Morgan, Lorrie - You've Got Five Minutes Lyrics

You look so disbelieveing,at my suitcase by the door
My taxis' on it's way here, I can't take it anymore
Lately you've forgotten, what loving me's about
Well now you've got five minutes, to figure it out

You've got five minutes, to tell me what I needed to hear
You've got five minutes, to show me you're really sincere
That's not much time to change my mind, it'll take a miracle no doubt
And you've got five minutes, to figure it out

Now I've got your attention, here's what I've got to say
You better do some talking, 'cause my taxis' on it's way
We used to set the nights on fire, now everyday is the same
Well now you've got five minutes to kindle the flame

You've got five minutes, to tell me what I needed to hear
You've got five minutes, to show me you're really sincere
That's not much time to change my mind, it'll take a miracle no doubt
And you've got five minutes, to figure it out

You can start with please don't leave me
And end with I love you
And if you'd only kiss me
The way you used to do
You could see a miracle come true

You've got five minutes, to tell me what I needed to hear
You've got five minutes, to show me you're really sincere
That's not much time to change my mind, it'll take a miracle no doubt
And you've got five minutes,to figure it out

You've still got five minutes to figure it out

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Morgan, Lorrie You've Got Five Minutes Comments
  1. Bonnie Maynard

    Ask Dolly lolz what she said about her blonde hair

  2. Bonnie Maynard

    I know it really doesn't matter but still

  3. Bonnie Maynard

    Dad and Vito always said blondes had more appeal

  4. Bonnie Maynard

    Think I want my hair back blonde too

  5. Bonnie Maynard

    I did not pick tv or music with him missed my country

  6. Bonnie Maynard

    That was fun for 5 minutes Lori tell them I already know stop trying to read books Bonnie damn 😂 lolz write them

  7. Jim Halfpenny

    She's one hot baby

  8. Trudy Corporon

    Miss those days

  9. Ginny Tisdale

    I miss Lorrie Morgan's voice! Man could she sing! Every song she sing was good.

  10. Jeremy Wagner

    Another one of the songs to crank up in the semi

  11. Karrie King

    my street mom sherry from 82 peel street fave song

  12. Rita Dale

    This song hits home I moved from Kentucky to Indiana about six months ago I left a very abusive boyfriend moved in with a guy I met he is a truck driver everything was great then he started saying he was in the mood for loving he has trouble with some guy things then the text started he was kinda distracted and distant but we talk for hours in the phone when he is at work driving his semi I used to ride with him but his company won’t let him have anyone riding with him in the fall are winter do I am thinking he is taking to another female he gets text when we are watching tv then he goes in the bedroom acting shady I don’t no what to do he said everything is fine but My gut says different

  13. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH MY GOSH!!!!!

  14. Camilla Aguilar

    Awesome song

  15. Kimberly Keyes

    He needs more time

  16. Krystal Zuniga

    Country trying to do rock & roll

  17. Karma Gachalife

    I am sorry guys but I think p!nk is prettier than her I AM SORRY 😭😞

  18. Henry Coltey

    My mother in law named my wife morgan and she kinda looks like her rock on

  19. joy Tkaczyk

    I wouldn't even give him 1 second.

    Amanda Williams

    I guess I'm dumb. I gave him a little less than four years.

  20. Christina Burke

    Words followed by action. 😊

  21. Tee Grey

    she is so hot

  22. Francis Rain

    What in the hell happened to country music now it days it's all about fighting and drinking the old country music had real meaning and had a good beat to it

  23. LittleSlim78

    Childhood days

  24. Jennifer Delay

    If u ever c me again i got 2 words fu

  25. Dave Arcudi

    5 minutes?

    The checks in the mail....
    Its benign...
    The yankees won...
    The pregnancy test is negative...


  26. joy Tkaczyk

    I wouldn't give him anytime. I would just tell goodbye

  27. Linda Downs

    Love💕 Lorrie Morgan

  28. Ashley Hutchison

    I love this song.

    Don't Be A Square peg

    me too Ashley!!! rock to it all the time!

  29. Dave Stang

    I met Lorrie Morgan when she did a concert at a rodeo event in Oklahoma City. Beautiful voice.

  30. Nanc Geist

    You better do some talkin.....

  31. Don't Be A Square peg

    Still rocking to this song in June, 2019!!!!

    Aj konvick

    November 2019

  32. Björn Kirschbaum

    love it so much!

  33. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful 💘

  34. im not a polotician look at pictures on phone

    Fuck you whores aint nothing over niggas bring it on bastards

  35. Tasha Burton

    2019 liven it like I was 5 again

  36. christy Williams

    I iove this

  37. Janett Grady

    Nice song by a beautiful girl, a song for those guys who fail to know the difference between fucking and making love. All girls enjoy a good fuck now and then, but most girls would rather make love. Pay attention to the lyrics, guys, some of you might learn something.

  38. Lisa Ball

    This is exactly how I feel!!

    Janett Grady

    Lisa...Talk it out, Hon, start by telling him you love how he makes love to you. A man kinda likes knowing he's satisfying the woman he loves. When's the last time you told him how much you love his cock and how he uses it to make you feel good, which makes you happy?? Talk, Hon, don't lose it all by walking out.

  39. love me leave me

    Here u sing God I just stop my love for open of any kind

  40. r kiser

    i'll give you 5 minutes---But we need a hole lot more-pretty lady

  41. Brent Woods

    Love this song and love Lorrie Morgan songs ❤❤❤

  42. Diane Keller

  43. Randy Johnson

    Wasn't her father also a country music singer George Morgan? Maybe, I'm just asking if anybody else has heard if that's true or not and it is true that she is still with us and hasn't passed on correct?

