Motion City Soundtrack - Boxelder Lyrics

Hey Box Elder, where'd you go?
Hey Box Elder, take me with you

Loneliness, I don't exist, that's fine, okay
A slickened wrist and all of this will end, okay?
Hey Box Elder, I'm terrified of everything at night
Hey Box Elder, I'm terrified of what I lack inside me

Caught me talking to myself again
One by one, we all go marching in
I hate myself and no one else
But I lie so well, that you'd never tell
If I let you in, it would end us both
I care too much to leave this host

Loneliness, I don't exist, that's fine, okay
December's gift, a constant fist to spine, okay
I'm terrified of everything at night
Hey Box Elder
A dying wish to care if I exist
Hey Box Elder

Caught me talking to myself again
One by one, we all go marching in
I hate myself and no one else
But I lie so well, that you'd never tell
If I let you in, it would end us both
I care too much to leave this host

When loneliness comes crashing in
I will always sink, I'll never swim
It's the game I play, it's the course I curse
The constant captive at my worst
When I'm at my worst

Hey Box Elder, take me with you
Hey Box Elder, take me with you

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Motion City Soundtrack Boxelder Comments
  1. Spreading The Word Of God Christian Youtuber

    God is awesome. He is full of peace and love.

  2. Spreading The Word Of God Christian Youtuber

    Pray without ceasing.

  3. Spreading The Word Of God Christian Youtuber

    Rejoice with God.

  4. Spreading The Word Of God Christian Youtuber

    Commit to God.

  5. Alex-ZR Gameplays

    No one is here from the streamer yet lol

    》《 Milo

    Nah mate I'm here

    Alex-ZR Gameplays

    Ss- mountain epic :)

  6. Tonner Pettitt

    I think it fits perfectly with their sound, kinda reminds me of Mary Without Sound, personaly this is my second favourite on the album, the first being circuits and wires!

    Edgar Poe

    I only disagree with my favorite being Give Up Give In. But honestly all their albums are my number one favorite. Even Panic Stations.

  7. Tflash13

    "I hate myself and no one else but I laugh well you will never tell." That line hit a little too close to home.

    Cosmic Nerd Studios

    That moment when a single lyric summarizes a whole portion of your life 😬

  8. Michael Snow

    I'm so doug right now.. lol

  9. Young Money

    This reminds me of a small town in my state....... The name of the town.... Is Boxelder. MCS should get the publicity that their wicked poetry deserves.

  10. DontCallMeMel19

    It's funny. Every time I listen to the newest album from MCS I think to myself "Okay now they've gotten way too commercial." But I listen to the tracks over and over again and realize that just because it's catchy doesn't mean it's commercial. They never get old The lyrics are always poetic and I find new favorites in every album. "I am the Movie" and "Commit this to memory" make me nostalgic, "Even if it kills me" and "My dinosaur life" make me smile and "Go" makes me think. I love this band.

  11. Meri

    I wondering why the newest comment was 8 months ago.
    I seriously love Motion City Soundtrack, they're what I listen to when I write. They get my mojo going!

  12. DevinAK49

    I REALLY like the old stuff. I don't care much for the new Tunes they are making. Has nothing to do with lyrics. The sound is different. I didn't say it was bad, I was just saying I didn't like it. Don't be such a fangirl.

  13. DevinAK49

    I kinda wish they retained some of their original awesome....

  14. Chris Otero

    What time signature are the verses in? I cant figure it out..

  15. nneonpassion

    By far my favourite song. so perfectttt ^__^

  16. PoopleBloop

    I have been a fan of MCS for like 5 years now. I've been anticipating this album for ages :D It's great!

  17. obnoxiousJiggler

    Ok, ya know what, this is officially my favorite song on the whole album.

  18. jaymaster007

    There seems to always be that one song on each MCS album that I can drum to and I constantly get my head drifting from left to right in time with the songs tempo,because it sounds so upbeat and colorful. This is definitely the one on this album.

  19. valgorlin

    Here is the fact. MCS is before their time once again. Unless you are open there is no way you can recognize this and appreciate them.

  20. LizzleLikesCats

    Oh, right you are. I remembered incorrectly.
    I still think this is a good song, though - just because it may not be like the rest of the album doesn't mean it holds it back. It adds variety and depth to it. I'm glad they're trying new things.
    Regardless, they're going to write however they want to write. No one is making you listen to it.

  21. LizzleLikesCats


  22. jsh020

    its not a bonus track, its on the main album, the bonus tracks are

    Bottom Feeder
    Give Up / Give In
    Alcohol Eyes

    all 3 are much much better songs than boxhelder and fit more with the theme.

  23. KunisakeRM

    I never said I wanted their albums to sound the same, at all, I think the new record is the best material they have ever written, it's nothing like their old stuff which is why I feel old fans won't appreciate it, guess I should've mentioned I wasn't trying to bash on the album, I was trying to bash on Jsh020 without having to directly reply to him and get an earful of crap, I think the album deserves a 5/5 and this song is most definitely not out of place~

  24. LizzleLikesCats

    No, it doesn't really fit with the rest of the album. But that's why it was only included as a bonus track.

  25. LizzleLikesCats

    I completely disagree. Bands change, they mature. Their audience has grown, so have they. Why would you want every album to be the same, anyway?

  26. KunisakeRM

    ok ok, I feel like this entire album WOULD NOT appeal to older fans in any way at all, and saying this song would appeal to older fans is hysterical~ this album is non-comparable to their other albums~

  27. Kaytlin Dargen

    This is such a good song, the album is fantastic :) Justin is so creative when it comes to lyrics. He relates how in order for a boxelder bug to live, it ends up killing it's host tree, like how in relationships one of the people might end up sacrificing a lot to keep the other happy.

  28. Simon Eliasson

    Clean attic is a band ..

  29. jsh020

    no im saying holding the album back from a 5/5, its a great album of from the heart and dark lyrics, creative instruments, amazing use of synth, and depressingly beautiful musicianship. But then theres this song while not bad its out of place with the rest and it seems like it was tacked on there just to appeal to older fans

  30. jsh020

    i think this is the album's black sheep, the one holding it back

  31. Alicia Rice

    Getting super excited for this album!

  32. NintendoplayerJacob

    He's just trolling so more people can look at his fail of an attempt to try to be a successful youtuber.

  33. 5ardino

    :O whats wrong with you man

  34. Gudi

    heck yes fall out boy