Motion City Soundtrack - So Long Farewell Lyrics

I heard an angel say hey, hey, hey
Made your Jesus and Mary chain, chain, chain
She was loaded and knocked out on the marble tiles again

I put an angel to sleep, sleep, sleep
Major feelings of feelings would creep, creep, creep
I was watching her kung-fu through the darkness and the dreams

I wonder why she's so fragile
And I wonder why she never smiles
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

She had a fever, burn, burn, burn
Holy watering eyeballs churn, churn, churn
She was violently comatose the best part of the day

Several hours went by, by, by
She crawled out from the blankets and sigh, sigh, sighed
She clambered into purgatory once the sun went down

I wanted to help so badly
But my help just prolonged her descent
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

So long farewell
May I see you when it's over
Good night, good luck
I hope it all works in your favor
So long old friend
Take my words and think them over
So long farewell
You're the saddest music in my world tonight.

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Motion City Soundtrack So Long Farewell Comments
  1. Lazed Donut

    dOgg an&D clChesse,,

  2. Kent Woerner

    Always forget about this song and get so happy when I randomly remember it. Motion city forever

  3. night time television

    This hit me hard

  4. GamingNDrinks

    dang this hit me with the feels

  5. Jenna Kendell

    😥im going to miss them.

  6. Nhitori

    Hey the reason this song was a deluxe track is probably because a common practice in the music industry is to hold a particular tone throughout an album; My Dinosaur Life has a more upbeat feel, sort of this sarcastically joyful sadness and high-speed falling apart, so the song wouldn't have fit in quite right as a main track

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  8. Carlos Falconi

    Love this! check out our music. Let us know what you think! :)

  9. DJguitarplayer


  10. Stevie Swartz

    I found this through his favourites. Yes, I am a creep. And I know this comment is old, but I'm still replying anyways.

  11. hayward1991

    look up just like honey rad song.

  12. jsh020

    your girlfriend died?

  13. Buddy Tyree

    I hate when Justin Pierre writes shit that pertains to my life perfectly.

  14. zodiacxXtheory

    explains me and my gf....

  15. Going Spaceward

    @FunkyBike1 He did? Where? On Twitter?

  16. Easy

    @UnforgettableDolphin Probably some heavy metal junkie

  17. Molten_

    This song's got some really deep lyrics.

  18. Going Spaceward

    I just learned that there's a band called The Jesus And Mary Chain. That explains that line.

  19. Erik Eastmure

    where did you find these tracks? i must own them!

  20. jsh020

    man this song is just pure depression, i remember thinking it was a happy song at first, god damn was i off.

  21. juan verlo

    @TheRyanFilm Is this a hidden track? Because I have the album and I haven't heard it in My Dinosaur Life.

  22. Arianne Fathil

    I love MCS so much it's unreal. ♥

  23. VerbosityFail

    @jsh020 Say that to 'Skin and Bones'.

  24. VerbosityFail

    @dtae787 Your shit must like getting fucked up.

  25. jsh020

    @Sapunka16 it doesnt fit with the rest of the songs, thats usually why stuff is put as B-sides, this would have fit on even if it kills me perfectly though, but not MDL, the album is too up beat for this depressing ass song

  26. JS16

    This is one of my favorite songs and IMO one of MCS's best. why the fuck was this only a bonus track?

  27. jsh020

    @default11000 every band member is singing

  28. jsh020

    this song is very depressing, you can easily tell this is about a freind passing away and you werent able to do anything to help

  29. Ryan Horlen

    This song came out shortly before my grandma, who I was very close to, passed away. This song really helped me get through a very tough time in my life. I figure that's what artists like this are for.

  30. RedMedicine712

    great song. :)

  31. jgrinns

    Such an awesome song, wish it was on the album

  32. THORNO

    Wasn't expecting this. It doesn't even sound like MCS. Is justin even singing in this

  33. Velocireptr

    @15217043 Me and a few friends were gunna to do that but they cancelled the ferry on the morning of the show. They gave us our money back for the ferry but I was completely depressed about missing them. :[

  34. Dtae787

    This song fucks my shit up.

  35. nylaxo

    @15217043 it was an absoloutely phenomenal gig! I got meet and greets and they were such nice guys :D

  36. Alistair Mitchell

    @nylaxo saw them in glasgow. came from northern ireland to see them. well worth the trip!

