Morrissey - Some Say I Got Devil Lyrics

Some say I got devil
Some say I got angel
I'm just someone in trouble
I don't think I'm in danger
Don't think I'm in danger
I know I'm not in danger

Some have tried to sell me
All kinds of things to save me from
Hurting like a woman
And crying like a baby
Something like a woman
Crying like a baby

And all the things that I have seen
Qualify me for a part in your dreams
Qualify me for this dream

And though I'd like to tell you
Exactly how I feel
Somehow the music
Hides it and conceals it
Hides it and conceals it

And all the things that I have seen
Can be hidden in a part of my dreams
Gonna hide it in this dream

Some say I've got devil
Some say I'm an angel
I'm just someone in trouble
I don't think I'm in danger
Don't think I'm in danger
And fact I know I'm not in danger

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Morrissey Some Say I Got Devil Comments
  1. DubBeGood bud

    The california son is satan to kabalists. They call it "the god of the morning star" ala "morning starship" .

  2. YouKnow Who

    Nice song . I like it

  3. Eleni M

    I found similarities. And I love this [email protected]@rd more.

  4. Sekai Ni Heiwa

    wow.... thats what i say, you are going nuts on an express train, get your life back

  5. pyewackett 5


  6. Jem Bo

    lOVED moRRISSEY SINCE i SAW THE smiths at kingston polytecnic probably about 80 people there .Now I dislike him passionately . He might as well be singing "ALL HAIL PLANKTON BRING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER." Pathetic ! Should be ashamed of himself.

    diane sykes

    You need to be ashamed of yourself for being deluded and too stupid to understand what he stands for.

    Jem Bo

    @diane sykes I think you should say that to the mirror. There are topics , such as the imminent total enslavemnent of mankind through vaccines 5g and Agenda 21 that these artists are aware , but too afraid to talk / sing about as it would entail career suicide. By 2021 you will choke on your foolish words and cry for your foolishness. I am not a sadist and I wish not for this to happen , but it is imminent and inevitable. Maybe you can tell me what YOU THINK he stands for.

    diane sykes

    @Jem Bo I know all about these things that you mention and I do not see how and where Morrissey comes into your argument. He is certainly not afraid of saying how he feels about the things he cares about. . Do you actually listen to his music?

    Jem Bo

    @diane sykes Oh F*CK I JUST WROTE YOU a massive in depth reply and the f*cking thing just disappeared . Sorry I cant go throough that again. Basically I am sad that all the people I respected are selling out . SACHA COHEN , RICKY GERVAISE etc. I have heard every song that MOZZA recorded , no singer I like more just "NO MORE HEROES ANYMORE " When we really need one .Take care remember dont mix matcha with cow's milk always soak your nuts and sprout your seeds take black pepper with turmeric or you cant absorb nutrients , and if you ever write a massive twenty times this length reply split it up cos there is no "are you sure you want to discard " feature . GOD BLESS

    diane sykes

    @Jem Bo Points taken and I very much appreciate the time you have taken to reply.
    Thankyou for your enlightening tips but I fear nothing we do can keep up with the train of destruction!!,
    You have to balance your knowledge against actually having a life and some happiness I am coming to realise.
    I do what I can on a personal level to make changes which I have some control over. .
    Cherish the wildlife and look after animals.
    I totally agree with you and your despair as to what is happening to this world.
    As Morrissey sings "world peace is none of your business" ... not that I am sure you would want to hear that! ;-)
    God bless and help us all!!

  7. Tormentors

    This song is magnificent fits his lovely voice

  8. Colin oftheClans

    Very original and dramatic take on this wonderful Melanie classic. I’d love to hear Morrissey do more Melanie covers. I’d love to hear you do Momma Momma. Alison Moyet does a great cover of that one. But why not a Morrissey version?

  9. tuckedup

    masterpiece, song, voice, production and film

  10. Mike Barratt

    I thought there was one shit who complained to merseyrail but so far there are 77 of the turdy watermelons ! Keep going stephen & tell them to P U S H. O F F

  11. Andrew G


  12. Andrew G


  13. Monica Mirzynska

    Sends shivers down my spine, thank you Morrissey for making 2019 a little bit more bearable x

  14. Juan Carlos Avelar Gamboa

    Morrissey, a real musical genious. Great lyrics.

  15. Ashley Marie Smith

    If anyone with PULL CAN help make my Badass dads FIRST& probably LAST AND ONLY EVER CONCERT FUFILLS HIS LOVE OF THIS mans GENIUS! MY POPS WILL study listening to only instrumental... Always searching for unheard masterpieces. He totally surprised me when he asked for sheet music that he described as poetry, The Smiths brilliant.The man himself beyond .when in houston at white oak look for me and old man HOPEFULLY!