  44. Starr Myers

    Love you girl

  45. kelly higley

    still the best after all the years !!

  46. curtis grupe

    this is when country was good what the fuck happened

    Andy Norvell

    I wonder that myself..

  47. kevin lombardi

    amazing song Leave the Light On is one of the best country albums ever I was at a Lorrie concert in Long Beach in 1989 gave her a rose she autographed my CD and her band shook my hand and signed my CD too great memory

  48. Crystal Smith

    I love this sog💩

  49. Dykes James

    I love u lorrie please move here to add use with me I'm not leaving louisuana

  50. Karrie King

    My street mom sherry favorite song

  51. Phoebe Fugate

    She really can sing , Lorrie Morgan ,,,love this song ,,,thanks you tube

  52. bc b

    Great voice grabs your soul that's what country music is all about ....

  53. Garry Clark

    Lorrie love your music and voice ❤️☺️😘

  54. Lucifer Nazgoth

    I think all five of your husband's needed 10mins

  55. only12c

    Who takes a taxi to leave someone?

  56. Francisco Hernandez

    I love country music ! it gets to the soul , it makes me feel human .

  57. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    he better listen to this

  58. Yumiko Todoroki

    My Girlfriend and I love this song so much.. She says "This is how I was before I was lesbian.." And she never regretted it.

  59. AheadTAMADrummer

    Rip Keith Whitley.

  60. wise and humble!!

    The older I get the hotter she gets. I'm 35 now Lori ,let's get together take 5 and figure it out. I ll make your toes twinkle. Bet on that!!!!

  61. Angel King

    My street mom favorite song

  62. Lynn Lesik

    Beautiful lady and a great song!

  63. Sierra Sharman

    "You l👀k so disbelieving at my suitcase by the door🚪" I would be l👀king disbelieving if someone was moving out of a place with only 1 suitcase my suitcase explodes when i go somewhere for just 3 days or a week

  64. sharon chehovich

    love your voice and your songs and song choices

  65. Alayna Amy

    I love this song

  66. Lazer Peabody

    Heard this today on 97.1 Orlando's country music station .(and I fell in love ever since )

  67. General Steven D. Lee 5683

    I miss this type of country music.

  68. 3monsters014

    Your man needs to be tending to all your needs emotional,physical,and intellectual if he won't HIT THE ROAD!

  69. April Love

    black and white dam was it with it im like come on

  70. Nio Antonio

    the golden voice of Lorry sweet Morgan like it , Jan 29/'18

  71. Wade Lewis

    What happened to great female country singers ?

    Janett Grady

    They're in Ireland. Check out Niamh Lynn's song, While I Was Making Love To You, and you'll get some idea of what I'm taking about. Or a girl named Cliona Hagan, the cutest Country singer whoever turned guys on. America's Country singers have gone to pot...compared to Ireland's. But that's me. Check it out!!!

  72. Magical Kittycorn Girl

    great clasic

  73. Gary Marquis

    ...back when country made its final "bow-out" to greatness...after this, it became a "listening risk."  Just sayin.

  74. Dusti Rojas

    Maestro....THIS PERTAINS TO YOU...

  75. Lee Stallings


  76. Renee Reyes

    my science teacher said that Lorie Morgan is his girlfriend lol

  77. Juanita Buron

    Babe its not like i didnt warn ya....sorry about the p WE Were OUT OF WATER..SORRY HONEY

  78. Jody Smith

    Dolly Parton could sing this song!!!!

  79. Richard Ansede

    I love Lorrie and her music

  80. Ronald Solberg

    Beautiful, both singer and song.

  81. JMagdalenaCLove Nname N


  82. JMagdalenaCLove Nname N

    roman tic lol

  83. Kel B

    awesome song list

  84. Nacole Capps

    u got less than five minutes.. u should have known how to treat a woman.. can't just expect her to stay with no love not showing it or telling her, I mean come on anymore a man can say I love you and they only use u.. need the real mean bk..

  85. CheapStackVinyl

    this sucks, she should have done rock/pop music, the songwritings crap

  86. jscountrygirl85

    Great classic song from Lorrie! Loved it since I was little.

    Robin Peryea

    jscountrygirl85 who u with Marty or floyd

  87. crystal mattox

    i told this to my hunband and all

  88. Christina Shepherd

    yes 5 minutes

    Samantha Pickering

    Christina Shepherd, lol haha 😄😄😂😂

  89. Pagie Matthews

    I just love this song

  90. Amanda Strange

    awesome song

  91. amaizeing ndn

    Best female country artist of the 90s IMO.

    Cory Fowler

    She cant hold a candle to reba

  92. david debar

    Country music during the 90s was so much better than now.

    John Delagrange

    Rite on!

    Mike Wilson

    Not only is Lorrie a great singer, and she’s beautiful as well.

    Henry Coltey

    I love you love at first sight [email protected]

  93. Margaret Barbour

    like this song hits home to me

  94. James Kirk

    5 mins huh, all I can say is MGTOW

  95. Kila Santana

    I think Lorrie will always be in love with Keith welithly

    Disco Daddy


    Jeremy Wagner

    Keith was her first love. When she married Sammy Kershaw that didn’t last long

    Jim Halfpenny

    @countrygirl country musiclover Reckon you know fuck all about country music

    Kassie Kirk

    she has a husband now

    Jeff Davis

    Went down to Panama City Beach and went to her Karaoke Bar. We met her husband and he was so nice to us. We had a blast, even though she wasn’t there. I hope she’s there the next time with her son.

  96. jeffy van epps

    One of my best country singers of all times.

  97. J Martin

    I love this song