Morgan, Lorrie - Take Me As I Am Lyrics

Baby don't turn out the light
I wanna see you look at me
Whisper only truth tonight
Not just promises and empty fantasies

I don't need a bed of roses
Cause roses whither away
All I really need is honesty from
Someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand, who'll take me as I am

Baby I need for you to know
just exactly how I feel
Fiery passions come and go
I'd trade a million pretty words
For one touch that is real

I don't need a bed of roses
Cause roses whither away
All I really need is honesty from
Someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand, who'll take me as I am

Whoa, I don't need a bed of roses
Cause roses whither away
All I really need is honesty from
Someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand, who'll take me as I am

Ooh yea, from someone with a strong heart
A gentle hand, who'll take me as I am

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Morgan, Lorrie Take Me As I Am Comments
  1. nicki Parsley


  2. martha leach

    When I found out about my ex. I walked away. I sent him this song. And blocked his number. The (lady) he was cheating with left him a week later.

  3. Tasha Garrison

    I definitely feel the pain my ex cheated and flirting with other women I walked out and have not looked over my shoulder since then I have been single for 11months now.

  4. Bevey Dillon

    Beautiful song and sad

  5. Dave Arcudi


  6. Bradley Lee Butler

    Good was Brad Anoai was to JoAnn

  7. Melissa Meyer

    Living this shit right now. Married 3 years and last week on our ANNIVERSARY he decided to spend it with another woman💔

  8. Wade Walker

    Good as Wade was to Carrie

  9. Leigh Ann Twisdale

    Troy...and I was good to you, you just didn't appreciate it... that's why I moved on....

  10. Bryan Tripp

    Don't like the women's hair but song is good

  11. Cheryl Allen

    in 1993 a woman took my then husband from me. She did me the best favor ever. I married another man after him. We married afteronly dating for MONTHS, We never fought or argued and were happy for 25 plus years until he died.

  12. Norma Martinez

    BEAUTIFUL SONG ! And I can relate to this ..she can have him I Don't care anymore !!!

  13. Larry Boswell

    Still jamming 2020!!!!

  14. Sharon Keogh

    Love this song so true my ex played mind games with me one day he wanted me next day he did not want me i was so good to him treated him so good find out he was seeing his ex as well as me so i walked out bever looked back and this song has helped me to move on and i have so his loss he tried to get back with me but o sent him this song to tell him thsts how i feel good bye so dont never think your not good enough every one is if they look at want they have before they decide to destroyed them i find some some who now that knows how to treat awomen so he never got to worry as i treat him good to

  15. gaskan666

    Anyone still here for 2020 ?

  16. sha6mm

    Stunning Vocals.

  17. Valmir Muniz

    I love this voice !

  18. AllieBug

    Your such a beautiful person! My parents used to listen to and Keith back in the day and I hated country music. Now that I’m older in my 50’s my soul can’t get enough of it lol. Love the new song, god bless

  19. bangcologne

    Well as good as I was to all people not relationships just people who stabbed me in the back fuck you

  20. Bernado Williams

    Darling, You can have him back.


    I was a slave. After the affair he thought he could keep secret, i do nothing. No more. I am still good in some ways but i will never again keep everything tidy for someone that never appreciates it again.

  22. Robin Graf

    You got honey you can have him and his deceitful ways. Did it to me he'll do to you.

  23. Mrs.

    Oldie but absolute Goodie!

  24. Bubbie Jr savage

    I love this song so much meaning

  25. Life Goes on.

    I dedicate this song to all the man hor that cheats and thinks its just casuall she will never be as good as i was to you .. You can have him and she can have you !! 💔👌👌👌

  26. Shelley Charging

    To the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I’m so sorry I am such a disappointment. Whoever has you now. I hope you are happy. She can have you. Because I honestly don’t want you anymore. I don’t love you anymore.

  27. Becky Jacob

    I love this song

  28. Cheryl Allen

    My daughter sang this for a recording contract. She landed it but they wanted to quit in the middle of her Senior year....She told them NO WAY. She wanted to enjoy her life as @ 17. FYI She has turn down 2 since because the same reasons leave her family and children, So glad she refused.

  29. sherry quilter

    Shocked at all the thumbs down - I'm here in 2019 too loving it!

