Morbid Angel - Day Of Suffering Lyrics

A call to take your hand
For I'm at one with the dark
How dare you come with me
And again you must die

So ancient curse known to me
Behold the powers I unleash
Upon your throne
Know my words, feel my hate descend

Lord of light
I will swarm against you now
Gods perverse
Wicked's at my side
Thorns to lance your every word
Now I crown you king in pain


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Morbid Angel Day Of Suffering Comments
  1. Philip Marcus

    Morbid Angel should have played the 2020 halftime show.

  2. King Diamond

    My favorite death metal band ever, oh this crushes voice, like he puke his lungs out!

  3. mgkpraesi

    Best DM Band period.

    Guacamole Nigga

    Haha , no

    Umbra Lupus

    Death is better but MA is pretty good too 👌

  4. MTBshock

    Esta wea es muy suave para mis oidos 🙄

  5. Very Bad Crisis Actors

    Here's a better version (Fan remaster)

  6. Aaron Hildebrand


  7. faithas

    why does Morbid Angel's drums feel so weak or is it just me...

    Brad Młodystach

    This album has pretty bad production.


    You got weak ears

    D. cal

    Not only that but just remember when this album came out. Drum skins were like paper, and like the other dude said production was pretty poor. Classic nonetheless


    I never noticed it

  8. howard o pato

    essa música me faz vomitar matéria negra

  9. King Diamond

    david vincent puke a whole chest out, i love it!

  10. King Diamond

    i love this song, my one favorite!

    Very Bad Crisis Actors

    listen to this version

  11. TwoheadedFetus

    Some of the best riffs ever made

  12. King Diamond

    MUST HAVE On vinyl, i am some dissapointment altars of madness drums are damn weak, this is full another thing, i love blessed, i want make love this album!


    David Vincent wtf is your English jesus

    King Diamond

    Vicious 21st whatever

  13. King Diamond

    oh my god, fast and how heavy can get, nice puke voice out


    David Vincent fix your English Jesus fuck

    King Diamond

    Vicious 21st can be but i am heard my english is very good, i dont care


    your english, das ist nicht gut ja fix it

  14. Ernaldo Rivas

    Fucking Morbid Angel

  15. Rigobert Damfee

    the birth of the death growl

    Nickelback Is Brutal

    +vig oh yes my fav album of all time

    Alex Williams

    i think either Possessed or Death started the death growl


    I believe it was Master that started doing the actual death growls. Death and Possessed were some of the first death metal bands but their vocals were higher than nowdays.

    Black Phillip

    Death growls exist since forever.

  16. Azazel Acheron

    The people who didn't like this were expecting gay nazi techno...


    Anprim have Polio

  17. Sergio Alejamdro Sanchez Soto


  18. Cittamatra

    00:22. 'I was walking the dog.'


    that is fucking epic!


    +Cittamatra 0:27 'a terrier come for me, and I said you will die'

    Aidan Demaria

    Cittamatra I was one with the dog, silly

  19. brandon heston

    damn good song

  20. MrKrozius

    Behemoth's cover of this one is also worth a look.


    MrKrozius eh

    Fmc 2465

    Behemoth sucks

  21. brandon heston

    i fucking love this song

  22. Thelyricalmethod

    Same here i dont care what people say about death metal its about energy not religion

    Patriot Bytyqi

    yeah im muslim but i love old morbid

  23. PutrescentMessiah

    Why? because it kills your previous perception of music? don't let god limit your mind...

  24. 7 Screaming Dizbusters

    I wish more christians were like you

  25. shovelthumbs78

    Lol - "divorces happen more in Christian homes than atheist ones".

    Where the hell did you get that fact from? Is it a box someone ticks on their divorce papers? How can anyone gauge that statistic?


    shovelthumbs78 Salt

  26. LuKe10559

    I laready did! now you turn!

  27. LuKe10559

    Oh, it must be devil, cos he loves to do such things. if you would stand before Jesus, you would lie down and didnot even move.

