Morgan, Lorrie - I Must Be Gettin' Older Lyrics

I've seen my heart get hurt
So many times I thought that it would die
I've found myself awake at nights
Where all I did was sit and cry
I'm not asking for your pity
I'm just trying to let you know what's on my mind
I must be getting older
But everybody says that old is wise

You ask me why I don't
Give my all and everything to you
Well I'm a little to old for merry-go-rounds
and games to me are just for fools
So until I know it's real
I'll never give my heart away again
I must be getting older
Cause I've never been smarter than I am

I've felt the pain of losing
When lovin always let me down
I'm not too tough for bruisin
My heart could probably stand another round
It's just that I've been weakened
And I'm finally old enough to make my stand
I must be getting older
Cause I've never been smarter than I am

I must be getting older

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Morgan, Lorrie I Must Be Gettin' Older Comments
  1. Margaret Hodson

    Lorrie you have it all....

  2. Gary Hieronymus

    Damn it Kieth, R.I.P.

  3. Lois Woods

    Beautiful song, beautiful couple

  4. Kimmie

    6 marriages? Wow! This chick really gets around. Why can't she hang on to a man anyway?

  5. Jennifer Patton

    Perfect 💑❕ripped away to soon. I want a ❤️ 📕 like theirs.

  6. Charles Fish

    Lorrie your so amazing I hope you all

  7. Frank Gage

    They were and are THE VERY BEST!

  8. Frank Gage

    Such talents..brings tears to lots of us.

  9. Anthony Lapuma

    Lowry sang good but she wasn’t that good with men she was married six times, maybe she thinks marriage is just a joke or to write another song about....

  10. marvin myers

    a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice plus i love this song has a good message.

  11. Samantha Holt

    Yes she is good I like all of her songs when u hold me tonight don’t close your eyes

  12. Terry Quesenberry


  13. Jamie Snyder

    She has always been FANTASTIC and ALWAYS will be ❤❤❤

    Jamie Snyder

    I just wish Keith was still with us!!!

  14. amy powell


  15. Scott Preen

    I love lorrie Morgan's music but just listened never had any backround on her.I heard her singing this yesterday my elderly mother was listing to the country music songs on you tube I was leaving to go to the store.I thought it was a duet with a Male singer Keith Whitley but looking at the hair.The first time I heard a song by Lorrie Morgan As good as I was to you a few weeks before my brothers death May 8 1998.Anyway came back home forgot about the song till about an hour ago so I looked up duet Lorrie Morgan Keith Whitley and this popped up but no duet then just got done watching a documentary about Keith Whitley read they were married he passed May 9 1989 due to alcohol poisoning.Im baffled his brother in law comes over he is sober drinking coffee ab hr later he is dead so he drank 20 shots in an hour then passed out and died. But I heard Keith Whitley and omg how sad his voice hands down may be one of the best no not may it is and I like all of you have heard a lot. God bless her and her family. Her song on Greater Need Back Among the living Again I listened to after my brothers death.9 years and 1 day after Keith Whitley's death.My brother suicide God bless

  16. Meadowlark

    when her voice cracks on that last note it breaks my heart :(

  17. Mary Betz

    LOVE HER MUSIC. SHE IS GREAT. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Jeffery Houchin

    Ms lorrie i grew up listening to your husband and still do hes one of my favorites and always will be i was raised on old school country and it will live forever so sorry for your loss and you did a great job

  19. Margaret Arross


  20. Melissa Mines


  21. Kim Hood

    It beautiful Lorrie to ur husband ur soul and ur heart too

  22. Melissa Mines


  23. Raymond Lewis Watson

    R.I.P Keith Lorrie did such a beautiful job singing this beautiful song Lorrie definitely made Keith proud Lorrie I one of the best singers ever

  24. Ann Moore

    I love you Lorrie! I love all of your Music 😍

  25. Lori Sally


    Jim Adams

    That's how you know it's real country.

  26. Cindy Fitzgerald

    I think Keith was the love of Lorries life that’s why she was married numerous times after his death because no one could take his place. So sad but atles she has her son from Keith who looks a lot like his Daddy.

