Morbid Angel - Beneath The Hollow Lyrics

Hollow lies fill weakened minds with
Hollow dreams
Weakened lives fill infamy with failed beliefs
Shattered wills fall aimlessly beneath the Hollow
Hollow words can't fill the void beneath

Within they seethe
Again they breed

So callous

Legends swollen, Hallowed Waste is stripped away
The venom growing with lust to feed the Hollow need
Return from ash, returning from a banished world
To savor flesh of the Hollow, and all beneath

Within they seethe
Again they breed

No solace...
So callous...
So seething...
In this they feast

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Morbid Angel Beneath The Hollow Comments
  1. C More

    Within they seeeed
    Again they breeeeeed

  2. moist_ cabbage

    Modify the track listing to:

    Beneath the hollow
    Curse the flesh
    Doom Creeper(the 1:30 instrumental, NOT the Beneath the Hollow instrumental. It might be called something else on other editions)
    Praise the Strength
    Swamp Horror
    Stricken Arise
    Memories of the past
    God of our own Divinity
    A place of many deaths
    Within thy enemy
    Victorious March

    Either that or the eight dm tracks in consecutive order. Heretic has the most counterpoint of any Morbid Angel album to date and that gives each track an underlying layer of depth hitherto undertaken in Morbid Angel’s entire catalogue. Beneath the Hollow is one the best songs Morbid Angel ever composed and the counterpoint on Curse the Flesh when the chorus kicks in gives it more sonic nuance and sophistication. They’re are the trademark Morbid Angel otherworldly dynamic moments like on God of Our Own Divinity. Every track possesses contrapuntal textures like those and I always am satisfied when hearing something that has worthwhile hidden secrets you have to unlock yourself. The production is unorthodox but lends itself a bizarre appeal in its own right. However, I’ve always wondered what Heretic would sound like with Gateways production but can’t seem to grasp an equal sonic footing that would underscore the counterpoint dispersed throughout the album. Maybe a “thicker” or “bassier” production style would work against the sonic fabric welded into the songs. Either way, highly underrated and misunderstood. One of Morbid Angel’s best offerings dampened by an incredibly awkward track listing and obtuse production. The unorthodox production is initially off putting but later becomes an acquired taste.

    Highly under appreciated, overlooked, and misunderstood entry in the Morbid Angel catalogue.

    Lord of All Fevers and Plagues

    dude...that is so spot on. this album took me a while to appreciate but you are so right about the counterpoint in the compositions. production is def acquired taste, gateways production would be fascinating to hear w/ these songs

    Fraser Watson

    Completely agree with you about the track listing. This album has become one of my favourites

  3. moist_ cabbage

    One of the best MA songs ever


    Love this track

  5. Jasmine Raven

    I love morbid angel so much.
    one of my favorite bands now.

  6. enthrallingusername

    The horrible production on this album ruined it for me.

  7. Jerzy Dziś

    This is as addicting as type o negative

  8. neil maccannell

    Eric rutan is set to provide production nothing states he's on guitars folks

  9. infernaltorch01


  10. drummerdude0515

    If only the production was better!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Honestly my favorite MA album after Altars. If this album was produced like gateways, then I'm sorry Alatars ;)


    This production is not bad, this production is original. Thanks to this production, this album is one of the most unique death metal album ever.


    @gbuhnoezqayusioehf the guitars have too much treble. they sound way to light IMO, but the drums are fine. I guess when it comes to DM I feel it should sound heavy but we all have our opinions, I still fucking love this album though.

  11. Morbidxone Q

    Well Erik rutan and Steve tucker are back!! fuck yeah!!!

    Arthur Anesi

    +Morbidxone Q Where have you seen that Rutan is back ? I'm interrested.


    Rutan is not back.

    Harry Zimmerman

    Morbidxone Q Rutan's not back in Morbid Angel but he produced their upcoming record at Mana which should be out soon, hopefully with some Rutan guest appearances, good enough for me, can't wait to see them in Austin next month!

  12. de ad

    No matter where I go theres a group of poser metalheads arguing over which album is better and for why and how this side project beats this band and blah blah fucking blah. How hip do you guys sound? Hip

    Jerzy Dziś

    Exactly, before criticizing stuff, you got to see for yourself, why each album was good, what brought it down, where the influence comes from, analyse stuff

  13. twistedmisery666

    yes!!!!! fk ya


    David Vincent is a great frontman but this album is A MASTERPÌECE PERIOD. Trey and pete doing his best and more free. The guitar of Trey had this particular sound... HEAVIER AND DEEPPER THAN HELL!


    vincent is a prick. I'm sorry but is true dude. Much fever ego.

    moist_ cabbage

    gUiLLOtHEwORST NIGHTMARE Heretic is incredible. Criminally under appreciated

  15. Nicolas Adjignon

    And this guys, along with Formulas and Gateways is why David Vincent should have continued to focus on Gaynitorturers and leave Morbid Angel to Trey. 

  16. yuron vandersloot

    this is my favorite song on heretic

    The Centrist

    Don't forget curse the flesh

  17. Dreaming 777 Feigning

    So fucking heavy. This is so great!

  18. Angel Villanueva

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  19. Jim R.

    No problem man, glad I could help.

  20. yoe91

    just checked out your vid, very insightful, thx a million for makin that vid. It sort of motivated me to go and try to make the tab for it.
    I'll try to make a nice GP file out of it...

  21. Jim R.

    I really want to learn how to play this song. There's no tabs for it anywhere though...and it's kinda difficult to tab yourself..but I guess I'm gonna have to try.

    Enrique nunez

    Jim R. It's not too hard, the problem is how to get this sound, he uses a synthetizer and a very heavy distortion

  22. AlfaShedar

    god of emptines - fall from grace = Gateways To Annihilation

  23. rhorschack

    Great song / average production. Heretic would have really benefited of a better mix.

  24. Adam Hemphill

    MA - Rutan - Tucker = Shit

    Jerzy Dziś

    I think, they're pretty cool


    Adam Hemphill
    I think you're retarded. That's *the best* Morbid Angel lineup!

    Louis Black

    @HEELSTEVEN MAGGLE he's saying morbid angel _minus_ those members _equals_ shit.

  25. Ryogo Kusama

    the worst song on this album is better than the "best" song on the I album where vincent came back

  26. derherertic

    so callous...

  27. CrawlingSludgeFish Magee

    Hell Yeah, Fuckin Right.