Moskaluke, Jess - Good Lovin' Lyrics

There's a 2 for 1 special on candles at the 5 and dime
We can drown our troubles in the bubbles of some Boone's Farm wine
Johnny's the only cash we'll need
A little more light and a summertime breeze
We'll make out like the birds and the bees
Oh that sounds like money to me

We're broke we're busted
Ain't got two dimes for rubbin'
When the cars on blocks and the powers off
Don't matter when we're kissin' and a huggin'
Oh the radios free so come on dance with me
Who cares if we're livin' on a budget
Good lovin' costs nothin'
Good lovin' it don't costs nothin'

Yeah I know a guy working nights at the Holiday Inn
If we could hitch a ride he'll meet us outside and then
You'll get a back rub in the hot tub
Maybe even make a scene
Oh we're doing it right on a Saturday night
Living' the American dream

We're broke we're busted
Ain't got two dimes for rubbin'
When the cars on blocks and the powers off
Don't matter when we're kissin' and a huggin'
Oh the radios free so come on dance with me
Who cares if we're livin' on a budget
Good lovin' costs nothin'
Good lovin' it don't costs nothin'

Kissin' huggin'
Back rubbin' hot tubbin'
Baby your lovin'
Sounds like money to me

We're broke we're busted
Ain't got two dimes for rubbin'
When the cars on blocks and the powers off
Don't matter when we're kissin' and a huggin'
Oh the radios free so come on dance with me
Who cares if we're livin' on a budget
Good lovin' costs nothin'
Good lovin' it don't costs nothin'
Good lovin' costs nothin'
Good lovin' it don't costs nothin'

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Moskaluke, Jess Good Lovin' Comments
  1. Jamie Eisenbach

    This should get a video. Its a pretty dam good song

  2. Noam Rotstain

    she's a Canadian singer. like if your Canadian

  3. Jamie Houston

    Jess, I love all of your music, this is one of faves!

  4. Inel Nafai

    amazing song and voice 
    wow !!!

  5. Book Wizardry

    Great song! But when's the next upload? Been waiting for a new song for what feels like ages :P

  6. sc1212able

    Jess, with summer right around the corner this would be a fun cover SKINNY DIPPIN by Whitney Duncan

  7. Charles Stewart

    why do canadian artist sing like the singing to americans whats wrong with living the canadian deam.

    Roadmaster '93

    Good question mate... But define what you call the canadian dream... Sounds interesting

  8. Music Meister Media

    Absolutely love this song,brilliant work as always Jess,always a pleasure to listen   Best wishes 
    Dean Thomas Barnett - A&R @ Famestage Media 

  9. Meghan H

    Just heard this on the radio in Vancouver :)

  10. Rednek Racing

    I don't know if you check these comments or not, but as a Canadian, you'll appreciate this.

    We just got hammered by a bad blizzard here on the east coast.  I drive a snow plow.  This morning at 3 am, in -25 degree weather, I loaded my truck with  salt with the loader.

    After you put salt in the truck you need to climb up top of the salter with a shovel to push the pile down so you can get the tarp on.

    As soon as I shut the loader off, I heard this song on the radio of my truck.  I jumped out of the loader, rant to the truck cranked this up as loud as it would go and climbed up top of the truck to knock the salt pile down in the salter.

    I LOVE this song!

    Roadmaster '93

    Awesome... I think I'd have done the same. Have a good one, cheers from Germany to the greatest country in the world

  11. Tracy Steckly

    Love hearing you on the local radio station.  Every time I hear it come on the radio I have to turn it up.

  12. Smm190 _0

    Beautiful and talented, keep it up, love hearing this song on the radio!

  13. Dan Lesperance

    yup and your my new female artist crush.. covers are amazing and this song gets more then cranked whenever played on kx94.7... keep it up lady ! :D

  14. TheLifeIndeed

    I loooooveeee the sooong!! I want more of your original song!!! :))

  15. Chad Rafuse

    Sounds like a gold old fashioned style Shania Twain to me. Awesome!

  16. Kendall/Harriot

    Not available in USA? :(

  17. Jeanne Welch

    I just love this song

  18. Taylor Stasila

    Good lovin' costs nothin'...... Good lovin' don't cost nothin'? 

    Double negative.... Is good lovin' cheap or not? I'm confused.

  19. Zyade La

    FIRST let me say Great work from your engineer and producer(s) wonderful voice love the lyrics the video  was a bright idea.

  20. Max Bouton

    Quand sort tus ta prochaine chanson ??

  21. mrogers11

    great song, looking forward to your next cd release, come to southern ontario

  22. Emily Taylor Kelso

    THIS SONG >>>

  23. omfgomfg17

    Heard this on the radio today!! Cool song! 

  24. Sarah Anderson

    love it jess! since the day I met you I knew you were going to be huge! your so talented! can't wait to see you again!

  25. Sendy lee

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  26. Kelsey Fitzgerald

    Is there going to be a karaoke version?? I want to sing it at school! :) 

  27. Keeper

    For fuck sake!

  28. Chloe Damico

    Ily Jess Moskaluke! I subscribed to you when I was 9! Lol! I love all off your song! You the best!

  29. kkasper007

    really great song little lady ~~:0)  love it  ..great production !!  you Rock Hun~~~  :0)

  30. superhunk1989

    This is a really incredible song. It is catchy, it rocks and it has an awesome country vibe. Love it! Love it!

  31. David Goodemote

    sucessfully the first country song i really like.  well done :)

  32. xbeautifulview

    wow amazing song!
    loove it <3

  33. Oliv' de Roanne

    wow wow wowwwwww.. so good song and original clip... -))))) kiss from france.. 

