Morgan, Craig - I'll Be Home Soon Lyrics

You call me up
You ain't even gotta say a single word, I already know
It's been one of those days, honey
Something's got ya stirred up
Weighing down like an anchor that ya gotta drag around, but I know
Just what you need

I'll be home soon
To kiss away the world, burn your troubles down
I'm gonna make you forget
When I'm holding you
There's only room for us, nothing else allowed
Tell all your worries there ain't much time left
It's time to go, 'cause I'll be home soon

Yeah, I'm running reds
So I can run my fingers through your hair
Girl, I can feel it now
And I'm coming for you, honey
You can lay it on me every care
Baby fall and I'll be there to catch you
I'm on my way

And I'll be home soon
To kiss away the world, burn your troubles down
I'm gonna make you forget
When I'm holding you
There's only room for us, nothing else allowed
Tell all your worries there ain't much time left
It's time to go, 'cause I'll be home soon

I'll be home soon
To kiss away the world, burn your troubles down
I'm gonna make you forget
When I'm holding you
There's only room for us, nothing else allowed
Tell all your worries there ain't much time left
It's time to go, 'cause I'll be home soon

I'll be home soon

You call me up
You ain't even gotta say a single word, cause I already know

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Morgan, Craig I'll Be Home Soon Comments
  1. Katie

    I love you Craig Morgan! Something about you gives me the feel goods every time I see your face, and your smile is contagious! Thank you for all the sweet songs, may god bless you always <3

  2. Starr Beeler

    What a VOICE !!! ❤

  3. UnderseaCaveman

    Mr. Morgan, thank you for your service and my condolences (son got called home way too early).

  4. sarah2930

    I'm REALLY hoping someone has heard of this Song that I'm Trying to find,I've heard it years back but I Really do believe its a Country Song but I just can't seem to find it even with the words I do have,I'm wondering if its 1 of Craig Morgan's cause the start of the Background Music on this Song I thought I had Finally Found my Song....

    But here are the things I remember of the Song its mostly a Male Singer an I'm guessing in the start of the Song his Sister ends up calling 1 late nite an I'm guessing she either has her Cancer back or has Cancer,an he tells her she can come Home an they can tell their Mom & Dad in the Morning an then I only remember the Ending of the Song she Ends up getting Pregnant the Sister does an the Male/Brother says in this Song he knew how badly she wanted to keep the Baby Girl but she gives her up to let her have a better life I believe she tells her Baby Girl in the Song that she will Always Love her.... PLEASE any help would be great I would say this Song would be at LEAST over 2000's I don't believe I would remember it in the 90s since I was only born in '89 this was a VERY Touching Song made me Cry an Songs do NOT make me cry hardly EVER movies will lol Songs almost NEVER but this Song touches you or well should....


    I FINALLY found it tonight guys don't know how cause I've used this site before an NEVER was lucky enough to find it lol,guess the Good Lord said it was time for me to find the Song lol...Here it is if anyone would like to hear the song its a slow song but sooo touching !!! I'll Always Be There For You Brian McComas

  5. Purplestaff

    GREAT SONG!!!! Also he looks like tony stark in the thumbnail. idk why

  6. Brock Smith

    Craig Morgan is this song about you comeing home from a war?

  7. Scott Hawley

    I absolutely love this song. It reminds me of my son who is serving in Germany. And also it reminds me of all the servicemen across the world missing their families. Thanks to my grandfather Lee Hawley for serving in WW1, my father Albert Hawley for serving in WW2 in England, France, and Normandy. And my brother Phil for serving in Vietnam. And to all the vets....thanks.

  8. Hello Hello 2019


  9. Allen Gatchell

    0:31 was nice

  10. Shayla Voeltz

    Grandpa died

  11. Dean B

    Never going home US Navy

  12. Scott Bumby

    Awesome singer love his music where this video was shot I don't live far from it I'm from Knoxville Tennessee

  13. MarviaBailey Bailey


  14. The Hutchinsons

    This song will ALWAYS be near and dear to my heart. I miss you baby girl so much 😓😢😢

  15. Brandon Westpheling

    Really have to know about him to see what he sang this song about. His real town, his real house, his daughter IS in this video too.

  16. Mountain Marker

    So he's gonna be home soon? I guess you could say he's Almost Home

  17. Christina McMullen

    My father left me when i was 0 month mom told me that he was abusive.but idc what he does i want to be with him😟

  18. Angeline Moss

    I really love Craig Morgan love him I was a baby I all dance to his songs I was a baby my grandpa I love him too

  19. Jonathan Carrillo

    I'll be home in 64 days

  20. Jason Alan Poplin

    Soon just ain't soon enough!

