Morgan, Lorrie - If I Cry Lyrics

They're only tears reach up and touch one
They come from the way you touch me
Tears rise like a tide to the moon
When the heart of a woman is open to you.

If I cry it only means I want you closer
Don't be afraid follow me wherever I go
Stay with me even if it feels like I'm breaking
'Cause I can only give you everything if I cry.

I need your hand touch me in the darkness
Tenderness alone can understand
That love knows more than I can say
Like a river of surrender, it washed us away.


These tears are water from a flame
Lay down in the fire and let it rain.


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Morgan, Lorrie If I Cry Comments
  1. Brenda Paddlety

    I agree StaceyDMify 😍 Lynn Anderson did an awesome job! 👍

    Glenn Morris

    Lynn's version is amazing.

  2. Fred Harris

    Tammy wynette does this perfectly

  3. Jordi Sebastia

    Gran cantante una voz preciosa y sabe darle mucho sentimiento a sus canciones por ejemple Are You Lonesome Tonight seguro el propio Rey seguro la hubiera felicicitado por la gran versión que a hecho

  4. Jordi Sebastia

    Fantastica interpretación te pone los pelos de punta el sentimiento que le da a la interpretación bravo bravo

  5. Mike Woollett

    Brilliant album.......!!

  6. gloria d

    she should do an album of torch songs

  7. Margaret Martin

    Bought this cd when it first came out. I've worn it out!!!

    Mike Woollett

    Me is brilliant...and sounds even better when it is played LOUD!!!!!

  8. StaceyDMify

    originally a pop hit by Johnnie Ray, then a #1 country hit by Lynn Anderson in '72, then a #1 hit by Crystal Gayle in the '80s.  In terms of the women who've covered it, it's hard to beat (or come close to) the Lynn Anderson hit version.  

  9. stringbass Pete

    check out the original by the so underated Johnnie Ray ...

  10. angie perez

    beautiful song ^-^