Moskaluke, Jess - Cheap Wine And Cigarettes Lyrics

You call me up
When you get lonely
Make me feel
Like I'm the only one you love
And then I just can't get enough
Hey hey like

Cheap wine and cigarettes
That kind of taste that you don't forget
You take me high and leave me in a mess
Just like
Cheap wine and cigarettes
Hey yeah hey yeah hey yeah
Hey yeah hey yeah hey yeah

You're like a curse
You know I want you, crave you,
Wake up feeling worse
Yeah but then the night it comes around
Baby I just can't put you down
I can't put you down like

Cheap wine and cigarettes
That kind of taste that you don't forget
You take me high and leave me in a mess
Just like
Cheap wine and cigarettes

You're no good for me babe
(you're no good for me babe)
But I still give into you anyway
Hey hey hey like

Cheap wine and cigarettes
That kind of taste that you don't forget
You take me high and leave me in a mess
Just like
Cheap wine and cigarettes
Hey hey like

Cheap wine and cigarettes (cigarettes)
That kind of taste that you don't forget (don't forget)
You take me high and leave me in a mess (Hey hey yeah)
Just like
Cheap wine and cigarettes
Hey yeah hey yeah hey yeah
Hey yeah hey yeah hey yeah

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Moskaluke, Jess Cheap Wine And Cigarettes Comments
  1. Maddie Blue

    2019 anyone?

  2. Barend Wessels

    Sounds kinda similar to Eric prydz call on me lol. Sorry if I ruined it for you

  3. Whitney Rideout

    The radio used to play this 1000 times a day and i never got sick of it lol

  4. Dustin VanderMost

    Staceys mom has got it going on

  5. Joel Shaw

    LMFAO I just walked by a winery and they gave me a six sack of wine Haha now drinking it jamming this tune live your music girl go hard

  6. Vulture X

    To me, it always seems that Canadian country singers always have less songs on their albums than American country singers. Like, Canadian country singers always have like 7 to 10 songs on their albums, while American country singers have like 10 to 15 songs. And isn’t it strange that Canadian country songs are shorter? Like 2 and a half to 3 minutes. American country songs are like more than 3 and a half minutes long.

  7. Lpflux96

    Sounds like call on me by Eric prydz

    Nathan milsom

    You mean steve winwood, valerie

  8. Aaron Fontaine

    This is my new workout jam.

  9. Trevor Corbett

    Hi Jess, all your songs are awesome. I'm a home town Hudson Bay Saskatchewan born and raised. I think your song with Corey Gray, I won't give up would be an inspiration to the Humboldt Broncos. You and Corey did unbelievable job on that song.

  10. MotoCross 2418

    How does thus song not have more views this is amazing

  11. Vitor Quaranta

    This is the real north american music, no that shites they sell to us

  12. Anne Hanson

    Fore ever country

  13. Jo Go

    good song..... not enough of them..... plus shes Canadian

  14. Mason Henry

    Pabst blue and Marlboro reds

  15. Ocean Country

    She is kind of like
    Shania Twain..S2..

  16. LTA42

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Murillo Countryfest, in August/2017

  17. Jordynn Massender

    Jess i've met you before in London,Ontario at Rock The Park 215 we stayed at the same hotel when you were getting inti the hotel i was beside you singing this song

  18. GodBotherer1

    This is a song about a chick who likes being a guy's booty call. Only to regret it after she meets a good guy.

  19. Nikita Reed

    yes i love this song


    I need to know her ancestral homeland. ..Then I can send them the vid to show them how good one of they're own did!

  20. Cj M

    Reminds me of my shitty ex- love the song

  21. Mary Kitney

    love this song

  22. Jay K

    thats cool

  23. El Love

    This sound like Call On Me by Eric Prydz ...


    That was taken from Valerie by Steve Winwood in the first place

  24. John Gilbert

    Absolute class, brillant artist.

  25. Kennedy Kuffner

    I can't believe Jess is coming to my tiny town on only 200 people. I'm 13 and soooo excited!!!

  26. Gary Weber

    OMG how sexy you are. Love this tune. Reminds me of my young life with my girlfriend.

  27. BEEDiAMOND88777

    Who else saw Jess live when they were 12??

    Evan Parsons

    +BEEDiAMOND88777 just you


    +Evan Parsons umm.. ok

  28. Alise Demont

    I love this song

  29. Derrick Megray

    I hate the taste of wine and cigarettes. individualy they are great, but together, ugh

  30. rowdy yeats

    Water is considered a necessity by most physicians, and wine is thought of as a luxury, useful, but not needful. However, wine can become an addiction - and feel like a need.

