Mother Mother - Baby Boy Lyrics

The devil, he's at my door
And I know what he came here for
The kind of fun that I adore
I let him enter to make some more

Fire, it burn my skin
But I still want to play with it
Like a shark fin in the swim
I cut myself and jump on in

Baby boy
Baby brother
We're losing you to the gutter

A woman, she at my door
And too bad it's my best friend's girl
She's a-cooking up a civil war
I'm dumb enough to storm the shores, yeah

There's a red light up ahead
I drive my car into it
I'm a little kid with a big death wish
I bite the lips, the lips that kiss

Baby boy
Baby brother
We're losing you to the gutter

Baby boy
Baby brother
We're losing you, is it forever?

Baby boy
Baby brother
We're losing you to the gutter

Baby boy
Baby brother
We're losing you, is it forever?

The devil, he's at my door
And I know what he came here for
The kind of fun that I adore
I let him enter to make some more

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Mother Mother Baby Boy Comments
  1. Lea von der Lieth

    Why do the songs from this album give me some weird nostalgia like I've heard them before.. somewhen. Anyway, I actually discovered this band because of some animation memes- no matter how cringy they actually are sometimes, the music is really good mostly. And now I've kinda become a fan of this band. Keep it up, Mother Mother- you're doing very well.

  2. Mr. Giggles

    Isn't this Alligators Play? Or was that made after this?

  3. 甘い悲劇

    This gives me some serious until dawn vibes... I love it

  4. 5477H1R3

    am I the only one hearing this as acoustic when it wasn't before?

  5. James Holland

    good god this band is fantastic.

  6. Dissapointment


    astrid Alessi


  7. K C

    0:33 My English Bull dog after running up the front stairs.

  8. Abigail Steffen

    Their music is so so unique and the sound is something that is their identity it's amazing.

  9. Thana

    I was listening to this, and I thought, "Hey, this sounds kind of self destructive" and then I realized that that's exactly what this song is about- self-destructive behaviors. And some of them sound all too familiar to me.

    _"I cut myself, I jump on in."_

  10. Watashi No Baka

    Mother mother is so underrated. >8c
    I love it so much its not fair.

  11. Rose Lavender

    "I'm a little kid with a big death wish"
    /r/ c-ptsd

  12. horsegranola

    hey uhh way too relatable but thanks love the bop otherwise

  13. suddenlysarah

    what musical geniuses

  14. Julian Burns

    Fire burns my skin but I still want to play with


    saw a Shane Madej edit on tumblr with this song and decided to check it out. No regrets! I like this song

  16. psychedelicDreamer _

    Am i the only one who gets major Sherlock vibes from this? The chorus is Mycroft towards Sherlock, calling him 'baby brother', and worrying about his safety. 'My best friends girl' is talking about Mary.

  17. skidee dee pop pop

    You know, I was listening to a really happy song before this.
    This came on and I zoned out into happiness

  18. Magical Trashcan

    oh my god this came on the radio in calgary and I freaked out

  19. Rayner Shiner

    ive never heard this band before but im glad that i discovered them!!! awesome music

  20. lizzy bizzy

    i let him enter to make some....smores

  21. II I

    A magnificent song. You humble me with your repeated musical abilities.

  22. Blundera Bluez

    Don’t you need me, oh bABy bOIiiii

  23. calvinnn

    This is definitely my favorite Mother Mother song. A dear friend of mine sent this to me a while ago, said it reminded her of me. Ever since, it's been helping me through hard times.. it's a reminder that somebody loves you and worries about you, even if you don't think anyone does.


    as you can see there are no colors here but shades =}

  25. frog witch

    sorry, i love this song, but i don't get the main idea. can anyone explain it to me?


    Problems through life, family reaction to it?


    Or percieved family perception n reactions


    It's about Molly's fear of losing her brother to his old drug habit

  26. Deadkrow

    That note tho! @ 2:48 brings a tear to my eye every time. so powerful! beautiful voice, beautiful band!

