Morello, Tom - How Long Lyrics

How long?
How long?
How long?

With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out

From the red rope
To the masses
We are one and the same
Every billboard we are burning
A delusion up in flames
How long can we dance around
The hungry mouths
The burning streets?

How long can we drown them out
With lights and sound
While the bombs
Fall at our feet
How long can we drown them out
With lights and sound
While the bombs
Fall at our feet?

How long?
How long?
With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out
With lights and sound
We drown them out

From the red rope
To the masses
We are one and the same
Every billboard we are burning
A delusion up in flames
How long can we dance around
The hungry mouths
The burning streets?

How long can we drown them out
With lights and sound
While the bombs
Fall at our feet?
While the bombs
Fall at our feet
While the bombs
Fall at our feet

How long?
While the bombs
Fall at our feet
While the bombs
Fall at our feet
While the bombs
Fall at our feet

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Morello, Tom How Long Comments
  1. Jason Reeves

    Gen-X jazz...

  2. malgorzata frymel

    Live long!

  3. dandycliff2

    cringeworthy SHIT. WTF happened to you, Morello?

  4. thechad76

    goddamn it tom, you had so many producers to choose from and you chose steve aoki shame dude, shame. and FYI you are my guitar god, so i dont say this lightly.


    I’m here because of Washington Capitals! Go CAPS!!!

  6. Guille Fronteras

    que carajos es esto ? es una broma no ?

  7. Rani Syafitri

    my fav. artist melt in one eargasm.. perfect!!

  8. Gonzalo Conde Cardo

    Total music!

  9. vvVFANGVvv

    Awesome stuff!!!!

  10. jacob_the_music_man

    This whole album is horrible. Tom should of never made this album his audioslave and rage against the machine and prophet of rage is the type of music he needs to stick with

    Kiran Sharma

    Maybe you should try and keep an open mind

  11. EquineLife

    I heard this on lithium while i was at work and my productivity increased for a whole 4 minutes lol.
    Unique beat and vocals! Great song

    Russell Borrego

    I just searched this out on YouTube because I heard the tail end of it on lithium. 👍👍

  12. Shirls Oxoo

    Tim is amazing!! I would love to see this performed lived <3

    P Shuckle

    Saw Tom play this while he was supporting Muse. Was pretty cool, although Tim wasn't there in person of course. They had Tim on the screen though.

  13. Harii Lord

    this is pretty fucking awesome

  14. Eduardo Serrano-Torres


  15. Noah Ziegler

    Damn this is some 🌽-E cornball stuff

  16. Tuna Karahan

    0:38 Seni, beni, bizi ancak ölüm ayırır yazıyor ahash :? bayrak asıldı!

  17. Ryan Leuschen

    #Yanggang - to think there's a 2020 Democratic Presidential Andrew Yang candidate that both is for eliminating poverty via 1k guaranteed income/month as well as regulating the more addictive properties of social media. This should be his theme song...

    Jacob Sample

    Yang is Diet Progressive. He’s shown support for a few ideals, but taken the easy centrist side on too many more.

    Ryan Leuschen

    @Jacob Sample yeah his policies vary greatly and I've heard him argued as centrist and far left relative to the Dem field depending on perspective but "progressive for the sake of being progressive" he definately is not. He's the ultimate policy wonk.

  18. Glen Paules

    Tim's vocals are amazing!

  19. Chad Billings

    Anthem right here!

  20. Helmut Esp

    This is the kind of song I really love listening to on my way to work every morning. It's worth paying for this.

  21. Maarten Van Gestel

    Guitar tab?

  22. R0R0tw

    I go back listening to "No Shelter". Damn.

  23. Jozeni

    Underrated song

  24. Skyhound

    I find it amusing that everyone who dislikes this new music is just some white boy who never understood the point of RATM. It's sad that meatheads ended up becoming the core of the alt right.

  25. uchuoong

    But Song is not fit his voice in this one

  26. RD ED

    pretty neat collab

  27. João Nunes

    Miss this Aoki
    Comeback Steveeeeeee !

  28. Adrimano

    i never thought i would hear tim's voice in a song like that and it makes me laugh at some points but at the same time it's fucking great lmao

  29. kaiokendo

    Next do a pitbull collab

  30. Drazen Dukat

    wow tom morello is really sodomizing the living shit out of poor music with this album. fucking hideus. stop it!

  31. John Nada

    This is DIRE.

