Mos Def - Rock N Roll Lyrics

[Mos Def]
Make me wanna HOLLA.. aowwWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
"Ah.. ah-ah, ah-ah.. ah-ah, ah-lert the squad.."
Rock and roll
"Ah.. ah-ah, ah-ah.. ah-ah, ah-lert the squad.."
Hehehe, rock and roll
"Ah.. ah-ah, ah-ah.. ah-ah, ah-lert the squad.."
Whoahhhhh-oh, oooh-weee-oooh
"Ah.. ah-ah, ah-ah.. ah-ah, ah-lert the squad.."

(Huh) My grandmomma was raised on a reservation
(Huh) My great-grandmomma was, from a plantation
They sang - songs for inspiration
They sang - songs for relaxation
They sang - songs, to take their minds up off that
fucked up situation
I am... yes I am... the descendant (yes yes)
of those folks whose, backs got broke
who, fell down inside the gunsmoke
(Black people!) Chains on they ankles and feet
I am descendants, of the builders of your street
(Black people!) Tenders to your cotton money
I am.. hip-hop
"It's heavy metal for the black people"
I am.. rock and roll (rock and roll.. rock'n'roll)
They just ain't let you know.. (HA!)

I said, Elvis Presley ain't got no soul (huh)
Chuck Berry is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain't come up with that style on they own (uh-uh)
Elvis Presley ain't got no SOULLLL (hell naw)
Little Richard is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain't come up with that shit on they own (nah-ah)

Guess that's just the way shit goes
You steal my clothes and try to say they yo's (yes they do)
Cause it's a show filled with pimps and hoes
Tryin to take everything that you made or control (there they go)
Elvis Presley ain't got no SOULLLL
Bo Diddley is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain't the first place the credit belongs

Say whoahhhh-oh (don't take it) oooh-weee-ohhh
(black music) whoahhhh-oh (don't take it) oooh-weee-ohhh
(black music) whoahhhh-oh (Jimi Hendrix say) oooh-weee-ohhh
(black music) whoahhhh-oh (Albert King and) oooh-weee-ohhh
(and Motown)

(huh) I ain't tryin to diss
but I don't be tryin to fuck with Limp Bizkit
"The fuck is on your mind?"
When I get down in my zone
I be rockin Bad Brains and Fishbone
I ain't tryin to slow your groove
But that ain't the way I'm tryin to move
I don't turn on Korn to get it on;
I be playin Jimi Hendrix 'til the dawn
That's my word is bond
Sittin up on my front lawn
Got the volume turned to ten
Playin Albert King the best again (black)
When the mornin in the cooker
Got to turn on some John Lee Hooker
When I want some rock and roll
Go to Otis Redding to get some soul

Say, James Brown got plenty of soul
James Brown like to rock and roll
He can do all the shit fo' sho'
that Elvis Presley could never know (black people)
Said, Kenny G ain't got no SOULLLL
John Coltrane is rock and roll (uh-huh)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
but they could never ever rock like Nina Simone

Say whoahhhh-oh (don't take it) oooh-wee-ohh
(black music) whoahhhh-oh (don't take it) oooh-weee-ohhh
(black music) whoahhhh-oh (don't take it) oooh-weee-ohhh
(black music) whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

"ah-lert the squad.."


Who am IIIIiiiiiiiiIiiiII, HUH!
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii (ROCK AND ROLL)
Who am IIIiiiiiiiiiii!!!
Say, rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Who am I? Rock and ROLL!
Company, MOVE!!!
For Harlem, Fort Greene, Compton
East St. Louis, Detroit (BO BO)
Chicago (BO BO) Bed-Stuy (BO BO)
Flatbush (BO BO) Brownsville (BO BO)
East New York (BO BO) Newark New Jersey (BO BO)
Illadelphia Cincinatti Atlanta the Dirty South
"Rock and roll for the black people"
Hi ma..

"Well that was just wonderful"

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Mos Def Rock N Roll Comments
  1. beatnuts1uk

    Amazing production by Psycho Les of the Beatnuts...

  2. forever SHAMPOO

  3. Denis Zeaiter

    Feel the vibe

  4. Retrus Detrus.

    I just love how wrong Mos Def is on rock n' roll. He has no idea what he's saying.

    Tiego 757

    Naw cuz your wrong

  5. Ryan Smith

    Amazing. What an album.

  6. nextabe

    Had a long, frustrating argument with a friend about this joint bank in the day. He said this track is racist bc he only mentions Black artists. I tried to deny that but as we went down the list, all the artists that get a positive mention are black.

    At the time, I didn't have the understanding to say that That Was The Point. This joint is a celebration of The Struggle and the music that it birthed, and a scathing indictment of racist industry practices. I didn't have the proper historical understanding then, but I think I do now.

    This track confronts the ugly history in pop music, and connects it to the larger ugliness of Racism, particularly US based racism. It should make the listener uncomfortable.

    TheOuseValley SinglesClub

    nextabe what part of the song did he not understand?

  7. Cullen McNamara

    Most of these white artists would likely have no issue with this song.

  8. santo igoa

    the chad elvis presley vs the virgin mos def

    elvis: most famous person of all time, greatest singer and entertainer the world will ever know, the world weeped when he died.

    mos def: drooling dumbass, no talent, nobody knows who he is, nobody is going to give a shit when he dies.


    Mos Def no talent? He writes all of his own stuff. Elvis only did covers of Black songs and when he got old he was so washed up from drugs and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches that he couldn't act, sing, and even developed man boobs. Meanwhile Mos Def still can sing and rap.

    If you want to use an outdated 4chan Meme #1 Make sure it makes sense. #2 Make sure it's funny. #3 Make sure it's in meme form and not just text. This meme fails on every level. This is like something 'Behind the Meme' would say.