  28. Ingus

    @LuKe10559 Wake up blind fool.

  29. Cayque Sales

    @1zdunton Why are you here then ?

  30. LuKe10559

    Oh yeah, day of Judgment is coming for fallen angel and his cohort, and he has no way to escape. But you, rescue yourself from this evil generation! "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil."1 Jn 3:8. Seek Jesus, He is your answer!

  31. Sebastián

    @MyKingdomCome666 Damn right

  32. Saha227

    @MANSONRULZ54 Hail Odin!

  33. ThePunkbebe


  34. Erik Smoot


  35. jessie grimes

    Fuck christianity

    Patriot Bytyqi

    im muslim fuck muslims the name of sattan we belong to sattan clan

  36. SlayerPelicano

    utwor o milosci ;] swietna okladka.

  37. A place of death.

    you do know that morbid angel is death metal right?its not black
    possessed had upside down crosses and they were the first death metal band...
    ohh and by the way i'm christian too

  38. Christian Bazan

    @VargDesTodes88 I consider myself a believer in God and a Christian and I love most death metal. It's controversial lyrics are great and I wouldn't give a crap if a fellow Christian judged me for listening to this kind of music. It's quite obvious that most of these lyrics were done soley for shock value and controversy. I strongly doubt David Vincent goes home and worships Satan.

  39. Christian Bazan

    This is the Morbid Angel that I use to know. WTF happened to them in their new album?

  40. Joe McCocker

    Christians love this song so much because it reminds them of Sunday mornings, 'Day of Suffering'

  41. Varg Des todes

    @MeTaLLiCaT8282 catholic and you listen this? your church will not happy with you if it know that.

  42. Varg Des todes

    @dkeeks you are christian and you listen this kind of music? you shouldn't because this music is all thing against your religion, and i think your christian friends also your church will not accept that you listen this kind of music, i respect any belief but you must to ask to yourself if your religion worth it, don't take this in a bad way, just i comment.

  43. MeTaLLiCaT8282

    I'm Catholic AND an Avenged Sevenfold fan, but I dig this shit too - albeit COVENANT is my favorite Morbid Angel album.

  44. Scrambles the Death Dealer

    @demoniclord91367 What he said.

  45. 138

    @420megadeth hahaha I liked the way you showed the point :D

  46. SuicideFixated


  47. Pichest Buasrí

    @MANSONRULZ54 thumbs up for you bro from another christian :)

  48. IskandriaLaBriga

    so am I and so do I ;) i've seen them live next year...they were fuckin' amazing!!!!

  49. CalledFromPalmdale

    Lolz my sister is trying to play The Decemberists in the other room

  50. Chuloloc

    Awesome. One of my favorite songs from the album. Nazarene, now I crown you king in pain...SUFFER!!!!!! Hail Morbid Angel.

  51. perryoparsons

    You must be new to metal music otherwise you're just plain stupid:) No, I am not christian, I am an atheist and closer to satanism, if we talk about beliefs. By calling it "murder" I just wanted to express that it's a piece of good stuff that impressed me. Now clear?!

  52. Magnanimous Imperium

    No, sorry dude, I don't get it. How is it murder? Surely you aren't referring to the fact that the word "die" is used in the song? Come on, that's really silly. There are tons of metal songs about violence, death, perversion and darkness. That's why it's so interesting - it's not for the weak hearted wimps like mainstream shit such as pop and rap is.

    So I have no idea what you are talking about. Just tell us if it is because you are Christian. That would at least clear something up.

  53. perryoparsons

    "murder" is obviously an affirmative term if one's speaking about metal music, but you and three other morons here don't seem to be smart enough to get it. Pity.

  54. perryoparsons

    this is murder, not music!

  55. cgreen96

    i know belial and azazel is 2 of the 4 crowned princes of hell.. does anyone know the other 2? i dont think lucifer is considered 1 of the 4 for he is leader ... there are many leaders and princes though.. but i know theres 4 main ones something like that

  56. Venus Satanas