoban Sof

    the answer is easy , it's fate , one of six other things that form the basis of faith , which are to belive in Allah (God) , his Angels, his books ,his massingers , the Day of Resurrection(The Day of Judgment) and fate, the basis of faith in ISLAM

  89. grindcoremaniac

    amazing song. i hear a bit of a Beatles influence in here.

  90. laura heggelke

    i love motion city soundtrack amazing band

  91. Nikolai Hasenhuetl

    Awesome I fucking love this

  92. SykesLoZ

    totally going everywhere.

  93. tofu mama

    Oh, hi Frank Iero.

  94. Gudi

    omg i love fall out boy

    Lazed Donut

    yeah i love panic at the disco too

  95. monstersfearME

    YES!!!! before this call me maybe was stuck in my head but the epicness of this song made it go away!