  9. Jon Philspector

    I know something
    I know some things
    I know from where the slaves came
    I know from who the blues came
    I know that blues would not be the same without european instruments
    I know from what the Rock N Roll came
    I know Eminem and Lenny Kravitz
    I know Beastie Boys and BodyCount
    I know that Phil Collins wrote a song which rap artists acclaimed
    I know Aretha Franklin was the voice of respect for all women in the world
    I know Run DMC and Aerosmith
    I know Public Enemy and Anthrax
    I know Onyx and Biohazard
    I know Elvis was called King of Rock N Roll
    I know Michael was called King of Pop
    I know Prince and Jimi Hendrix
    I know the Funk Brothers and Beatbox House
    I saw a whjte woman teaching how to sing jazz to a black lady

    In the end, music belongs to no black or no white
    We can learn how music was born
    We can learn how music is done
    But we don't know where it will go
    We don't know what it will be
    Sometimes, some of us have no soul
    Sometimes Vanilla Ice, sometimes Milli Vanilli
    In the end, music belongs to no one but belongs to everyone !

    Jon Philspector

    @SuperXavier30 Thank for the info, I didn’t know about Eric Clapton. Apparently, he is deeply ashamed about this speech and has strong regrets.
    I didn’t find any racist quotes from Eric Burdon. Fun fact : in the song « The Year of the Guru », he almost rapped,
    About Elvis Presley, I didn’t find either, According some interviews, it was quiet the opposite,


    @Jon Philspector Ghostwriters have hits in all musical genres all day long.
    Don't think it really makes much difference to the consumer if Ariane Grande ,Beyonce or Easy E writes the lyrics or not, they only want to consume what they see and feel!..The feeling is practically what sells the brand, so when I saw NWA the girls weren't screaming for the song writer (Cube), in fact they were going berserk for the least talented rapper in the group, Eazy E!..
    Goes to show, if you pass on "the feeling" and folk can't see through it, go ahead.
    But if I see through it in my opinion, I'll call it out!

    Jon Philspector

    Ariana Grande, Beyoncé or other pop and RnB singers don’t use ghostwriters, they use songwriters  ! They are no ghost, they’re all credited, they are not hidden !
    Singers like Beyoncé are talented enough to make a songwriter piece their own.
    Like I said, crediting a writer even for a rap song, it’s cool. Sing a song or a rap song of someone and pretend that you wrote it, uncool !
    For me, the important thing is not if you wrote or not wrote the song, but if you lied about it or not. My problem with Drake for example is not who wrote his songs, my problem is his lies about it !
    And why use ghostwriters if nobody cares ? Credit your writers once and for all, cause who cares about who handle the pen ? NOPE let’s use a songwriter cause I love lying about my skills, even if nobody cares,,,
    Anyway, ghostwriting is a real job today, it is a bizness, I have a problem with that but my opinion doesn’t count much, And to be clear : If rappers use ghostwriters, they will feel ashamed. But Sugar Hill Gang stole their bars ! They used lyrics without authorization and it was mos def wrong !


    @Jon PhilspectorI guess to use Ghostwriters in the Hip Hop genera can be perceived as not "keeping it real"..
    Before Drake, there was Eve, Dr Dre, Lil Kim, Snoop and even Kanye plus many more all used ghostwrites without giving credit. You write the rhymes, and I'll write the cheque, everybody's happy.
    Now the risky part of using ghostwriters is the comeback, the jealously, the greed. If the project is a flop, so be it, but if its a mega hit, "can we now change the contract"..This happened with Jazzy B from Soul ll Soul, and happens quite often with session singers.
    Also you have to remember back in 79 Hip Hop was still considered an underground, underclass fad. It had similarities to Reggae at the time, deals were verbal only, "What's a contract"?
    I really have no problem with ghostwriters in Hip Hop..And as Jay Z once said "What you don't see is what you get".

    Jon Philspector

    Kanye credited his writers (he won a freestyle battle against The Game), Dr Dre at least never denied using ghostwriters. For Eve, Lil Kim and even Dre, it seems that all their writers are credited since 2000 but I’m not sure.
    Like I said before, ghostwriting is a business now, that’s the way it is. But Drake was a lesson : he stays the biggest star despite the fact he was catched with the hand in the cookies jar. So why are rappers still hiding it ?
    If singers are using ghostwriters, it is pretty rare, they more often use songwriters. A singer doesn’t need to hide writers to be a star, as hip hop these days.
    You are right about verbal contract but in the street, you can die because you didn’t respect this kind ao contract. Your word is your pen, so Sugar Hill Gang are still thieves.
    And because of « what’s a contract » thing, white people stole black people money, Because of this, we have « Rock N Roll » by Mos Def !
    One more time, being successfull with “rapwriters”, it’s ok. Being successfull with ghost, not cool. At least, do it as Dr Dre : admit that you use ghostwriters. After all, he is “Still Dre” !

  10. Mickey Alton

    Blaxk white aside not a big fan of elvis

  11. JAHNO71

    I'm black and Elvis had a lot of soul. So what if white people loved Elvis get over it black America.

  12. T Nelson

    Thought-provoking. One knock against the track would be that after bragging for minutes about the origin and superiority of black rock n roll music, Mos breaks into some seriously lousy rock n' roll.


    He's not saying black music is superior he is saying that black music, historically, doesn't get enough credit even though it gave us Jazz, Rap, Funk, Soul, Disco, Rock, Blues, House, etc. He's saying that you can like Kenny G, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, etc but those groups wouldn't exist without black music. That 'lousy rock' at the end is a tribute to the black punk band 'Bad Brains' who were a big influence on Death Grips. Bad Brains predated most white punk bands so he's kind of using that as another example of what black music gave us.

