Morcheeba - Crimson Lyrics

On the roadside by the wreckage
With my head in my hands
Wish I'd never got your message
Felt too late to change our plans

There's a smell of good years burning
And it won't fade away
Windscreen broken, you're bleeding
Rolling action replay

Hell bound, hopeless for you
Nothing left to hold onto
Hell bound helpless, it's true
This crimson crystal view

There's wild berries in the hedgerow
All I need is a drink
Got to soothe my shattered senses
Please forgive me, time to think

Down the dusty trails of treason
Lies a dangerous game, there's a danger
Sunshine suicide survivor
Wasted angel numb the pain, so wasted

Hell bound, hopeless for you
Nothing left to hold onto
Hell bound helpless, it's true
This crimson crystal view

Hell bound, hopeless for you
Hell bound, hopeless for you
Hell bound, hopeless for you
Hell bound, hopeless for you

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Morcheeba Crimson Comments
  1. Muad'dib

    In the court of the crimson KIIIIIIIIING

  2. 3dstereolab

    Love Morcheeba! Going to fly to New York just to see them next moth. Never thought I would get the chance! soo happy! I hope they play Crimson! Soo good live ! I always watch this video - the video footage is amazing and pretty much mind boggling? Fits the song like a glove! Awesome thanks for your hard work!

    AK 74

    I saw them live recently and they didn't play this one :-( Such a magnificent song

  3. 3dstereolab

    Crazy cool video! Great combo with Morcheeba! The best band ever that nobody seems to know about? I will keep trying to turn people on to them! Skye is a delight to my ears eyes and soul, like an angel !!!

  4. Deserve Dirt

    Sunshine suicide survivor

  5. jim k

    she's got a captivating ,gorgeous ,silky top end like Kate Ceberano

  6. Midori Po.

    "I can smell the good cheese burning and it wont fade away" :D

  7. JT Barbat

    I agree, this video is rich. This song the sound the lyrics . pretty damn brilliant!

  8. Maria Edwards

    So 11 people suck out of 800, that gives me some hope.

  9. Matthew Rodgers

    Fuck, this song is badass.

  10. Baba Yaga

    Love Love Love 💖

  11. Markku Koljonen

    :D Up! One of our alltime favs! by Tinja&Markku Love this!

  12. sophie rison

    Pour un Ami à qui je tiens beaucoup bisous pour toi Esope ;)

  13. Janos Hideg

    Beautiful. Btw. what city it is on the video?

  14. Piotr Ostrowski

    amazing !!!! please more!!!?

  15. fungoorstitch

    Pretty much everything Morcheeba touches turns to gold.

  16. Daniel R. Baird

    very good studio work & effects nice voice 10 estralos

  17. Julien Mainguy

    Vraiment géniale cette vidéo. Les séquences d'images vont vraiment bien avec la chanson et... quelles images ! Excellent travail Lichtwerk ! Est is ein Deutsch Name ?

  18. Chefreeja Tune

    Hello!!Lichtwerk!! Like it!!!

    Abstract Trip Hop From JAPAN.

  19. Влад Заикин

    To nice

  20. CHAN Gielene

    SUBLIME!!!! wonderful ^^

    Josefina Alessandretti

    CHAN Gielene same same

  21. andrew turvill

    just beautiful cant wait to see them play tonight in cornwall

    josiel sousa

    How was that? Next week, Sao Paulo.

    andrew turvill

    skye edwrads is a was perfection

  22. edgardo gregorini

    "Crimson" From the album "Blood like Lemonade" Released in 2010

  23. Jovana Tanaskovic

    Vancouver!! <3

  24. John McKinlay

    Probably my favourite video in all of YTube. Brilliant photography, accompanied by my favourite singer, beautiful Skye.

    Josefina Alessandretti

    John McKinlay agree

  25. darkjavierhaf

    Beautiful video. Relaxing Morcheeba :)

  26. C NIEN

    props great work

  27. jakkaify

    hypocrite, I'm sure you dislike things yourself, you need to get a life if you care what others think of a music video, seriously, grow up.

  28. Born2neverdie

    her voice is wonderful :)

  29. Leonardo o

    essa é uma das minhas músicas favoritas, de toda a minha vida.

  30. Kenan Keskin

    Kiss my ass who click dislike !!!!

  31. rick roviera


  32. haavboe

    Love it!