Morissette, Alanis - It's A Bitch To Grow Up Lyrics

It's been 10 years of investment
It's been one foot in and one out
It's been 4 days of full of shit
and I feel snuffed out

It's been 33 years of restraining
Of trying to control this tumult
How I did invest in such fantasy
But my nervous system has worn out

I feel done, I feel raked over coals
and all that remains is the case
That it's a bitch to grow up

I've repeated this dance ad-nauseum
There's still something to learn that I've not
I'm told to see this as divine perfection
But my bones don't feel this perfection

I feel done, I feel raked over coals
and all that remains is the case
That it's a bitch to grow up

I've spent life hovering above bottom
Thinking I can't survive what's below
But I've known through the kicking and screaming
That there was no other direction to go

I feel done, I feel raked over coals
and all that remains is the case
That it's a bitch to grow up

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Morissette, Alanis It's A Bitch To Grow Up Comments
  1. Cognac Young

    Hit em' wit' the boogie wolve for 2020 ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Erik Koski

    Flavors of entanglement is my favorite album from alanis

  3. Nate Nemetz

    This is an excellent dynamic of graceful music and bold lyrics showing Alanis as beautiful as ever.

  4. Kry Kry Stott

    The song title preaches all kinds of truth 🙌 it truly is a bitch to grow up 💯💯🔥💚 word

  5. Gail Owens

    Damn. I don't want to grow up.

  6. JamesCloud

    Where can I download this and "20/20" in m4a format?

  7. Scream77541

    I wish this was on spotify

    Martin Correa

    But it is!!! I listened all day when i use spotify!!! 💖


    It isn't on Spotify anywhere. What are you on about?

    Martin Correa

    I'm from Chile. And it appears in the album when i'm listen to it. Maybe it depends of the country


    Ahh i see

  8. Douglas Brook

    I love this one - can't believe it was an bonus track!

  9. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman football 09 and cartoon jam fight for baltimore in October 2 2009

  10. Zig Zigza

    its a bictch raped and to be left for dead i am a surviver grow up

  11. Rasool Lewis

    stickman football 09 and cartoon jam fight for Baltimore Maryland

  12. Rias Gremory

    just looking up at the clouds as tears run down my cheeks... damn its a bitch to grow up

  13. Erik Koski

    growing up truly is a bitch you have no one else to rely on but your self and it's hard

    Rias Gremory

    Erik Koski it is...

  14. P Budjade

    damn... ten years after listening to her first and I'm still discovering gold... ❤

    Rias Gremory

    Prajkta Budjade i couldn't agree more dear

  15. erik koski

    watershed (crying)

  16. erik koski

    I'm so relating right 20 years old and yeah it's a bitch to grow up

  17. kimberly huffman

    There Is the 3rd 108th like...OMG i just have to laugh someromes

  18. kisscatastrophe

    it's most definitely "days of WATERSHED". it's printed in the lyrics of the UK bonus disc edition

    kimberly huffman

    Thank You 1 year late. Glad to have heard it now Though thanks.:) I kinda like full Of Sh..Lmao...



  19. laura Cranney

    "four days of fodder shit" just so you know... :D Thanks for the upload!!

  20. Eric Springer

    Another song I wish she added to is a great song!


    It's an amazing song

  21. nicoeg71

    me encantan todas sus letras, dice todo lo que siento

  22. Ariel Baldo

    four days of watershed

  23. dannlynch

    mistake in lyrics: "it's been 4 days of watershed" is the line.

  24. bediviere1

    han sido 11 meses de inversion, con un pie dentro y el otro a fuera
    han sido cuatro dias llenos de mierda y me siento apagado
    han sido 3 años de restriccion de tratar de controlar este tumulto
    por q invertir en este tipo de fantasia , mi sistema nervioso se ha desgastado