Motion City Soundtrack - Disappear Lyrics

To the deep end. To the hard line.
Hold this trick together, man.
Hold this trick together if you can.
Little fevers wrapped in dedication
All strung out on novelty
Collapse yourself and try to comprehend
An angry island, a bitter bee sting
Severing each artery
To free the self and fix the in-betweens.
Isolation, mark the earth around you
Guess who's on the waiting list
I'll let you in on something secret

I can disappear
Anytime I want to, time I feel you
Shovel through my skin
I am with you til the end

First you breathe out
Then you have to breathe in
Lash yourself repeatedly
Until it sticks, until it sticks
Under the eyelids, carry on cadaver
Festering interiors
All hollow breach and vapor silhouette
Need medication, more medication
Coursing through your inner states
All matter grey confused and counterfeit
Kamikaze, sear the blood inside me
Guess who's got it figured out
I'll let you in on something secret

I can disappear
Anytime I want to, time I feel you
Shovel through my skin
I am with you til the end

And I can decompose
When it suits me I accelerate it
Wicked on all fours,
I surrender to the storm

You'll never know how it feels
You'll never know how it feels
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

I can disappear
Anytime I want to, time I feel you
Shovel through my skin
I am with you til the end

I can decompose
When it suits me, I accelerate it
Wicked on all fours,
I surrender to the storm

And I can disappear
Anytime I want to, time I feel you
Shovel through my skin
I am with you til the end
I'm with you til the end

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Motion City Soundtrack Disappear Comments
  1. Kat Raye

    I honestly really missed these guys and this album

    that guy

    I mean theyre on tour right now. Sadly i cant afford to go cuz its its out of country, but hopefully this knowledge helps.

  2. Elkay EZS8WSLK Water Fountain

    0:57 that awkward moment when you play for two seconds without a rug and your bass drum teleports 30 feet away

    Elkay EZS8WSLK Water Fountain

    Plot twist. I forgot my rug and went to a gig. My bass drum slid like crazy. Every song i had to pull my bass drum back

  3. Al Guevarra

    That stalking thing gives more sinister feels than of slendy's

  4. Khaleesia MDE

    This video reminds me of the mini-series "Harper's Island".

  5. sidfrey ratnA razak

    august 19, 2019....

  6. Donald Spillane

    Can someone explain this video to me. I feel like I'm missing something

  7. Jon

    Recommended in 2019 by Spotify. Thank you so much, Spotify. Awesome tune.

  8. Apathy&Exhaustion

    The way Justin sings in the verse reminds me of REM for some reason

  9. night time television

    I can disap-pierre

  10. mroriginal1984

    I feel like I'm stuck 10 years ago. Damnit I'm elderly.

  11. Richard Barth

    I miss this band

  12. 1blink4yes

    I wish MCS wrote more dark material like this. Fucking love this track.

  13. Evan Stiles

    One of the most underrated, under-played, and unappreciated bands of all time.

    night time television


    Expect the Unexpectable


    Christy Staude

    Very much so

  14. Aaron Thatcher

    Super underrated

  15. ThePopPunkDork

    Question, was this music video based on I Am Not A Serial Killer?

  16. Santiago Mosquera

    nice rit

  17. Dominika Smentek

    Theodore Finch from All the Bright Places who??

  18. lol wat

    i just... i just want to understand

  19. Brian Hoffman

    seems an obvious parody of rise against savior

  20. QuietQuilla W

    came back for the feels

  21. Anemicjdogg

    hmm human shaped entity where when its figured out it spazs the fuck out and hunts people down with supernatural speed? God dammed skin walkers

  22. Maddie Valvo

    They shot this video at my family's cabin in the Adirondacks. It's somewhere on saranac lake I think


    Maddie Valvo coolio


    Has Slenderman been seen since?

  23. Gabriela Jimenez

    was this song in tenacious whatever it was called because the beginning reminds me of it


    if you mean tenacious D: the pick of destiny, then no it wasn't. All music in that film was provided by tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass).

  24. Zadejah

    Todó Segalla is in this all his stuff!