  21. Brook Tooke

    This is a good song. I stay my prayers to my great grandpa. This is to my uncle low. I miss you guys so much in my heart. I like staying my prayer to guys. i stay my prayer i go to school. And i will staying my prayers. And I will stay prayers I go to bed. this message it to my great grandpa and to my uncle Low l Love you guys so much in my heart. We all love you and. And we all much you guys so much in own heart. LOVE BROOKE

  22. Christina McMullen

    Sorry for your lost...😢

  23. Christina McMullen

    His really talented im happy that i saw this!😄i even watch it over again

  24. Courtney Davis

    This song is going to get me through my boyfriend going to basic....hopefully. He is getting deployed a week after he gets back so 4 months without him then a week with him then a year and a half until he comes back and then we'll start a family 😞

    Jonathan Davalos

    Courtney Davis You don't deploy right after basic he has to learn his job

  25. Richard Goodwin

    Love ya Craig and your poems

  26. T S

    thank him from all of us in this great nation for his service

  27. tilly Mae

    He'll be home 💓💓💓

  28. mommadaboss86 Bryan

    I love that this highlights downtown Dickson! what a great video!

  29. 1996_12valve

    Damn Craig, got the news a little late but I'm sorry to hear about your son

  30. stephensry

    Bring em all home. Oil's not worth our sons and daughters.

  31. Chance Taylor

    great song really makes me think

  32. Alexia Ganote

    he is good

  33. gardeniaXXII

    This tribute to our dear ones who sacrifice their time and lives for the sake of a great nation... God Bless!

  34. Jess Purdon

    I love this song and his voice. :)

  35. EXO Legends

    Omg!😭 i really loooove his voice!!!!!!!

  36. Dukes Dad

    10 years in the Army. Going home in a soon from Korea. Great song!

    Tristan _

    Samuel Layne Thank you for your service.

    Sherry Patrick

    Samuel Layne thank you for your service and may God bless you 🇺🇸

    Maddox Pinner

    🇺🇸Thank you for your service 🇺🇸

  37. Eric Harward

    I LOVE MY MERCHANT MARINE!!! See you soon baby!! 💙⚓️

  38. Doug

    I had the Great fortune to see Mr Morgan In Emporia Ks he was the real deal what a great Artist

  39. Cotton candy of the omgfam

    God bless the Morgan family my condolences to you guy's..I know how it hurts to lose a loved one.. so sorry, but he is with his King and, he is very happy laughing , smiling face and, all is well I promise... thanks for all the hard work you've done as far as putting your music out there Craig.. Love and, peace may the holy spirit find you and, comfort you're family..😇


    Amen 🙏

  40. Cordell Newcomb

    He's prolly the best concert I've ever been to

  41. Charles Sutton

    Craig Morgan doesn't always release songs but when he does the song is awesome.

  42. Josh Wilcox

    well bud im sorry to hear about your son glod bless him and your family if you ever up for a talk which i know you wouldnt do such a thing but im here for you my freind

  43. Donna Benson

    Prayers for comfort and healing

  44. UnTaMeD_FoXz

    I'm going I the military towmorrow to train

  45. Jennifer Kovach

    I have been listening to this song nonstop on repeat! Amazing song!

  46. melissa hamilton

    Sorry about your son

  47. Jeff Horton

    amazing song im going to get the album this week country music is the best like darius rucker colt ford randy houser all them amazing!!

  48. 2nd amendment

    I've never meet the man but their is no question he's a family man. you're in my prayers

  49. Forrest Frady

    Craig Morgan is awesome and really country and sorry about your son

  50. Blake_g98

    Craig Morgan sure can sing!

  51. Tristan _

    Sorry for your loss Craig!! I was sad to hear...

    Justin Oiler

    Leax atoaf
    Danielle pullin
    Angela Dellipoala
    Justin pullin
    Alicia Thompson
    Melissa Oiler

  52. Faith Myatt

    craig I love your new cd going to get it today I'll be home soon awsome song your way behind on sighing them lol love it Faith

  53. shirl perry

    Thank you Mr. Morgan for the wonderful songs you sing..was sad to hear about your son..may God be with you ,family and friends.God bless you all

  54. K C

    I listen to this every night thinking about my deployed boyfriend 💕🇺🇸

  55. Jesslynn Clearsky

    beautiful song.. so sorry for your loss :(

  56. Gravewax

    The live version sounds much better! My wife thinks I sound better, I think shes full of it though. Do another USO tour please we would love to see you live again!

  57. Scott Bumby

    great song so sad to hear the news about his son prayers for him and his family

  58. Josh M.


  59. Raymond Kaudy

    my condolences go out to and your family for your loss.