  13. B. B.

    How in the hell did we go from this to the F’ing Migos?

    Denis Zeaiter

    B. B. Migos is good )

    Richi Camacho

    There's still woke rappers out there.. migos is just having fun

    Chris Casillas

    Or dudes named baby

    Dave Khan

    I mean, we have Kendrick...

    Richi Camacho

    @Dave Khan I used to think "Kdot" was a Mos Def alter ego lol. Their voices are similar

  14. Ricardo Campbell

    😟😕., (The fuck);?, (😖🤕);?

  15. thorsten becker

    Elvis P. ain`t got no Soul, Chuck Berry is Rock`n Roll ....they can never ever rock like Nina Simone..!!!!!!!!!

  16. No Ran Mo

    Mos Def is THA MAN. Period.

  17. Celtic Bird

    It's actually not that bad of a song, too bad the comment section is filled with "woke" retards.


    True Art Comes From Oppression.

  19. L.T.


  20. Adam C

    Realist shit ever.

  21. Imiko

    White people so mad in the comments, if you don't like the song don't listen. Sensitive ass bitches. Can't accept the truth.

  22. Hassan Orr

    This song is very old, yet he spoke the truth and certain ears are either, shocked, and can't handle the truth. The artist he named wouldn't have made it as far if they weren't white. However they somehow were able to see Black musicians perorm and stole their style and profited. Ask yourself this as much as they said rap was crap (nowadays it is) they use it to sell in commercials, play it at games in every sport...awaiting an answer

  23. ToLWaM

    first death grips song

  24. ShadyCrackers

    ''Well, that was just wonderful.'' That was me, saying that.


    ShadyCrackers johnny wynicks said that . I should know I was there and played on this song

  25. 41790Jwp

    I was fine with everything he said until he said kenny G has no soul. Come on Mos thats too far.

    Ellie Mäkelä

    hahahaha you can't be serious sayin that kenny g is good


    Poor man's John Klemmer

  26. Afro Records

    RIP Chuck Berry

    Israel Rosario Jr.

    The absolute true original King of Rock & Roll no question

    forever SHAMPOO

    Rap Culture Vulture the godfather of style

  27. Afro Records

    Why don't you Indians just shut up and act like you never owned Oklahoma?

  28. Tuan Nguyen

    RIP Chuck Berry

  29. Jimmy Age

    RIP Chuck Berry

  30. Sean Igo

    This is not music.


    Sean Igo you're pretty stupid


    This is not a comment.

  31. Paul Varizer

    Been saying for years, Rap/Hip-Hop are the same as Heavy Metal. My man, finally someone else points it out. Both angry styles of music, mad at the same people, for different reason (getting fucked either way)... Hell YES!!
    I disagree about Coltrane being rock and roll. He was smooth soul...


    But rock and roll is the son of jazz just like soul. All these genres are related.

  32. Heavenly BurgerHeads

    He speaks the truth, but did he come up with this hip hop shit on his own? No.

  33. Travis Mckenzie

    He actually just made this song because he was butthurt that Fred Durst had better bars than him haha

  34. Travis Mckenzie

    Only a black person can get away with this racist shit.

  35. DerrickMathis3596


  36. mike

    mos def go back africa


    Wow.That is so progressive.Read some books

  37. Ryan Smith

    Brilliant shit.

  38. Robert

    He is right although Bad Brain's sound is very white (aside from the reggae songs obviously). Also music shouldn't be about race or colour. Black people have invented a shit load of music that white people have adopted. However white people created classical, folk styles and electronic music


    Stop being so ignorant and closed minded. If a white person wants to embrace a musical genre invented by African Americans/Jamaicans etc, let them. As long as they pay homage, have an original sound and dont water it down whats the big damn deal? I understand many genres of black music were created out of oppression and ultimately is a deep soulful expression that is a genius from god. A white man invented basketball and African Americans mastered it and the game evolved.. Well music is evolving too and white folks (along w black) yes, have a part in that.

    Wake up and realize everybody has a soul not just black folks..

    Sandro Kovalev

    Electronic music was started in Europe, through groups like Kraftwerk and Can. Early hip hop artists were influenced by Kraftwerk. House music is not the original form of electronic music.


    @Sandro Kovalev A list of all the musical genres Black people created The majority of the music you listen to was created by my people. Whites are responsible for River Dancing, if you're into that sort of thing. I know it can be hard to fathom that our music is the music that moves and inspires you, but it's something that you must accept. Our music shapes and influences the whole world. It's the reason why you're even on this video, to listen to the music of my people. Don't try to equate the success of our music to some Europeans, we could never learn rhythm and soul from rhythm-less and soulless people.

    Sandro Kovalev

    Whites are responsible for more than just "river dancing", which is not even a musical style but a style of dance (you're probably thinking of Celtic folk). Let's see, classical, baroque, polka, lezginka, country/western, bluegrass, flamenco, electronic, heavy metal, prog rock, and various forms of national folk forms. Listen to Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and then tell me that we are a "rhythm-less and soulless people", moron.


    This is coming from a mixed ..half white & black woman..

  39. George Tyler jr

    lol yes been jamming this sent it came out when people get mad when this m.c. speaks the truth !!! big up mos def!!

