Morrissey - Blue Dreamers Eyes Lyrics

I've done and I have been undone
And that's just the way it's gone
I've failed and failed, jumped up again and failed again
Yet I look at the world through blue dreamers eyes... blue
And I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows me

I'm scum and I've always been scum
And that's just the way it's gone
I've failed and failed, jumped up again and failed again
Yet I still look for love through blue dreamers eyes... blue
And I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows me

In a space under stone
Where do we go? Nobody knows
But when you stand on my grave with your hands on your belly
Remember me and see I'm only just starting to live
I've only just started to live

Did you see me in a Muslin Shroud?
Did you see me in a Muslin Shroud?
Did I make you feel proud?
Did I make you feel proud?

I'm scum and I've always been scum
That's how the wheels spun
I've failed and failed, jumped up again and failed
Oh blue dreamers eyes
Oh blue dreamers eyes
And I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows me

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Morrissey Blue Dreamers Eyes Comments
  1. J T

    2:34 I love Pinoys! So brown and sexy. Give me all the brown boys.

  2. EA M

    Hooked on this song. So amazing. I'm not mexican, but i can imagine this song being a massive hit in Mexico...

  3. Koen Biesbrouck

    This is not Morrissey singing...

  4. Mike Morrissey

    Another project to look at, that is, trying to decipher his ambiguous lyrics. If that's your cup of tea then check out the FB page: Morrissey - Your Arsenal of Song Meanings, Quotes, Pics & News Updates

  5. Syl Eggy

    Please cum home to Manchester ❤️

  6. Iwona D

    Take care of him Sam..Promise me!!!!. He is my treasure ❤... "I don't like music to be honest" ... only Moz ❤..."Whatever happen I love him" ... Iwona

  7. Dominic AaAaa

    bit of a crap song for me after quite a few listens just can't get into it loved years of refusal [one of his best for me] and i really liked most of world peace- low in high school though i thought was a big drop in quality apart from a couple of songs sold my copy on after a few months - really liking the covers though so who knows - just hope he doesn't put a new album of weak stuff like low in high school- less angry political themes would be nice too and more pretty songs like he used to do- with stories :0 will never marry, boxers, first of the gang to die etc ----- miss that morrissey - anyway 3/10 for this song but to be more positive 8/10 for california son which i think is very good.

  8. Lori Rothenbush

    Moz, you can't go anywhere where nobody knows you....your're universal.

  9. dBagg

    You did a beautiful job of the edit. The track was new to me and thanks.

  10. nisher23

    Love this tune and the video as well. Thanks

  11. Marcel Buschelk

    4 me the most heartwreching Mozza-Song

  12. Lori Rothenbush

    So many dreamers eyes! The world is Moz's - and we listen!!

  13. Dominic AaAaa

    this song is just not very good? his voice sounds tired too idk- low in high school is personally my least favourite things he's done and a 4/10 album for me - years of refusal was the last great album i think and that was 10+ years ago now - anyway! not to moan too much- seeing him recently on the james corden thing he sounded / looked great and it the performance had a nice vibe to it after all the negativity recently -- the new covers he's put out so far sound really good too - hope he can stay on good form and put out another good album of original stuff maybe a bit less political- i miss songs like late night maudlin street [my all time fav lol] - boxers - you have killed me --- the last album seemed too angry! anywayyyyyy - thank u for uploading this still!

  14. MozManiac

    Seeing all these fans makes me emotional because I feel the exact same way they do! Morrissey, I love you! woooooooooooooooo! :) <3

  15. Luke Otter

    I'm scum and I've always been scum

  16. Mark D

    RIP Albert Finney

  17. Lori Rothenbush

    Great Video Sam Esty Rayner!! Morrissey seems more relax here which is good. I wonder if he will come to Western Canada! Would love that!!!

  18. Lori Rothenbush

    Yeah I'm smitten with Morrissey's music. Makes my day less stressful. Carry on as long as I'm here Morrissey.

  19. Ben Zandpour

    Great fan video from Asia!

  20. Laodia

    Bez niego ... mój świat nie byłby taki sam...

  21. jane massey

    First time ive heard this I love it 💙

  22. sunshaped

    so, how far does this track go back? I'm guessing mid-90s? or is it actually recent? if it is, wow.

  23. mike reyes

    You Asian TWATS!

  24. mike reyes

    The lad Morrissey sure knows how to touch human emotions.🤥😔🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  25. Bryce Sterling

    this is beautiful

  26. Linda Eklund

    Can't get enough of this. Love it!

