Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick / Leading The Rats Lyrics

Havahej another me born to serve
To plague and moan
So many years my seed condemned
No free to soar!

Will is yours? So, creator
No intend could shadow (shadow)
My disease
Ever lusting pain

World of sickness
Blessed are we to taste
This life of sin

My touch is inhumane
Nocturnal beast inside
Is void of light
And empty shall remain

World of sickness
Blessed are we to taste
This life of sin

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Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick / Leading The Rats Comments
  1. Perico Palotes

    Havahej another me born to serve
    To plague and moan
    So many years my seed condemned
    No free to soar!!!

    Will is yours? So, creator
    No intend could shadow
    My disease... Ever lusting pain

    World of sickness
    Blessed are we to taste
    This life of sin

    My touch is inhumane
    Nocturnal beast inside
    Is void of light
    And empty shall remain

  2. cristian ortiz Olivera


  3. King Diamond

    A masterpiece! My favorite, definitely.

  4. Pyle Lee

    My hometowns finish

  5. Mike S

    Maybe their best song along with Abominations and Chapel of Ghouls. What makes this song epic is Trey's wailing guitar parts in the beginning

  6. Gooby Goob

    First death metal song I listened to ever

  7. Corn Maze

    For some reason this album makes me think of the movie "the lady in white".

  8. ggghostemikke

    som brutal e milenar!!! 2018/porto alegre*

  9. Barren Savant

    Trey Azagthoth everybody. Wow he can really swing.

    Alessio Secondini Morelli

    I considered it a masterpiece when it was released. Still nowadays BATS has some surprising elements to me.

  10. Sasha Garcia

    Cant get enough of 3:05 on

  11. Stoner Karaoke

    Stoner Karaoke for this upoading now \m/

  12. King Diamond

    so damn heavy!

  13. Rusty Kuntz

    2:49 love that little part w the church like operatic choir

    Alessio Secondini Morelli

    Yes! A little, little fragment but it makes a sense artistically.

  14. Zaphyra

    I think this should be used for the new doom game

  15. King Diamond

    best album ever is a whole death metal history!!!

    Robert F.


  16. Mark Lawless

    what are the lyrics about?

    Rusty Kuntz

    What I took from it was that we humans are "blessed" with Free Will & from that we may do as we it serve (God) or sin.

    Stoner Karaoke

    Pleasure. Freedom.

  17. Hunter savage

    at 1:50.. don't you feel your blood rise??!!

    Alessio Secondini Morelli

    Fucking yeah

  18. Ado Podrinje

    the sound of the drums sounds sooooo great here on this album !! LOVE IT !!

  19. Lord Krius

    I fucking love the riff at 3:08

    It's kind of depressing but I still love it.

    Ado Podrinje

    ooooooooooooohhhhh..... feels greattttt

  20. Wrath Raven

    damn,I can't help but to rewind the flute part at the end a gazillion damn times!

  21. David Sarrà

    The final flute tones (leading the rats) really captivates me. According to the song title I suppose that makes reference to the Hamelin folk tale, it makes sense to me. But I would really like to know if they recorded this composition or if they take it from anywhere else. Also, any recommendations about genre, recordings or flutists with the same style will be much appreciated.

  22. Ron Howe

    fuck of my faves from them

  23. James Callaway

    this song flipin rocks

  24. bigrigJim

    Cookie Monster on vocals .

  25. Daylan Jones

    Haha Deathcore is what got me into metal in the first place, started off with deathcore, then started listening to other extreme metal genres (death metal, thrash, grindcore) Gotta fuckin' love old Morbid Angel!!!! \m/

    Ado Podrinje

    can u give me any good deathcore bands?

    South Park

    +Ado Podrinje core is not metal

    Maggle Cole

    Ado Podrinje Shadow of Intent and Slaughter to Prevail are good deathcore.

    tutorial de batata

    @South Park but Deathcore is Metal
    Deathcore = Death Metal + Hardcore/Metalcore

    tutorial de batata

    @Ado Podrinje Acrania, A Guide To Suicide, Ennui Breathes Malice, Job for a Cowboy, Hermione, The Boy Will Drown, Carnifex, Aeons of Corruptions, Aversions Crown, Deviloof, Chelsea Grin, Downtown Massacre, As Winter Burns White, Infant Annihilator, Rings of Saturn, Winds of Plague, the old Bring Me The Horizon (2004-2006), Brand of Sacrifice, Beheading Of A King, Suffokate, Thy Art is Murder, the old Suicide Silence, Bleed From Within, Bermuda etc...

  26. Luke Dolfine

    this is epic
    seriosly epic

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  28. holy sauron

    finally a mature answer. thanks

  29. holy sauron

    don't shoot me, but i actually think deathcore is alright. not as good as this but i don't get where the hate gets from

  30. triffymetalas

    Rob Halford is gay,but he is a badass gay :)

  31. LeeAnn McCoy

    Awww...I wanna make a baby now. :)

  32. Brique Zallivam

    Profoundly evil, blasphemous track. The pope does not approve. Even if the production sounds cheap, this song oozes with nighmares and everything death metal sounds like. Death, evil gods, and twisted thoughts. Thx trey, david and pete.