  40. The Mujin Windrusher

    He needs to do a 2016 version of this track. He could throw in Robin Thicke, Iggy Azalea, Macklemore and Justin Bieber. I've often wondered, how our music oscillates through a white persons psyche. My conjecture being, they appreciate it, but have a disconnect with some of it's content. This is why they get uncomfortable with pro-black lyrics. They feel as sense of betrayal, as though their patronage should grant some rights to our genius. Truth is, theirs a real perverion with our 'intelligent property', it's born out of racial oppression, and has a staunch African identity, free of white influence. Most white people are ambivalent about our music. They hate the fact they love it, but it's not inherently theirs and they have a limited palate for it. As a Jamaican, the pride I get from reggae music, the sense of identity and heritage can't be mirrored, yet so many (non-blacks) are reggae fans, they equate smoking weed to connecting with the wonder what they feel.? i'm deadly serious. How do they quantify their appreciation..?

    Sandro Kovalev

    Yeah Dreamgirls, that award-winning, critically-acclaimed film that white Hollywood loved to death...

    I never said blacks were the "true practitioners" of rock and roll, just that the form was originally developed by blacks. Early white rock and roll artists like the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton regularly paid homage to their black forebears. Yes, you're correct in stating that white artists were given preference over black artists when it came to distribution, funding, airplay, and other things that the record labels take care of. But is this the fault of those white artists, the ones you accuse of theft but who were paying homage in public to their black influences? Or is it the fault of the record labels?

    I've got no guilt, neither myself nor my ancestors have done anything to blacks to warrant feeling guilty. And I'm not of "the Putin generation", I left Russia years before he came to power. And is "commie" supposed to be an ethnic slur in this context? Lol.

    How does black music "oscillate through my psyche"? Well there are a lot of different styles of "black music", some of which I care for less than others. As I said, I enjoy Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix well enough, and I don't really think about the fact that it's "black music" while I'm listening to it. If it's enjoyable black music, then it "oscillates through my psyche" the same way that enjoyable white music "oscillates through my psyche". Sorry if this isn't the answer you're looking for.

    The Mujin Windrusher

    Sandro Kovalev See, now that wasn't so hard, was it. See what happens when you abandon all that canned vitriol and answer a simple

    Sandro Kovalev

    The Mujin Windrusher Well to be honest it was kind of a silly question, preceded by some equally silly assumptions on your part.

    The Mujin Windrusher

    Sandro Kovalev such a perfunctory response. I bet you think that statement was riddled with depth. Sir, ALL questions, theories are marred with ludicracy until answered. My question is no exception. Now please, stop looking for a hollow victory. Thank you for your exchange and leave it at that.

    frank blanco

    As a foreigner in America I see it as American culture .
    I like Robin Thicke

  41. Dice

    I'm white and love this song. He's right -- blacks created Rock & Roll and we whites (unfortunately at that) stole it.

    As for Elvis Presley? I was never a fan of his music -- but he always gave props to black artists and was good friends with James Brown, Muhammad Ali, Fats Domino, and actually a nice guy and there are a lot of misapprehensions surrounding Elvis and him being 'racist' was one of them.

    Stefani IsTheCutest

    Dice a band called Death


    lefties stupid ?

    Sandro Kovalev

    You know why Death abandoned funk and started playing rock music, right? Do you know WHO was their inspiration?


    Get where Mos Def is coming from on this song, but saying whites "stole" it is unfair too. Were white musicians supposed to just ignore this amazing thing that the black community invented? Fuck that.

    Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls

    blacks "invented" blues from irish immigrants that came to usa, that's why they started to play guitar in the first place, guitar is not an african instrument, the punk part is about Bad Brains mockery obviously

  42. John Rodriguez

    that fuckin punk ending was lit af

  43. FishTitan64

    Does anyone know what punk song was sampled at the end?

    Rodney Marable

    That's his band, not a sample...


    Didn't know that. Thanks

  44. Lennard Lennard

    While it's a known fact that rock 'n' roll originates from "black music" (I hate assigning races to music but it's inevitable when talking about this song), here it seems like Mos Def is simply bashing white artists in this song and claiming that ALL they've ever done is imitate black music.
    What he also does is compare some of the worst white artists (Kenny G, Limp Bizkit, and Elvis Presley is very overrated too) to legends like John Coltrane and Little Richard. I could make a similar song about Soulja Boy and Will.I.Am being trash, as opposed to revered white artists such as Aphex Twin, Beethoven, Radiohead, etc.


    Lennard Lennard You clearly misunderstand the song and don’t know your own history.

    Janstein VonSquidmeirsteen

    Souja Boy. hahahahahahaha


    He's not bashing white people he's saying that black musicians don't get the credit they deserve for creating all of these wonder genres. White dad rock always takes the spot light. It's unfair that more people know Elvis over Big Mama Thorton, it's unfair that people don't give Merry Clayton respect for singing on 'Give me Shelter' and it's unfair that Van Halen has the exact same drumming as Billy Cobham, and they are famous while Billy isn't.

  45. w morrell

    i like mos def but this song is racist and it kinda sucks to be honest. peace

    Asbo Highpower

    Boo fucking hoo


    None of what you said was true.

  46. Cesar Escamilla

    Reverse racism does not exist. Get mad white people.

    Ciarán Ó Maolchathail

    +Cesar Escamilla Yes and it's called racism

    A O

    That's why people consider black people stupid. Then they scream "racism!", but no, it's just reality

  47. jumja 37

    true, blacks originated it, but whites heard it and made their own take on it. music is like a belief or religion; someone has to start it, but that doesnt mean the next person who shares the belief or religion is "stealing" it, just embracing it.

    Jio'vanni Delvalle

    +jumja 37 Yeah but when the history is erased and people view it as white it then becomes a problem

    Ciarán Ó Maolchathail

    +Jio'vanni Delvalle Lol the history is not erased, there just is more White rock and Roll artists than black ones, all you have to do is a quick google search and you will find all old black rock and roll musicians way before Elvis and the Beatles

  48. Art Deco

    The white butthurt in here warms my cockles.


