Morissette, Alanis - Empathy Lyrics

There are so many parts that I have hidden and denied and lost
There are so many ways that I have cut off my nose to spite my face

There are so many colors that I still try to hide while I paint
And there are so many tunes that I secretly sing as I wait

You come along and invite these parts out of hiding
This invitation is the one that I've stopped fighting....

Thank you for seeing me
I feel so less lonely
Thank you for getting me
I'm healed by your empathy
Oh this intimacy

There were so many times, I thought I'd die not being truly known
There've been so many moments: forever lonely in my vocation

You come along and celebrate each feeling
And there you are all honor and inquiring.......

Thank you for seeing me
I feel so less lonely
Thank you for getting me
I'm healed by your empathy
Oh this intimacy

There was a day where the trust that was being asked of me
Required too much you see
To accept your generosity
And to know myself enough to let you help me

Thank you for seeing me
I feel so less lonely
Thank you for getting me
I'm healed by your empathy
Oh this intimacy

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Morissette, Alanis Empathy Comments
  1. Mr. Emerald The Green

    Gawd I LUV LUV LUV YOU ALANIS!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. vietkonggroove

    i just heard this song for the first time and im sitting here crying to myself and i dont know why maybe i just want to feel love or to be wanted i have never felt soo lonely in all of my life this is such a beautiful song

  3. Erinaceus Europaeus

    The video is full of love :) It did hug my heart.

  4. Waldiney Cordeiro da Silva

    I'am Love Alanis Morissette!!❤

  5. D B

    Finding this song in 2019 after hearing Why I Drink on Jimmy Fallon. WTF, why didn't I know of this song?

  6. Jean-Christophe HEILMANN


  7. BettiRaige

    It feels like a thousand years ago when I first heard your voice and felt a million thing things all at once. You are such a huge part of who I am. It's because of you I went into recovery and became a kinder and more empathic human Spirit. I love you so much. Thank you. *Hugs you right back!

  8. A heart named Lee

    To a heart or hearts
    that may read this,

    At this point in time I can urge you to save yourself but can't actual save you because that part you have to do yourself. If you want a better life you must start taking responsibility for what emotions you feel, for what thoughts you choose to live by and take responsibility for your actions. If you choose to say "they make me feel" or "that makes me feel" then those are statements of a man or women who chooses to be not responsible for what emotions they feel. To no longer to feel sadness you must take responsibility of why you choose to be sad and take action to develop a change in your life that helps you then feel like its appropriate to choose to feel happy.

    As well to choose to have compassion for all beings and no longer eat animal flesh and eat a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet can help you then choose to be happy, and, as well, is an action nesscary for you to live a life that will help you choose to be happy. Otherwise your choice to eat animal flesh will have a bad effect on your body that you may not understand at this moment which will result in great suffering for you and also for the animals you choose not to care for.

    Further more to decide you have the right to harm or others have the right to harm for you so that you may consume animal flesh will result in self condemnation. Unfortunately, if you eat animal flesh, you have been indoctrinated into a society that teaches you that killing is ok to do to some animals and even may have been indoctrinated that its okay to kill some humans. I hope my words were read by you and taken seriously and are incorporated into your daily life & I hope you organize a beautiful life for yourself and others.

    A letter,
    From a heart,
    Named Lee 💜

    P.S Please don't hate any one different than you. 🌈

  9. Piperita Patty

    A great artist, great songwriter! Thank you Alanis, come to Italy please!

  10. Eder Canedo

    Eu acho ela e a musica,lindas!

  11. Eder Canedo

    Eu acho ela e a musica,lindas!

  12. G. Souza

    Sucesso da A tarde FM aqui em

  13. Eudalio Polidoro

    Brasil ama ALANIS ! Linda , linda e linda ! l love you !

  14. Marion S. O.

    Momentan kann ich überhaupt nicht lachen, weil wir in Gefahr sind und doch fühle ich mich etwas aufgehoben, weil wir nicht alleine sind!

  15. Fernando Alvarez

    You're so Beautiful and herTalent's Singer'

  16. lrdmrkry


  17. Nicolás Aguirre

    Always pretty always beautiful to hear one of my favourite singers I love her remains me of 1996

  18. Marion S. O.

    Wow, so beautiful

  19. Fahtina B Urslf

    Coming in @ 444K subs
    Love it

  20. Kikelein R

    thank you Alanis

  21. T Sun

    HeAD PHONEA and googles

  22. T Sun


  23. T Sun

    The Lonely Hitchbiker

  24. T Sun

    Sweet baby, rain.

  25. T Sun

    It takes.

  26. Victor Nascimento


  27. Jordi Vanderwaal

    May not be my genre of music, but it's such a beautiful and touching song. If it was done by a newcomer it would have hit the charts, no doubt about it. Which also just shows how the industry works. :( (and I know it was not the point of the song)

  28. Baby Tanya

    she forgot to thank India, terror, and disillusionment.........

  29. Luiz Bertini

    Thank you Alanis.

  30. Grunge punk

    Alanis is not only a singer but a true and genuine artist. Her art is so captivationg and it shows from her songs and her song lyrics. Love you!

  31. James Chappy

    I sent this song to my therapist

  32. mademoiselle coan

    it's valentine's here in brazil today.and i finally have someone to sing this song to...and i did and he was so moved he cried!