  27. Alex King

    the new album is so incredible, its everything i love about their old music, perfectly blended with their newer VGBT style. love it.

  28. Jeannine Watson

    Quality music,,,Quality songs-singing! Funny...they are Rock,,,A wonderful new kind of Rock,,,you can understand all the lyrics ! CONGRATULATIONS to this band..They are awesome....!!!

  29. Belle White-Wagner

    Mother mother is so underrated and it makes me cry they should be freaking famous

  30. Andrey Irich


  31. professor coke broke

    i'm so glad you guys are made a new album!!! it's been too long

  32. Robert Smith

    I just turned 70 last week. I have been a fan of Mother Mother for years. Every album seems to be more musically sophisticated than the last. I consider them one of the best musical groups in the world. I am seeing them in Edmonton Alberta on March 16. I'm afraid I will probably embarrass the hell out of my partner.


    So you 72 now?

    friiday. draws

    Robert Smith happy birthday

    crimson Roses



    I'm 51, i thought i might be the oldest here, glad i'm wrong.There musical creativity stands out to me too. They cant be denied.


    woah, i'm 11 and my friend from school introduced me to this. i thought the only people listening were qUiRKy 14 year old girls and my friend lol

  33. SkyWolfieMMD

    they love ink ;-;

  34. kason.t

    absolutely adore all of Mother Mother's music~~

  35. Ser Anneliese

    Gotta be the best song on the new album, next to Family. <3

  36. saika

    these baby boy eat Green Beans

  37. Nate -

    can someone explain me or give me your ideas of meaning of this song? i love this song so much!!

  38. Hale

    All these songs have such a great impact, and dear god the composition of this one i just UGHHG cant get enough!

  39. Luvina W

    Tix bought to their concert in March back in Vancouver. Can't wait!!!!

  40. Majid Alansari

    What is this song about?

    Thomas Mancinelli

    "This song was written to be about Ryan Guldemond & Molly Guldemond’s relationship when they were younger. Molly sings about the fear of losing her little brother to bad habits and life threatening situations."

  41. Veenchesta

    I really love the southern gothic feel of this one :'O


    Veenchesta same, that's a good way to describe it.

  42. furkan erol

    hey this music is on spotify but ''the drugs'' is still not on spotify please put all of your musics to spotify ( love you guys <3 )

  43. Rick Sanchez

    mmmmmmmm 3/10 at best

    Social Execution

    Rick Sanchez hwat

  44. Beef Penny

    Now I have to memories all the lyrics to the song now I just need to listen to it for the next 2 day's and I will be good.

  45. nico albert

    this song really makes me think of dark dipper and i love it so much

  46. Jakub Groman

    I don't know, I love this band but this last album just feels a bit off

  47. pea

    yes yes yes

  48. Ivy Begley

    Officially my new favorite song!!

  49. scrapbookingwithakic

    <3 these lyrics have always been one of my favourites!!!! I am in love with every single song...ever, every day! You guys make me so very proud to be Canadian!!!!

  50. Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme

    all their songs seem a bit strange

  51. DeceasedDeer

    I like this song the most so far 😍 soooooo good

  52. Reina Chan

    Don't think I have ever loved a band as much as I love mother mother. I wish they came to Edmonton more often :(

    killer pastels

    Rei Dabels same

  53. Dalton Moreau

    i really liked "alligators play", especially for the chorus. it was a B-side/ demo track that never got put onto an album, but it has the same verses as this. i guess they re purposed the lyrics.

  54. Crazy Sky

    Nagito Komaeda.
    (btw this song is 👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏, I just thought it fit Nagito XP)

  55. cyborca

    When he gasps... I just can't <3

  56. Olly Olverick

    What is it about this band that makes you feel like they're making lyrics from your soul?