    Heavenly BurgerHeads

    mos def trolled em'

    Ryan Smith

    "butthurt" is the whitest fucking buzzword.

    Retrus Detrus.

    nah, cause he's wrong. At least Rolling Stones wrote their own parts, played instruments and were talented. Bet Mos Def got a producer to do his beats lol. Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley all blow Mos Def outta the water.

  49. Thitoss

    A-- a-- a-- a-- a-- a-- a-- _alert the squad_

  50. Øystein Vinger Johanssen

    Yhe ski - you dont know

  51. Jasper Jamm

    reverse racism doesn't exist. lol. a lot of y'all white ppl on here gotta go read a book

    Ciarán Ó Maolchathail


    it's wrong? Lol that is the english dictionary definition, if a black person hates an ethnic group they are racist you retard

    go die, people like you are different towards the people you despise

    Also, don't try to act smart, you only look amusing towards actually smart people like me, for a racist person like yourself it's would be hard to act smart considering racism has strong links to poor brain function

    stop repeating quotes from racist black people who look for excuses for their own racism

    Kavi Jackson

    Well it doesn't matter because whatever race or races that gain power money and majority will just repeat the same crap and put another race of people through whatever weither it be class status etc. Just look at history one country or one group of people or One Tribe of people takes over another eventually Generations later or years later they claim their independence become a new race and do it to someone else and so on and so forth and so on and so on rinse lather and repeat same crap different people.


    Jasper Jamm rascist , butt hurt. Whatever. Mos def would have not survived a decade w o white people buying his music. I seen him live ,was fun. Truth, nah. No way.

    Sandro Kovalev

    Cesar Escamilla Man, you're fuckin stupid. The definition of racism got nothing to do with systematic oppression.

    rac·ism Dictionary result for racism
    1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
    "a program to combat racism"
    synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice/bigotry, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, bias, intolerance;

    2. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    "theories of racism"

    _"Whites have not been systematically oppressed. White people can not even IMAGINE what it feels like."_

    If you live in a western democracy such as the USA in modern times, no matter what race you are, you are not oppressed, and you have no fuckin idea what true oppression really is.

    Sandro Kovalev

    jazz matazz _"wrong. Racism = predijuce + power."_

    Really? Show me which dictionary gives that as a definition for racism. Lol fuckin moron.

  52. JohnnyClock

    Mos Def is the truth and speaks the truth! Elvis presley ain't got no soul, chuck berry is rock n roll!

    Retrus Detrus.

    He doesn't know what the hell he is saying. Elvis Presley is amazing

    Danny anime

    Retrus Detrus. Lmao he’s dead

    Retrus Detrus.

    @Danny anime not the point. He's wrong


    @Retrus Detrus. he knows exactly what hes saying. Elvis stole his whole style from black people. Fuck him and his garbage legacy


    @Thanos Facts

  53. Tiffani Sanchez

    I bump this back to back in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Elvis Presley ain't got no soul!!!!!!!!!

  54. Joseph

    I respect Mos, we as people are blinded in our 3rd eye, because we desire to be first...

  55. Joseph

    seek by soul, not sight

    K Apara


  56. Dirty Bubble

    Yo I like Mos Def and everything, and don't mind the pro-black lyrics at all because I think he's a great artist. But this is one song where I'm just like alright dude let's simmer down a bit shall we?

    Pedro Leal

    You must be white?

    Motivating Devastating

    deal with it

    fux u dave

    Dirty Bubble Eats Ass hahaha hahah wake up


    Dirty Bubble Eats Ass truth should never be simmered down

  57. Lultschful

    What I find very funny about all the "that's racist!" comments for this video is all the "white" people (I'm white too btw) who are standing up in defence of "white music." It's all right, dudes, it doesn't need you to defend it, it's doing just fine, mostly free of any prejudice or appropriation by another culture. This is why this is called irony, not racism. Hit the books, boys and girls.

  58. Hubert Cumberdale

    Typical black attitude. Everything is a rip off of their culture. There's no such thing as individuality.

    Jio'vanni Delvalle

    +Matt Martinez Mexican music isn't mexican music either then.

    Shoe the Pixie

    ok, but Rock and Roll literally IS.

    evan !

    Lultschful yall will complain about racism but you'll do this shit?

    Joshua McDermott

    Pipe down.You taste like soot and poo.

    Asbo Highpower

    Dry your eyes mate.

  59. arkanoiddude

    Hmm, well I'm not sure if Mos Def is only attempting to call out the artists he named, or white musicians in general. Rock n roll music was a mixture of blues, gospel, and country-western. Country-western evolved from European folk music, so rock n roll is at least partially based on white music. Same goes for jazz - jazz used many scales and chords that originated in European music. So all these black people complaining about how blacks came up with these musical styles totally free from white influence - you're wrong.

    KMT Elder

    @SWP 53 House Music is from Chi town. Who says electronic sounds come from Europe? Even if it did, Black people were rapping before electronic sounds were invented! Forget these fools! Just like every other White person trying to make everything White! That's why the history books are so jacked up!

    KMT Elder

    @SWP 53 The popular music of today *is* misappropriated Black music.


    @Scipioo Africanus Wrong jackass. Neither rock n roll nor jazz would have been what they were without the influence of European music on those black artists. Blues is the only major black American form of music whose origins had little to no influence from whitey.

    KMT Elder

    You can believe that if you want. Listen to the song again and read along this time, "jackass"


    @arkanoiddude He's adressing the fact that white culture assimilated rock and roll as their own, as opposed to rap, soul, etc etc. Mos is reminding us of the importance of black people in what is considered "white music." I don't think he believes one second that only black rockers are worth listening to, just putting things in perspective in the way a protest song should do it, offensively. Food for thought.

