Morello, Tom - Lead Poisoning Lyrics

Rise like coyotes
Rise like coal-blackened thunder
The fleet has left
While the admiral slumbered
Vigilante Nocturno
Test the chains
Gnaw the screws
We are many
They are few

Check it
It's lead poisoning

I live in a land of
Black ropes, white justice
As long as she wear
The blindfold
I can't trust this
I'm imagining what can
Bring such hate
This phobia or dislike
Grounds for a debate
Some say is trigger happy
I say it's lead poisoning
Somethin' that's deeply rooted
In official embroidering
The difference?
We went from
Water hoses to bullets
But the valve or trigger
Just a different
Figure to pull it
Murdered by the state
Like the cousin of the
John the Baptist
As if Black youths aren't
Nothing but target practice
Overindulgence of power
A monstrous binge
This creates anger
Make me want to seek revenge
You invade our protests
Guns and heavy armor
Riot shields and yielding a
Badge of dishonor
Just a disguised
Version of the KKK
Cops killing kids
About seven a day

Lead...lead...lead poisoning [x6]
It's lead poisoning

In all reality
Police Brutality
Cause too many casualties
It starts from the
Improper training
Brainwashing of their faculty
Suppose to serve and protect
Not disturb and disrespect
Six niggas on the curb
Face down inside my projects
A long-term effect they done got
On my community
They killed Little Bill
But the badge gave them immunity
Rodney King caught a
Stampede live on TV
Now the chokin' niggas out 'til
He's like I can't breathe
I used to watch
Starksky and Hutch
And Baretta and Adam-12
And such
Dreamin' I could be a
Cop when I grow up
I would see you in my
And I would trust you
But now I understand
Why Eazy-E
Is like fuck you

Lead...lead...lead poisoning [x6]
It's lead poisoning
Rise like coyotes
Rise like coal-blackened thunder
The fleet has left
While the admiral slumbered
Vigilante Nocturno
Test the chains
Gnaw the screws
We are many
They are few

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Morello, Tom Lead Poisoning Comments
  1. Mehmet N.

    How is it that one of the most important works of this decade have like sub1K likes? How the fuck?

    Tom Morello is going to be remembered as one of the most important unsung heroes of our time. I am hopeful.

  2. Blockpartyvintage


  3. Frick Matic

    Gza kills this


    Gza kills everything !! FTFY

  4. A.O.

    It was really worth pluggin' a guitar into an amp for this, too bad the sound engineer forgot to turn the console volume up. Could be anyone, could be even be a sample, could be nothing at all as the mix suggest.

  5. Corey H


  6. Jason Hart

    Great music, love the beat, lyrics are broke AF!!! Be the change stop laying blame!

  7. Jason Lashley

    This more like ear poisoning. Three greats from the 90's making me question why

    Bertil Borup

    The 90s is almost 20 years ago. If they sounded like they did back then, we would all be bored


    This is an amazing song. What's wrong with you?

    Jason Lashley

    @veggiesaremurder you can like it if you want. I don't like it at all. I like everyone who is involved just not this song

  8. thot creations

    After rage n audioslave... Mr tom goes #methodsofmyham ... Im not sure why... But i will let the viewers know... This man has done great work. Dont let this song be your taste making track...

  9. John Redman

    Being a soldier gone Expatriot I love all such music pointing out the heinousness of the State. My former handlers are nothing short of real evil and their intentions for the sheep of this world certainly involve "lead poisoning".


    Here for the W !!!!

  11. OG Mitchell Crooks

    I hate dubstep but, Love this message. Fuck me right?

  12. Bilal Thompkins

    This is poetry to much brain stimulation to alot of the dumb lead poisoned new generation singing pretty rappers

  13. Donna Hickman

    warriors4peaceunitebutumighthave2fight2getthere. Seriously great music.

  14. Luc H

    That's some pretty good stripper music.

  15. Darren P

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. VAN݆Y


  17. IkoGrande

    what the hell how did i miss this

  18. Tairy Hesticles

    I am officially old. I never thought I'd see the day when Tom Morello was cringe, but here we are. This just killed my childhood.

    Javier Negron

    Tairy Hesticles oh no my favorite childhood artist changed his sound! This is very not kek reeeee

    Caleb Lamb

    Holy crap an artist changing their music style to continue giving their important messages!!! That's unheard of.......
    You are probably the type of person who doesn't really listen to the song, just mindlessly follows along

  19. Christopher Murphy

    thanks for the isperation

  20. Kelvin Kuang

    What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    This song is terrible. Just came from theneedledrop after I heard RZA and GZA were featured on this.