  25. Joe Mama

    "Flying on hoverboards, wiping out motherboards, start spittin' fire cuz my motherfuckin' lung is scorched" -Capital Steez, Survival Tactics

  26. Brad Farr

    wow, that was unsettling.


    Brad Farr *slowly transforms into head thrasher*

  27. IntrudersForever

    damn...this song is good

  28. PunkSkaful

    Reminds me of year 2008 :') good ol mmrs


    I'm not sure how, the album came out in 2010...

  29. Glen Holyshot

    22 dislike ? go home you're drunk dude

  30. Sw Exotic

    why is slendermans brother in this video?


    This video predates slenderman if you can believe that.

  31. tjmr15

    Reminds me of Lisa from P.T

  32. Parker Jane

    Love the panda hat

    Darth Tyranus

    killjoys make some noise!!!

  33. Joann Norman

    this video does not even begin to reach inside my brain, when I think about it. I love it.

  34. Sheila Larson

    Thank you Shaun White skateboarding this is now my 2nd favorite band

  35. help

    How the fuck did I not notice the fucking scary ass slenderman thing the first time I watched this, like wtf



  36. Rey Matthew Cabato

    no lie i didnt like this song when it first came out, but right now it's an amazing song that i fully appreciate now

  37. Mush

    I think this song (and video) is about deadbeat parents. The people who would rather get drunk or high than take care of their kids. The crazy rotting guy symbolizes the decomposition of a relationship, notice how he takes the parents away and leaves the girl alone.


    I didn't really see them as deadbeats though, they don't seem high or drunk to me. Although that might just be me...


    @Mac1634 I'd assumed it was another one about mental illness. ("Everything is Alright" reads like a list of OCD symptoms, and "Even if it Kills Me" sounds a lot like a moment of hope from a depressed person.) He mentions using medication, and the "bless yourself until it sticks" sounds like OCD again. I figured the rotting guy was the disease haunting her.


    @221aeolian You're right. Justin has been consistent in his lyrics regarding mental illness and subjects associated with it. He made a post before about possibly being diagnosed as bipolar and having OCD and many instances of just generally being an anxious mess.

    Steam Wolf

    Where you high wile watching it


    The monster could be a visual representation of any "demon" you might have following you. Sometimes you think you get over it, get away from it, and it can creep up on you. You may never truly be over it or be able to move past it. The scene where she is running with her parents is them trying to help her, but they can't. She just ends up dealing with it alone.

  38. Sheila Larson

    Love all their songs but don't get the video

    Laith Khamm

    might help with what they were going for - check the comments as a few people left their ideas and a couple are pretty good - sorry im 5 years late ;)

  39. Bibbledip


  40. bri Angel

    Omg im so glad i found this song!! Im addicted <3


    I like how the father immediately runs out of the house without his wife or kid, well there goes his worlds greatest dad coffee mug.

  42. Roxella1982

    I can disappear anytime I want to!!!! ...Watch, it's like magic you won't even see me go you're so wrapped up in your own selfish ways!!

    Emily Coleman

    I know this was 5 years ago but I truly hope you’re okay

  43. Daniel Kelly

    To me, the video for this song made no sense.

  44. Phony Buttses

    What happened to anything and everything in this video?


    What Happened to the frog???????????

  46. Billy Justus

    it's more of a huskeyman than a slenderman.


    This song is definately in my top songs 20 of all time !

  48. ThePopPunkDork

    HA there was a slender ad at the bottom of this video.

  49. MrDaveeness

    Thank you for that much needed and insightful opinion everyone needed to see.

  50. Adam Donnelly

    This is one of my favorite videos of theirs because they went balls out with the dark tone, just like the music. I also love the whole old-school campy horror film on a shoestring budget vibe.

  51. alex sokal

    i like the song and the video but i feel like it could have been better

  52. Parting With Reason

    i want her panda ski mask

  53. peachpielord1

    I feel like the child and that weird epileptic slenderman may have been the same person =, like the kid grew up to be that thing

  54. Kozus DH

    Like a SLENDER xD

  55. pwopernerdfighter

    Did this video scare the bejabbers out of anyone else? Just me? Okay.