  27. jpj50

    Such a beautiful singer and beautiful woman. I had the honor of knowing her when I we were 12. They belonged to the same country club My Uncle John R belonged to. She knew Jon's Kids. She was always a beauty and always so nice. I met her many years later when she was out promoting one of her CD"s . I reminded her of those days. Of course she didn't remember me, lol. But she remembered John and the others. She was very nice then also and I took a picture with her which I still cherish .

  28. Danny Milstead

    An Amazing Entertainer, and a Better Person. A really great example of how to raise your daughters. She sings this song sooooooo good!

  29. The Train

    What a beautiful woman with a great voice

  30. Anne Small

    The incomparable Lorrie Morgan and forever Keith Whitley

  31. Ken Watkins

    How the hell did she finish this song? She has balls the size of church bells.

  32. Lorax Waters

    Saw Keith Whitley in concert 1988..That was my first country concert i attended..Lorrie sang this so beautifully!! This song still brings tears to my eyes!!
    💞 R.I.P're dearly missed!! 💜

  33. Robin Mann

    James. mann

  34. Amanda Adkins

    Made me cry.. I don't know how I've never seen this before💔 beautiful

  35. Antonio Beloto


  36. Jane Hollifield

    I made a few memories to that song myself ... ahh the good ole days ... you don't hear country music like that any more ... I loved her and Keith Whitley both !!!

  37. cmartin1959

    You only have one true love and it lasts forever not matter what happens...

  38. Pookie Powers

    There is deep... and then there is this deep.

  39. Jay Dee

    Wish she would come back.Love her and Keith

    Shirley Shawhan

    She's still out there touring and recording in 2019.

  40. AuntJ10

    Thanks for posting this video. Lorrie sure did a great job on this tribute to the late, great, Keith Whitley. I’m sure he’s smiling in heaven.

  41. Joe Villareal


  42. Robert Thomas Blevins Cross-Holder

    Wow married 6 times uncommitted psycho slut jumping from cock to cock. Draging a low life junky dead beat son through her sick shit

    Bak - Mari Terry

    Kinda rough on her ...🤔

  43. Cathy L

    I known ppl are gonna disagree, but I like her version better!

  44. tcwilson60

    This woman has had heart broken so many times I find it amazing she has held on this long. Signs of a strong lady

    David Brimer


  45. celyn melo

    why my heart is aching?

  46. Richard Ansede

    A beautiful song, Cindy don't close your eyes and stay away from the small DRINKS

  47. tamra horton

    They don't make songs like this anymore

  48. Leroy Brown

    She is a gd singer love that song❤

  49. Travis Forsythe

    Takes one special lady to sing that song so soon after Kieth past!!! Always had a huge soft spot for Miss Lorie

  50. Michael Jo

    Such a great country music artist, gone too soon!

  51. Dark forces media. Chris Tyler.


  52. robert harvey


  53. Illumernati Club

    Wasn’t he gay?

  54. John Graham

    Why do some people give the thumbs down they must be emotionally dead

  55. Deborah Smith

    She is not only talented but very beautiful

  56. Ms.CNail

    Boy she does that song justice.

  57. Joshua Brooks

    Goosebumps are forming on my arms as we speak.

  58. Frieda Ryan

    She's so beautiful and such a voice.

  59. mntdewboy

    One of the top female country artists kt oslin /Tanya tucker / lorrie Morgan / Reba/ patsy/ Loretta /patty Loveless /, Mary CC.

  60. grass hopper

    What a strong lady to be able to pull this off with such perfection the whole time you know she's missing him both incredible talents. Their son Jesse Keith is a great talent as well

  61. Joey Gagliardi

    Totally Awesome,, no other words for it,, Phenomenal Tribute to The Great Keith Whitley. Have to watch and listen again,, never realized how much Lorrie resembled my Mom,, hair and all,, till now. May my Mom RIP. Thanks for these Awesome Memories. 2019,, and am still searching for the real talent from the past,, Peace to all here in the Rapidly Changing World here in 2019.