  60. wallerpaul70

    Ford Prefect

  61. kiddkevo

    Best part 3:53 - 5:02

    James Oakes

    +Blake Anonymous That's really an oversimplified way of looking at history. The Ramones started a few months before Death and both bands were heavily influenced by the Detroit rock scene at the time, namely The Stooges and MC5. Death made some great music, but they didn't invent punk rock. There's no doubt that black people started rock n' roll, but punk rock was primarily the product of bored, angry, white teenagers with too much free time on their hands.

    Jake Star

    @James Oakes
    What do you want me to do? Write you a 500 page book on here in the comment section in very specific detail? lol Death started in 1971, Ramones started in 1974. Also bad brains was around in 1978 playing harder music than any of the white boys of that time. I consider them the first hardcore punk band as well. Many people consider black flag to be but they came much later.


    kiddkevo getchopunka**up!

    Shoe the Pixie

    Could we call out racism without being anti-semitic, tho? :(

    Mr. Feebs

    @Jake Star one could argue Wire predated Death so far as punk rock is concerned

  62. Jamal Jackson

    ha white ppl

  63. Johnny Bravo

    This is funny, it's happening right now in 2014 as well. They fucked up dub-reggae and called it "dub-step" and now they're coming for trap music as well. 

    KMT Elder

    I'm glad you said that. The whole "EDM" scene is Hip Hop instrumentals, just sped up. For some reason White people like fast music. It grinds my gears because you can't move your hips to fast music, amongst other things.

    Johnny Bravo

    @Scipioo Africanus The father of techno music is kevin saunderson a black man from detroit. and house music was started by black people on the southside of chicago.

    KMT Elder

    @Johnny Bravo I understand this, but my point, is that even Saunderson's music sounds better than, say deadmau5e or whoever. 


    @Johnny Bravo They are working on Jacking Rap and RnB!



  65. Sumaya Yusuf

    oh look...white people are offended..shocker! this isn't directed at ALL white people, in the lyrics he names specific white artists and yeah, it may sound SLIGHTLY offensive but how about you all suck it up for fuck's sake. i love how white people especially americans love to claim that they're being prejudiced against for their skin colour its fucking ridiculous. you all need to grow the fuck up and stop being so self-absorbed.

  66. tyrone hill

    so eminem can go blacks don't need him in rap

  67. Patsy Buttons

    Really like Mos Def but this song is just flat out racist.  Nina Simones biggest hit was written by white people.  His music has sampled white people repeatedly.  Infact two songs after this one the tracklist he copies the red hot chilli peppers.  Music has no beginning, black or white.

    Simon Hojsak

    @Patsy Buttons You simply dont get it,dont ya? We talk about a nation that had active racism from 17th century till 1960s. As a regular,neutral,white(i know you like that part) i can tell you only,morons like you amuse me. 
    And i can tell arguing with you on music history is useless. Simply a brainwashed fool.

    SWP 53

    He's not racist. Nina Simone 's song u speak of  means  she does what her bosses tell her if she wants 2 work. They make records 2 make sales off of HER influence (the way she would make a song). They are not a million dollar corporation because they are stupid. Nina Simone was Nina b4 she came 2 ANY label.. I like the Red Hot chili peppers but guess who their favorite influences are and why Flea plays the bass in that slap technique the way he does? Ever heard of Larry Graham. We are all learning and sharing from others music or others influence, no 1 man can take full credit 4 anything . But definitely a  much larger portion of it. In the case of Rock, Hip HOP, Soul and what people have been moving and grooving 2 all these years belongs 2 the efforts of black people. Ask ur favorite Rock musician(if he/she tells the truth) who their hero was when they were  kids. If u take the time 2 listen and study, u will learn the truth.

    KMT Elder

    "This song is racist"! Says the racist. If White is right in the end, you don't want to play ball.

    Jadon Love

    It's not directed at all white people.... It's directed at the specific groups and artists he mentioned. Look at the lyrics.


    This song is not racist. He's saying what a lot of people are afraid to say. He's explaining that black people don't get enough credit for theircontributions to their music. He is not attacking fans of Elvis and The Rolling Stones "You can dig on the Rolling Stones, but that don't mean they came up with that shit on their own.

    That Nina Simone comparison makes no sense for many reasons. George Clinton from P-Funk produced the Pepper's first album and got them started. They were huge fans of Eddie Hazel, who was probably Funkadelic's best guitarist (Michael Hampton was amazing too) Listen to Funkadelic and also Eddie Hazel's solo work and then go listen to the Chili Peppers. The influence is right there! Nina Simone didn't create a new genre or 'pretend to be white' when she sampled the Peppers. The Peppers are a spin off of P-Funk so she's not stealing 'white music' by sampling from them.

  68. greenbean22

    So many butthurt white people up in these comments

    Jadon Love

    Some of em just don't want to hear the truth...

    Afro Records

    Let them tell it, it was their grandmothers raised on a plantation.

  69. Vinnie Sklep

    i cant believe that someone can say "this is the most rasist song". haha. Elvis Presley aint got no soul, true dat. He's just saying, that behind Elvis Presley (white guy that wanna act like nigga) there are more than a lot of brilliant artists which created his style.. America just bought it becouse he is white. That's the truth

  70. King Cal

    I'm a big fan of Mos Def's music, but this song is just pathetic.. He just sounds completely bitter towards white people and seems to carry a hatred for certain musicians purely on the basis that they're white. Elvis is probably the most inspirational musician in history, whilst The Rolling Stones are arguably the best rock'n'roll band ever.. embarrassing, fuck this song.

