Morcheeba - Gimme Your Love Lyrics

Close the door
Turn the light off
Switch your mind off
Make it right for me
Pull the blind down
Try to wind down
Take the liberty

And then you'll see
Our love's here to last
Make it right for me
And then you'll see
Our love's here to last

We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love

Come on back for more
Take your time now
Or do it right now
Make this night for me
And if we like it
We won't fight it
Take the liberty
And then you'll see
Our loves here to last
Make it right for me
And then you'll see
Our loves here to last

We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love
We're gonna feel alive
Come and gimme your love, gimme your love

Say it all
Play it all
Give it all
Get it all
Sway with me
Play with me
Stay with me
Lay with me
Say it all
Play it all
Give it all
Get it all

Feel the love
Feel my love
Feel the love
Feel my love
Feel the love
Feel my love
My love
My love
My love

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Morcheeba Gimme Your Love Comments
  1. Silly Aglae

    Ce clip est vraiment incroyable 😍

  2. Tabitha M.

    They just dont make music like this anymore 😔

  3. Aggelos Andreou

    Morcheeba' songs are always so uniquely sensual. They are a music genre on their own.


    La voix de la chanteuse est aérienne elle te transporte loin, très loin. Magnifique voix

  5. Major Jawor

    Ja jebe, ale ten numer jest zajebisty!

  6. Halina Lisc


  7. Aleksandra Kuś


  8. las 133t


  9. Vitalie Medinschi

    Pizzdataya pesnya!!!!

  10. Jefferson Almeida Liborion


  11. Nojikuzus

    "Our loves here to last"!

  12. San Castil

    Na próxima vida, eu hei de nascer com essa vox

  13. Kayz

    Omg! Thank you for this song!

  14. Satako Sar

    пилат... скоро сутки как на повторе слушаю, х.з. сколько ещё выдержу, на всякий случай - прощайте

  15. Fernando Contreras


  16. newentu


  17. James Adlam

    The repeated spoken sample at the end is interesting. It sounds like "Gepetto". I can't identify it

  18. Alexander Bustos

    Love ❤️ song.... Amazing from Venezuela 🇻🇪 ❤️ 🎵

  19. Francesco Trustee di Stato ZACCARDO

    Sono ancora qui a chiederti... Dammi il tuo 💕

  20. Володимир Балицький

    Зацепило на довго

  21. Logic _

    This whole video can be replaced by Cameron Diaz walking in a leather dress swinging a plunger in her hand.

  22. Sandra raina

    Video very sweet ,soft , floral ,and romantic , i like so much collors.

  23. Stone Cold

    She is the queen

  24. Rusty TV

    Была и остаётся о#уенной группой.

  25. P. N.

    Мощнейшая композиция! 👌👍

  26. rash b


  27. Алексей Сиротский

    Я так iPad купил. Посмотрел как этот невероятно красочный клип смотрится на ретина экране и на обычном. И выбрал iPad. Теперь этим клипом тестю все экраны при необходимости.

  28. Vladimira Szegenyova

    The other women brought me here ❤❤

  29. Katalin Ulapcsik

    This video is like an art nouveau painting and the song is so sensual 💖

  30. dan cata

    The other women brought me here

  31. Thomas Daurel

    I just love Morcheeba songs

  32. Pablo

    Ellos brillan.

  33. Jerónimo Cossani Hanke

    Mujeres al ataque😍

  34. leonie

    Wer kennts #schadenfreundinnen
    Dann liken haha 👌❤😂

  35. Holoc0st

    cmon give me your guns, give me your guns we're gonna feel alive.

  36. Alvin Ochieng

    Morcheeba, you are a gem!

  37. King_lae Savage

    The other woman got me to this song

  38. Mrs Oxxx

    Frequency of your voice and melody makes it sexy
    Love it

  39. Duh

    Yeah... nice voice and song. You rock girl! Xoxo from Brazil.

  40. costeel123

    thank you for the happiness you gave me through this song

  41. MR421NOW

    This song was featured in the movie THE OTHER WOMAN

  42. Karmelly Pompeu

    Amo essa música ❤❤❤🤩🤩🤩

  43. RickyRisha410

    In Novembet 2017 I heard this song on radio again tho I forgot it completely and from then was searching everywhere. I used humming app as remembered few vocals but failed all time. Today I found randomly by chance after an year and feeling so amazing!

  44. Sam Broadbent

    I’ll send you a check for your earn

  45. John Karlo

    Damn, she is so beautiful.

  46. mozac s

    Neo soul

  47. Александр Санин

    стильно и со вкусом

  48. Sylwia El

    Super piosenka 👍👍👍
    Słyszałam ja w filmie z Cameron Diaz pt ,, Inna Kobieta,, .Polecam ten film fajna komedia nawet nie wiedziałam że tez występuje Nicki Minaj... 😆😆😆

  49. Charlotte Stimpson

    This song is so sexy
    Incredible morcheeba

  50. Mike Andresen

    💛💛💛 I can’t get enough of this beautiful hypnotising track! “Came back for moreeee” Thank you all involved! Morcheeba. I love you! :)

  51. Celi Btez

    Come feel the love
    Feel my love

  52. Mark Chappell

    You stand between me and the dead, you look like a Zombie calling me to my death. And you know I am almost tempted my sweet wife. Catch you latter when you are really healthy and I defeat your family of rock apes in hand hand to hand combat.

