Morissette, Alanis - Big Bad Love Lyrics

I'm having dreams in the night of you baby
And Sigmund Freud would have thought I was crazy
I wonder why you've become an obsession
All I know is that I need to have your big bad love
Big bad love [3k]
You keep on lovin' and lyin'
You've turning me into a fool babe
But I'm not screamin' or cryin'
There's better things we have to do baby

It takes a lot for me to truly believe
That you could love me unconditionally
And I'm terrified of taking a chance
If you're not ready to believe in romance

Who...I wonder why I am so unrelentless
There's nothing that I can do to prevent this
And the dream I am not apprehensive
All I know is that I need to have your...

Big bad love
I need a love with an attitude
Big bad love
The only kind that I want from you
Big bad love
I need it from you so urgently
Big bad love...need it baby yeah yeah yeah

I'm not avoidin' your lovin'
'Cause I can afford to be blue babe
I keep on pushin' and shovin'
I can't get enough out of you baby

I don't believe your blood is bad to the bone
'Cause then you're different when we're here all alone
And if you knew the game I wanted to play
Now would you say the words I want you to say ...who

I'm am so relentless...I can't prevent this... I am not apprehensive
All I know is that I need to have your big bad love

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Morissette, Alanis Big Bad Love Comments
  1. Manda Miner-Babb

    Gives me an early Celine Dion vibe :)
    Let's just say, 1995 VH1 kind of sold me on how lucky I was to live in a day and age that I needed the Alanis grunge music. 😂

  2. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    T! V! Tropes!


    Fell down that rabbit hole, didya?

  3. Eric Springer

    this is a great track as well as Can't Deny, not over produced as others are

  4. Cynthia Martin

    This is the best song ever.

  5. TheNoobPube

    lol i like you oughtta know too. not thank you though:)

  6. shmuli9

    Oh me, too. Actually I liked it better than some of her later angst-ridden songs, like "You Oughtta Know" or "Thank You".

  7. TheNoobPube

    i like oh yeah. this is shit though

  8. ihatekoolaid14

    "When Jagged Little Pill became a monster hit in 1995, her label actually got all copies of Alanis and Now Is the Time pulled from circulation."

    Nice try record label, but the internet is FOREVER!!! Muhahahahaha....

  9. ihatekoolaid14

    Touche' Cracked, touché.

  10. shmuli9

    Heh heh, I don't HATE it, but yes, it IS bizarre. The lyrics, the delivery, and the background noises (a witch cackling?).

  11. Duragizer

    "Oh Yeah!" is too wonderfully bizarre for me to hate, personally =P

  12. shmuli9

    I thought this was OK... WAY WAY better than "Oh, Yeah", which I REMEMBER (hanging head in shame - I actually HAD the CD and like "Too Hot")...

  13. Chables

    She's going with the James Hetfield approach with her vocals here, I see...

  14. Duragizer

    @stellaritsmeg You love it, admit it.

  15. MegarasMask

    damn it Cracked. why didn't I listen to you.

  16. Scott Stephenson


  17. Duragizer

    @YouCantDeleteDenzelL If you think this is worse than "Oh Yeah!" then your taste in music is incredibly flawed. =P

  18. RockyRaccoon68