  22. giovanni moscato

    This whole album is like, Tom wishing he hadn't done that whole country thing during the dubstep era.

  23. adrian sibley

    Super meh

  24. TigerV1

    I love herobust but the drums he chose don't really compliment his sound design


    that's a barely alive snare lol


    Go figure lol

  25. DJ DuBuque

    This was not good. Total disappointment.

  26. pvtcarlswife1

    yeah NOPE. It sucks as i JUSt sent my son (who is a 23 year old GOOD kid and a police officer) A message and said, DUDE, Listen to this How Long, then this came up next. Was Actually looking forward to you at WTR, NOW, my family will stay far away.

  27. Dezi Defeo


  28. shannon


  29. RAZERDsXe

    RATM and Wu Tang

  30. Sergio Noh

    A collabo with Kendrick Lamar is necessary!

  31. Vinny Angell

    I agree with Easy-E 2

  32. Buurmanp

    BAM!!! ✊🎵✌️

  33. Slim Hanson

    Fuck you Pigs! This album kicks ass.

  34. Mark Pilla

    Fucking awesome! !!

  35. Kray

    Love Herobust. Sick song

  36. Denver Buddhaohm

    Fuck Yeah!


    *NICE ...*

  38. Simon Lindsell

    This Sorely needed. 👍👍👍

  39. Patrick Lucas

    Great that this album is different. Keep giving us fresh styles Tom!🤘

  40. Duke Rebel

    Coyotes eat babies and pets

  41. Sandie A.

    Tom Morello, I love U! Not just an awesome song, but finally we hear true words again, finally great & important lyrics! Everyone should listen to it, this song should be teached in school. Especially american school

  42. riskzerobeatz


  43. Simon Pitman

    Utter shit

  44. Dave Conman

    My personal favorite of the album. Probably cause I love the Wu. People talk about the greatest "rapper" of all time. Pretty sure it's God. But the Wu are by far the greatest collective of lyricists we recognize as a "group." The king and the genius definitely deliver... The design of the whole album is a celebration and collaboration of music. Cypress Hill did something similar. They too were successful but not like this. This album is fucking love. The blending of different styles and sounds is perfect; original and fresh. Simply genius. Well done Tom... Well done team... Without a doubt album of the year.

    Kelvin Kuang

    Herobust deserve production credit. Man's being insane on the bass scene. Check out Move Mint, Dirt Heater Tea and First Person Shooter.

  45. Danny P KNT/33/HB

    Shaolin RhymeSkills, GZA went hard 🎤

  46. Rock Album Review

    Hey everyone, if you dig Tom Morello, you can check out my Rock Album Review of "The Atlas Underground" here -, cheers!

  47. Ready4Anything

    Did he leave prophets of rage?

  48. Derf Anon

    Boo. Crappy song. police be like. don't start no schit. won't be no schit. if your asking for a bullet from a COP they might just give you one. Grow up everybody.


    fuck you & fuck cops. idiot.

    J Mitchell

    Nah. Songs gay. Nobody with an IQ above room temperature thinks this is really how shit is.

    Sandie A.

    who is asking for a bullet from a cop? and what does it mean "don't start no shit, won't be no shit?" I answer with some lyrics fron this song:" In all reality Police Brutality Cause too many casualties it starts from the Improper training Brainwashing of their faculty Suppose to serve and protect Not disturb and disrespect....On my community They killed Little Bill But the badge gave them immunity Rodney King caught a Stampede live on TV..."
    In many states of USA police is racist and acts in a racist way. And in many european countries police is racist too. And braindamaged also. Nobody wants to start a kinda shit. Nobody wants to fight against cops. You'd better improve your knowledge

  49. Kordzik to ja

    Racist lyrics plus Skrillex sound is not what I was looking for from TM ........

    David Maris

    @Kordzik to ja hahaha stfu with that victim complex shit.

    CENDERO one I'm out

    jam well brother .....

    I'm sorry man ....

    I'm glad you want it equal... but still ...

    I'm not racist ...

    Those white power or white supremacy
    trump supporters got to go ...