    Jio'vanni Delvalle

    +Calla Kay Well yeah when whites treat you like shit and steal from your culture you tend to get bitter

    King Cal

    @Jio'vanni Delvalle Oh right is that what all white people do? if that's true then I guess all black people are just lazy, unintelligent thugs who run around in gangs stabbing/mugging people.

    Jio'vanni Delvalle

    @Calla Kay ^Nothing compared to what whites have done throughout history. Lmao we are saints compared to you guys. Mass genocide of millions verses some inner city crime...I'd rather face the inner city crime and take my chances. And yes, it's a fact whites whitewashed rock. Now everyone thinks it's a white genre. History is erased because of you guys but of course that white insecurtity won't allow you to admit it. Look how you got so defensive over the truth. Insecure whitey insecure whitey 😂

    SWP 53

    Guys,enough with the black and white. The topic was about music. Rock n roll. The true history. 2 the white people who make angry post; why does it affect u so deeply 2 find out that the music u listen 2 or an invention that u use in ur home was created by a black person? Why is it so devastating? That's what u call racism. Give credit where it's due. It's history is true. The major contribution and general back beat in speech and rhythm of popular American music came from black people. Whites were the engineers, producers and distributors. Whites who were performers followed that successful formula and made great music of their own or had black song writers and musicians even write 4 them or assist since they did not fully under stand it. The records sold big time that the black artist made and it changed things. Because u know the record company loves money and an even better way 2 get it through this or with this great music is 2 use white people. So enters Elvis,Jerry Lee Lewis and all the others. I love the Beatles, Rolling Stones,Led Zep,Bowie,Janis Joplin as well as many more . They have great songs and stories. They were also decent/honest enough 2 acknowledge their black heroes,some even worked with them. We can chill on the black and white, all are not the same. How 1 conducts them self as a human being has more 2 do with training,mind conditioning, belief systems being passed down generation after generation..not genetics. It's not about black and white. It's about good vs evil. Honest vs dishonest. Decent people vs ass holes. And let's face it. We have it on both sides. As far as the genocide in Africa amongst Africans, we must be honest and ask who's influence made them that way? Who's financing this terror? Who's selling them guns? Who has the most 2 gain from the demise of these people and stealing of the riches of their land ? Those certain people. Certain Evil people. Bottom line. In this case that u guys are talking about, These face are probably mostly white and some black, brown or other. Who ever has a stake or interest in receiving something from it. Some form of riches or power.They all want 2 control and get paid That's right. I said blacks. Those particular black folks who have sold out their people in order 2 come up could be as great in number as the certain whites or whomever that crave 2 dominate and continue 2 ruin blacks or others they feel they can easily conquer due 2 their lack of defense,lack of blood lust or desire 2 control. Some just want peace and have no real concept of any of these other things. So I am not trying 2 make this some " We are the World " shit, just call people as u see them. Meaning,get 2 know them 1st. We should and can be some what be cautious of any 1,but shouldn' t be quick 2 prejudge. People talk about the black man this and white man that,turn around 1 day , that could be the person helping u or even saving Ur ass instead of the 1 u believe is ur own. Peace, y'all. Stop the violence!! It's only You tube 

    King Cal

    @SWP 53 I won't go into depth because I'm too tired to write a long-ass message haha. But I agree with most of the things you've said there, and for the record - I totally agree and respect that black artists pioneered rock 'n' roll, I was just saying that this idea that "the big bad white man came along and cruelly stole rock music from black people" is bullshit. Some of the white artists Mos Def is dissing in this track (purely because they're white) are truly phenomenal musicians.. of course they were influenced by black artists who laid the foundations - but for him to completely discredit their artistry purely because of the colour of their skin is just pathetic and racist as fuck. 

    For the record, a lot (probably most) of my favourite musicians are black - A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, D'Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Al Green, Common, Mos Def, Leon Bridges, Anthony Hamilton, Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq - and so on and so on.. Didn't come here to disrespect black music, black people historically have made a lot of the greatest music of all time. It's just that the racist, bitter nature of this particular song pissed me off. Anyway I'm outta here, peace y'alll

  71. CITYSTARS217

    we are all humans beings who have some kind of history, ups and downs, we all are not that different for the pure fact that we are all human beings

  72. nschulz4537

    Mos Def doesn't have shit on Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Chuck Berry, or Little Richard.  He doesn't have shit on the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, or Elvis for that matter.  The cream will always rise to the top, black or white, and this song will only be remembered for its nationalist message, rather than its musical or poetic brilliance.  Oh, and he stole "Oh ee oh -wooah" from Yip Harburg's Wizard of Oz lyrics for the guards at the witch's castle, jk those aren't really words.

    ElMoz World

    I take it you didn't get the song original commenter....


    @***** Blues came predominately from West Africa? lol and ur calling me the fool?  Blues done with the mbira, the xylophone and drums?   Predominantly upbeat West African music with a focus on polyrhythmic percussion melodies?  Wtf are u smoking man gimme sum!

    Blues started in Texas and the deep south at the turn of the 20th century.  Last time I checked Texas and the "deep south" are in the United States.

    Blues is a derivation of western music.  Western done by blacks, segregation demanded at the time they call it something else.  The genre took on another form after that split (obviously).  Blues took the NAME of the first recorded sheet music by Antonio Maggio in 1908 ..."I Got The Blues."

    Subsequent publications of "Blues" sheet music and "Blues" recordings ensued. Culminating in the first black performer recording black authored sheet music ... "Crazy Blues" in 1920. Its been its own thin g inarguably ever since.

    Proto-blues is reported as far back as 1890 in Texas, Mississippi, and New Orleans.  Black folk playing for black only crowds their renditions of western and folk music.  And if u paid attention ... none of this happened in West Africa.  Blues is American dummy.