  33. John Baptist

    No, he wasn't a troll, maybe if he made that comment on a deathcore video or something he would be trolling, he was just being stupid.

    You need to learn how to detect a troll.

  34. John Baptist

    I didn't bring up rap, the guy I was responding to did.
    I was talking about Hip Hop, not rap.

  35. Robert Butcher

    That is a very good point actually lmfao

  36. TheAtheistReaper

    The fact that your comment recieved so many negative votes, and that there are a shit load of people bitching about deathcore on a DEATHMETAL vid shows how sick everyone is. Your comment is truthfull and meaningful. Now everyone ellse needs to accept the fact that there r plenty of different music styles out there that everybody can enjoy with out going through any hostility.

  37. TheAtheistReaper

    I don't like core genres in general, but that doesn't give me a right to bitch about it, we all have our own music, so we should all just leave it as that.

  38. John Baptist

    You have no taste.

  39. John Baptist

    I'm so fucking tired of you people, you are the reason everyone thinks metalheads are ignorant losers who have no tolerance for anything that isn't 100% trve.
    And while we're on Hip Hop, go listen to the Wu-Tang Clan, or NWA.

  40. BluntAnims

    Let people listen to what they want. I hate it, but I don't bitch like a little kid who's candy is getting thrown out the window by their parents.

  41. tpvalley

    what do u mean deathcore?

  42. koukouroukou12345

    who cares about the core shit? just listen to what you like

  43. koukouroukou12345

    someone had a bad day.

  44. Thagros

    Learn the lyrics. Sing them in the shower. You'll feel better.

  45. mysteriousDSF

    my favorite song off the album

  46. kook1028

    Just letting everyone here one cares that you don't like Deathcore or Metalcore or whatever. We know that there are certain things that you don't like, because WE are people with opinions as well....Shut the fuck up and listen to Morbid Angel.

  47. Thelyricalmethod

    You should enjoy this music no matter what race you are it dosent matter if it does your not a true metalhead your just a douche bag...

  48. Lorenz Graf

    It´s so beautiful...

  49. Wim

    I don't care what it is good music is goog music , and deathcore and metal both fit in that place .

  50. James Beamon

    I know punk had a big influence on the creation of Extreme Metal, but I personally don't like most Punk bands and their fans.

  51. The Nazgul

    Nothing really personal, they're just trash overall.
    With their dumb generic riffs, in most of the bands of the genre, it's just 'generic riff, over and over, breakdown, repeat.
    I don't say they're 'EMO' like most people.
    But they're pretty much shit.

  52. Angel Butcher

    Sounds like a personal problem.

  53. The Nazgul

    I have.
    And i have confirmed them for horseshit.

  54. Necro Occulto

    Aah yes, I forgot. This is metal and we're supposed to be very angry and hostile and hate anything that isn't inherently masculine. Yes, deathcore sucks, but grindcore is a stylistic combination of metal and punk, as is sludge metal and thrash.

  55. James Beamon

    Fuck punks most of them are pacifist communist pussies. Metal and punk doesn't mix that's one of the reasons i hate Deathcore .

  56. Brett Lee

    Your thinking of deathcore the wrong way, you even mentioned "hip hop". Go live your pathetic life and stop trying to be a badass over youtube, im done.

  57. Brett Lee

    Deathcore is still good though?

  58. Necro Occulto

    Hey man, in case you haven't noticed, it's 2012. Punks and metalheads mingle in the same scene all the fucking time. Metalheads who dislike punk, and punks who dislike metal both suck.

  59. James Beamon

    Why is your name punk as fuck then?

  60. Angel Butcher

    Oh I agree nothing can compare to Death, Carcass, or Bolt Thrower etc. but to say there is no death metal in deathcore is either an ignorant statement or a blatant over exaggeration

  61. G. S.

    I've listened to 3 of those when I was a youngin' trying to find music. Nothing compares to old school.

  62. Angel Butcher

    Then you've never bothered to listen to Heaven Shall Burn, Carnifex, Whitechapel or The Faceless

  63. G. S.

    Nope no death metal to be found. just emo kids whiny and screaming over 'br00tal breakdowns'.

  64. Angel Butcher

    Well considering Deathcore mixes DEATH METAL with post hardcore...I guess that negates you "point"

  65. Goncalo Julião

    That's what I'm sayin'. Great music, uncalled for comments.

  66. yoe91

    "WORLD ( WORLD OF SICK !! (of sick...of sick)
    Blessed our we to of sin."
    It may sound a bit cheesy from an exterior standpoint, but if you play along the atmosphere and lyrics are sooooo synergistic, work together perfectly.

  67. Mauricio Pascual

    q pinche intento de ser humano dijo eso de: deathcore???
    enserio, los niños no deben escuchar a Morbid Angel.....

