Morissette, Alanis - Havoc Lyrics

Just when I thought
I had handles on this
I can soften my guard behind false confidence

Just when I felt
Humble pie insipid
Exempt from this blind-side and firmly in its grip
Cause I am seduced by reaction and under the influence
I'm slipping again
I'm up to old tricks off my wagon
I have no defense I'm
Wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

I get reduced by my own willfulness as
I reach for my usual God replacements
Cause I am rich with sanction and lax in my steps

I'm slipping again
I'm up to old tricks off my wagon
I have no defense I'm
Wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

If forgiveness is understanding
Then I offer mea culpa for the millionth time
From this tumbling house of cards of mine

I am beaten by my impulsiveness
By this uncanny foreshadowing of regret
Cause I'm repulsed by restriction at least that's my excuse

I'm slipping again
I'm up to old tricks off my wagon
I have no defense I'm
Wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

I'm slipping again
I'm up to old tricks off my wagon
I have no defense
I'm wreaking havoc
Wreaking havoc and consequence

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Morissette, Alanis Havoc Comments
  1. That girl Marty! 11

    I feel like havoc right now 😥😥😥

    Daniel Kaminske

    I hope this comment finds you in a better place without havoc!

  2. feedback7781

    Best song on the album

  3. Dado Magico

    Alanis morissette encanta com sua voz calida e terna.que deus conserve e preserve sempre essa voz pra linda alanis

  4. MJ Brown

    Her music is and normally has a positive message. She always thanks everyone sincerly after each song especially her unplugged days. Most importantly her music is real ad not just created its music she creates because of how she is feeling during the exact moment which gives it the best credibility. She's a beautiful artist in every way I can think of.

  5. CaSandra Mathis

    While I completely respect everyone's right to their opinions, I'll never understand why some choose to nitpick over an artist's work rather than just enjoy it. Alanis is, hands down, one of the top 3 artists in her genre of music. I'd even stretch it to top 5 to appease the cynics, but I'd say top 20 artist of any genre since the beginning of time.

    Yes, the overall feel of Havoc and Not All Me are somewhat similar. But, I'd challenge any artist with as many songs as Alanis to not have a few that are somewhat similar. But why is that a bad thing? Both songs are great, emotionally charged, moving, artistic pieces of work with very different tempos and music and lyrics and themes.

    I wonder how many of her critics could do what she's done on any level or by any measure. I love so many things about her, even from the distance of just being one of her greatest fans. I'm old enough to be her mama and she's inspired me to step out and chase my dreams in a field where even younger women catch hell and very few have found success (Hip Hop). The fact that my foundation is a spiritual one made the leap seem even more daunting. I applaud her on every measure of challenging the status quo as a woman and actually thinking rather than just going along. Her gift has done wonders for more people than even she can imagine.

  6. Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson

    So she wrote a whole album about herself.

  7. Montalvo Medellin

    Cuando la escucho, esté donde esté, me siento como en casa...

  8. Jade Donovan

    her voice is just aahhhhhhh

  9. ᦦ Mila Spyde

    Linda demais !!!

  10. Ben Campbell

    I live in the uk and really do like the songs this bird brings out , but on most of the posts below shows the strange side of idol worship- and it really is cringe worthy.

    Welsh Simon

    Just ignore the Weirdo's..

  11. Dave S

    My favorite song on this album

  12. Flavio Lima

    I also walk causing some damage and consequences!rs

    Ana Lucia Candido

    Flavio Lima

  13. Jojo

    One of the best song of alanis morissette

  14. J. S.

    One of the most intense songs written by Alanis.

  15. Joshua Hahn

    Just when I thought I had handles on this, I could soften my guard behind false confidence. Just when I found of your long buried pain. I don't mind helping you out, but I want you to rememb... whoops! 

    Wreaking havoc, wreakin gorgeous. You're looking gorgeous. Sorry! I did it again! 

    Love all three songs, but so lazy! Lol Love HAVOC, though. :) 

    Ben Campbell

    +Joshua Hahn ha ha , you sound like a stalker mate

    Ana Lucia Candido

    Joshua Hahn

  16. Ivegotwhat

    just wanted to take a second to say not only is Alanis an all around wonderful person, so are her fans & followers...lots of positive, healing vibes.... 

    Ana Lucia Candido


  17. Alejandra Huaiqueo

    Hermoso tema desperte en la mañana recordando este tema, hermoso como Alanis por siempre!!!!!

  18. Franklin Negrão

    Not All Me part II

    Jesus Mendoza

    Tapes II

    Oliver Bórquez

    Offer (2nd. Part)

  19. nine9s

    I loved Alanis at her height. But her music has gone from brutally honest to brutally maudlin. She now mouths ultra-correct pop-psych platitudes and assigns them random melodies that have no rhythmic match to the lyrics. She still has a few good songs on every album. I'm just kinda tired of hearing all the obsessive navel-gazing.

    annie charlotte

    You have to feel and go through real emotionnal healings in your life to be touched by her most recent songs. Or else you will perceive them the way you do.
    Gradually healing my self, gradually I can really feel and like her new stuff. If I rush into it, I don't enjoy because I don't really deeply understand and feel them.

  20. Erik Mack

    I think the fact that the intro and verses sounds like "It's Not All Me" is the point. She even says she's back to her old tricks again.

  21. meilstrup1

    reminds a little but still total different and very good,, i like it a lot

  22. Pete Fa

    Well both of the songs remind me of "The Girl is On To You" by Bette Midler (1990)

  23. Koryteller

    I would like this song a lot if it didn't sound exactly like her song, "Not All Me"

  24. Marshall Reiman

    One of my favorites from her new album! amazing song! It puts me in a happy place :D