Morrissey - Wedding Bell Blues Lyrics

Bill, I love you so, I always will
I look at you and I see the passion eyes of May
Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day
Oh, I was on your side, Bill, when you were losing
I'd never scheme or lie, Bill, there's been no fooling
But kisses and love won't carry me till you marry me Bill

I love you so, I always will
And in your voice I hear a choir of carousels (carousels)
Oh, but am I ever gonna hear my wedding bells
I was the one who came running when you were lonely (when you were lonely)
I haven't lived one day not loving you only
But kisses and love won't carry me until you marry me Bill

I love you so, I always will
And though devotion rules my heart, I take no bows (take no bows)
Oh, but am I ever gonna make those wedding vows
Oh, come on Bill (come on Bill)
Oh, come on Bill (come on Bill)

Oooh (Bill)
Oooh (Bill)
Oooh (Bill)

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Morrissey Wedding Bell Blues Comments
  1. Mariano Freyre

    This is heaven¡¡¡

  2. KittKattKlub

    Y'all know it was a #1 hit for the 5th Dimension in 1969? Right?

  3. Cassie Boroski

    Morrissey will ALWAYS be my #1. His voice is BEAUTIFUL! Love you!

  4. Claudemir Paes

    Morrissey o gênio da música mundial

  5. R. D.

    Great cover song. I first heard this song on WTMD.

  6. Gary Perkins

    Oh, my fucking good lord.....!!??!! Mozza running rampant wild an free...... PRAIZE DA LORRAHD ABUH...... Amen ;0)

  7. rustyjay1

    Marry me Bill, Lady "Will"power, hmmm....

  8. rustyjay1


  9. Mattia R

    Ok but why is no one talking about Lydia Night’s voice saying “come on Bill” y’all I’m screaming her voice is amazing as she is I just can’t ssajsanasansjnjasnjnmajnxbsqxhb

  10. Todd Peterson

    The Sinatra of my generation.

  11. birken head

    I love so much the way Morrissey covered this song. Would like to see him covering "honey pie" by the Beatles :-) Sure he would do an excellent job

  12. pier donini

    forgive my naivete but I just got that Billie Joe is singing on a love song to a "Bill" by Morrissey. LOL!

  13. Nicola Pedrinelli

    There is always a Bill in our life

  14. Tom Blogueiro

    Perfect ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Gary W

    Beautiful version of the song. Morrissey, you are the greatest!

  16. BedWench

    This is actually good. I'm partial to Marilyn McCoo (5th dimension version) tho. Love Moz!!

  17. Jonathan Wexler

    I stopped this stopped this stopped because I've heard this one before... and the original is about, I don't know, 734 times better. And I love BJ & GD, and for a little while I thought I liked Morrissey, but I don't. And he's a racist piece of shit. Why did BJ even agree to work with him, especially for such a lousy background role that could have been filled by anyone?

  18. Hakem Figures

    I think the Bill he's meaning to say is Bill from the Beatles. Same on William It was Really Nothing, lyrics said "and everybody's got to live their life" he's gotta live a life of Paul. William Campbell search it up. Morrissey even made a song named Billy Budd, that even though some people knew about it, Morrissey tell em that if he really should . . because everyone's laughing.

  19. Casandra Estrada

    2 of my Favorite Men
    I’m in Love

  20. pam

    How to slaughter a classic.

  21. Ala Pipetois

    Simply brilliant! Fell in love with it the first time I heard it on the radio! Mozz never disappoints me 😍

  22. Esther :3

    I'm so in love with this song omg (;^;) My two faves together oooof <3

  23. Shawn Wright

    what did billie joe armstrong contribute to this?

  24. What Would Roger Taylor Do?

    *mi rola*

  25. PEWPEWPEW782

    I came here for Billie Joe Armstrong

  26. Jorge I'm not Mexican Tapia

    "My Wedding Blue Bells could be the name of the song, but what it really you remember is "Oh Bill, I love you so". That's should be the title. Change my mind.

  27. Stuart Houston

    Morrissey (ft. That Nigga from Green Day)

  28. Karina Ferdinand

    Me encanta

  29. Christina Valley

    Marry me Bill

  30. Billy B

    this album is a complete masterpiece!!

  31. Brandon Stone

    Absolutely crushes this song. A+ singing.

  32. Judy Alcatraz

    Moz covering 5th dimension 💞💞💞💞💞

    Lupco Kotevski

    Laura Nyro was the writer and original recording artist. Cheers.

  33. Michael Dury

    I envisioned this collaboration on an Ayahuasca trip a few years ago

  34. toshyman1

    Love this track and love morrissey but it’s more of a Paul Heaton jacqie Abbott style song. Just saying 😃

  35. Neil Parry

    I didn't know what to think when I heard he was covering this from one of my all-time musical heroines but he just makes it his own - as incongruous as that appears! Wonderful - and the rest of the album's great too!

  36. 21st_century_americanidiot

    I think Billie is on this is because of "Bill", is used in the song.

  37. Jasmine Turner

    Ah your her kind of man she said, to marry and make her famous,
    That’s fine as some women have ulterior motives.

  38. Jared Allen Ramos


  39. Gus Carter

    Well i love this fantastic version made it one of his own classic now

  40. Don Corrigan

    I still prefer the version by Marilyn McCoo

  41. Jacqueline Lee

    Can't believe he has recorded this....but I LOVE IT!

  42. Sandra Becht

    I stopped eating my steak to listen to this twice. Great, great, great

  43. Twiglet

    Oh Bill

  44. 1seansouth

    and Bill, you if you like you can buy me a ring, I don't care about anything...except myself

  45. Mark Mywords

    Works in video but not on the radio. I thought he was singing about a bloke!