    Kendra Stewart

    I have no idea lmao


    We're all fucked up and Mother Mother gives us permission to embrace the despair instead of delusionally pretending like it doesn't exist, as we are all encouraged to do. That's my theory...

  57. Ahmad Hossin

    will you guys ever do a music video of Ghosting.that was the first song from you guys and it would be great to see it as a video, I was just wondering

  58. DarkneseOfNightmares

    I haven't really been that fond on most of Mother Mother's newer tracks, but I just love the tempo change and the overall feel in this one.

  59. Sookie

    Don't get me wrong, Mother Mother are a fantastic band and they have a lot of songs that I find just incredible. But this new album, something about it just doesn't click with me


    i thought the same at first but the songs have grown on me :,) except letter, that one i still cant come to terms with


    +seasalties Yeah, I've been trying to listen to them in the hopes that's they'll grow on me, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. If anything, I prefer the studio versions of the songs haha


    Interesting. I found that VGBT didn't resonate with me too much but this album is right on the money for me.

    Steve Mckenna

    MrYesBubbles same with me at first but now I'm sitting here listening again and my jaw is on the floor. It 'clicked'. Give it another listen if you haven't lately. Like a lot of there stuff it grew on me, big time.

    Kevin Johnson

    I'm right there with you. For me, this album just sounds Way over produced. I also agree with MrYesBubbles, the live versions are a million times better than the album versions.

  60. Doppio Vinegar

    this song saved my life

  61. Steven Chabot

    This album is looking like it's going to be amazing, can't wait!

  62. Molly

    *"Im a little kid with a big death wish"*

  63. Nikoleta Antonak

    WOOO love it

  64. LeDiable

    This is just the way the Alligator's play...

  65. andrew

    big cummo

  66. Amanda Richard

    is this off their new album coming out on the 10th... hope so cuz if this is the type of music of theirs to be expected I'm pumped. there music keeps getting better and better

    Amanda Richard

    I thought so just wanted to make sure. hard to find their music around here.

    Brandon Reeder

    True! This song is actually one the lead singer wrote a while ago.Check out: "Ep 1 of Vogville Presents Conversations with Brian Thompson and Guest Ryan Guldemond" and you'll see this song...first one he plays! 5 days until there new album is released :D

    Amanda Richard

    I know I'm right excited. if I can't find the album then the latest I have to wait is the 23rd when I go see them. at least I know for a fact I can buy it there :-)... totally checking that out


    Amanda Richard you should be able to find it on their website for sale on the 10th and I'm also going to be seeing them on the 22nd of March i cant wait.

    Amanda Richard

    Davrostheatheist if I had to wait longer than 13 days I probably would get it off the website like I got their other albums but I can deal with waiting if the store that told me they would actually have it ends up not. I'm uber excited got the next 15 days to go by

  67. Cake Lann

    @ Mother Mother You guys deserved to be kissed on the cheek

  68. SarcastiCat

    This is the only band I've found where I like every single song I've listened to. I mean, that just doesn't happen to me. Fall Out Boy, Mystery Skulls and P!ATD come close but there`s always those songs where I hit 'skip'. Not with these guys. Quality music all the way through. Funny enough, I've got my mother to thank for introducing them to me.

    Ella Grove

    holy shit that's so weird. i say this EXACT same thing to everyone about mother mother. like i've never found a band EVER where i've liked every song they've made. nobody. this band is the ONLY ONE where every song is literally amazing.

    Tom Sawyer's Left Nut

    I have to skip songs only after I listen to them 100x in a row...

    The All Mighty Boop!

    Mother's Mother Mother.

    lyxn_ xin

    SarcastiCat same lol there is no song I actually don’t like from them

    James Fehr

    Quicksilver Meat Dream is a GREAT album... might come close.

  69. shiginope

    i am SO READY to throw my money at mother mother as soon as the album comes out GOD

  70. GifCo

    Good stuff guys, keep er comin.