  16. damian medel

    This is really really good Moz.

  17. Angel Alcantara


  18. J.D. Leonard

    Beautiful ❤️

  19. native ceres

    i heard Johnny Marr giggling

  20. Hellkat2029

    This song can be in the movie Kill Bill. 🤔🤗

  21. Bojack The trustworthy

    Well I’d still rather listen to the smiths.he should have stop before..

  22. Louis M

    Morrissey. Te amo.

  23. screamingswifts

    Haunting. Beautiful.

  24. martin villegas

    I don't get it. Go Raiders!

  25. JR T

    Great voice

  26. Robert Kane

    So great to see Melanie’s music still inspiring other artists after all these years. Melanie was one of the artists who performed at Woodstock nearly 50 years ago. “Some Say I Got Devil” was originally on her “Gather Me” album. Morrissey’s interpretation is quite different and just as beautiful. He adds a haunting, almost ethereal, quality to the song, along with his unique, beautiful voice. Thank you so much for this Morrissey.

  27. lynn Flynn

    i love this song..i relate to it a lot...trouble fallows me and some say it's the devil.. He is so awesomes i feel he wrote for me...hah! in my wildest dreams.

  28. Giuseppe Vorro


  29. Govnor

    Love you Morrissey.

  30. Sleeper

    Absolutely beautitul & breathtaking! 🖤

  31. NYC 42

    Love the album but how is this an "official" video?? This looks very weird and amateurish! Hire a freaking Director!

  32. Victor Gutierrez

    Never ending magnifisence...Moz!!!

  33. mozzer1980

    Pure beauty and true art . Morrissey till I die ...

  34. Biff LeGrosBoeuf

    fuck u piece of shit,stay out of Canada you useless twat


    No one wants to go to Canada.

    Biff LeGrosBoeuf

    @Xal_Bol-9 just smart people , muricun twats stay out


    @Biff LeGrosBoeuf Canada..... it's Americans in denial

    Biff LeGrosBoeuf

    @Xal_Bol-9 nice try

  35. dunlaoghaire

    It's sad he's turned into a bigot.... Old age can can really send you over the edge. He's become a total charicature of himself, not to mention a total pig!

    David McReynolds

    @Dangerous2099 haha! by 'truth', of course, you mean 'what I believe in'


    @David McReynolds ..then they came for David McReynolds... but there was nobody left to defend him

    David McReynolds

    @Vril total nonsense! Your just looking for a way to excuse his behaviour but there isn't one


    @Dangerous2099 one of the great things about life is the ability to change and evolve. At the very worst, Morrissey is a racist pig, at the very best he is blithely provocative and insensitive. The truth I suspect lies somewhere between. I have adored him as a songwriter and performer for years, but given his reluctance of clarity and taking his comments at face value, it becomes increasingly difficult to like anything about the man. It's a pity...

  36. SweetPete SweetPete

    Marginal thumbs up.. No rhyming, minimal bg music.. amateur and super simple lyrics. Needs to be poppier. 😉. It's like those Depeche Mode serious pianoey songs you skip on the CD. Lol Sorry..

    Rich Leighton

    You know it's a cover right? The whole album is covers.

    SweetPete SweetPete

    @Rich Leighton 😐 Low effort cash grab. Cmon Moz.

  37. BeyondWrittenWords

    Unofficial video of this song is even better?

  38. Curt Fritz

    Just perfect!

  39. Thragon68

    I'll always love you Morrissey


    Just beaultiful song!!! thankyou very much!

  41. Theo de wert

    goosebumbs though Melanie original is wonderfull too

  42. Dan Nájera

    All these blokes here be talkin’ like Morrissey wrote this. This is a cover 😂

  43. Liz Adeline Castañeda Ramirez

    "I'm just someone in trouble, I don't think I'm in danger..." It's casually the same feeling that I have in certain days of loneliness, and it's kind of a bittersweet feeling. You did it again, Morrissey.

  44. ronaldo inocencio

    Um album excelente!!! Morrissey forever

  45. evverrette1

    I don't think I'm in danger.
    don't think I'm in danger.
    I know I'm not in

    I don't think I'm in
    don't think I'm in danger
    in fact I know I'm not
    not in danger

  46. paulo roberto

    Excelente letra, melodia e entonação. Adoro suas canções e composições. Obrigado!

  47. Laodia

    ❤...I have...Nothing to say... millions of people say the same to you Moz.... "I love you"... But I am not one of them...I am Only One... I can't describe my love ...I am feeling it ❤....Iwona D

  48. Charlie Del Buono

    Una voce inconfondibile che regala magia quando canta......quando parla invece talvolta......