  56. manny manzanilla

    Fuck I have to find this CD in my room now

  57. Cal McPorkers

    why does this have like no views i though mcs was like slightly big?

  58. berflack

    Need medication, more medication

  59. Jane Wong

    No. But damn, Ten Foot Pole is quite amazing !! :x Didn't knew about them until now..

  60. DelusionsOfAxeyl

    Not only is this a great song,that includes slendermans fat cousin; but that panda mask is sweet!

  61. Common Chris

    this video is hecka epic!!

  62. Waboolio

    Sounds like Ten foot Pole. It's not the same vocalist is it?

  63. sparkus0fchesel0nd


  64. Riff Raff

    The first song I heard by them was "Hold Me Down" and it truly blew my mind

  65. Scott A.

    it's a joke. Minecraft? That's where it came from the character "enderman" is a figure BASED off of a slender man. Chill out man. XD

  66. seyloros

    Shaun White Skateboarding♥

  67. Sam J Lance

    Endermen are from Minecraft. They are based on the Slenderman.

  68. surten2173

    MCS with Slenderman before it was cool

  69. Aida Farrally

    This seems like kind of blaire witch project like

  70. DogPackServices

    MCS & Co&Ca efff yeah!! ;)
    Have loved these bands since their first albums-fantastic sound!

  71. Haydinnio

    Dude, Coheed are sick!

  72. BigAlboski8666

    Coheed and MCS. My top 2. Baby. Yeah. And I love metal.

  73. jesse hudson

    Slender Man dude

  74. playdoughcannon

    you are the only person who i have found that listens to coheed and motion city.... where have you been

  75. BadGameIsBad

    I love it when her parents see it and they're just like "Oh SHIT!", lol

  76. AkizaVesper

    His voice is like... wow.

  77. Schizophrenic House Cat

    this has the same feel, video wise, as "blood red summer" could be just cause its in the woods...

  78. Bailey D.

    I don't think that's Slendy, guys...

  79. Zach Marafioti

    HAST THOU TAKETH THY LORD NAME IN VAIN? By god may he smite the' and hath the taketh as thy lords ubertastic slave forth you have sin-d! WHATS THOUETH SAYT NOW? bitch.

  80. Cody Rosenbalm

    It's just a joke. Chill out. Christ.

  81. Ketronox

    You are so full of shit, that diagnosis is for the fear of dark wooded areas, dumb ass. I've done research on slenderman as well, and yeah, I'm freaked out by him, too, but that doesn't mean that you have to go and bitch on youtube about how you're scared of a dark forest from a COMMENT ON YOUTUBE!

  82. Janessa Spencer

    .... what is going on in this whole video?

  83. Mrcodyzombiekiller

    wtf is the slenderman ???

  84. Dario Garcia


  85. Raymond27

    man, im watching this at least for 10th time, its masterpiece...

  86. Jordan Alexander


  87. David Carr

    grow up

  88. xLnHxBlo0dLusT

    Lol 1:47 - The dads like "OH FUCK THIS I'M OUTTA HERE!"

  89. Ultimaneo

    i just don't like people who make things up for attention =P

  90. YouCrazySon

    No fun allowed

  91. lewis P

    He looks like the "Aliens" guy haha

  92. Ultimaneo

    @mars2dumb2liv that's a joke right? if you heard the stories, you'd know slenderman originated from a photo shopping competition, he's not real at all. Also, Nyctohylophobia is a fear of being in the woods at night, not of slenderman

  93. Tumbler Black

    LOL dovegirl23 is such a troll, +1 internets to you, dovegirl23

  94. Leah Love

    I know how it feels

    Leah Love

    Hi me from 7 years ago, I survived. 😊

  95. Munchegod

    please explain the video someone and also awesome song

  96. zodiacxXtheory

    slenderman is beast

  97. AlphaByte

    pandagirl :$

  98. Heiryuu

    @adam78180 he isn't