Morgan, Lorrie - Us Girls Lyrics

Us girls have been best friends
Since the last time big hair was in
We know each other very well

Old hurts and brand new flames
Big jobs and baby names
And all the secrets we can never tell

Us girls - we love and hate and love our men
Us girls - we laugh and cry and laugh again
We got legendary stories
We're anything but boring
We've got letdowns and hang-ups
Laugh lines and break-ups
And all the grace the world will allow
Us girls

For 15 years we've passed around
The same advice, the same 10 pounds
Yeah, between us, we have tried it all

Months go by and we don't talk
Then we pick right up where we left off
We're always there to catch whatever falls


There are things we wish we hadn't said
But we've forgiven what we can't forget


Us girls we got all the honey
Us girls and half the money

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