Mos Def - Habitat Lyrics


We all got to have, a place where we come from
This place that we come from is called home
We set out on our travels, we do the best we can
We travel this big earth as we roam

We all got to have, a place where we come from
This place that we come from is called home
And even though we may love, this place on the map
Said it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at

[verse one]
I come up in the street around some real wild brothers
With more than one name and more than one baby mother
More than one chase, been on more than one run
Got more than one enemy and more than one gun
[Speaks foreign language]
While these cats that's less privileged is just more raw
Less space cause the projects laced with more flaws
Less sleep cause the nights ain't peace, it's more war
The can is raw like thirsty, rainy season thunder claps
On the block with your old pop pleading number act
To the spot with the red top fiends is huddled at
To the crib where the little kids spend their summers trapped
With the jungle cats, lions and tigers, leopards and cheetahs
For gazelle you get chased like a zebra, they blaze cheeba-cheeba
And dominate the weaker on the street
Hungry bellies only love what they eat and it's hard to compete
When they smile with your heart in they teeth
And the odds is stacked high beyond and beneath
Son i been plenty places in my life and time
And regardless where home is, son home is mine


Some people live out in-New York City
Some people live out in-Atlanta
Some people got to live-Chicago
Some people do live-Miami
All my people at-California
And other people got to live-London
And everybody got to live in the whole big world
Together just you and me

[verse two]
When i think of home, my remembrance of my beginning
Laundromat helping ma dukes fold the bed linen
Chillin in front my building with my brother and them
Spending nights in Bushwick with my cousins and them
Wise town and Beat Street, federal relief
Slowly melting in the morning grits we used to eat
Sticking to your teeth and teeth is hard to keep
With every flavor Now & Later only a dime apiece
Old timers on the bench playing cards and thangs
Telling tales about they used to be involved in things
Start to drinking, talking loud, cussing up and showing out
On the phone, call the cops, pick'em up, move'em out
And it's all too common to start wildin
I'm a pirate on an island seeking treasure known as silence
And it's hard to find
Block parties in dark lobbies
Funeral homes packed but only dark bodies
I can't sleep hardly, stirred up like Bob Marley
Marley Marl played the symphony, remember we recall
Son i been to many places in my space and time
and whatever my home is, son home is mine.


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Mos Def Habitat Comments
  1. Stefano

    Great song,masterpiece album

  2. luis angel peñaloza lopez

    Mai gat

  3. Michael Randazzo

    I’m a pirate on an island seeking treasure known as silence

  4. Jabi Air

    It ain’t where u from it’s where u at🔥📠🔥📠

  5. Jackmosh

    Best song on the album!

  6. Makaveli -

    20 dislikes were from idiots.

  7. spysun04

    Mos Def at London Astoria in May 2000 live with a full band performing the ''Black on Both Sides'' LP of his. Still the best live hip hop show that I've ever been to and I've been to many. Too many. Word Up to the brother.

  8. Just a person

    First time I heard this thought it was "some place where we can f*ck"


    Just revisited this song while working outside in the beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine and the flow, the singing, the music, and the imagery he painted here made me feel GOOD!!

  10. Gabriel Silva

    groovy song

  11. Kahjeem Wilson

    This album is so underrated I swear. Such a great piece of work.

  12. Dylan Kirley

    this song is outkastish

  13. The Vegan King

    we set out on our travels..we do the best we dope. if he woulda came out today...he would have his own tv show (see Childish Gambino)  so ahead of his time. his acting skills was dope too

    Willie Johnson

    The Vegan King I remember the few appearances he had on Chappelle's Show. Dude is funny as hell. Cornrow Wallace LOL

  14. The Vegan King

    Mos flows on a track like no there. From singing to an all out lyrical assault....he just be playin with us. So easy....

  15. Logan K

    Mos Def one the best to ever do it

    Jay Saccheri

    most definitely. ;)


    production is so tight. listening on bose speakers and i feel like im at a coffee house show.

  17. Luis Fernando Siller Almazan

    samples ?

  18. N0zix420

    it aint where you from its where you at

  19. Zev Love X

    How can you be mad with a song like this?

  20. arctot5S

    This song makes me smell mangoes with its tropical ill flow.

  21. Isaac Perez

    2pac anyone no ok

  22. Silver Decoy

    you know, if you feel good enough, it looks like there is a smile on his face.

    What's up

    He is smirking :D

  23. MaloW -Le BY-

    classsssssssssic shhhhhhhhhhit

  24. Chuck Algren

    This bass gave me heart palpitations.

    Aston Barett

    me to ;) !!!

  25. coffee is a drug



    +martin silva You sir deserve a medal

  26. JoeBruin11

    Cool story, bro! =)

  27. Marco Toresan

    mos def song are really fuckin good, but i have my favorite - travellin man

  28. Seroj Araqelyan

    gites [email protected] yazzvo jan

  29. sandii187

    speak the truth!! CTFU

  30. thisistedwells

    Love Habitat, hidden gem

  31. Ryan A

    too bad yall praise mos def but probably don't legally own any of his music


    bought all his cd's

  32. Rhuvi Wickramasinghe

    feat Medina Green...