  68. Necro Occulto

    Rob Halford's gay, deathcore is not.
    Deathcore is just bad, so stop calling it gay.

  69. Ninjistic

    define the word "metal"

  70. Jonathan Oren

    Dude, you're wrong.
    first, death metal is great, I really love the speed and the intensity. they growl, they perform awesome guitar solos, and they also scream, but that doesn't make it bad, just different.

  71. G. S.

    Oh sure you can call deathcore metal but it still doesn't make it any good with the exception of maybe a few bands. Rather than bash justin gayer, who doesn't really affect the metal scene, I shall bash trends such as the massive waves of "band wagon" bands who have pussified and perverted the genre of Death Metal. As Martin of Asphyx would say..."Bow down to the DEATHHAMMER!"

  72. Jonathan Oren

    wrong, deathcore is a combination between deathmetal and core, just like rapcore is a combination between rap and core.
    I like all fucking metal, from elvis, jazz, blues, to the heaviest death and core you'll be able to find. I even listen to symphonies and I think they're great.
    stop bashing genres that actually take skill and talent to create, go bash justin gayer or something.

  73. Sam Osanloo

    I have to agree with you. The whole deathcore hate is getting old. People really need to stop to hate on other subgenres. Maybe 2-3 songs on the genre is ok but most of the deathcore bands always sound the same but enough with that. Let us listen too this epic masterpiece.

  74. Pat_Orr2020

    The hate for deathcore is pathetic really, why discuss it on a Morbid Angel video anyway?
    I like some deathcore but damn, I like the song in this video more. Its classic stuff I wish Morbid had done more of recently.

  75. DarknGlory

    I believe good deathcore is metal but I don't listen to it so I wouldn't truly know.

  76. Mdevil93

    as much as i love Alters, Blessed are the sick is my favorite album by Morbid Angel.

  77. freedominmusic27

    What is the world coming to? People thinking that Carcass is deathcore or metalcore.

  78. Steel4

    Carcass is grind, not deathcore. And yeah, grind, death metal and black metal are all musically descended from Thrash. Metalcore and Deathcore are something else entirely.

  79. G. S.

    @Ninjistic That's why 99% of the kids that listen to that shit know nothing of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Master, or Obituary.

  80. G. S.

    @7878rich9898 agreed

  81. 7878rich9898

    @GeorgeTheJoker780 deathcore sucks

  82. ozziedogg1976

    these lyrics drip with hat. this is the most passionate song they ever made.
    lfife changing for a 18 yea4r old.
    dave.. you were he voice of rebellion.

  83. DXP Reviews

    @Megaslaytallicathrax all this core shit in general just needs to go away its a disgrace to metal

  84. LordNIBAVAS


  85. Christkiller Chris

    Blessed Are The Sick...Blessed are WE to taste life of SIN!!! \m/\m/ Both Alters and Blessed are for the truly ELITE!!! And you all know what I mean by saying the "ELITE" back in the DAY those were truly GLORIOUS TIMES!!! HAIL OH INFERNAL ANCIENT ONES MOST ANCIENT OF THE DAYS!!! You motherfuckers know what I am talking about come on HORNS UP!!! \m/\m/

  86. Bryant Harris

    This is the Morbid Angel I know. No Techno No Drum Machines, just straight brutal death metal

  87. Clemens Stockner

    Except the 4 that thumbed you down. Damned!

  88. tetsuyanamamura

    I listen to this song with scented candles and incense burning and the lights off

  89. tetsuyanamamura

    Trey Azagthoth would eat axl rose for dinner!

  90. ZIPPER

    @UristMcgee ya agreed

  91. ozziedogg1976

    The best song on this album, along with "fall from grace."
    ..there is just something so fugging EVIL behind Dave's vocals on this album.
    1:40 " nocturnal beast inside.. is VOID OF LIGHT" ..still gives me chills

  92. Michael M

    i like all sorts of music (not r n b) but for hardcore metal fans yous all like to bitch alot, no-one can define what music actually is, its just whatever does it for you, and if someone likes something else, so what lol, enjoy the song :)

  93. anahowana

    @islespatrick yep! unfortunately we are witnessing the decline of a titan of death metal!! but we are lucky enough to have this testament&legacy!BLESSED ARE THE SICK

  94. G. S.

    @AirAssaultArtillery yes. metal is metal. deathcore is not metal. lmao

  95. Dominus

    @PunkAsPhuck96 fuck em when they arrive as well

  96. ebronson78

    After listening to one track from Illud Divinum Insanus, I needed to be de-faggerized.

  97. Alex Devost

    Deathcore fucking sucks! bring back the old school!! when death metal really means something !

  98. Onlythewindremembersmyname

    kill a cop-kill a cop-kill a cop.

  99. Razor Tongue

    @VargDesTodes88 lol what's a "flaut?"

  100. ozzyFTW1369

    @baconpoptarts seems like i did the same thing once upon a midnight grim...