Moses, Joe - Bobby Johnson Lyrics

Word on the streets I'm a suspect
I done probably fucked on your bitch
You niggas need to be more quiet
If the pussy look good then I might just try it
Pussy on my I.G. pussy on my timeline
You fucking with a real nigga guideline
I drink the pussy up like mai tai
Connect to the pussy like WIFI

Pussy on my mouth, pussy on my dick
Never been a broke nigga, bitch I'm rich
Take it out your mouth
Bitch don't spit
Pass it to the homeboy, now he hit
Pussy on pussy call it two more strikes
I hate a black bitch who be trying to act white
I hate a white bitch who be trying to act black
Her ass so big I ain't never see the crack
I like strippers
Me, I'm a tip her
She babysit the cum she a mouthafucking sipper
The bitch so thirsty she licked on my zipper
You niggas Frank Ocean, checking out niggas
Fucking up the game, wifeing up sluts
Before she ask, juicy ass dick in her butt
You new niggas maids, cleaning hoes up
Can't trust bitches, rats, or ducks
Hang with the realest, them killas
My bitch wear chinchilla
I'm smoking on turtle, my niggas is ninjas
The realest is near us, defeating the purpose
The windows is up, we driving with curtains
Got plenty of bitches while JM is working
I'm clowning you niggas, should be in the circus
I'm driving and swerving, this head is amazing
This A.O.B. shit is why niggas is hating
My bitches got bitches, my bitches be playing
Asian and Creole is my fucking favorite
I'm drinking on purple, my cup is a Laker
I'm daddy to bitches, I'm ready to spank her


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