  33. Darktings

    Even though we may love, this place that's on the map
    I said it aint where ya from, it's where ya at

  34. Tino Nissinen

    @HulkHooligann Let's keep the trolls out of this part of youtube please.

  35. Joey Shaub

    @HulkHooligann somenoe obviously doesnt appreciate good music. check out some wayne, maybe that will please you fool.

  36. telometto

    @HulkHooligann hahahahaha

  37. Rurik Rorikkson

    @illshadow1 you can boil 'em down and make kind of a tea/soup. Not the nicest way of taking them but at least you don't have to chew that shit before ya swallow.

  38. Christian Inserto

    @Collinmrandomnumbers naming each of them cause they all went hard when they soloed

  39. Alexander Vieux

    @etk1995 this whole album is dope

  40. blue dream supreme

    @15VCfan mushroom tea you boil the mushrooms

  41. Ken Belangel

    @etk1995 I can Mathematics :P

  42. clayton gomez

    sex love and money

  43. theibru

    the best !

  44. Ginga


    I've listened to "Love" numerous times. Good song but not even in the top twenty among my favorite Mos tracks.

  45. Dee Bruce

    @Ginga just go check out his song love and truly listen to his words i think that's one of his best

  46. Ginga



  47. Holden Caulfield

    @Ginga well i havent heard every song but mathematics is defo my fav of his its just a sick song from a sick album!

  48. Ginga


    Easily? I'm a huge Mos fan and as much as I love "Mathematics", I wouldn't easily take it over a number of other tracks.

  49. Holden Caulfield

    @etk1995 mathematics is easily his best

  50. Briana

    my dad would love

  51. marijuana suppositories

    @nastynas373 Thanks! I didn't think of the production.
    Seems like Eminem has become too old to stay any good. He seems to forget what he's talking about in the middle of his songs and ends up wandering off into recounting his sexual exploits. His voice has changed into a high-pitched artificial sputter. He even looks old: his nose and ears have gotten really big, and he's squinting all the time like he can't see shit.
    Sorry, I realized that a while ago and have been bursting to say it since.

  52. Dharma227

    @jmarrvin uh ok. i'll ramble them off. his old shit was produced mostly by himself, dre, or some other talented producers like Bass Brothers/Mel Man. his last (& worst) album was produced by about 15 producers, most of them commercially targeted, therefore the sound of the album isn't even coherent, and the songs dont fit together. also, he used to dress and act like himself, now he dresses like some white abercrombie model. Recovery lyrics were garbage and uninspiring btw. lil wayne, rihanna<<

  53. marijuana suppositories

    @nastynas373 Oh come on. You must have SOMETHING I can use.

  54. Dharma227

    @jmarrvin oh, thought your comment was disagreeing with me lol. but i wouldn't bother, you can't change an idiots mind. The 90's Eminem would beat the shit out of the new Eminem

  55. Dharma227

    @jmarrvin its all in my opinion of course. to me, his first 3 albums were raw, innovative, lyrical, & came at a time when he had a hard life so the music he was making was so real (he was addicted to drugs, and hated his ex-wife). he made music because it was his outlet & he loved it. Em's not making music for the same reasons anymore. when he collaborated w/ rihanna, he sounded just like everyone else on the radio, & his lyrics are so much weaker than they were 10 years ago, etc

  56. marijuana suppositories

    @nastynas373 Can you elaborate why his new stuff is bad? I've been "debating" on the Recovery videos and I'm running out of good points. As you can see, this argument has been continuing for a LOOOOONG time. These people can't tell the difference between when they're correct and when they're just humiliating themselves.

  57. Kapitan Skaggit

    The beat is the beatiful artistic cover of a book and the lyrics are the poetic words within.

  58. keao kosu

    mos def is sooooo dope lol man its these dudes named "Good Vocation" that did a song to his beat...and it was the best remake i have ever heard...real talk...check it out yall word up....these dudes are next coming outta chicago

    juz type "Good Vocation - Lord Have Mercy"

  59. gabriel

    mos def nigga!

  60. Dharma227

    im gonna have to agree. Eminem's Infinite, SSLP, and MMLP are classic. his next 2 albums were average, and his new stuff is garbage

  61. fired4LEtruth

    @Merkairy Calm your tits.
    Music equates to sound and the lyrics within the music are like words on a book.

  62. fired4LEtruth

    @Desperados98 Biggie was good because he had a flow that could paint a picture in your mind if you actually listened to his music. That is why his music is so great, pac and biggie are in the same tier of rap.

  63. Givarius

    @MegaSammich Sharp man, very sharp :)

  64. Rashid Ibrahim

    @MegaSammich Lmao

  65. Mike T

    all the guy raps about is not wanting to pay child support

  66. Mike T

    doom isnt in wu tang

  67. davidfrost3

    @fahadutch no lupe fiasco


  68. 4r4biq

    We also have to thank Chris Brown for whooping Rihanna's ass....

