Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Lyrics

In the absence of your love
And in the absence of human touch
I have decided I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love

In the absence of your smiling face
I traveled all over the place
and I have decided I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love
I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love

I'm throwing my arms around Paris because
Nobody wants my love
Nobody wants my love
Nobody needs my love
Nobody wants my love

Yes you made yourself plain
Yes you made yourself very plain

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Morrissey I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Comments
  1. VladimirRadiomay

    Красивый голос. Певучий.

  2. AlTheRelic

    I can't believe this song is already a decade old. I remember when this great late career Morrissey gem came out like it was just yesterday.

  3. Ella Merabet

    Okay lyrics hit hard and sweet ...I'm changing my life because of this song and the guitar playing oh my god ❤❤❤

  4. Melisa Molina

    Adorable 💞

  5. Yanina Vizcaya

    Te amo con todo mi ❤️

  6. Greg Brizendine

    I felt like this today for sure.

  7. Briquette

    with this song i met my heroe. Love you Morrissey

  8. Dazzletoad

    Nice 😎

  9. Patrícia Araújo

    Coitado do gordin, só ele tem a camisa rasgada?

  10. gatronix

    Why the drummer in the videos always jump the drums?

  11. Cecilia Soares

    I love this song so much and video is perfect.

  12. Evan Esqueda

    its 25 percent sped up but its fine cuz its morrissey

  13. ozkaritto Dumaz

    Adorable jotito,,desde mi juventud! The smiths forever

  14. Cheyenne Brennan

    What a pity...

  15. James Gretsch

    I'd like to see, I mean hear him do a song with John Lydon. What do you guys think? I know Lydon once called Morrissey a Wounded Puppy. Or said something like Morrissey plays the role of a Wounded Puppy.

  16. Cecilia Soares

    How much I love this song! <3

  17. Kristianito Mallo


  18. Laodia

    My untouchable love.....

  19. deliciousmorton

    Morrissey sucks huge cock.

  20. João Oliveira

    The audio pitch is wrong!

  21. Carlos José

    Morrissey. .. Esse tem classe.

  22. SunsetKaos

    Morrissey, most adorable cunt in the world ❤️

  23. Sheena's Showtime


  24. SkoczMiNaPukiel

    whatever controversy there is about Moz, at least I will always love his music because this shit is extremely relatable for us lonely people


    @Cheyenne Brennan Or you could actually look into what he's actually saying rather than swallow the media's version of what they want to smear him as and come to the realisation that what he's saying isn't that racial or controversial at all.

  25. Luther Chambers

    Great touch on the clarinet

  26. Luther Chambers

    Something you can roll too..

  27. Andy Cunningham

    i love this

  28. TheSaturnV

    Morrissey: Bringing you awkward, terrific dancing since the 80's.

  29. FlashakaViolet

    Story of my fucking life except this happens in a shitty town instead of Paris lol

  30. jason Wilkerson

    What is with the obsession with pointing out his lisp in these comments. Jesus Christ. Maybe his parents couldn't afford braces. Let it go, already.

  31. vale Su

    cantas hermoso Morrisey, abris la boca y parece un canto de un zorzal💙

  32. Claudia C.

    l love dogs !

  33. Eugene Jacquescoley

    Morrissey es so out of control.

  34. Bo Rerun

    This is exactly what his band was against in the 80' s what's the deal dude

  35. Steven Voynow

    With all due respect to the country of Paris and all its citizens God Bless you from an American citizen.

  36. Alejandra Barahona

    I want your love Morrissey 🖤

  37. Marcel Buschelk

    ... only stone & steel accept my love ........ love this lyrics so much

  38. ac dc

    Morrissey forever..

  39. lisa bradley

    I almost thought he was going to say he was going to throw his arms around ... you... but never a person. Wish I was in that inner circle, and I could share a Morrissey hug. Could do with that right now xxx

  40. Charles

    I threw my arms around Paris but Achilles came at me.

    R Zu

    Did you like it?

  41. Dangerous Type

    We want your love, Mozz.