    Shirley Shawhan

    Me too 12/20/2019.

  30. Sara bear

    Ahhh when country was country.

  31. Laurie Jackson

    I love love it when she walks behind him sooo slow talk about torture he deserved it

  32. Katheleen Waters

    I dedicate this to my ex Raphael, she can have him, I don't want him anymore, LOL, he had the nerve to tell my brother last month to tell me he loves me, he left me over a year ago, go get your KARMA , I DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE.

  33. Steve Smith

    My God she is beautiful

  34. Honey Hush

    Well it's December 2019 and wasted alot of years. We walk away in life and still wonder at what could have been. I loved the hell out of a man, he moved on and for some years I got stuck in did I do the right thing.

  35. Julie

    These life songs never get old.

  36. Shirley Shawhan

    This should be on an episode of Cheaters. He was busted big time...such a jerk.

  37. Deborah Lowe

    Know that feeling all to well 😭

  38. Rhonda Elaine

    Her face did not turn red, she looked at him so calmly and said.....

  39. kevina warner

    I cant believe she just stayed out singing to this man in thw rain ,thats dedication also my mom fav song

  40. Shawna Edenfield

    Lori has more balls than me. I would have beat that dudes ass.

  41. Glenn Pepper

    Yes ma'am my wife used to do this to me

  42. Mary Betz

    Beautiful. Love ❤️ it

  43. Sam Henry

    Oh dear 😢😣

  44. Bohemian Goddess

    For me meaning is quite opposite, but still means the same regardless of context. I was treated horrendously by a large group of people. I would do anything for. This what I feel.

  45. Victor Sendejo

    Keith Whitley was my favorite singer but when I herd Lory Morgen I like her to

  46. Betty Bolden

    After being married for 17 years 2 monthes after my daughter died of cancer he came home from work packed and left would not tell me why just said ill find out in time about a week later I get a call from a guy who was a employee of his said his wife moved in with my husband wich she worked for him too. The whole time while I sit by my daughter bed holding her hand the worst thing a mother can bare to watch her daughter dying and he was with her .That was 2 years ago So this song really hits home ,But Im doing ok Funny how things come about Heard he had to have a Kidney remove he had cancer I wonder if he thought about my daughter when he found out he had cancer

    chris Haynes

    I guess he found out what karma means

  47. gaskan666

    You would leave her for that????? Are you out of your fucking mind???

  48. Barbara Duvall

    Lauren daigle

  49. M HDZ

    Wow ..! I've Found A Hidden Gem ..! #LorrieMorganRocks

  50. D Iowa

    I'm the guy who cheated and lost a good woman. A very painful lesson.

  51. Christy Rowland

    Blue has been there

  52. Karen Wooten

    Unique and strong vocals. Beautiful.

  53. Sherry Woodruff

    As Good as I was to you Tim.

  54. Ej Salazar

    Damn I forgot how hot she was

  55. Candy Porter

    Its hard to give someone ur all n they just act like it was nothin...broken heart never again

  56. mary kay

    Lolol he never did anything for me no show no gifts. I gave him all I had

  57. Donayre Sevilla

    remembering those days when i hear this song

  58. Sharon Joke

    Cheaters never think of the damage they inflict on the other person. 💔☹😭😡

    Robin Reyes

    No they don't my ex cheated on me and had a kid with her I been single for 6 years it's hard for me to trust again

    hellhound wacker

    No they don't my wife of 4 years Left me and took my daughter just for somebody who had a lot of money the thing is money caint buy love

  59. Debbie Chaney

    Best country female artist!!💓

  60. Sparrow Whisper

    I have been in her shoes .

  61. natasha c

    Lorrie. The one who takes people's hearts. No thank you

  62. Christy Rowland

    What a great song Thx from blue

  63. Jane Doe

    First, we all know who commented in 2019 because it TELLS us when you commented. Der.. Second, nobody cares. Just enjoy the music.

  64. Carolyn Flowers

    Really good song I couldn't have written the truth no better

  65. Marie Briley

    You can have him, I don't want him anymore! I'm done.

  66. Norma Rios


  67. Dee Dish

    Breath taking lady and sounds so damn good!!

