Morello, Tom - Can't Stop The Bleeding Lyrics

Fill my lungs, it's hard to breathe
Trouble found and trouble lost
20 centuries of sleep
Trouble paid and trouble bought

Frayed like myth, every fool caught it
Sound like this, every fool bought it

Can't stop the bleeding, calling
Can't stop the bleeding, oh

Fill my soul, it's hard to see
Trouble found and trouble lost
20 miles dark and deep
Trouble paid and trouble bought, uh

Frayed like myth, every fool caught it
Sound like this, every fool bought it

Oh, nah
Can't stop the bleeding, oh
Oh, nah, uh
Can't stop the bleeding, uh

Oh, nah
Sound like this, woo
Uh, every fool bought it

Uh, can't stop the bleeding
Oh, woo
Uh, can't stop the bleeding
Oh, yeah

Frayed like myth, every fool caught it
Sound like this, every fool bought it
Frayed like myth, every fool caught it
Sound like this, every fool bought it

Can't stop the bleeding

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Can't stop the bleeding
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Go, go
Sound like this

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Morello, Tom Can't Stop The Bleeding Comments
  1. Tori T

    gtfoh one of those things you stumble upon and are pissed you werent told about this!! love every sinlge one of them on their own but them comin togther?! yes plz.

  2. Denise NY

    Love this!

  3. B R

    It's so hard to find black men in Rock, a genre largely influenced by black music. Thanks.

  4. Ian Todt

    Well at least it was good up until 1:55

  5. Superwin Ova

    I thought I was listening to Jimi Hendrix for a second

  6. Jason Galayda

    Three hard working talented musicians collaborating. Few things more beautiful than the results of this much effort put together.

  7. rejmre 9597

    My teacher played this in class today and i love it

  8. fishbone3333

    The fusion of the blues rock and the EDM doesn't work for me.

  9. Ham Hock

    Eat a freedom thunderkok you commie murderer real American metal.

    Ham Hock

    Dubstep abomination... trade In your che shirts.

  10. Big Mike

    Tom Morello is a once in a generation talent and I don’t care what artists you pair with him, the music is gonna be EPIC

  11. Big Mike

    Love this!!!! Thanks guys!

  12. doomzakon

  13. Vinnie Flynn

    Gramatik is quality

  14. Echo's 1 man band

    I do not agree with Tom morrelo on a political standard, but we can all agree he is one of, if not the best guitar player ever

  15. δe7en δtarδ ™

    ☢️ This is not just a song, it's a warning for the entire world.☢️

  16. Luis Cacho


  17. Jake R

    I bet the song would cause an ER doc to have anxiety

  18. Krantzstone

    "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world"... if only. ;)

  19. Alpharius Omegon

    Ew. Were your parents related?

  20. Katherine penaherrera

    That song that makes you want to turn your speakers up full

  21. VaderStar17

    I hate you, fuking kid

  22. Lacua

    Gramatik 😍😘❤️
    And the best guitarist like in Ratm ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Fikri Rahmat Nurhidayat

    Sounds like Okiba Crackdown

  24. gg gg

    how the fuck did this slip under my radar? gramatik and tom morello? never would I have thought I'd see those two collab. O_O

  25. Ingvar Czapliński

    I can't stop dancing !!!

  26. HappyHealthyHolistic

    This song is so fuckin sick

  27. Mack .Doggs

    It's like a Slow SRV song, with electro funk in the middle.

  28. Watching Live-PD High

    Howard Stern brought me here

    Andrew Samuels

    Can you please send a link to howard strern talking about the song

  29. Cursed

    you're a bitch, I could beat you in a guitar battle any day tom,just give me a time and a place. I bet you can't even do an arpeggio, love your riffs

    -I Remain

  30. David Lineberry


  31. Gavintech

    What a perfect song this would have been without Gramatik ruining it. Takes me from the highest of highs for about 2 minutes to turning it off and never wanting to hear it again before it ends.


    @Raphuhn A.) there's nothing electro here. B.) there is such a thing as bad music, what Gramatik did to this track is it, C.) and yes I am embarrassed; not for the reason you think, but the fact that I wasted even 20 seconds of my day responding to an 18 year old moron at all. I should be better than that.