  60. mfe1896

    Another top hit.. love this song praying for your family...

  61. Godless Glen

    Amazing song. So sad to hear the news about Craig's son! :(

    joey hicks

    wait what happened

    Laura H

    His son was killed in a boating accident, they found him drowned.


    Sorry for your loss, sweet Craig... =(

  62. Luke Shaver

    I'm sorry for your loss.

  63. Megan Kern

    Praying for you and your family! I am so sorry for your loss.

    Casie Gudde


    joey hicks

    what happened to his son

    Megan Kern

    joey hicks his son died in a tubing accident but still can't find out why. They don't know why his body did not resurface right away. Honestly, that sounds like he was killed not by accident:(

    Evade Rapid

    joey hicks is a good kid 😯😯☺

  64. Donnie Furgason

    Keeper! Love you! Soon

  65. Deborah Harris

    Next to my Lover Lee (Air Force), Nephew Chuckie (Army), 3 Stepsons Jason (Navy), Tim (Army Airborne and National Reserves) and Zach (Navy), Craig Morgan is my favorite All-American warrior and hero. They are ALL celebrities to me!

  66. parajunkie1

    My boyfriend just sent me this in a text

  67. Maulabik Ali

    ehhh ahirya pulang

  68. Ginny Bower

    he is the best

  69. Maycii May

    This song really knows how to get me in tears, i can't wait till my baby is home from deployment. I've been listening this song on repeat since i heard it. soon<3

  70. Sabrina Winner

    This song gives me the chills! love it

  71. Moss Miller

    Craig's staying true to his roots...I love it!

  72. Sneaky Mango

    The likes are at 666😮

  73. anthony beltrame

    did anyone else hear n***ga around  25 seconds lol.

  74. Tori Dargatz

    Went to a concert this year where he performed this song for our military and that is the first time I've cried at a concert. Counting down the days for my husband to come home from deployment! He'll be home soon!

    MJ Blevins

    Tori Roberts .ala

    Elizabeth Schneider

    Tori Dargatz Tell him we all said Thank you for everything he's done for us!


    Tori Dargatz yes he is a great person.... My Cousin personally knows this guy sees him once every year and said he is the most down to earth person you will ever meet and he doesnt even act like he is famous

    70s Obsession

    God bless!


    God Bless, Hope all is well, Thanks for his service,,

  75. Bubba rednecks south

    amazing song keep it up

    Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    I do love this. song. Craig. Morgan,. this a Beautiful Song & a Song also , But you Wrote this Song so Very Beautifully .. & I am Very Sorry for your Loss with Jerry ... Just remember that Jerry is With you all just like my Dad is too... but it is not easy for anyone to loose someone in there Lives at all . I just know that the Good Lord is with your Son & my dad with all those Beautiful Angels up there in Heaven. ,& Jerry is really with you all each & every moment at all times!¡ God Bless you all!!!!!.. Sincerely Lisa M.Hinrivjs.🎵

  76. William Childress

    Yet another fabulous song, love your music #CraigMorgan

  77. Adin Hauke

    Whoever disliked is stupid

  78. Adin Hauke

    This makes me wanna cry

  79. Barbara Mendelsohn

    Craig is true country!!

  80. SPCAJB93

    Man I didn't know he had new music out.. One of my favorite singers god I'm glad he's making new music

  81. Judith Cooper

    I have always enjoyed Craig Morgan's songs. They are from the heart. Another great one, I hope it goes all the way to the top. He is country

  82. Vanessa Furlough

    This was filmed in Dickson, TN (where I live). When he went into Cindy's (I have been there before) he is handed 2 cups of coffee (?) with no lids when he walks away suprise there are lids on the cups. But I love the song and love my hometown! Great job!!

    Eli Radcliff

    He puts the lids on!


    You can see them at 0.45 on the table then he puts them on. I live in TN to couple hours from there.

    Vanessa Furlough

    Thank you for the correction! I saw that after I watched it several more times.

    Cathy Mills

    He is putting the lids on when the camera goes to next shot..

    Adin Hauke

    He skipped it to after he put the lids on

  83. mosrite60

    Great song Craig. you're a true country trooper, dude. keep up the country stuff. mos60

  84. Merica ::

    Great Song!!!

  85. Shonda Hardy

    This is so awesome. Great song Craig! :)

  86. The Darci 13

    Beautiful song.... beautifully done:)

  87. Hin Seng Cheong

    Let's see 2:14, what a magic! lol

  88. big mac

    still a great singer

  89. Roberta Champion

    I love him❤️

  90. LilDeeTBG


  91. Babybluebbw

    I love it! :)