  27. Yuri Resende

    It should be on Spotify. Best Morrissey song in years...

  28. Lisa Manic

    This is so beautiful! I feel related in so many ways! Long live the one and only king of England! ❤️🤴🏻

  29. Bobby Rainsbury

    Beautiful song and video to match long live my idol Morrissey

  30. Ale

    This song is amazing, it really deserves a release!

  31. Daniel Fabianczyk


  32. Mike Thomas

    Wow a hint of 90’s Moz. Better than anything on the last two lp’s!

  33. Mark D

    How was this not on the album? Another ‘Lost’.......fools!

  34. R W

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Thanks for this. ☺

  35. cbording

    It's like angels are singing at the end of this song.

  36. Zack Mitchell

    Is this available to download anywhere without having to do a poor quality YouTube rip, it's currently one of my favourite songs?

  37. regi

    Moz and Radiohead are popular in southeast Asia countries, Indonesia for instance.

  38. Tom Clarke

    sublime - if this is Morrissey's valediction he has left us with something truly special

  39. Mariella Conejo

    Morrissey <3

    Tobias Finke

    I love him

  40. Cathy Lohoar

    Rex Morrissey. Quod cum rex et futurae.

  41. Altar Seni

    Endingnya ceweknya cakeep

  42. Bead

    Oh Yes! Thank you for sharing Sam. Heard this last year in Portugal and thought it was absolutely amazing then. Still do. Love the strings. Cannot understand why it has not been released. It could be a great single. Fantastic video too, really captures the atmosphere of his gigs.

  43. We Are Many

    Wow, and here I thought my people were the only overly obsessive morrissey fans .

  44. Charlie P

    Thank you. Wonderful

  45. David McBlitzen

    Great video material!

  46. Cyber Hermit

    Classic Morrissey

  47. Walden Harwood

    Great! Love Moz, whether in reclusion or on stage. He knows what’s best.

  48. Anerley

    England without Morrissey is missing part of its soul. Don't forget about us - we are still here and we still love you.

    Steven Morrissey

    Well. A FREEMASON does what, a Freemason does! Deceive.

    For Real

    @Steven Morrissey Is he really a freemason

    Steven Morrissey

    @For Real It's truly not that Difficult to actually find out! Re~read the Lyrics. Look at his hand and Wrist gestures within Album Covers including his published images. Compare against Mason Hand Signs depicting the differing meanings!. A right hand within a jacket breast and or placed over the Chest. 'See ALMA MATTERS single cover'. One Eye often covered. A Watch on Each wrist 'see SWORDS cover'. The Mocking of Religion. The promotion of Pedophilia, under Age Sex, Murder including subtle Occult Worship.His sudden undying support for Isreal within his last Album. The Key to the City of Tel Aviv Award. The public support for the Fake Far Right movement such as Tommy Robinson, a Payed Jewish and Info Wars Agent. The Themes and Song title Subjects. 'November Spawned a Monster'. November is the known public Month of Freemasonry. I could go on!. I mean I'm a SMITHS Fan. But just Google is Morrissey a Freemason. Plus it was actually a running in~joke on MORRISSEY SOLO for years.

    Steven Morrissey

    @For Real l mean!! U must know all about it! Concidering you've covered The Topic on you're Channel. And oh my gosh! Don't get me started on KAPPY. 😂

    Steven Morrissey

    @Anerley. Kinda odd though he's only just been covered and promoted on your Channels post within the last 10 Months??. Something sudden l would surmise!.

  49. Laodia

    Kocham....❤.... Dzięki Sam !

  50. Moisés Álvarez

    Watching on July 2018 <3

  51. Ivor Sivier

    This is to me the true morrissey the man.

  52. How I See It

    This suits Morrissey now. Finely aged music.

  53. spmnh

    I definitely hear a Lou Reed influence in this one : )

  54. VivianaR52

    Really love this song!!! Morrissey is the best forever 💖

  55. roberta smiths

    morrissey supports a party called for britain.look them up, please

  56. thfcdouble61

    It’s a crime this song has not been officially released. So great.

  57. Arnaud CAVIROT

    Morrissey on se retrouvera...

  58. Arnaud CAVIROT


  59. JayneUB40 Libertine

    Lyrics are brilliant 👌💙

  60. Yiannis Bonis

    One of the best songs of the past few years...back to form MOZZ!