  32. Dioni Deivid Dors

    musica de drogado. cade o bom velho som da guitarraaaa porra

  33. soth1 sol


  34. Diodes

    am i the only one thats not impressed? i usually try to keep my comments as unbiased as possible... but what the hell happened?? i get the message, and yeah, tim's scream was dope... but tom must be bored as fuck and tim wrote one chorus.............................?


    tears in my eyes for this atrocity.... for fans and creators both...

  35. Julian Izquierdo


  36. JP Vieira

    I think this is how Korn wanted "The Path of Totality" to sound like. Great song, good album.

    Lucas Vinícius

    TPOT is a great album tho

  37. Arturo Jara

    Guau no sabía que tom tenia un canal de youtube que bueno que porfin en las recomendaciones aparece algo bueno

  38. QuBa'al Poleris

    Superb! \m/

  39. samuele maniero

    rise against😍

  40. American in Denmark

    I'd be curious to see what Tom and Atari Teenage Riot could create.

  41. PollyTech: Computer-Mind

    GET this track more views. This is amazing seeing three artists I love come together. Never expected this. Including it in a few mixes. Great new music in the main steam FINALLY

  42. Larry Flynn

    What an amazing song

  43. Joaquin Mendez

    Brutal! 🤘🤘🤘

  44. Mr. Mojo'Risin

    Intro reminds me of Mindless Self Indulgence

  45. Sandie A.

    Reminds some NIN album. Except bout lyrics. Trent lyrics are intimistic, confessional. These are social and politically engaged in a great way: "how long can we drown them out wth lights and sound while the bombs fall at our feet?"

  46. Lincoln Lopes

    Tom is working together with my favorite artists, lately. .-.

  47. the calm boi

    EDM really ain’t my cup of tea, but Tim made this amazing, that man is my hero

  48. Ender Erişen

    @0:38 On the wall, "You and Me, only death can tear us apart"

  49. SmilesNFun

    i love it

  50. Tony severy

    What is this rave shit Tom get back together with the rest of old band mates this singer sucks.

  51. Max Möller

    Now thats something i'd rise against

    james carvalho


  52. John Veil

    Umm .... aghh this sounds like he doesn't know much about electronic music picks the popular artists to work with and adds the same guitar on everything he does. Im sorry everyone but my instinctual reaction is very underwhelming and most of the songs I have heard so far are also kinda of embarrassing. Also something I really notice with a lot of Artists that become famous and well known they just hang with other famous and well known people and after a while really cant relate with the underground but there clueless and so are a lot of the people because everyone is hyped that there are a lot of big names attached to a project. Underground is a really bad name cause its has nothing to do with underground which is a very dangerous place for artists and this has absolutely no sense of danger it feels so the opposite. To end my little critique I also have to say there is nothing new here either .. I myself and other bands in the world since the 90's have been messing about with electronics and guitar based music for a long time and could lay down a list of names doing this. Hendrix is amazing always will be! but I do not feel his spirit in this at all its more like a modern day clusterF****. Anyways peace to you all I am not a hater I am just a man who loves music and when I see to much hype I like to investigate and see if its true. I come from the school of John Peel where music is way beyond the facade of fame and Hollywood and it will never have an influence on me and that allows you to listen to everything honestly without caring who is making it. I like Tom as a guitar player but this project is the most hyped thing in recent history.


    It's called irrelevancy.

  53. literataliberata

    Tom Morello, long my absolute favorite guitarist on the planet, thank you for pushing the unthinking majority of humans closer to awareness, advocating social changes for the betterment of the human condition, and doing so with art. Your output here will not be in vain. I see it. I feel it. I won't back down. As long as mankind is able to ignore these problems, no one will ever try to solve them.


    literataliberata Feel ya man. Tom inspired me to pick up a guitar 18 years ago, pushed me to be a better person and helped open my eyes to what is really going on in this world. A true beacon of positive change and justice.

  54. Dejan Sic

    Rise against the morello

  55. Emad Chowdhury

    Tim has the voice of rage...

  56. Linyoshi Belle

    Tim is my guy.

  57. Gears of The Universe

    I love the heavy lyrics playing against what is typically party/dance music. The juxtaposition creates great depth. Fantastic!

  58. Punishment for Decadence

    Wtf is this commercial rubbish?

  59. Troy

    So then rise against the machine is legit? Lmao!


    Actually, This is the real Rise Against the Machine =

    Johnny Moore

    I think you are confusing "Rise Against" with "Rage against the machine"


    Johnny Moore haha johnny i was making a joke

    Eduardo Roque

    They actually preformed this live over the weekend

    R C

    @Johnny Moore .....that's the joke.gif

  60. Kay VanAntwerpen

    I fucking love this song, but I keep hearing "every Bilbo"

  61. Ninja Hejo

    Not even complaining, superb !!!