  33. Raul Nava

    My 127 room motel phone is out of order

  34. Jay Cartwright

    Purple Heyoka empathy.

  35. Jay Cartwright

    Under Sandalphon.. putting giants amongst midgets. Try not to worry. Help coming...

  36. Leilane Bandeira

    Amei a letra, ainda não conhecia essa música...❤️

  37. Jay Cartwright

    You remember now. The vibrations... be careful now. It can be destructive. Full battery of powers. Second sight...

  38. Jay Cartwright

    Heyoka empathy Tomo-chan. Energy working and manipulation. Lately 9 months of a meat grinder. Ascension work. No fun. Michael says to CLAIM what is yours now.

  39. Andres Oyarzun

    A todos los responsable decla red estan todos sapiados. Es mejor que hablen hay uno que hablo con un amigo policial

  40. Markus Herrmann

    Thank You Alanis, I love You since 25 Years...

  41. Phuk Uwe

    I just found this song - I can't believe I never heard it before. Amazing, I think its one of her best.

  42. swordoftruth

    Love you Alanis!

  43. Kevin Henry

    it's too much... story of my life. I ADORE THIS BRILLIANT WOMAN!

  44. Shari Crocker

    Thankyou for guiding mee,eee

  45. Vittoria Congiu

    Such a pure clean genuine artist. Very rare to find in the music industry. Shes real.

  46. Ro _Silva

    y Love you Alanis

  47. number1stylist1

    I LOVE YOU ALANIS❗️ Rediscovering the messages in your songs from 25 years ago! I sent so many of your videos to friends today who could use those messages ❗️🥰🤩💋

  48. Alfredo Polidoro

    Meravigliosamente sublime principessa Alanis la tua voce scalda il cuore🎶🎶 ❤️❤️💕💕😊😊

  49. G. Souza

    Allanis Morissette
    The best of 90's

  50. James Payne

    Gosh Ive loved her since 94!!!

  51. martin adaro

    Alanis is magic for the soul

  52. 黒人


  53. Autumn chills

    Thankyou to my beautiful husband we have been married for nearly 17 yrs YOU ARE MY HERO.....

  54. L G

    Thank you for being so loving.

  55. Tianne Reyes

    Victor indrizzo has such good insights!

  56. Eliomar Da Silva

    Linda cançâo

  57. jean valjean

    i'm french. why this song has not 10M views at least ? it's as good as other hits of alanis.
    i feel affection for alanis morissette since my teenage. this song gives me a deep joy.

  58. Caio Siqueira

    When Souleye appeared I literally screamed. My favorite couple ever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Chiara Poppa

    Stupenda !!!

  60. Buck Marcelo Big


  61. Darth Vader

    Your in Tennessee. 3:40

  62. Jen Jayne

    She is
    not an Empath....why do you feel you have to jump on every train.

  63. Kathleen Nickles

    Perfect song!

  64. Vince Rodrigues

    Thank you for this beautiful song, Alanis 💜

  65. Pam P.

    Thanks for always being real, Alanis 😊. I wish I could sit with you and tell you how much you have helped me and still do. God bless you and your family Alanis. You have helped so many people with your music sharing your thoughts and life.

  66. Tr8 n9

    Love it

  67. Jeniffer Costa

    Beautiful! Beautiful!
    Thank You, Alanis!


    This song brings tears to our eyes no matter how often we hear it. It does hug our hearts in the way it is intended to.

  69. John Marsh

    Great album! Had no idea they made a video!

  70. Lion Alesso

    No problem, Alanis. :-)

  71. Tenzin 68

    Beautiful lady!! Beautiful song!! She just has this inner beauty, it's amazing!!

  72. Elizna Algera


  73. Greg Kamieniecki

    Perfection does not fail! it (you) are flawless!!

  74. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki I too am highly sensitive! Great interview you gave with Elaine Eron on the topic!

  75. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki Monogamy is so important to need to thank me for seeing you..I'm sorry you miss your brother....I also hide insecurity with humour...I get you but you also get me...I need you too!!

  76. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki I saw you long ago!

  77. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki How can you fail?

  78. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki i need you TOO!

  79. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki you can see me too!

  80. Greg Kamieniecki

    Greg Kamieniecki my wife!

  81. miss sunshine

    i miss u ,ale zanatta!this will always be my song to u.hope ur well wherever you are.u will always be my,tami


    She is a true Artist, and looks Beutiful

  83. Mike Rowntree

    Great song - shit video

  84. Douglas McConnell

    On ITunes Yet ?

  85. Marília Lopes


  86. Joshua Richardson


  87. Shai Shai

    I so love this song so many people be shitting on me about this song 😂😂

  88. Lisa Borley

    I have always loved your music, your lyrics and voice are astounding, love u babe

  89. Mike L

    Thank you for this Alanis. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Both musically and lyrically.

  90. Kira Ametrine

    I wish this was on iTunes in the US. I really want this song in my collection :c

  91. G. Souza


  92. Tao Now

    Tat Tvam Asi ❤️ Thank You A.M

  93. Markus Herrmann

    She´s God!

  94. Fehr Carlo

    This woman is just incredible!