  61. fellipe porto

    padrao morrissey de qualidade 😉

  62. Simon Ginks

    Morrissey is currently being assassinated by hypocritical cowardly newspapers like the Guardian and The Daily Mail for decrying the unlawful imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, a man they label a “right wing thug” merely because he dared to point out the inconvenient truth of what is actually written in the Quran. If their lazy “journalists” wish to see a real right wing thug, I suggest they investigate the life of Muhammad...
    Morrissey as always doesn’t give a fuck who he offends because he lives to always speak his mind and tell the truth as he sees it, and even if he’s occasionally wrong, that’s much better than living the life of a cowardly toady.
    He’s lived his whole life as an outsider and clearly these fuckers can’t hurt him by trying to marginalise him from society because he’s quite comfortable in that position.
    Good on you Mozza.

  63. Jim Smith

    Pure Beauty, love Morrissey more than ever, thanks Sam!

    Tobias Finke

    BlUe dreamers eyes

  64. Carl Bowlby

    The Great Irish Giant ‘midst the Fellaheen! Very nice indeed

  65. Beefpaste

    This track could not perform today because there was a slight breeze

  66. Fadla Almer

    There is me in front row jakarta show :')

  67. Stinger 839

    Great video Sam, love the shot of the mic used as thumbnail. Some of the scenes with fans inspire a true tear. Nice melody with a great title. Hope Moz will sing this live or do a better studio version, acoustic guitar is too loud and caustic on this recording.

  68. Glenn Mills

    Just confirms what I've always thought about this guy Shite !

  69. Taís Nattramn

    Morrissey, the best!! 💜


    O bom e velho Mr. Moz de sempre...

  71. Alan M 2020 VISION

    Vote ForBritain party

  72. Rodolfo Soria Pascual

    Típica canción que engancha la primera vez que la escuchas.
    Long live mozz

  73. marty75

    Morrissey is the most iconic singer still alive and touring he should be cherished while he's still here ....this is brilliant ✊

  74. Ricardo Joseh Lima

    OMG! Genius, still, 4ever! and then she(?) on his grave with the hand on her belly... like... she is pregnant? Because he sings "I've only just started to live"..... .....

  75. Ken Pudsey

    Now this is very good,and a great video as well...nice one💯

  76. dustin sexton

    This is a hit please release it !

  77. Jesse Waugh

    Don’t apologize for anything Morrissey! They’re losing more ground every day and everyone knows it. Weather this and you’ll emerge a hero yet again. You win.

  78. Janah Kleio

    Come back here soon Moz ❤️

  79. nyoman suardhita

    thank you

  80. san droid

    great moz!

  81. TBBMusicBlog

    Pretty track.

  82. Jose Agüera

    Morrissey is god !!!

    go 64

    Jose Agüera of course, my dear... Viva Moz.!

    Rosa Novo

    God with big G

  83. George Christopoulos

    I am angry with the political views he's expressing recently, but I still love him and this song.... It just reminds us that he's still a genius...

    Jesse Waugh

    George Christopoulos - Your words are those of a Champagne Socialist. You’re anti-“political Islam” - what does that even mean? Then you use puppet politicians as a scapegoat for your stance. And “National Front Disco” not to mention “Panic” - were you not aware of the controversy surrounding those? What about his comments about the Chinese? Fact is, Morrissey has the same right to be a nationalist as any one else on the planet - I don’t see you calling out Hindus on being proud of being Indian. And your Greek name indicates to me that you should be more awake to these issues than you are - Greece is flailing underneath the weight of bank mafias and unchecked immigration. I lived in Manchester for years as well - yeah I don’t like that the Irish were hated but thankfully they’ve still got their own country. Furthermore you’ve got to see the hypocrisy in comparing Irish immigrants to immigrants from the totally foreign, drastically different cultures which are being artificially imported into Europe. You just sound gullible or dishonest to me.

    George Christopoulos

    The problems for Greece are a product of its corrupt political system and the bank-IMF mafia that seized the opportunity to feast on a dead body. Unckecked immigration is a problem, but who created it? If people were happy in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh (where fellow trade uinionists are killed by paid killers by big western companies, because they asked for a pay rise of 5 dollars a month (!), they wouldn't flood Europe. There is also a difference between being patriotic (I am one) and choosing the "jus sanguini" doctrine of nationalism, that dictates that there is a master race. I think Morrissey is moving away from the road of healthy patriotism and is flirting with the inhuman Rosenberg theory. I repeat: Are the comments about Sadiq Khan's accent a product of outspokenness, or the words of a modern version of Enoch Powell? As for your insults (it's funny you are calling somebody a champagne socialist without knowing his/her ideology or - most importantly - financial status) I won't answer. I believe in a kind of dialogue that respects the opinions of others and creates a healthy "war" of arguments. Verbal attacks are a sign of weakness.