  62. the nightwatchman

    great! i getting into this album slowly. love Tom

  63. it's jo

    Getting Blue Stahli vibes off of this.. Love it!

  64. RixxN Busta

    Voice is good but the rest is bullshit

  65. Patrick Lucas

    This fucking pumps! I'd be sure to get a speeding fine driving to this - wish it was longer! Repeat...

  66. Tonii Flores

    I'm Here For And Because Of Tim


  67. Trever Blum

    definitely not my style, but It aint bad. I could see myself dropping a listen once in a while

    Eva Moor

    oh hello there, Decent Way Of Voicing A Not-Fully-Favorable Opinion, you should come out more often

  68. Juancarlos Garay Robles


  69. Toxiott

    i feel like this should be in watch dogs 3

  70. Shane

    I have yet to find a single song i dont like when theres Tim involved ♡

  71. Lady Million


  72. burned oils

    trash music

    Raven Estep

    ur trash

  73. peyton f


  74. Nick Alexander Valverde

    Uff, esta cool. Tom Morello, eres el mejor, the best.

  75. Mohammad Rasouli


  76. Derya

    I love EDM as much as rock, but when it's Tom Morello's album, I can't help expecting less mixing more guitaring


    Then you don't know Tom.

  77. Derya

    OMG! The writing on the wall at 0:37 is in Turkish and it says "Only DEATH can separate you me us"

    Carlo Carlo

    Derya incredible

  78. Danny P KNT/33/HB

    Liked the intro and Tim's vocals are there but Nah....

  79. Darren Claxton

    This is fantastic! Love Toms riffs! The production on this track is Epic!

  80. Geneva Ratliff

    My ears just had an orgasm. I am fucking in love.

  81. Coe Uechtritz

    the guitars bailed on this song

  82. Chilly64

    How original Tom.....more whammy??

  83. Calxy BVB


  84. James Patterson

    I honestly don’t get it.

    some kid

    I figure they're trying to get their political call-to-action to reach the folks who grind out the week for chump change and dance away their troubles on the weekends. I've seen kids grow up from being strictly rock fans to living that life. Not all activists are headbangers and moshers, and the folks who fought during the Civil Rights era in the US were far from it.

  85. manny manzanilla

    You see this shit? This is fucking music unity right here. The fans the sound..... unreal album

  86. Ayrton Juanpedro


  87. Rock Album Review

    Hey everyone, if you dig Tom Morello, you can check out my Rock Album Review of "The Atlas Underground" here -, cheers!

  88. Noah

    This drop drops so fucking hard


    And the chorus is super catchy. I'm not even into this kind of music, but it seems like if Tim is involved, I can't help but be a fanboy about it...

  89. Jonah Karpinski

    Somehow I never thought I’d see the guitarist from Audioslave, the lead vocalist of Rise Against, and Steve Aoki in one song. But honestly I’m not even complaining.

    Shelly Legit

    Temple Slug epic analogy 💯🏆

    Scott Morris

    @Temple Slug You lost the internet--and any credibility you might have had--with that Velvet Underground remark.


    @Temple Slug And that's how you prove your point. Well played

    Temple Slug

    @Scott Morris you missed my point.. This guy said tom morello og audioslave instead of RATM.. So i said you probably know slash from Velvet revolver instead if GNR


    *rage against the machine

  90. Erkondium

    thumb up for rise against!

    PollyTech: Computer-Mind

    HELL YES, Rage and rise against are two of the best. This track makes me feel so much!

  91. Robaier

    My gosh Tim's scream is beautiful

    Don Mac

    I saw Rise Against live in Halifax and he is amazing live.

    Zaq Schlanger

    I'm entirely sure I even like the song but I like Tim's vocals and scream enough to listen to it. Especially that tasty scream.

  92. Alex Silver

    Fucking incredible. Tim's vocals make this track insane

  93. Andrew Flood


  94. CannabiComix


  95. Good4Josh

    This is honestly Steve Aoki's best track in YEARS. Total anthem, missed this 2010-era electro house style

    Maliz Babelz

    If you want more electro house, check Kannibalen Records. Especially BTSM Numbers, Break, Religion ft LektriQue

  96. tulkas 42o

    93' I lost my shoe at a rage concert. I feel alot of the same energy here. This album caught me off guard. It's kinda his version of santana supernatural album where newbies and elders give homage to a guitar legend

  97. E301 NS

    Wee sugoi

  98. rasjeff1

    Well...this was something.