Morello, Tom - Roadrunner Lyrics

I be damned I gave my last
I be damned I gave my last
To a coyote
I be damned I gave my last
To a coyote
To get me across the border
I be damned I gave my last
To a coyote
To get me across the border
Left me to be a sheep
For the slaughter
Somehow I survive
When a lot of my friends died
That's how I learn to run and
Cry at the same time
Spent days in the dark
Looking for a spark for the fire
That would keep me going
At night
In the valley of death
My name changed
Got introduced to
My best friend pain
That's my partner when
I'm dancing the rain
I walk through the
Desert until it became

My lane, my Game
I came through the desert
Till it became
My role, my goal, my soul
In the desert
Till became
My own

One hour out of Guadalajara
No pit stops even though
The engine getting hotter
Surviving on my sweat
I drink it outta bottles
I see a lotta y'all parched
And that's the fucking problem
See in the valley of death
Your name would change
Let me introduce you
To my friend pain
My partner when we
Dancing in the rain
Walk with me in the desert
See how it does when
It's your own lane
My game

I came through the
Desert till it became
My role, my goals, my Soul
In the desert, till it became
My own

My lane, my game
I came through the dersert till
It became
My role, my goal, my Soul
In the desert, till it became
My lane, my game
I came through the dersert till
It became
My role, my goal, my Soul
In the desert till it
Became my own

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Morello, Tom Roadrunner Comments
  1. Gage Fatout

    Why did I think cardi b sung this the first time I heard this in need for speed payback

  2. PineappleBoi

    Melon didn’t like this one

  3. Ikua Muita

    All i hear is, "I'll be there in my gamer legs". Payback anyone?

  4. Depth an Perception

    Death Grips vibes, best track from Tom in a long while

  5. ThinkableAlex

    Sounds like Cardi B
    Being a Rockstar 😎

  6. resu

    i'm here from the payback of need for speed

  7. Zoulou Sauvage

    Personnellement je me suis fait strike 2 fois à cause de Need for Speed Payback

  8. Frozone

    Need for speed payback anyone?

  9. SuzyBear Heart

    Just heard this on Lithium and damn, I'm in love.

  10. NFS DE7MY

    *Roadrunner And Coyote Backstory?*

  11. Douglas Berry

    🔥workout track

  12. Devon639

    Need For Speed Payback brought me here.

  13. Rob Hall

    His voice reminds me of Joe C. You know the midget from kid rock

  14. norveg31337

    RATM with a female lead, I dig it!

  15. Никита Горпиненко

    Tom is a master of guitar

  16. Bloody Vlad

    Need For Speed?

    HeroManNickBG Gaming


    Bloody Vlad

    @HeroManNickBG Gaming yea

  17. fish memes

    Best song on the album, by a wide margin.

  18. super ultimate gamer

    Nfs payback anyone?


    Me haha

  19. blckNslvr559

    Lina Navarro bought me here

  20. Yariy The Fierce

    This song is about rising up after hard hit with sledgehammer

  21. 323rizzo

    Unbelievable solo from 1:40 to 2:14. Tom is such a badass guitarist. Throughout his career he consistently creates riffs composed of sounds that I didn't know a guitar could make.

  22. IkoGrande

    did k?d produce this or did zaphyre lmao

  23. blckNslvr559


    WiseAndrew310 _1

    Airbxrhm that’s who I thought it was but it isn’t Cardi b...

  24. The Plutonian Envoy To YouTube

    Sonic ear drill. Not in a good way.

    Is a short list of hyperbolic metaphors what constitutes good song lyrics now?

    Christopher Fair

    Is hateful and whiny ass the way to live life now?

  25. Alan Santiago

    One of many shitty songs in need for speed

    WiseAndrew310 _1

    Alan Santiago then Why are you here?


    At least it much better track than the shitty trap that they added on the game, shitter.

  26. Zac Redfield

    I like the clean NFS version without the annoying guitar

    GamingWith Sid

    Zac Redfield same

  27. Liams Car 'n' Cig reviews

    Actually such a wank song for Tom Morello

  28. MrEnzio777

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that this song is in Need For Speed Payback until now...

    Tides Of Light

    To be fair,all the official soundtracks and videos have removed it from thier list
    So while its in the game,theres no evidence of it
    *spent last 2 hours looking for this song threw the NFS playlists
    Ended up having to play the game again just to confirm the song does exist


    Because this song isn't released yet when the game launched?


    You don’t even know how hard I tried to find it thanks to the game

  29. Tanana M

    And Moses said, "Meep! Meep!"
    So much is packed into a very minimal lyrical phrasing. This is great. Never mind the "Bring back RATM; RATM is over" argument that seems to dominate everything Morello has done since RATM produced its last album. This song, lyrically, and from a poetical phrasing standpoint, is as RATM as anything. Angry staccato with short syllables separated by odd rests is the hallmark of RATM. The timing and phrasing here are perfect.
    You don't want RATM, you want this this kind of music making.
    Also, the angry female voice is as full of rage as anyone else... ...Anger about over arching social issues is well placed, I think. Too often, a female voice is reserved for "women's issues." Screw that. Injustice is everyone's problem.

    [Edited to streamline punctuation, which I'm sure is still messed up]

    Maya Bjornson

    the "female voice" is leikeli47, an incredible artist in her own right... u (and anyone who likes this song) should check her out

  30. Robin Linn

    My desert My roadrunners - my jam. Best lyrics EVER!!!!!!!!

  31. anthony peralt14399

    Definitely about hispanic people and their attempt to cross the border and let me tell you this song describes everything perfectly

  32. Google+ suck my cock

    THE FUCK? O_O This chick is a morherfucking female zack!

  33. Vasileios Chortomanis

    Zack is that you?

  34. fluxcapacitr121

    Wow. This is the jam off the new record. Tom should an entire album with her. Powerful stuff.

  35. Quique Feroz Ii

    LOVING THIS. besides the obvious, the idea "surviving the desert" can represent the darkest part or parts of our personal journey to the other side.

    My journey through the desert is my battle with PTSD. The coyote that left me hanging is the VA / The US GOVERNMENT. My friends that died are the thousands of vets that have committed suicide. I was lucky and I only had to wait 6 months. Even then the help was half-ass.

    I am still crossing my desert. my role my goal my soul is to make it to the other side. not only for myself, but to be able to go back and help others cross.



    Aila Kilte

    Keep fighting brother, cross that desert!

    The Plutonian Envoy To YouTube

    Maybe you should get a hobby.

  36. larata9

    Whole album with rage plz, make it happen tom 2019

  37. Electra Wolf

    People really need to get over the comparisons to RATM. Tom Morello is his own individual and has plenty of quality work to show for that. Keep it up. Rooting for you man!

  38. Uoki Toki

    Zack spirit!

  39. Setu Tauvela

    Leikeli47 de la Rocha.


    Are you fucking deaf?

  40. Anderson Magno

    the best of all! It could be the RATM 2019

  41. Defintely Human

    Lets get this one out of the way with only one whiny comment

    ZACH?? Where are you?
    This isnt RATM!

    cate dreamer

    No, this is a Tom Morello's project!!

  42. Vicente Portilla

    México escucha ¡The atlas underground¡