Morissette, Alanis - Celebrity Lyrics

I have tasted stardom since before I breathed
My well-known hungry daddy modeled for me
And I have never left this ambitious city
And I've only known a lust for VIP
I have studied long and hard how to proceed
Nothing but my name in bright lights call to me
And I display the perfect amount of ennui
I'll carve my face up if you'll indulge me

Give me celebrity
My kingdom to be famous
Tell me who I have to be
Starving to be famous

Never wondered who's pulling strings above me
Cause I'm aware of wheels, heels and vintage Gucci
I'm on my twentieth round of Vitamin V
And I'll cut my weight in two if you'll have me

Give me celebrity
My kingdom to be famous
Tell me who I have to be
Starving to be famous

Let me into this exclusive club
Ignore my not-so-hidden agenda
I am a tattooed sexy dancing monkey
Just aloof enough to get you to want me
Hoping my persona ingratiates me
Give my life for an opportunity

Give me celebrity
My kingdom to be famous
Tell me who I have to be
Starving to be famous

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Morissette, Alanis Celebrity Comments
  1. Claus Buehler Video-Produktion


  2. Diego Núñez

    THE Artist.

  3. Mariah Fleenor

    True words true lyrics ... Alanis is soo awesome I love her stuff her music just everything she's great good lyrics I like how she tells it like it is .... She is a rock queen

    Chris De Ville

    Mariah Fleenor - Have you ever used a period or a comma? I was just wondering.

  4. Heroin Girls

    *Heroin Girls appreciate this track very much*

  5. Bread Sandwich

    Must be tough Alanis

  6. soundseeker63

    "I'll carve my face up, if you'll indulge me"...
    Fuck....Alanis really sure knows how to write some hard hitting lyrics! Her realness is what makes her so unique in the music world, she sings about stuff most "pop stars" don't want to acknowledge.

  7. Tracey McNeel

    As many moons ago, politicians on TV hanging up a banner which said; 'For there is a PRICE TO PAY for FREEDOM" I sure don't see the celebrities paying for their err!!!! Especially comparing them to regular classed citizens if and when they are caught in their wrong!

  8. Tracey McNeel

    I wish there was a song developer who has real experience, but is still considered an 'outsider' and can actually write and sing the truths about what is more about CELEBRITY and where they always go wrong and how they as within the white collar class have led thousands of lives on a daily basis to be crucified and incorrectly prosecuted...

    Claus Buehler Video-Produktion

    maybe you wanna check them out before they also became TOO big:

  9. paul vincent villegas

    thank you for all the uploads of alanis' havoc and Bright Lights songs :)

  10. Patrick Kašťák

    love this one! thanks for upload.. thumb up!