  34. R0se

    I love it!! :D keep going ^^

  35. vanessa anantha

    this is adorable, sooooo amazing :)

  36. Beatriz Almeida

    Omg I really really love this song

  37. buckweeve

    When will your album come. I did the pledge but I'm not sure when your album comes out

  38. buckweeve

    You have an amazing voice and you are really beautiful!!!

  39. Griffin Rees

    Great song Jess!

  40. Katy Sauer

    This is so much theme song with my boyfriend right now - love it!

  41. Mensch Meyer

    great, love it <3

  42. sc1212able

    This is really good, Catchy as hell, Its amazing how two song can have almost the same idea, check out 16 year CAROLINE KOLE new hit MONEY FOR ME, she tours with REBA, and signed to REBA label and her sister is LILY from SEVEN AWESOME KIDS<3

  43. André

    Woho! Finally! I go into your channel everyday to see if you have posted something new and finally, here it is and it's awesome! Great job :)

  44. fourbuick

    Songs pretty good too!!!

  45. fourbuick

    Love this lyric video!

  46. Daniel D

    Just like all of Jess' songs, this one is amazing :)

  47. Icicle II

    This is amazing Jess! Love the lyrics! ♥

  48. tonabmusic

    Wonderful<3 Very good singing and vid making<3Regards Tam

  49. wolfrain1989

    wonderful song

  50. Jay4Productions

    Wow! Im not usually a country music fan, but this is gold. You are a true artist

  51. Alexandra Krozack

    You put Taylor Swift in the ground. You have total Originality. I dont even like country and i love this!

  52. tehila lovato

    Your voice♥

  53. Diogo Oliveira

    it was so worth it to wait to you come back because this is like the best song ever

  54. sc1212able

    cute song, great job jess<3

  55. soulis1000

    your Amazing as allways!

    Greetings from Sweden

  56. Xue Lee

    There's that country sound I've been dreaming of.

  57. Callum

    You were amazing in Storm Before the Calm ages ago and I just found you again! This time I won't forget to subscribe ;) you're amazing!

  58. Book Wizardry

    This is awesome! Congratulations Jess!

  59. Angelika Be

    I absolutely LOVE it :)) I hope you come over to Austria someday, I'll be the first one to welcome you here :D

  60. Regenbogina

    Love it! ♥


    Cool rockin tune Jess! Great job!

  62. Alex Heinrichs

    You're back! Missed you so much girl!
    And this song is sooo good! Catchy rhythm and i loved the lyrics! Keep rockin' Jess, i'll always be here to support you! :)

  63. 134kmp

    Love it!

  64. joe skiro

    Nice job, keep it up. Love to see original music from cover artists

  65. bigbro44

    This is brilliant and as good as anything else on the radio today!!!

  66. W. Bradford Swift - SF & Fantasy Author

    Love your voice but miss seeing you sing it.

  67. HelloBombshell21

    Why can't I see you up there with the best of them on the CMA Awards?! Better be soon!

  68. BuddyGreenfield

    Great song - Great Video.

  69. Saydee Collins

    actually blown away at how good this is! it's GOLD! you've come so far jess, keep rocking girl


    Thank You for blessing us with your amazing voice !! :)

  71. rossirostock01

    what a great performance :) thanks from cold rainy germany ;)

  72. ampdup54

    I love Laura Bell Bundy!!! Saw her in Legally Blonde on Broadway!

  73. Savannah Outen

    This is really awesome! Love this & love you!!! Xoxo

  74. buckweeve

    Jess I think you are really beautiful and you have an amazing voice!!!

  75. Eppic

    Love this!!

  76. Oliv' de Roanne

    Very good work. Very Nice voice. So good. kiss from France

  77. asta hronn ingvarsdottir

    This song is just amazing :) i usually dont leave that many comments but irealized i just had to when i hit the repeat button for the fifth time ;) why do the world not know of such a bright star as you ??? well i´m doing mine to change that and i´m sharing this....

  78. Jess Moskaluke

    Yes! THANK YOU! I love Shania! :)

  79. Jess Moskaluke

    Ironically, the harder I work, the less you guys hear from me! Haha. I'm baaaack! Thanks for waiting!

  80. Jess Moskaluke

    I missed you too!

  81. Jess Moskaluke

    You make ME happy!!! :)

  82. Mela N

    Omg this is awesome! New favourite song :) makes me happy :)

  83. Mela N

    I missed you

  84. DaveDaysCrazed

    I like :)

  85. Kien Tran

    I can't wait for the album to come out! We've missed you!

  86. Cassyboo8

    This is amazing!! I was sitting here yesterday listening to your cover of Crash My Party when I thought "Where did Jess go"? Soooooo glad you put this up!! =)

  87. Michela Miketosk Marcucci

    Love it! Cheers from Italy! x

  88. Billy Lemon

    Wow ! Jess ;) What a Fantastic song. Great lyrics and a rocky beat with a country flavour. Reminiscent of Shania Twain . Your vocal is amazing, best wishes for great success, Cheers Billy ;)

  89. Dennis Kent

    Good job Jess! On par with today's country hits :)

  90. Harley Hamilton


  91. Carol Brigagão

    ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmg , best song everrr!

  92. MidnightShadows

    Freaking epic!!!

  93. pαpαpmσngєч | musíc | prσduct rєvíєws | gαmíng |

    OMG Jess i was waiting for this hopefully youll see as its an early comment i just want to say i listen to most of your songs everyday and i bought your albums and your just an inpiration!!! never stop!! :)

  94. lightningwolf177

    Keep rockin! Great song!

  95. Kyle Watson

    I love it.I was also the first. Like.great job.

  96. Wolfgang K.

    I like it :-)

  97. Lucy Ann O'Connell

    Jess Your amazing i love your voice <3