Morello, Tom - Vigilante Nocturno Lyrics

Oh yeah
I went down
Down to the crossroads
I went down to the crossroads
Oh yeah

Down to the crossroads
Down to the crossroads

I pimp slapped the devil
You're on your own
I pimp slapped the devil
I pimp...pimp slapped the devil
You're on your own

Let foes of justice tremble
Let foes of justice tremble

I pimp...pimp slapped the devil
You're on your own

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Morello, Tom Vigilante Nocturno Comments
  1. The Drunken Philosopher2

    That riff in the end.. like stuff I wrote in 2005

  2. St1ngray GBG

    Probably my favourite song off the album.

  3. rosyideen

    I Palm Muted The Devil... Lol~

  4. rosyideen

    Welcome Back To Earth Realm

  5. Primitive In The Extreme



    Rock n Roll lives.

  7. OG Mitchell Crooks

    Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike sent me here.

  8. Luc H

    2:04 :D

  9. Stephen Murray

    I pimp slapped the devil. Lol


    Stephen Murray You're on your own.

  10. Robin Linn

    I want to learn more about how to approach my playing from this man. I learned to drum playing along to Brad Wilks so it makes sense. I don't want to play like anyone but me....but I want all the tips I can get to attack that fretboard. Tom Morello rusles!

    tone zilla

    I agree 100%. I created my own sorta unique guitar playing style by studying anything I could get my hands on pertaining to Hendrix, Van Halen, & Vai. I'm self-taught so most of the things regarding Steve were way over my head but luckily I was blessed with a great "ear". Cool thing IMO is I don't sound like any of them, I'm just me. Tom is a riff maestro! Good luck with ur playing!!

  11. ricky Hyppa

    That main riff sounds similar to "Legalize me" from PoR's debut album

    Donald Trump

    Same guitarist...

  12. Melody Moon

    Genius :)

  13. gamerpro 128

    Anyone else here from the Fist Fight movie?


    Me 4. I knew it was Tom Morello or someone that was ripping him off.

  14. Jere Bado

    Hyper Music?


    Jere Bado I think Tom did it first on Snakecharmer no?

  15. CannabiComix


  16. Lemonhead141290

    The Promised Land a few years back, now Vigilante Nocturno (isn't that spanish for "Nightwatchman" ?) : Tom & Carl Restivo should do many more songs together !

    Antonio Piñeiro

    Yes, it is.

  17. Victor Robinson

    Killer tune !

  18. Josep Puigcerver Mas


  19. A Guy

    This is... Unique?

  20. Bruno Rafael

    Best music from your new álbum !! Keep it Rock

  21. Previn V

    This one rocks!

  22. Vicente Portilla

    ¡Tom Morello eres asombroso!


    Ya chupasela :v

  23. Elias Borgo

    @eliasrmn_ Instagram :v:v

  24. Yan Freitas

    Fantastic music! Brazil loves you Tomm!

    Mary Merdas

    Vc é brasileiro?

    Yan Freitas

    @Mary Merdas Sim, MS

    João Paulo

    Aí sim, representa