Motion City Soundtrack - Son Of A Gun Lyrics

Have you had enough?
Are you tough?
Are you broken?
Hit me where it hurts
Don't just curtsy and sulk
I know I deserve every elegant word that you're hurling at me
When I listen to your voice
Squawking noise
I am thinking how to count on back
With some knots and some stink, I'll seal it
Two raindrops of love forming under your eyelids
As I push you too far

I know I'm a son of a gun
Pissing you off just for fun
You're overdramatic, I'm aerodynamic
It's oh so romantic
That's why I'm a son of a gun

When we started out, there was doubt
There was caution
But I wore you down with my slapstick and passion
Tricks of the trade, I'm a lovable knave
I'm a handful, it's truth
All the itty bitty quirks used to work in my favor
Now they tend to rot and affect your behavior
I'm still the same freak, and I may cause pain
But I love you, and that will never change

I know I'm a son of a gun
Pissing you off just for fun
You're overdramatic, I'm aerodynamic
It's oh so romantic
That's why I'm a son of a gun

Yeah, turn it up

You're overdramatic, I'm aerodynamic
It's oh so romantic
Your heart's filled with panic
If you're the Titanic, I'll swim the Atlantic
Incantations I can kick
To movies you don't think I hate
Those romance flicks
That's why I'm a son of a gun

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Motion City Soundtrack Son Of A Gun Comments
  1. Cedric Johnson

    Begin with God and end with God.

  2. Bandung Giusti

    is it normal to play this over and over for a week?

  3. Matthew McGee

    There was a point in my life where I didn't think I'd survive the year. Long story short this song was there for me, even though the lyrics didn't apply, it helped me in such a profound way. I'll never forget that

  4. Ezra Golebiowski

    Why has it taken 4 years to realise how flippin sick this song is!!!! One of my favourites for sure!!!

  5. F M

    definitely the best one off Go

  6. thecrowrains

    ....every once in a while a movie comes out, that is sure to have a cult following be it for the acting or the music. Just saw this movie on rental and thoroughly liked it! Brenton Thwaites is the next hot actor to hit Hollywood following in the footsteps of Mel Gibson, Brad, or Tom! 

    Son Of A Gun's soundtrack completely supported the film! Like the original (and best) "The Crow" starring Brandon Lee, this film might not reach THAT echelon, but is darn good!


    @thecrowrains What. What movie? I hear he's bisexual. And the band is Motion City Soundtrack. The song is called son of a gun.

  7. Luis Sumaya

    Absolutely love this song, I drive trucks all day long, Pandora station- Motion City Soundtrack. All day every Day.

    Pie A La Mode

    @Luis Sumaya Nice!!!

  8. Jack Leon Concordia

    I never checked the lyrics until now, and never really tried hard to hear what he was singing. I loved the song before, but I love this song even more now, haha!
    "I know I'm a son of a gun,
    Pissing you off just for fun.
    You're overdramatic, I'm aerodynamic.
    It's oh so romantic.
    That's why I'm a son of a gun."

  9. Morgan Henderson

    I just love his voice so damn much

  10. Xhiann

    @irishboy0909 same here!

  11. Marie Gooding

    Not a big fan but love this song!

  12. JustJoshin'

    I got sent here from a fanfiction - good stuff!

  13. Sarathewise

    New headcannon John voice achieved!

  14. Val Blacutt

    Probably my favorite song off this album.

  15. luna scarlett

    mmmmmmm ..

  16. ClintMasterFlex

    And they played this at a private acoustic show. Justin and Josh were great dudes to talk to.

  17. ClintMasterFlex

    If someone knows of a tab for this help me out! I wanna learn this so bad!

  18. Jayson Young

    glad i wasnt the only one :)

  19. SeriouslyLeRoy

    i got that same freak the freak out vibe too

  20. Jayson Young

    I think it more sounds like freak the freak out by victoria justice /watch?v=s2CugccwcNk

  21. Jillian Q.

    I'm addicted to this song. XD

  22. xRazakix

    Sounds a tad like Owl City's Raiders at the start

  23. David Adkins

    Do the verses of this song remind anyone else of the balloon music song from Adventure Time?

  24. Julie Csaki

    oh my god holy shitttttt this is amazing!

  25. Tyler Brush

    hit me where it hurts, don't just curse

  26. Karamiehorse

    Damn son!!!!! This song is the shit!!!

  27. TheApatheticGuy

    And here I was expecting a Nirvana cover.


    Louis Clare

    *cough* it wasn't originally it was Vaseline first *cough*

  28. Marc Crowell

    If i could describe this song with one word? "sassy"! xD

  29. jsh020


  30. Kristen Arndt

    i'm in love with this song :D

  31. paradrummer21

    @MLGudi how the fuck do you get fall out boy out of this?!

  32. Tim Keating

    the fuck is wrong with you? DIFFERENT BAND FUCKING IDIOT!

  33. Himuka

    wtf... gotta even out this dislike with my like

  34. Gudi

    i adore fall out boy man