    Even though they'll catch trump in so many things .. and he still wont get kicked out of office

    Sandie A.

    i can answer to yr question: why is white pride racist?
    Because Public Pride is just for minorities. IF you belong to a minority, bout race or social status or sex, you can yell your pride. If you yell yr white pride or your pride to be a rich one or yr pride about being hetero you are a jerk. But, in private, you can actually be proud bout all you like to be pride of.

    Kordzik to ja

    That's exactly what I'm talkin about .I'm white and because I'm not minority I cannot be proud of who I'am ? Why color of my skin takes my pride away from me ? Thats total bs and thats what I call pure racism .....

    Sandie A.

    Course U can be proud of everything you think to be pride of, nobody will never deny it. This song doesn't talk bout pride, it talks bout a world where justice doen't exist and bout police brutality against black people. Tom Morello is a political activist, left oriented, since he played in RATM, and later with projects like Nightwatchman and Axis of Justice. Everyone knows it, you shouldn't be astonished from his lyrics. And, definitely, I'm white and not proud of it. I'm not even proud to be a human being: we humans are a fucking invasive species, destroying the planet we live in. White, black or yellow ...

  50. netenemy

    Wow. This shit hits hard and needs to be heard.

  51. CannabiComix


    Nepkolz ′

    I just saying that this song was good but the rest of the project... well... meh
    And the critics say the same

    Nepkolz ′

    @CannabiComix and yes, I know the power that the art have to change people and move things.
    I'm a fan of Bob Dylan, Eminem, Paul Simon... and every good song can help a lot of people to pass through some shit

    zack joseph

    CannabiComix this is legit one of the worst albums of the year


    @OD Sorry man, i dont have an iphone. I live my life as an artist in Brazil with my money always on the tip of the pencil. I do have some privileges, like i earned a schollarship to university because of my grades at school. But now i have no "privilege" i have a debt with society. Im not pessimistic like you are in you comment. Pessimism is easy, just wait and everything will go wrong. Be optimistic and life will be hard because you have a lot of work to do to fight with the weapons life gave you. I come from a very poor family in Brazil and i know things are hard. I know what it is to be hungry and have nothing or almost nothing to eat. So shut the fuck up and move that lazy ass to do something for your community, to be the change you want instead of talking shit about something someone did. Lots of people talk, just a few do something.

  52. Vladimir Bajanov

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  53. EctomorFITT

    GZA & RZA on a dub step type of beat? def different but not too bad

    Danny P KNT/33/HB

    Check out the Mixtape :
    " Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture " vol.2 ✌🎧

  54. We Collect Wrestling

    Not sure about the album may need to listen a few times but this song is a classic already so if you are not a fan kindly take your thumbs down and negative comments to Facebook

  55. eldiablo devil


  56. Tree Climbing Raider

    The song was pretty good, great lyrics but awful intro.

  57. Nall Pawson

    Thumb on the damn PULSE. Keep this shit up right here. Don't let America forget for a second what the fuck is happening out there. #resist

  58. Hassan Ali

    I think it has Knife Party/earlier Skrillex's vibe

  59. D Dozier

    FUCK YEAH, when are you touring?

  60. FabioGnecco

    saw you live in Brasil last month... fuckin amazing !

  61. Tue D

    This song is ok, but most of the album is meh... I loved when Tom Morello wasn't just a brand, when Tom wasn't so focused on his appearance during shows and when he wasn't so "rock'n'roll' ish.

    ricky Hyppa

    Rock n roll is what is missing off of this record. I wish he wouldve just made a Nightwatchman/SSSC record instead of a EDM album

    Tue D

    ricky Hyppa yeah I somewhat agree. However, it’s all the rock’n’roll attitude/ branding he’s also rocking in for instance PoR I find particularly sh**ty.

    nick preenan

    Ya Nick p is right

    Dezi Defeo

    So if he's a brand and this video only has 31,985 views, and Flint Michigan still has no clean water, its not about the money. Your opinion on this music only hurts it from being heard by more people, but that just my opinion. Google what happened to the Romans when they got lead poising. It's happening here, and now. Thank God for bottled water.

  62. M.S the Goghst

    This is mad dope!

  63. Horrorvacui

    I love an album that leaves you undecided about which song is your favorite. Every song is amazing.

  64. Vicente Portilla

    Tom Morello, el vigilante nocturno , gracias por crear este este álbum! Todo es genial!

  65. Dj Junge

    First comment 💪💪✊✊ tom morello 😍😍❤❤💕💕