    Jesse Waugh

    George Christopoulos It’s your stance on Morrissey that’s weak as you refuse to take sides. Morrissey has balls so he takes sides, while you spout pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo and soft politics and ride the fence. As for the non-Mayor of London - I’m sure he’s happy you’re protecting him.

    Yes, NGOs are responsible for bringing in hoards of “refugees” who have been displaced by the owners of said NGOs - what’s your point?

    I live in Spain and get comments about my accent - so what? Sometimes it pisses me off and then I live with it. That’s life Christopoulos.

    George Christopoulos

    Thankfuly readers can judge us by the quality of our answers. The only thing I will add is that I follow Morrissey as a music fan almost from the beginning. I suspect you follow him, because you find him suitable to your far right wing political beliefs. History has judged the "tough" politics you desire, as they have resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths during the 20th century. As Einstein said "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." I hope you'll grow up.

    Jesse Waugh

    George Christopoulos Einstein? Your thinking that your comments are “quality” is the most revealing thing about this thread. “Right””Left” Blah Blah blah. Nazism was a leftist ideology, Communism (Leftist) was responsible for 100 million of those deaths you cite, and the KKK were Democrats (Leftist like you). I’ve never been on the Left or Right - because I have my own mind and my own capacity for critical thinking. But carry on pigeon-holing — group-thinkers think in groups!

  84. Gustavo Fernandes

    Meu deus que lindo viu, abraçoooos pessoal.

  85. go 64

    Morrissey ❤ is a part of my life... I love Moz forever...He is simply a genius... Viva Moz ❤🐮❤

  86. Paula Henderson

    It’s just such a beautiful song and there’s so much passion in the video - I’m in awe & love again - thank you 🙏🏻 💖

  87. George Allen

    The world isn’t working. And Moz, you don’t owe anything to anyone. Enjoy the time off. We will always love you for what you have done for everyone else. And God does too, I think.

  88. Durbervilles1

    Just beautiful

  89. Simon Edgbaston

    Missing Morrissey deeply in England summer 2018 ❤

    Omar Colin

    Simon Edgbaston I flew all the way to Manchester earlier this month from Los Angeles to see him play !!!! Sadly the shows were canceled days before I was set to go out. I still went on my trip but it wasn't the same 😭

    Simon Edgbaston

    Omar Colin Morrissey shows are alway's great nights 😃

    R W

    Simon Edgbaston Me too. I love Moz. I was born in Edgbaston! ! ☺

    Syl Eggy

    I flew to Sandiago from Manchester uk

  90. Cozinha da Pintura


  91. Ksenia Ivanova

    So the world takes its first breath
    And the heart stops halfway -
    This is Morrissey, coming on stage,
    This is Morrissey, tossing the shirt,
    Butterflies in the eye of the storm
    And the universe's rarest smile.

    Frank Darwiche

    oh wow! beautiful !

    Lori Rothenbush

    Definitely Morrissey!

  92. Maudlin_Street


  93. Lewis Thompson

    Such a beautiful song. Wish he released it. Brings a tear to my eyes.

    Simon Edgbaston

    Lewis Thompson Would make a wonderful single with this video 😊

  94. Medina’s Home Cooking

    Thanks !! I had a great time in both Moz’s concert. Love from Indonesia and I WAS IN THE FRAME

    Sam Esty Rayner

    Medina Rahma which frame?

    Medina’s Home Cooking

    2:37 it was in the airport in Jakarta. The time when you guys arrived

    Medina’s Home Cooking

    anyway, i hope Morrissey and all of you guys are always healthy and manage to come back to Jakarta.

    Sam Esty Rayner

    Medina Rahma love that bit

  95. Marlene N

    Makes me sad he canceled the Europe tour, we miss him. Please, please post more of these!! I’m truly enchanted by this 💕

  96. xkylehasheartx

    Absolute perfection. Can I expect anything less than the best from Moz? The man has an absolute perfect discography.

  97. Ruba Badwan (Visual Artist)

    My heart is swollen....(sigh)💓

  98. Matthew Weaver

    Wow, heartstruck.