  68. Holly Taylor

    Lorrie Morgan is gorgeous. The "mistress" in the video is a dog. Lol

  69. Kylie Pollert

    My second favorite Lorrie song, behind "Something in Red"

  70. Randall Terry

    This is what country music is suppose to sound like. Not this country pop rap crap of today

  71. lynn anne

    I love this song, and I've never been in a relationship but this song hits me in the feels on all levels!!!!

  72. Josh Laning

    She looks like a drag queen since her facelift


    Dang, you are right. Women why you do that???

  73. Treva Hamby

    One of the greatest singers Ever!

  74. Anna Smith

    I love you Lorraine Morgan and you are a awesome singer and I love all of your music I love you

  75. Holly Fisher

    Every, single relationship I have seen start in infidelity has NOT
    lasted~Cannot build on "Sand"💔!!

  76. Joan Strowbridge

    I know what it feels like to be cheated on, something you never get over.. I treated my boyfriend like a king , but I wasnt good enough for him. I learned the hard way .

  77. A A956

    Those damn bastards

  78. Amazing Amy

    Something told me to keep my ass home....

  79. Ms Stern

    One of the best songs ever written. I say this in 2019.

    Ingrid Blessed

    I agree love this song.

    Janell Minton

    Absolutely 👍

    Dustin Rushing

    @Janell Minton do not make county music like this no more

    Janell Minton

    @Dustin Rushing I know and it is so sad, some of the old songs, are my life.

    Christine U. Hochrein

    Agreed. Wish we could hear it more.

  80. Brenda Sweet

    Married coworker Truckdriver wife lorie carimicheal and hooters waitress dine a dozen

  81. dave dawoudi

    You sold me out for an asshole was after your money , thank you Karma ,

  82. b g

    Great song ! Thnx for sharing !

  83. Jennifer Delay

    Raggy ass bitch

  84. Stacey Selders

    Felt like this a time or two! After awhile you just say you can have him. It gets tiresome having your heartbreak all the time.

  85. Larry Boswell

    I love Lorrie n Kieth and their music ,I'm 39 and it's music like this that let's me know I'll never cheat on any woman I'm ever with.women rock ! Thanks ladies.and Lorrie.

  86. His wife His babyJ His babyJ his babygirl

    I wish a husband would appreciate what he's got

    Holly Fisher

    A Real MAN will treat you RIGHT💖...If one does not, move on!!!

  87. Jezebel's New book

    Yes time after time. .....

  88. Clariasa Tegenkamp

    10 years of marriage coming to end

  89. Danica Djukic

    see what happens.....

  90. Danica Djukic

    Play piano , harp and E flat saxophone

  91. Danica Djukic

    Ronnie: My name is Danica and I am a all around. sensual sexy good. looking attractive highly i telligent articulate talented funny woman. with a good sense of humour who loves to write poetry music love songs and I play the oiano, E flat saxophone and harp.I work full time in the medical field and i am writing a poetry book. My cell # is 289--775--4580. I do not complain whine argue speak loud or gossip. I have g good life and i am interested in finding a good man
    Pls give me a call and sre what happens. I hope that you are doing well. I am doing well. Lori Morgan is a beautiful woman and a singer. You Go girl ! Danica

    robert justus

    Posting  Your phone number isn't being very bright.

  92. Shelley Charging

    For SPE we are truly finished. Madam Clarissa is all yours

  93. RM Aludos

    I remember when i was with him he cheated on me with my cousin.its really hard to move on but i did it and im so proud of my self

    Bohemian Goddess

    Who hurt you more? I'm so sorry you we're betrayed by family and a person who felt empty inside. You deserve better. Time to forgive and let go. So God bless you.

    RM Aludos

    @Bohemian Goddess i'd moved on and i already free my self from cousin and i are very close at this point.we found out that my ex cheated on her like what they've done to me..and now my cousin and i are like sisters again

  94. MsStrawberry1960

    I only allowed myself to fall head over heels in love once... it only took one truly broken heart for the wall to go up and the trust of anyone else to be gone..., still in love with him when I left but couldn’t take it anymore.

  95. Joann Brown

    Very true song .💙

  96. Pamela Kronz

    I been there with my first husband