Morbid Angel - The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls Lyrics

[The Invocation]

Ia Ia lord of the waters Iaksakak lord of the waters I summon thee
Come forth and make the gate appear
Iaksakak is the gate in which the spheres meet
Open wide the gate
The ancient ones ruled us all and shall rule again
Come forth through the gate and take the earth as your own

I am the god of all gods
I am the lord of darkness and the master of magicians
I am the power and the knowledge
I am before all things
I am before all gods
I am before all days
I am before all men and the legends of him
I am the ancient one
No man may seek my resting place
I am the god of gods
I am before all things

[Chapel Of Ghouls]

Ghouls attack the church
Crush the holy priest
Turning the cross towards hell
Blind with Satan's flame

Crush the priest
The feeble church

Dead - your god is dead
Fools - your god is dead
Useless prayers of lies
Behold Satan's rise

Crush the priest
The feeble church
The family of dog
Lust upon my altar

Demons attack with hate
Satan in hell he awaits
Death against you all
God hear my death call

Crush the priest
The feeble church
The family of dog
Lust upon my altar

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Morbid Angel The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls Comments
  1. si sum

    lot of punk

  2. Azazel Acheron

    1986, and it was a demo. Mike Browning and the other musicians were kicked out of the band. This was allegedly released to fight bootlegging...

    Sean Hogan

    First LP, not demo. The band didn't like the recording, so they sat on it until Dig wanted to make a few extra bucks by releasing it.

    Lee Torry

    Mike wasnt kicked, he left because he caught Trey fucking his then GF, which he responded by beating the Slaneesh out of Trey.

  3. Steely666

    I never realise Mike Browning of Nocturnus did the vocals and drums on this album.

    Azazel Acheron

    He is credited with Chapel of Ghouls on Altars of Madness.

    Alex Williams

    Yeah Mike is the original drummer for Morbid Angel

  4. The Jester117

    now I seed why morbid angel wasn't happy with abominations of desolation

  5. TheBennychin

    Wow, this is an AMAZING version!

  6. Иван Иванов

    We all! We all! We all suck cock!

  7. H8isGR8


  8. baseball pitching

    hello , someone knows what is the soundtrack that they used for the invocation ?

    Brian Eubanks

    they made it

    Azazel Acheron

    It's not a soundtrack. It's supposed to be Iak Sakkakh coming through the gate, opened by priests.

    Azazel Acheron

    This was recorded in 1986, and for whatever reason was never released. It was finally released in 1991, to combat bootlegs, that were taken off of Mike Browning's tapes (Browning was the drummer/vocalist on Abominations). In 1986, samples from movies/TV shows/the news, weren't done.