    @Gavintech Rarely met people in the internet who are that arrogant and egocentric. I assume that you are kind of very stupid, right, isn't it?


    @Gavintech wish you a shitty week and a boring life! Oh wait, you've already got it.


    @Raphuhn all I can say to that is this must be your first day on the internet, and I hope to god English isn't your first language.


    @Gavintech It's not my first day in the internet, that's why I'm using the word "rarely" instead of "never". And english is not my mothertongue, apologizes that I can't speak it like a native after studying it 12 years in school. Bye mimimi

  32. app burner

    are these sayings from fortune cookies?

  33. Robo

    Dammmmmm i thought I had complex music teast and than three of my favourite artists from different genera decide to do a song together. I don't know how I am feeling right now....

  34. dave friesen

    Tom does no wrong
    Holeeeee I love this !!!

  35. It's Flint_

    i hated you on GH

  36. DRP

    Tom's new stuff makes me think of a dad trying to be down with the kids.

  37. Thomas Passegger

    And we did what you told us

  38. Shnurpy Altf

    You set my speakers on fire

  39. cristhian m. Almendras


  40. M16 And Pregnant

    Htf did these 3 end up in a room together?

  41. EPG & JOJO

    the best song of 2019 baby

  42. Cliff Brown

    Bad ass!

  43. Jaime Echerivel

    Hooooly shit. This is great.

  44. Gloskinz Inc

  45. H¥pΣr N¤vα

    more. more. More. MORE. MORE!


    Andrew Samuels

    Gramatik said he is currently working on a electric blues album called future city blues. He said it's going to have more song like this.

    H¥pΣr N¤vα

    @Andrew Samuels Then my prayers have been answered. That was easy, thought i'd have to perform a human sacrifice or something xD

    In all seriousness though, thanks for the news heh

    Andrew Samuels

    @H¥pΣr N¤vα he released some previews of the tracks he is working on. I can send you links if you want.

  46. Arcanine the best369

    The dentist were playing this song as I was getting my wisdom teeth out and as soon as it started “ can’t stop the bleeding” it began and we laughed

  47. nage728

    Tom should definitely do a full album with Gary Clark Jr. and Gramatik.

  48. Qele Ve

    The screen words are the poem "The Second Coming" by W.B. Yeats. Yeats wanted to express the reality of hell breaking loose after the first world war ended. Nobody knew what was coming next, and yeah - he wrote it in 1919 - just 20 years later world war two hit. Lots of mentions of this poem in lots of genres - this song may be the most recent version. Yeats was Irish, so no stranger to war right at home.

  49. si pamix

    Damn, fuckin good song and crazy sound

  50. Adnan Azzam

    Hemophilia i think

  51. Gordianization

    First half of the song is ok, second half is terrible. They ruined it

  52. Frank piknimena II

    Amazing to the soul, I dig it - the song-

  53. Vivek Acharya

    The guitar sound is so much like that of jimi hendrix....

  54. Ahmet Cinci

    god damn hot...

  55. Joe Pniewski

    This is dope

  56. Alex Gervasi

    Fuckin epic! This is just what ive been needing when rock & roll seems like its starting to fade into the past this keeps the hope alive! Rock n roll forever!!!

  57. Jack Gysbers

    Finally someone doing it right!!

  58. Loïck Jouaud

    I reproduce that dupstep part on a guitar in my latest cover

  59. PhonicBoom/ CosmicLatte

    I hear glitch hop on Lithium XM and I'm like 🤔
    Google it and find out it's by Tom Morello ✋😩👌


    PhonicBoom/ CosmicLatte that's literally what just happened to me just now! Lithium XM goes 🔥 as I'm parking.

    PhonicBoom/ CosmicLatte

    @mwmast3r Fuck yeah bro 🙏

  60. InspirasiMusik

    i didn't know i need this.

  61. Iker Sánchez

    Everytime I listen to Tom Morello, GH3 passes through my thoughts hellye

  62. msglimmertwin52

    My God this is good.

  63. Ryan Main

    I'm hooked on this song

  64. Brian

    Love it. Peddle to the floor with volume turned up.