    As for the cell phones "retort" ... u would have had to have paid attention to the thread for that to have made sense.  Pay attention next time and u wont have to ask stupid questions that lead to stupid statements both following an ignorant claim ;)

    Art Deco

    +DyslexicPalindrome LOL You are one monumentally stupid fuck! Blues came from country and western??? LMAO , you blithering idiot. Never speak again, dipshit.

    Ciarán Ó Maolchathail

    +nschulz4537 Probably not elvis, Elvis didn't even write his own songs

    Ciarán Ó Maolchathail

    +ConsoloMan PlayTime lol a hebrew israelite called ConsoloMan PlayTime you fucking poser

  73. KMT Elder

    I don't know, you sound hurt and opinionated. And he said "You may dig on the rolling stones, but they didn't come up with that shit on their own". We do have facts, and those facts are that Elvis Presley wasn't king of shit other than stealing from black artist and trying to take credit for it (just like the beach boys), and the Rolling stones did not come up with that shit on their own!

  74. Lord Skrilla

    Mos is an idiot if he thinks the rolling stones aren't rock and roll, they along with most of the british bands of the 60's gave credit to the blues artists that inspired them. When the Beatles first came to america they said they were going to see muddy waters. Never mind the fact the stones are probably one of the best bands of all time.

    Cullen McNamara

    he never said they didn't, he's just shedding light on a fact that they were also aware of. but most people are not. most people don't know the Rolling Stones were taking from black artists,

  75. KMT Elder

    "Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace.....Power."

    -Mos Def

  76. beatnuts1uk

    There's loads more examples that we could give of black artists singing records written by white composers. It doesn't undermine Mos Def's point though that historically (and still to this day) black musicians have not been fairly credited for their huge impact on music. For instance, Mos Def doesn't mention that Sting (who is from Newcastle for godsake and not Tivoli Gardens!) sings in a fake jamaican accent....Peace

  77. KMT Elder

    Yeah, stupid and right. That's why your only response is to smile:) Would you like some more cheese?

  78. MrLozengerZ

    LOL, nigga you stupid :)

  79. KMT Elder

    Fact of the day - Songs like this, will cause white people to frantically search for examples of white people who actually wrote something. Funny how Nina Simone is one artist. Those jews could have wrote a million songs for her. Black people still created Rock N Roll. IF you really want to get petty: one song your "biggest hit" versus an entire music genre. White people do not have fun when they are not at the absolute top. They want to make sure NOBODY has fun then.

  80. Mad Toto

    Rap Punk.

  81. vampyr69

    This can be said about any genre of music - including hip-hop. Most of the time what you hear on the radio is a watered down version of something that began as true art - an expression of someones soul.

  82. vampyr69

    It's not racist to say give credit to the originators. To call Elvis the king of Rock n Roll is a slap in the face to the performers he took his style from, many of whom died penniless. There are people like Clapton who give credit to all the great Blues musicians who inspired him, then theres groups like Zeppelin who outright stole, and were sued. Mos is just saying, if you like the watered down version of Black music (be it blues, rock n roll, jazz) then maybe you should check out the orginal

  83. Elijah X.


  84. sirspankalot

    he was being rude the fuck does it matter if im a lil rude

  85. sirspankalot

    your name is alexander charlesworth muthafucker why are you arguing black music

  86. TheVoodooochile

    music and lyrics are two different things!!! he talks about a genre of music not a specific song witch is not rock and roll by the way.(sorry for my English i speak french). and you forget to mention that nina simone did credit the people who wrote the song so it's a different topic mos def is talking about plagiat.

  87. Charles worth

    fuckin' hell what's he gonna do next tell me how to wipe my arse.

  88. Charles worth

    this is about the most racist song I've ever heard. Maybe if he'd listened to some white music he'd have gotten a more complete perspective of the world and actually been a decent MC. ouch just ouch.


    Mad much, Charles. Take your angry offended a** outta here; Mos said what he said!

    A Person

    It's Def's opinion and prerogative

    Kodak Kid

    Charles worth oh shut the fuck up PLEASE

  89. Dirty Bubble

    I love Mos Def but to say the Rolling Stones have no soul and didn't do anything for the genre is just absurd. This song is taking black pride a little too far.


    What about without the white community?
    Just imagine some white guy writing a song about how black artists are stupid and can't put meaning into their lyrics so they only rap about primitive topics. Add that in the background someone would shout "WHITE PEOPLE!" from time to time. THAT would be called racist, and practically saying that white musicians don't have a soul and shouting "BLACK PEOPLE" once in a while is practically the same.


    Dude, half of the artists that are listed in this song were performers, and not composers. Albert King is my all time favourite musician most like, and yet he barely wrote any of his songs. Because he was an amazing performer, not a good composer. And yes, half of his songs were written by white people.

    Also, he was a good friend with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, there is no hate among real musicians. I don't understand why Mos Def has to fuck with this, I think it's even a bit racist.

  92. MrLozengerZ

    No, it's silly when people of any race take credit for something their ancestors did. By saying "we" for anything when it doesn't specifically include you is stupid and complacent.

  93. Tess Smith

    lmao it's not like the people who came up with blues were traveling around the world and taking parts of people's culture for their own. It was original. Your point isn't very strong.

  94. Tess Smith

    Why is that relevant to this song? You are talking about one random song. Mos Def's point still stands- without the black community, we wouldn't have the music that is today.

  95. Tess Smith

    I mean, if they are referring to "we" as the group of black people, that they are a part of, then yea, it's "we".

  96. Harry Martin

    mos def aint got no soul, gill scott heron is rock n roll

  97. Gohan Shemp

    No offense

  98. Gohan Shemp

    Cuz this is america

  99. MrBentyWenty

    um, yes it was.
    if you listen to this and ignore his message how much credit are you giving him?