  46. PC Vasconcelos

    Loves Billie Joe

  47. justin kipper

    I'm gonna assume that Billie didn't say "YES!"...

  48. S Newman

    One of the greatest covers ever!

  49. Kaitlyn Shea

    yeah Im crying

  50. Monica Mirzynska

    Thank you Morrissey for making the world a better place x

  51. thetalentedmrman

    Great. Now all we need is The Smiths and Green Day collaborating on new music material.

  52. taddyd1

    Weak tea compared to Laura Nyro.
    Surprising that he chose her most bubblegum song to cover.

  53. Jim McCarthy

    GREAT cover of a TRULY great song by the gorgeous Laura N...

  54. Joe Ash

    Dude this song is everything 😭😭😭

  55. Denise Boyden


  56. p cat


  57. Brian Gillin

    Wasn't there anyone less odious named Bill whom Morrissey could have asked to do backing vocals?

  58. Suçons

    *sings song about wanting to marry bill

    *gets billie joe to sing it with him

    sips tea 😏

  59. Suçons

    a new ship was formed today

  60. Suçons

    can you believe that we all exist at a time when both of these legends are alive AND collaborating? Like that is luck!

    S T

    Only one legend

  61. Leeroy Kincaid

    Check it out..the characters sexes are switched. The woman is a man and Bill is a woman. Shoulders give it away especially end shot of could ski down those shoulders. For Sure. Wake up. It’s been going on for decades in Hollywood.cmon ..that’s one manly looking woman to say the least..doesn’t bother me ,just sayin ...your arsenal is one of my fave ever lps. Btw..this version is better than original and that’s saying something...

    Daniel W

    I highly doubt there were transgenders in the 60s

    Leeroy Kincaid

    Anton Chigurh there were trans since forever. Queen Victoria one such. You honestly think that’s a woman. Forehead. Hiding Adam’s apple and padded shoulders to make the illusion of curves gone. See behind shot looking in closet ..wide shoulders no hips .mens hips inside blades..women’s outside blades .look at last shot Of bill. Hips wide aa a ,car.hope this helps.

  62. Pablo gamer

    canción para una serie y que el hombre se llame bill ……. acuerdense

  63. Johnny Arthurs

    Cannot take this of repeat , love everything about it , Morrissey, billy Joe Armstrong and the lyrics !

  64. Mike Barratt

    As heard over the station speakers at every station between liverpool central and southport you dont need them morrisey. But write a clever song about them on the nxt album 🍇

  65. sean X

    YA OK IS THIS IS A JOKE? This is the worst song ever.. totally sucks and the video sucks... the entire thing sucks...

    Drk 2814

    And u sucks

  66. lordnagatron

    Not one of these comments on this page does any justice to how unique and memorable the human being known as Morrissey actually is. including this comment.

    Drk 2814

    For Britain

  67. Purpliee

    My teacher showed me this.

  68. Cyber Hermit

    Which film is this?

  69. brandon balderrama

    I love Moz, I always will.

    brandon balderrama

    and Im not gay.

  70. beavisbonce

    I’m a girl and you’re a la la la la la la laaaaaaa

  71. deejaydoubleyou1966


  72. Taylor Tot

    Had this on repeat on the road trip to Pennsylvania last week

  73. the king

    Never been a fan of Morrissey but I do like this song and he does a great version of this song. Plus his voice has got even better with age. Great song well done Morrissey.

  74. Judy Alcatraz

    I love 5th demention !! great cover!!!

  75. Grant Campbell

    The people who dislike this were Bill...

  76. tunefultony johnson

    This song just doesn't work... Sung and written originally by the great Laura Nyro, it's quite patently a song to be sung by A GIRL  (e.g. Laura Nyro) .......Morrissey (unless he's transsexual -- which wouldn't surprise me, actually) is not a girl, and yet he's singing to 'BILL', who must be a bloke.... work it out.,..

  77. Ronnie Butler

    Morissey likes William Bill..Billy..xx

  78. Ronnie Butler

    William William it was really nothing........

  79. Frank Goodall

    Fabulous....Morrissey has indeed re-invented himself. XX

  80. thisisnotatube

    where tf was Billie Joe

  81. Rex Richardson

    Love it Superb

  82. tattooedfagin

    An album of covers that Morrissey has made his own, without doubt his strongest release in years, the vocal & arrangement on every track is great.

  83. Ricks Americana

    This is brilliant, now fuck off Morrissey, I loathe you. Oh yes, one more thing, Laura Nyro you are a goddess.

  84. Julia Coffman

    keeping this for when I find my bill lol

  85. Allan Rodrigues Lima

    the film is

  86. Dra Samus Aran

    oh oh my head ...

  87. Cammie Sizemore

    current office situation is grim, since I've had this on repeat for 3 hours

  88. imadeeplyspanishman

    Bag of wank

  89. Patricia Bowen

    Gorgeous and Laura Nyro will never be forgotten. Thanks Morrissey for doing this song proud. it is as good as 5th dimension

  90. Jared Thomas

    The duo no one asked for but the duo we needed

  91. Glenn Belafonte

    Why would the great Morrissey do a song with the dipshit Billy Joe Armstrong. Would be better off with just Billy Joel.

  92. Sean Thompson

    "For tonight, and tonight only, Emily, you may call me Bill."

    Lupco Kotevski

    'Emmie' (1968), also by Laura Nyro.

  93. Arya

    Who is the woman ?

  94. Chelle Alexander


  95. Stephen Lisson

    Very have these two frontmen....iconic sing this classic from THE FIFTH DIMENSION. BRILLIANT!!!!!

  96. Sabbirne Plumpstein

    she looks so confused in the beginning is she high?

  97. Steam888

    That end though, just like when I got my heart ripped out.

  98. Gwen E.

    she is really pretty