  31. Amy Carmichael

    Boring song

  32. Jessica Nawrot

    I think YouTube needs an automatics repeat button... I' love this song!


    +Jessica Nawrot theres a few crome extensions for that


    double right click the video and then hit loop

    Asma Bari

    +MacNinja4300 god bless

    Cormack IV

    @Nerales Haha, was thinking the same thing my guy. Have to help the noobs one click at a time lol

  33. Patrick Desrosiers

    i enjoy doing my own little parody. "Cheap wine and cancer sticks..that kind of taste that you will regret"

    edward tye

    Damn well said its not a bad song but that's just awesome lol


    Takes like 50 years to kill you man. And more people get cancer that mever smoked in their life. Cancer can get anybody.

    Oh wow

    Genius, I salute you

  34. TaraLynnElizabeth

    I am still obsessed with this song!!


    +TaraLynnElizabeth ..What tribe is she?? Moldovan? Hungarian? What land is the family name, Moskaluke from? ..Greece? Bulgaria? .....Canadian is not enough, I want to know her Blood Tribe! .....And don't say I'm being bad for saying it..................Beer flows, no wife is here, ..I'll say what I want!.......I go to places you never dreamed of my dear! SHH!!

  35. Nathan Chartrand

    shania nota badvoice though

  36. ahadiel009

    I feel like I have heard this rhythm before in another song. When she sings the line cheap wine and cigarettes, it has the sound of another song but I just can't put my finger on it. Anyone have any ideas? 

    Joseph Busat

    same... can't think of what song though... :(


    @Joseph Busat I cant think of it either! still and it's driving me nuts

    Ashley T

    @ahadiel009 hmm maybe black velvet

    Cassy Schultz

    It's almost like a slowed down version of ''Call On Me''


    yeah that's why i came to conclude as too.

  37. Steve MacGregor

    Ya Love this tune

  38. TheBurkey420

    Why does everyone think "no copyright intended" means you wont get in shit for stealing peoples music?  Thats like me saying no copyright intended when I steal your jewellery. 


    It's to imply that you are using the copyright in fair use, with no intention to make a profit. 

  39. Rob Alexander

    such a true toon...

  40. David Scharf

    so cool

  41. Alexandra S

    I am SO obsessed with this song! The lyrics are great and it's just so much fun. I got all my girlfriends hooked on it!!! Well done, I'm sold keep them coming! :)

  42. Dustin Hall

    she was on tour with my good friend Blake Berglund. they sounded really good together

  43. NARUTO5195

    The Next @Carrie Underwood !

  44. therobbykidwell

    as a dude i love this song way too much lol


    Join the club, bud lol

    Brandon Cody

    You are not alone

    Jack Knife

    I listen to it when I work out and fantasize she’s talking to me lol


    I like neither cheap wine nor cigarettes. I'm a guy and love this song.

  45. ElliottsGamingChannel

    Sounds like call on me- Eric prydz lol.

    Nathan milsom

    You mean steve winwood valerie

  46. drakore244

    If you truly do not intend any copyright infringement then remove the adds and stop making money off of someone else. 

  47. ShakexJunt

    Just goes to show you don't need a 6 minute song with a 2 minute intro in the video to make a fucking hit!

  48. ckendall67

    - Heard this song on the radio several times but could never figure out the song title or who sang I know. Pretty cool tune!!

    Desever London

    You couldn't figure out the song title? Are you kidding me? 


    @Desever London You haven't figured out Youtube is full of idiots? Do you even read comments here?


    @Desever London Well EXCUSE ME it happens y'know, you hear a song on the radio but you don't catch the song title, you have to look it up.....

  49. Liam Woodhouse

    jess moskaluke is smoking, i would love to meet her one day

    Five high

    does the word sex change make you think twice about her being smoking?

  50. Samantha Melanson

    love love love this song

  51. Caitlin Brace

    <3 <3 i  love this song!!! i could lisson to it forever

  52. C Milward

    finally glad someone put an album version on here!!

  53. joyce miller

    I love this song!!!:D

  54. Cassandra lefebvre

    this is like the best song ive ever heard i love it 

    Liam Woodhouse

    makes me think of every friday with the guys and our girls, drinking god awful cheep booze and laying in our truck beds with our girls

  55. jordan cochrane

    gorgeous girl, great voice, great song!

    Nadine Elliott

    shoulder dance for sure