  49. Gema Perez Maragato

    Q voz tan bonita

  50. Philippe Cordier

    J'ai été fan des Smiths,et suis resté fan de Moz,sa fragilité fait toute sa force,et ses compositions et sa voix sont à nulles autres pareilles.Reconnaissables entre mille,il arrive toujours à m'étonner avec son dernier album qui est absolument sublime.

  51. Andy Cunningham

    much love to moz

  52. ATXviIIIe

    Morrissey forever. He is coming to Texas for three shows......see you there!

  53. Luke Parks

    This is quite good

  54. elite2pl

    41 people have no dreams!

  55. Martina Schneider


  56. Jason Beale

    Oh, you handsome devil. Thank you.

  57. jacobo salazar jr

    Wow this is powerful.


    Fucken love it

  59. venezoom

    Flawless perfection..........elegant and full of nuances and details.........this is Morrissey at his best............timeless classic

  60. Wilson Wieggel

    Love this dude

  61. Ton Dani Ro

    El Rey de los Marginados! Mi rey Morrissey.

  62. Priscilla Campos

    I love Morrissey!!

  63. Antonio Jesús Guerrero

    Maravilloso Morrissey. El mejor

  64. Grover Bennington

    Well sounds good. Was only chatting about the festival of the 10th summer yesterday....the Smiths should've been main act but alas we had to make do with New Order...😂

  65. Johnson, The black and white boy, the beautiful boy

    TOP MAN!!!

  66. Logan McKinney

    beautiful. I love you Morrissey!

  67. Adriano C

    Lyrics very meaningful to me. Just loved it.

  68. Maricarmen Rodríguez Blasco


  69. Israel da Cunha

    Eterno...o Mestre da Pena Poética

  70. Rossana Alvarado

    I love you Morrissey

  71. Nancy Ramos

    Wow good song

  72. Watch My Playlist


  73. Space Rock

    Well done!

  74. Michelle Duffy

    I love you Morrissey💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  75. Steffan Hoffmann

    Thank you so much for this .....Sir Oscar.... lollll. Hope you are well.....keep taking the tablets....hehehe:):):)

  76. Chris

    based morrissey

  77. Jin k

    He is still a King.

  78. Vinicius Garcia

    Morrissey lírico para mim !!!

  79. Ion Diamanti

    the one thing that i want to do when im older is go in a concert of morrisey😍😍

    Ion Diamanti


  80. Yenney Rossi

    Affascinante canzone e interpretazione caro Morrissey ♥ Grazie mille per condividere il brano anche il fantastico video ★ Complimenti e Saluti!! @ Buon mercoledì!! ♪♥♪

  81. Pete CFC Harrison

    Been a Morrissey fans since i'm a kid / Morrissey w The Smiths but this song is sucks . Why are so many musicians sell his soul to the devil ??


    Are you using google translate? It's just the sentences don't make any sense?

  82. Garou

    Strangely beautiful song. A fitting tribute to Melanie, a very under appreciated song writer and singer.

  83. MinSeok Kim

    A voz... céus! Como eu amo essa voz!

  84. Gabriel Oliveira Pereira

    A voz desse cara... não tem como não tocar o coração 😍😍

  85. grimble

    "Some say i got devil, som say I got angel". Pretty much sums up the conversation about Morrissey. .

  86. Lannes03

    Lovely))) Thank You! Great Video As Well!

  87. Frver Fred

    Long Live El Chente De Manchester! 💙

  88. Kevin Svetlich


  89. Robert Gale

    Morrissey rules. Social justice warriors suck!

  90. Akbar Hussain

    I love this song
    "Some Say I Got Devil" ,I certainly will be purchasing California sun,it seems one of his best possibly, I do actually love every bit of work he's ever done "Work" MMmmm...

  91. Sir Winston Pickles

    My fave track on the Album. Beautiful

  92. MrHumanracin


  93. Christian Sciannamè

    I love your way of exposing yourself, heart and thoughts. I will never thank you enough...

    Felix Felix

    Melanie Safka cover. Released 1971 on Gather Me....if you're interested....😊

  94. Teacher Chil

    Simply soul-wrenchingly beautifully amazingly awesome, if that could even exist...

  95. Phil Ludgate

    Anyone know what's happened to a handful of Morrissey's songs on spotify? They've become unavailable and some are his best such as The First Of The Gang To Die

    O C

    Probably because he said some completely uncontroversial things regarding British identity and everyone is now lambasting him for daring to be proud of his identity and to not want that identity and the people responsible for creating it are replaced.

  96. Simon Edgbaston

    Beautiful video&powerful album ❤