  62. Janett Grady

    I'm a sucker for love songs, and Lorrie's tribute to Keith is one of the best on Youtube..had me in tears. I admire and love women who have such a deep love for someone, a forever-together love that goes on through eternity no matter what. R.I.P., Keith, you have Lorrie!!!

  63. margaret mcmahon

    Well done Lorrie💕margaretmcmahon💕🎸

  64. Wally Idaho

    She killed him. Not actually killed him but you know.

    Shirley Shawhan

    And you don't know what you're talking about. Please explain.

  65. I Love Slapstick!

    Keith was definitely the love of her life. She's been married and divorced about 5 times since his death, and I think it's largely because she's never gotten over Keith that she hasn't stayed married, IMO.

    Shirley Shawhan

    She's been married to a great man for almost 10 years. He's an angel to her.

  66. Kent Beery

    Fantastic !!!!!!

  67. Angela Barrineau

    This bitch walked all over Keith and enabled him in drink. He died of alcohol related illness. Then she screwed her way to be director of grand ole Opry Many more talented people deserved that position 😡🖕

  68. Cynthia Petty

    What happened to the funny friend ringtones

    Cynthia Petty

    I picked the funny ringtones and all I got was country what's going on

    Cynthia Petty

    Where are the 7 ringtones that are funny

    Cynthia Petty

    I has already replied to you four times and you won't put sending ringtones on it why

    Cynthia Petty

    I guess you might say this just Spam

  69. Connie M.

    Beautiful tribute. She's got such a great set of pipes. RIP Keith.

  70. Johnny Martin

    I don’t care what anybody says about this woman and her relationship with Keith Whitley it’s none of ours business but that lady sing this song surrounded by angels the night this was recorded, she’s absolutely amazing and expressed herself in 1 song, amazing.

  71. austintexas1193

    This is tough to watch, for me.

  72. Olav Wessel Grindflek


  73. Jeff V

    It's HER fault he's dead - also I seen a video of her drowning out George Jones she has no Respect for The Legends

    Jim Halfpenny

    Don't be such a fucking asshole

    Abby D

    Jim Halfpenny He's just jealous because she wouldn't look his way😂😂

  74. Kathleen Kelley

    Personally, I think Keith was her one true love, and she will never "get over" her loss. :(

    Janett Grady

    Kathleen...I agree. I believe Lorrie's love for Keith will last matter what.

  75. Mike Kennedy

    just to cause a lil' stir maybe she she should have wacthed

  76. Julia Pochinski

    beautiful singing.

  77. Vicky Gahan

    Beautiful tribute Lorrie

  78. Lorraine Crouchet

    I love it !

  79. crucialmatt

    Playing his guitar:(

  80. crucialmatt

    Wish I could buy this song

  81. Monique Lamarche

    Très beau couple ils me font pensés à Walong Jennings et Jessis Colter même amour aussi puissant et aussi même problème Alcool et drogue . Je les aimes beaucoup

  82. Joyce Clark

    She is so good and a great singer.

  83. Brenda Wagers

    rip Kieth you were the best thing that happened to country music sad but you know legends never die

  84. George Foltz

    Ask Sammy Kershaw what being dropped in a blender feels like. Love her voice,but that's as far as it goes on this one.

  85. joni jenkins

    You go girl!!

  86. Ronnie Bishop

    Boy she’s a looker. And great singer.

  87. Mike Hoeta

    Beautiful, a rare pure voice., and with all due respect to Kieth the best version of this song ever

  88. Ange 26


  89. Pat

    Always loved both of them

  90. Glory Dancer

    Beautiful! Love this song!

  91. Kelly Holloran

    Didnt you kill him!?

  92. Xaivier M. Sinclaire

    :( many many respects to such an amasing lady.

  93. Timothy Coyne

    She could drag me around the house on a leash and feed me out of a doggie bowl........

  94. - Security

    you got to admire Lorrie for doing this song after the heartbreak she suffered losing her one true love of hers rip keith

  95. Super70challenger

    Great tribute and great job!

  96. grandmarules2011

    Amazing singer!!