Morgan, Lorrie - The Wedding Lyrics

Hers on one side, his on the other
One Saturday in June
The organ drones and her cousin's singin'
Just a little bit out of tune
Her ex is here and his is too
Something old and borrowed but it's nothing new
It sure came up all of the sudden
Bobby and Judy's weddin'

Dean and Ginny?... They still ain't speakin'
She's gonna make him do without
There's no denyin' that Carla's cryin'
But what's she cryin' all about?
It's all one great big act of contrition
Hugs and kisses with fresh ammunition
So we all retreat with the preacher's blessin'
Bobby and Judy's weddin'

So ring them bells, toss that rice
Have yourselves a real nife lice
Say those words, recite those vows
Don't we all feel better now?

Cold beer fountain, cheddar cheese mountain
Pig-in-a-blanket on the bar
Tim and Eddie got the band back together
They still can't play their guitars
In-laws, outlaws all pull together
To hot-wire, jump-start two hearts forever
Will they make it? ... Nobody's guessin'
Bobby and Judy's weddin'

Dance your dance, eat your cake
Toss your sister your bouquet
Say goodbye, drive away
Tomorrow is another day
All the boys got lost in the whiskey
Daddy fell asleep in his tux
Dean and Ginny actin' kinda frisky
Thinkin' about makin' up
Mamma and the womenfolk back in the kitchen
They're all laughin', Carla's still bitchin'
As for me I'm glad I saw it all... even the parts that I can't recall
It sure was great to be with you all of ya'll
Bobby and Judy's wedding

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