Morrissey - Neal Cassady Drops Dead Lyrics

Neal Cassady drops dead
And Allen Ginsberg’s tears shampoo his beard
Neal Cassady drops dead
And Allen Ginsberg’s lips tighten and thin
Neal Cassady drops dead
And Allen Ginsberg’s hosed down in a barn
Neal Cassady drops dead
And Allen Ginsberg’s howl becomes a growl
Everyone has babies
Babies full of rabies
Rabies full of scabies
Scarlet has a fever
Ring’s [?] full of ringworm
Angel of disdain
Poor little fella has got rubella
Liver full of fungus
Junior full of gangrene
Mine is melanoma
Tikes full of gripe.
Whippersnapper’s scurvy
Urchin made of acne
Get that thing away from me
Victim, or life’s adventurer
Which of the two are you?
Victim or life’s adventurer
Which of the two are you?

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Morrissey Neal Cassady Drops Dead Comments

    Neal Cassady & Jack Kerouac 😎

  2. Don Birnam

    Being a fan of neal when i was younger and a fan of the smiths i felt like this song was just "talking shit" and felt like morrisey was just angry about the beat generation and the hippies. Now that its like 10 years later after reading on the road and about neal cassady, i still love the book and the spirit of enjoying life and adventuring that jack and neal had back in the 1940s. I still admire the good side of Neal depicted in the book, but this song for me just seems to depict sad,desperate, repulisive ,degenerate ugly feelings i dunno. I like a few of Morrisseys other songs dont really care for this. Like to look back and think if Neal Cassidys good attributes

  3. dean b

    I hate babies full of rabies

  4. Jlp

    This great voice is saying in this song: I detest the little dull life of raising kids, i prefer to be a life adventurous like Jack Kerouac.
    Come on Morrissey, i love to listen to you at the risk of think that you are another prick artist that thinks that floats above the dull world full of zombie people.

  5. xiEPICDYLAN xi

    Why’s this not on Spotify??


    Because.. Your mum..

  6. Javier Ojeda

    Pretty Beauty

  7. Andy May

    If you like this song I recommend that you listen to "Howl" read by Allen Ginsberg on YouTube. Good stuff.

  8. Step and stop

    Don’t make them like this anymore shame

  9. Jeremie Kydd

    it just is.

  10. collapsingquantumwav

    Morrissey never ceases to amaze me with his significant and potent style of music and lyric.

  11. spiritov69

    Great album

  12. HonkyTonk Man

    the writing style of morriseys autobiography is very similar to the first third by neal cassady

    conny lake

    +Sam Pablo the first third is a hard read, like each word is pulled like a tooth and nailed down. he was one fuked up dude.

  13. Fernando Caldera

    I guessing most of the people commenting here have no idea who Neal Cassidy is without googling it.


    lol. You're probably right.

    Ryan Kerouac

    The muse of Kerouac and driver of the Further Bus known as the Holy Goof

    Jeremie Kydd

    Fernando Caldera I had to find a book and read it, no computer no internet no cell phone so I hear you! but, why do you care if someone kids you don't know Google?

    Andy May

    Fernando Caldera He was Dean Moriarty in On the Road and Cody Pomeray in Big Sur (both by Jack Kerouac) and N.C. "Secret hero of these poems" in Howl by Allen Ginsberg.

    Lori Rothenbush

    Then maybe you can explain who is Neal Cassidy??

  14. Pamela Hovanec

    Morrissy losing it? Did he ever have it? I love watching the guy, don't get me wrong but he is obsessed with darkness and ugliness and pretty much admits he hates everybody.

    Lori Rothenbush

    His comment in a interview was "I don't like people" of which he is one!! Confused person.

  15. Pamela Hovanec

    um this ought to be good, this guys lyrics are always sooo uplifting...

  16. MVIT FZ


  17. Niamh Scott

    Omg this album is convincing me he is losing it a bit


    Really wonky lyrics.

    I Do Monologues

    +evilashxero I think he needs to take a small break and come back fresh. This album had a lot of repetition and lacked action in my opinion.

    That said I still like World Peace, This, I Am Not A Man, Kiss Me A Lot, and Smiler with Knife. I think for what this album lacks in pace it makes up for in tone.

    l.s.m.s Team

    Yes a lot

  18. emma Theresa

    "get that thing away from me", pretty much how I feel about young children, brilliant song


    wouldn't it be great if you, as a child, were surrounded by adults who thought that about you? You could end up like the Jungle kid only in some urban or rural area riddled with meth labs or crime.

  19. mathilda regnér

    this is fucking art

  20. Niky Palacká

    my favourite one on the album

  21. Fernanda Garduno

    I used to love this man, but he ruined the other cool guy, Cassady. Come on Morrissey, just shut the fuck up. 


    Fernanda... vai por-te num camião de putas!

  22. Aggeliki Triantafyllou

    Can anybody telle me the meaning of this song or or from where he inspired it ?


    You should read "On The Road" Aggeliki. Beside the fact that it is a brilliant book, it will give you an idea what Morrissey is singing about, the beat generation. The new album is magnificent I have to say. The best one since Viva Hate. 

    Aggeliki Triantafyllou

    Actually i have read two books of Burroughs and i have read enough for Beat Generation to know some things.I just wonder if this is inspired from a life moment of Neal Cassady


    I would venture to say that this song may have been inspired when Morrissey was diagnosed with cancerous tissue.  "Mine is Melanoma" he says in the song. Who knows.


    @collapsingquantumwav I would suggest that in the context of the song it is 'minor's melanoma'.


    @Originalstirrups - Oh, I see.

  23. federico zarate


  24. Petr Fabián

    Actually for me this is the best by Morrissey since The Smiths. Great songs and simple, almost teenage naive lyrics. 


    I would say almost the same. Unfortunately there's also Viva Hate. I miss Vini Reilly on guitar. 

  25. luka 80

    Victim or life's adventurer
    Which of the two are you?

  26. Martyn Blackburn

    The worst album he has ever made. Morrissey RIP.

    Martyn Blackburn

    I'm criticizing Moz without comparison to anything made today

    Deniz Eroktay

    Are u fucking kidding us?

    Martyn Blackburn

    Several of my Manchester friends don't even like this album they say that it lacks the Mancunian flavour

    Hilary G

    At least 3 songs were initially meant as spoken word pieces.


    @Martyn Blackburn admit you're wrong so we can put this to rest..

  27. meetismurder

    Why is this song so beautiful

  28. müslüm çizmeci



    Love forever x