    Chris Brown.... I salute you sir

  69. Sosa Real

    Mos Def - Beauty in the Dark (Music video by SOSA REAL)

  70. Werdmeng

    @fahadutch HAHAHA Mos, Doom and Wu

  71. Crispin Sokuu

    oh manm, i love this track

  72. AfricanThinkingChannel

    @Collinmrandomnumbers and mos def as well, and he didnt mention rza

  73. AfricanThinkingChannel

    @Collinmrandomnumbers DOOM was mentioned too,lol

  74. Smoking Beats

    don't forget nas , who keep it always real....

  75. Adrian Garcia

    @c4mac11 ...kid cudi is ok man matter fact better than most rappers these days :/

  76. TP33IME

    this one of Mos's realest tracks rite here!

  77. Humandavid1

    This song makes me think of Space Jam

  78. TEK2yuhDOME

    6 people dickride lil wayne

  79. Carmelo Fuentes

    I dunno how niggas can dislike this shit, Def one of the nicest cats doing it.

    I hate when I go on a DOOM, Common, Blu or Monch video and the mo' fucker's got like (especially Blu, check him out if y'all don't already know) 100 000 plays. The more poetic cats stay gettin' over looked for some reason.

    Search Eddie Pesos "North of Death" and "Hayley" Puerto Rock kid from Philly droppin' ill joints on the mic.

  80. Thomas Carson

    nobody's mentioned aesop rock or el-p.

  81. motitamegs

    @eddymacable you're obviously here because you agree with it being good - all i'm sayin is there is no point having arguments about your favourite rappers, just enjoy the track.

  82. Edouard McIntyre

    @motitamegs lol how can you say that quality is an opinion and that there is no right or wrong and then turn around and say that this is quality

  83. motitamegs

    Why are you guys going on with some ridiculous dribble about who the greatest rapper is and getting annoyed about the responses? There is no wrong or right, everyone has personal taste and it's never going to be exactly the same as the next mans. Deal with it.

    Just shut up, sit back and enjoy some quality hip-hop.

  84. CopperPiiipe

    MOS D
    MOS DE
    MOS DE
    MOS D

  85. espChris93

    @Woobsterbamf Who the fuck cares about a football team?

  86. TigΞrsLyonsCheet∆hs (formerly bondsmoka)

    That's that Skyscraper Lampin' Soul Sound right here!

  87. sullygyrl

    @espChris93 I TOTALLY agree LOL!!

  88. tranecrew

    @souflondon1 True my man!!

  89. Godofwar555

    Cats like Mos Def, Pac, Dre, De La Soul, and Immortal Technique still exist. Lil Wayne and that yung money crew isn't true rap. Don't get me wrong, all music has it's purpose but Metaphors and Similies aren't what rap is bout. this shit is real. There's still some true rap cats out there who do it from the heart and intellectual mind. Long live true rap!

  90. elblueboy blue

    @souflondon1 wheres AZ at? lolz

  91. IceMan 33

    @heyheyyesyes LOL sorry man I can't get with this current era of hip hop where cats like soulja boy, g-unit, & wacka flacka flame reigns!

  92. heavenlit

    when people think they know hiphop they need to listen to different eras, to understand the impact you have to understand the polarities of the people, some for service to self, some for service to others, the latter are where hiphops real strength lies, but the service to self rappers have made the most money and hedonistic punks that follow their ways

  93. Antoine FAUQUET

    @pockbrook lol im now listening to Biggie all the time; i was wrong hes amazing he has a crazy fucking flow but Tupac remains the best! yes recovery sucks its too much comercial and overrated; but Eminem remains one of the best with all the sick songs & freestyles he made ;
    Eminem, Pac & Biggie 4EVER

  94. Antoine FAUQUET

    @pockbrook lol dont worry for me, I know whats good ( Em, Tupac, Nas, Mobb Deep, Rakim, Mos Def, Wu Tang...) and what sucks ( lil wayne, drake, akon...) all these pussies.. im just sayin that Biggie made just a few fucking good songs to me ( like Ready 2 die and Everyday Struggle which r amazing) I just dont get why ppl like him so much thats all. when i said he had no talent it was exaggerated i know

  95. Antoine FAUQUET


    listen i know Eminem fucked up; hes songs were fuckin better in the past but he still has the craziest flow ever, hes the best and ever will be, i dont get why ppl like biggie so much, he made just 2albums and has no talent i mean he used to rap slow, hes voice was not that good... i like just 3or4songs of him. 2Pac was like 10.000000times better than biggie, thats my opinion

  96. kiddanpunjabi

    @Desperados98 Are u fckn stupiid?? Ur gonna put eminem in tha list? BACK IN THE DAY eminem was gudd but styll not enuff to call him tha best all time. And then u say BIGGIE SUCKS?????????? Do u kno how much biggie has contributed to the rap scene? He fckn spit rhymezz till he died while Eminems countin his "young money" alreadyy. Hav u heard eminem today wit these new songz.... no love, love the way you lie, not afraid? He's caught in the mainstream hustle!! BIGGIE FOREVAA

  97. Antoine FAUQUET

    @souflondon1 i agree but how can u forget Eminem??? and Biggie sucks. Pac, Em & Nas r the best

  98. kylegonzales

    @souflondon1 Guru son!