  71. 4vendetta1

    I am glad people enjoy it, just feels so gimmicky to me.

  72. Полина Лисенок

    So cool, I think it'll become my new SongOfTheDay :^)

  73. Monkey_Side 22

    This is beautiful. I simply adore it. ♡♡♡

  74. Anni NG


  75. Sjimme Conradi

    Waking up with a youtube notification that Mother Mother has uploaded a new song, is the best feeling ever

    Nalikey X

    Sjimme Conradi saw it at 5 am. had to resist blasting it. lol

  76. coycat

    mother mother is KILLING it with these new songs <3 counting down the days for their new album!!

    Wuff wuff

    R.I.P it.

    Blacc The Angry Pope

    That's a lot of days.

  77. ageguyera

    Hey! It's Alligators Play! Now I need some Mississippi on the album.

  78. Corbin Sienna

    The devil he's at my door,
    and I know what he came here for;
    the kind of fun that I adore,
    I let him enter to make some more.
    Fire it burned my skin,
    but I still want to play with it,
    like a shark fin in the swim;
    I cut myself and jump on in.

    Baby boy,
    baby brother,
    we're losing you to the gutter.

    A women she at my door,
    and too bad it's my best friends girl
    she's a cookin' up a civil war,
    I'm dumb enough to storm the shores yeah,
    there's a red light up ahead,
    I drive my car in to it,
    I'm a little kid with a big death wish,
    I bite the lips - the lips that kiss.

    Baby boy,
    baby brother,
    we're losing you to the gutter.
    Baby boy,
    baby brother,
    we're losing you is it forever?
    Baby boy,
    baby brother,
    we're losing you to the gutter.
    Baby boy,
    baby brother,
    we're losing you is it forever?

    The devil he's at my door,
    and I know what he came here for;
    the kind of fun that I adore,
    I let him enter to make some more.

    Anthony Napoléon Comeau

    thank you

    Corbin Sienna

    You're welcome!

    Username Pending

    Corbin Sienna the fourth repetition of the chorus in the 2nd chorus is 'We're losing you, for forever.', rather than 'is it forever?'.

    uni idk

    @Username Pending actually, they're right. It's "is it forever?"

  79. Arreptitious

    Every time Mother Mother releases a new song I drop everything and listen to it nonstop for days...they're so creative with everything & their style never gets old.

    Marco Alves

    Arreptitious ikr

  80. Bailee Stevenson

    I love this so much.

  81. xneii

    this is so different just like every time but gosh!! of course it's amazing!! I love everyone behind mother mother being able to bring us music like this

  82. Rhea G

    Is it okay to relate to their music so much?
    Such an underrated band

  83. Ashtiel Gore

    wow wow wow holy shit

  84. Water

    I'm gonna cry, I love this band so much. Eight more days, guys!

  85. Jon Campbell

    Love it to pieces

  86. tiredseth

    "i'm a little kid with a big death wish"
    how did they sum up me as a person in such a short line

  87. Ziyue Dang

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Very different from other songs in No Culture that have been released...

  88. Franki Fulton

    god i think this is my favorite no culture song so far.
    I just did a presentation on Mother Mother for my music class, for a "favorite artist project".

  89. CuernosBeste

    Wow right on my nephews birthday. Also, I've been sick all week and this helps me a bit.

  90. Pazba

    So happy! Got tickets for their next concert!

  91. CJ Note Visuals

    it's so good :'3 goosebumps !

  92. Cheryl Macelli

    Mother Mother you guys rock!! I feel so blessed at the opportunity to experience your music. It resonates with me in such a powerful way and brightens my life. Thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well!

    Marco Alves

    Cheryl Macelli they're just amazing!! Love soooo much, its a big pleasure to hear their songs 💙

  93. Little schizophrenic pistol

    commmmoonnn few more days <3

  94. Gabriel Baker


  95. Sharlene Scout

    Aw yeaaaah