  65. Akhilesh Nishad

    This is simply the finest blend of genres.

  66. Darren Young

    have you ever heard of duct tape

  67. David

    Tom, you were my idol since my childhood...till today

    Scott Bagley

    Oh you don't like one song because it doesn't fit your musical standards and now he isn't your "idol"? Maybe you never respected him in the first place...


    @Scott Bagley you assump several things without basis in your words, symptom of ignorance, so keep walking...cheers!

  68. Vero Salvador

    TechnoMan bro ! Make me think about Skrillex u know what I mean ! 💅🐕

  69. Vero Salvador

    Excellent ! Lyrics music so good ! 🐴

  70. Debora Vaicemlionis

    What a trio! I couldn't imagine you guys together! Gramatik ROCKKKKKSSSSS!

  71. Saint Asylum

    You never dissapoint, Tom. I love how you strive to improve with every song, every canvas....

  72. Omar

    purple haze?

  73. Mohamed Ibrahim

    Overall it's a great track, up until the very much uncalled for Dub-step parts starts ruining the ending/outro of the track...

  74. Shaun Thomas

    Saw this live at the Muse gig in Bristol, amazing!

  75. J Bone

    Who is disliking this? Is it lizard people? I bet it's lizard people.

    TheSearedBlade 2.0

    definitely lizard people

    chris ehling

    100% lizard shits

  76. msavic123

    Legandary. Brings back good old times. Would like to have pure version though, with no dubstep.

  77. James kershaw

    Now this shit i can get down with! This song alone is better than all Prophets of Rage! More like this Sir Thomas!

  78. Cazza B

    Anyone else read the title of this song and automatically sing it in the style of Justin timberlake?

  79. Gavin Mc ateer

    wasn't a bad song until they made a cunt out of it with the dubstep sounding shite.

  80. Yago Carvalho

    Guitarrista de respeito .

  81. Livvy Goodman

    Anyone Else here after the Muse gig at London Stadium?

    Gordon Reichel

    I was there. He was incredible.

    Erin Carroll

    Yes... Well Manchester. I'm now a little obsessed 😅

  82. Ace Hole

    Tom Morello was the support at the London Stadium Muse concert yesterday . . shame he brought politics into it, but he put on a great show for the 75,000 strong crowd.


    I was there too, absolutely fantastic! The crowd went berserk when Tom Morello opened up the show by playing around them! I wonder what that song was called though, I've been through the whole album and this song, and it didn't sound like any of them.

    Ace Hole

    ​@games4850 I think Tom Morello started off with "Lead Poisoning" and then did "Where It's At Ain't What It Is" next . . . . but added a lot more to the live version, and what a fantastic sound.

  83. Sheri Hilton

    Absolutely mind blowing, Great! Never felt compelled to make a comment on You Tube such as this! A real piece of incredible work! Perfect blend of past meets future!!! Hope to see more.

  84. Chaos canadian

    Stevie Ray Vaughn...?

  85. mywave78 wellowoody

    That neck pickup☠️🎸

  86. mbolduc

    In a communist country, you''d be in a gulag. Fake ass commie retards are fucking pathetic. Child rapists get what they deserve. If you cared about brown people you'd want them to stop being raped and murdered on an industrial scale. You fucking coward.

  87. Iniquity

    What a comeback!, seems like tommy has finally found a producer to make some real morello badass tunes

  88. Ratul Maitra

    Elliot would be proud

  89. Dale Sharpy


  90. Pepinillo Sin Gluten [ni gracia]

    The yokai in Rohan's ova is a stand and this is its name.

  91. Miglior Store

    Won't stop the bleeding.

  92. krzysztof swietlik

    It's so close to Brant Bjork (kyuss):

  93. Antonio Iannone

    This song ends up to the 2.53 minute

  94. Pythagoras Theorem

    I heard this on Renegade Radio. Nice one. Tom Morello has gone dub-step!

  95. Samo Satler


  96. Jarred Schwarz

    that dubstep part kinda ruined it for me, the rest of the song was great tho


    Seriously! What an amazing song until the brostep kicks in.