  37. reb begegf

    aaahhhhh....this song is awe...some :)

  38. nylaxo

    I have to agree with the conversation. The last line just kills me everytime. Just a great band at bringing across emotion and irony. I can not wait to see them in glasgow :D

  39. Lewis Parker

    Lol, it's always fun to make MCS fans out of everyone, isn't it? xD

    I hope you get to see it too, I want someone to report back to me =P

    The only thing I'll be seeing after MCS is probably Blink - they'll be in the UK during the summer, and I've gathered a very large group of people to go see them with ^_^

    OMG I love you even more for making that reference =D

    It's a tasty treat to be here tonight! =]

  40. sierrathings

    Awesome for you :D I've turned my best friends into MCS minions as well. Not as serious and hardcore as myself, but they love MCS and my work be done with them.

    :( I hope I can make it to Warped; they're coming not that far from where I live. Crossing my fingers!!

    Lolz, and it's all Jay Leno's fault. :D

  41. Lewis Parker

    OMG I'm so jealous! I want a dino hoodie! I wish I could've been there, sounds amzing =]

    And yeah, I know about the UK tour, it's AWESOME news! I'm going with a girl that I really like (well, love ^_^) that now loves MCS because of me =P
    I just can't wait, should be awesome =D
    The venue in London is small as well, so hopefully it will be as amazing as your one was =]
    Unfortunately however, I can't ever make it to the Warped Tour D=

    MCS already IS dominating the world =D

  42. CamroniusVII

    I don't think the theme of a song is necessarily the sole contributor to its tone. It is subjective, but it also seems to be that a song requires to be about love in order to represent desparity. Hello Helicopter is a sad song despite its theme (which isnt the happiest anyway). I'll agree that The Conversation is a sad song, but that's probably because most can relate to the emotional pain.

  43. sierrathings

    More of a fan of Sunny Day, Pulp Fiction, [email protected]#[email protected], and Worker Bee, but this is in the top five.

  44. sierrathings

    Pfft, Hello Helicopter isn't that sad. It's just about the environment/politics. The Conversation is fucking sad, man, and in comparison, it's even sadder than this. At least in So Long Farewell, there's the whole "May I see you when it's over" thing at the end. In The Conversation, it's just sad through and through.

  45. CamroniusVII

    2nd saddest next to Hello Helicopter

  46. Jenna Hunter

    damn living in the uk, i want the bonus tracks :(

  47. Lewis Parker

    Yeah, if you've paid that, you have the right to download some stuff =P
    And they're my absolute favourite band too! They're pretty much ALL I listen to now. Their music is just perfect - any song can enhance any emotion I have, and Justin writes how I think ^_^
    You're so lucky, btw, I have to wait until MARCH to see them XD
    Plus I have to travel long-distance still XP
    But it's so, SOOOOOOO worth it =D
    Oh, and also, have you seen the new clothes in their store? EPIC.

  48. sierrathings

    In agreement, but I gave them sixty or so dollars for my special deluxe, so I don't feel THAT guilty about it. But they are my favorite band in the universe, whom which I am going to see in February. Thank you for the offer, but I have my ways. :D

  49. Lewis Parker

    I had the same problem, only I couldn't even get the Deluxe edition because I live in the UK, so I just got the basic album. By a stroke of luck I found a place to download the other songs, but I hate doing it because MCS gets nothing for it.

    If you still need the download for Sunny Days, send me a PM and I can try and find the site I got it from again for you ^_^

    But yeah, basically the whole thing was done in a stupid way, it's just awkward for everyone...

  50. sierrathings


    You want to know the most annoying thing about this? I bought the Special Deluxe Edtion (physcial, not iTunes) and I got all of the songs, EXCEPT for "Sunny Day". And now I can't download it. I wish they just put "Sunny Day" on the Deluxe edition, because now everybody who didn't download it from iTunes is missing that, and everyone who downloaded it doesn't get "So Long Farewell". Why not both on each side? It seems a lot easier that way.

  51. Lewis Parker

    @CrAzYbRoS Although this is now one of my favourite songs ever, I still wouldn't want them to switch out History Lessons - I love that as well! I love EVERY song they make...

    I don't see why they couldn't just add this and Sunny Days ontop of the existing 12. I Am The Movie had 14 tracks, why can't My Dinosaur Life? I think Hoppus just has a thing for 12 tracks (see Commit This To Memory, also by MCS but produced by Hoppus again, and When Your Heart Stops Beating, by +44, Hoppus' band) xP

  52. walkingreject86

    I Love This