  42. adorable adorable

    2:04 dog avoids mozzer! XD

  43. Manny & The Rumors

    musical perfection

  44. Alexander Classen

    We realy LOVE this song, so we decided to make a Coverversion......what do you think ?

  45. Noel James

    Woah, I never knew he had a lisp until I heard this song!

  46. John Costello

    Paris the city or Paris a person ?
    Who is Paris ?

  47. Djlullaby22

    Morrissey should cover Walking on sunshine someday

  48. Reese Exum


  49. EmpLaun

    165 people need to get over themselves

  50. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    jay leno george clooney morrisey taylorhicks lol

  51. Ashley Buck

    Yes you’ve made yourself very plain!!

  52. Corinne Hidrobo

    Great job as usuall moz!

  53. Noel James

    This is the first time I realised he had a lisp!

  54. John Jennings

    Urgh. Why is this video pitched up? Same track length (more or less) as the album, but definitely notched up half an octave or something. Urgh!

    Ariadne Rimbaud

    Aye! I just watch the video and sounds really weird...

  55. Pietra Farias

    Morrissey big forever!!!

  56. fecklessmovies

    Boz and Morrissey have written so many great songs!

  57. Brandon Ayres

    Not sure why, but Morrissey looks a bit like Jay Leno in this video. Great track!

  58. LKayL1

    Lovely song!

  59. zachi70

    Moz looks so ghastly in this music video. A corpse has more color than he does.

  60. WorldInFlamesAgain


  61. Mack Sarnie

    Is it me or his voice is much higher here?

    John Jennings

    It's been pitched up here, compared to the original recording.

  62. I.P. Knightley

    Is Morrissey dating the Hilton girl?

  63. nelson cuello

    Temaso yo de argentina

  64. nelson cuello

    Temaso yo de argentina saludos

  65. I.P. Knightley

    nobody wants my tambourine

  66. marco mella

    Te amo,rocio

  67. blaider pe

    more one

  68. Ta Lu

    this is why i love morrissey, There are so many songs about love that just aren't relatable to everyone lol like me. This is more like it, its nice to know you aren't the only one who feels like this ya know

  69. northern accent

    It is very weird that NOONE notices this upload is faster / pitched up. DAFUQ?! Noone bought the album or what?

  70. Sigrid teles

    😚amo essa musica

  71. Yveline Lorenzi

    to paris begen i' ....Mdr i'am paris i' know

  72. Sigrid teles

    Voz linda eu amo

  73. Logan 5

    "Nobody wants my love. Nobody needs my love"---es jodida poesia----

  74. SabinnaD

    arghhhh, only 2 min and a half?!

  75. Yveline Lorenzi

    i'love you my brother i' accept you're love

  76. Really like food & music

    Good song. Easy to listen.
    I'm Asian.

  77. Willy Dafoe

    So sad.

  78. insertesunombreaqui

    I wanna hug him

  79. Lizzie Cook

    Why does he look dead hahahha

  80. Olivves

    The start sounds like Still Alive from Portal.

  81. C M

    In the absence of your smiling face
    I travel all over the place

  82. Ken Pudsey

    Lucky Lisp 😊

  83. Ruple Thaker

    Spot on. x

  84. Jonatan Veramendi

    1:43 broken? :v

  85. Gracias Ruth Siagian

    I don't know, every time i listen to this song, i always imagine being on the long midnight flight, going somewhere abroad.....

  86. Tia Schmia

    Chiddy Bang brought me here 😂

  87. puzz88

    i love his voiceee

  88. BackOfTheHand

    I threw my arms around Paris and ended up accused of sexual harassment...

    R Zu

    Thank you, Mr Biden

  89. Brent Hubbard

    I work with a guy named Paris. I don't want sing this around him.

  90. Bread Harrity

    This is a song about raping Paris Hilton "accept my love!"

  91. lucy v

    only stones and steel accept my love

  92. Nick Hebb

    This seems faster than the album version, anyone else notice it?

  93. BeautifulTurquoiseLife

    "In the absence of your love and in the absence of human touch" that's me now

  94. Kelly Gregg

    I have decided