    Chandra Kepler

    Just browsing through comments and read this lovely note if yours to your wife. It’s sad-but made me smile - I can feel the love. I’m so sorry you lost your love, and I hope that the (almost) year since you wrote this has brought you healing, and hopefully some joy as well. Take care 😊

  53. Mark Chappell

    I be sleeping you in the earth and slowing your spirit to guide your children home in their exile , after I have made you well. It be ok, You be under stand eventually if you not now.

  54. Mark Chappell

    How is my little sick puppy going ??

  55. Dabbiru SANDEEP KUMAR

    Those who listened this one more than 5 times, gimme one like

  56. Dabbiru SANDEEP KUMAR

    BGM ghoosebhumps

  57. Joao Gabriel Onofre

    lindo lindo mmelhor q rodeio

  58. Mark Chappell

    You understand you going into exile with your children??? I be love for you, I be make it comfortable for you. I be sink you deep in the earth let your sport walk your children home.

  59. Mark Chappell

    I now know dark skin is sickness. I be your Dr. You be comphortable. Even in exile. Because I love you.

  60. Mark Chappell

    Was you open me up. More cheaper. Opened me up.

  61. Mark Chappell

    I had about 800 wives as Solomon. I wish you were there.

  62. Mark Chappell

    I alow divorce and abortion, that is not what I practice. I watch my daughters marry the devil. You got to be kidding me , lose the thing with big divorce no problems for me.

  63. Mark Chappell

    I not be divorce my wives, I not be have sex with them either, though sometimes we get very close.

  64. Mark Chappell

    I not be divorce my wives. Catholic Church tries to emulate me.

  65. Mark Chappell

    I be destroy the corL, tear it up my hand throw it in the sun. I sorry, I can not love half black. You sick.

  66. Mark Chappell

    You be half black due to death science with sick / devil? You alive because my tears sustain you. Or you be dead.

  67. Eleana Anaele

    I still remember when i heard Blindfold for the first time: i was 9 and my sister loved you already. I always felt lightness and joy from your voice. I love this song, and you are gorgeous ❤

  68. Mark Chappell

    My first wife Micheal is very sick, you are the closest love I can get to her. I loved you for such a long time. Please do not let them take you again.

  69. Mark Chappell

    They not understand, buy and sell what? I only going push prices down. They need think, what is for sale?

  70. Mark Chappell

    We were married for such a long time, I havestrong feelings for you. Even though your health problems stop us.

  71. Mark Chappell

    I would have been the target and I was one of the only two spared. They not very intelligent.

  72. Mark Chappell

    I not a nationalist, but what ducking for. That question will probably never be answered.

  73. Mark Chappell

    I the only one left alive my family, my entire nation dead bar one other.

  74. Mark Chappell

    I be sorry I be dead you. They be kidnap you deasease you. Had put you down. I sorry.

  75. Mark Chappell

    You correct the first place, more cheaper.

  76. Mark Chappell

    I be find out my family deaded by a black, my older sister Fiona. I can not approach the dark skins anymore. Just can not do it.

  77. marianela nicole erazo gonzales

    Me fascina 💕❤

  78. Nat Holder

    What other woman? There is only one goddess in the video and she's singing the song!

  79. Ali Joon

    Bcuz "the other women" movie 👼

  80. H Almosawi

    I have been searching for this song for literally the whoooole day !!!! FINALLY FOUND IT

  81. Rain Smith

    Gonna Feel Alive

  82. Dawid Liwacz

    Wieder alles Amerikaner

  83. Barbara Azrak

    Me encanta esta canción. Hice coreografía con este tema.

  84. Janejira Prathomsao

    I love this song I love Morcheeba!!

  85. Сеня Корешь


  86. Salome Vivians Vizcardo Lopez

    De verdad eres la mejor cantante , me gusta tu canción , eres la mejor , éxitos !!!!!!

  87. Jean Charles Lenoble

    Best band ever.

  88. ana

    This is good!!!Grace Jones in 2018!!!

  89. Bruno Ayala

    One of the voices more beautiful, even the best of the Trip Hop music. Just have a voice like a angel

  90. JAE BARZ


  91. Tyros Impro Chiller !!!

    I know that I've heard this song a long time ago somewhere and he has totally flashed me. and now I found him by chance under morcheeba. *very very cool.*

  92. Nick Nazarov

    Это просто огонь! это кайф! Это просто секс! Это невероятно!

  93. Sysmat011

    Советский утренний комплекс ОФП под неё отлично выходит. На три-четыыыре.

  94. Максим

    это чума, its crazy song !!!

  95. Patrick Hanna

    Superb 💥💛💥