Morbid Angel - Angel Of Disease Lyrics

Your plastic souls melt within cauldron's burning bright
Chanting to the Ancient Ones, chants of broken lines
Kneel before the altar, sacrifice is made
It is pleasing to the ones most ancient of the days

They call the prince of disease, messenger of the Absu
Carry through icy winds our curse upon their church

Hanging helpless above the pentagram
Sacrifice swings in the leather noose
Sing the ancient hymn that makes the Absu roll
Raise the rusty knife, let loose the blood of Kingu

Sudden death throws off the balance that's within the sky
Priest calls forth infernal names to the ones beyond the gate

Angel of disease one who shuns the light
Shub Niggurath goat with a thousand young

Angel of disease one who shuns the light
Shub Niggurath goat with a thousand young

Praise the beast, the chanting grew
Praise the beast with virgin blood
Praise the beast with soul and mind
Praise the beast and do the sign

Bind their kings in iron chains
Execute the judgement for them
Come and taste the earthly pleasures
Orgies of endless time

Beneath the rolling fog hate ignites their minds
From their graves the dead will rise to answer Nammtar's call
Upon a twisted cross the virgin corpse hangs
They blacken out the sun and burn the elder gods

Priests of chaos calling forth
Abominations of the pit
Cthulhu meets in the void
Ancient Ones rule once more

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Morbid Angel Angel Of Disease Comments
  1. Chris Price

    Favorite MA song of all time, classic fucking bad ass Lava

  2. M W

    Sounds very Korn 'Ball Tongue' at 01:28

    Master Satan

    Gtfo With that trash.

  3. Brent Haymon

    Fucking awesome song.☠☠


    Max Cavalera on vocals.

  5. Sofiane Benali

    Song of madness

  6. xbertocoaylax

    Sounds like it belongs on alters

    THX 1138

    xbertocoaylax this was originally on the Abominations of Desolation EP (1986)

  7. Rob Reed


  8. Andrómeda Galaxia

    Metal punk

  9. Michael Bryant

    is there be any more glam metal songs on this albums ?

    B Byford

    It's not a glam metal song Buckwheat

  10. Joban Mystism

    Blessed are the sick II.

  11. James Baker

    This kicks ass there best

  12. kkroto son Goku

    Q fase monstra

  13. Carlos Pino

    pretty interesting bass line here

  14. Whyte Groovin

    that old school vibe !!!

  15. Ken Fortin

    my fave from this album. sounds like Morbid Angel not a deicide ripoff


    Sounds like a sepultura ripoff (Old Sepultura, of course) It feels ilke he will sings "Slaves!, oooooof pain" in some parts

    James LeClair

    you mean deicide ripped off morbid considering that morbid has been around far longer. And what music are u talking about? Nothing on this Album sounds even remotely near the sound of Deicide.

    Brent Haymon

    Deicide sucks. Morbid Angel is much better.


    Brent Haymon Deicide is cool but yeah Morbid Angel is way better lol

  16. Rusty Kuntz

    Trey really went over the top here (and on all of Covenant) w the technical shit, an ode to his idol Eddie Van Halen I'm sure.

  17. David Partridge

    They've taken an awesome riff and added in all kinds of useless cheesy guitar licks. It could've been the best song on the album.

    Paul Westfall

    I wouldn't call those licks. More like short solos lmao

  18. Jeffrey Dohnger

    If they still played soccer with human heads... This song would be played then too.

    Lava Leviathan

    Jeffrey Dohnger I don’t know why, but this definitely makes so much sense when I imagine that situation. Great sense of humor bro!

  19. enthrallingusername

    what happened to this morbid angel? 😭

    Paul Westfall

    It's true. It actually kind of annoys me. I love them but I wish they would release material that is at least consistent with an overall sound. Hell this one song sounds like it shouldn't even be on Covenant, that's how inconsistent they are.

    Barren Savant

    Paul Westfall It all sounds like signature Morbid Angel to me. They just change approaches and keep it fresh with each new release. They continue growing, as true artists do. Death was the same way. If you want the same record each time, listen to Cannibal Corpse or something hehe.

    Paul Westfall

    Barren Savant I don’t want the same record every time, I just want some semblance of consistency

    lilmarkito peslo

    Yes i like stryper


    If a song is written by Trey Azagthoth, you can tell it's written by Trey, especially with how he writes guitar riffs

  20. at1with0

    Interesting, this is slightly different image from the album cover.  The official album cover doesn't have diagrams.  Cool.

    Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    FROM DISCOGS: For some reason the 2013 Reissue has a slight alteration/censoring to the cover. On the open "Ceremonial Magick" book in the upper right corner there is one of symbols missing. Is there any reason for this? See my comparision here:

  21. Andrew Martin

    In a way, thrash-like. Great Song.


    Much of Hell awaits environment


    No, it sounds like Sepultura


    @INTERFERENCE STUDIOS! Do you mean moments like around 2:00? Yes, ok but Morbid was first therefore Sepultura may remind Morbid never contrary 😀

  22. stringbender11672

    "full dynamic range edition"???? a fancy title for "remastered"????  Curious. Sounds great, regardless!!!!   \m/

    Marco Silveira

    "To achieve super-high volume, the sound waves were compressed against the "audible ceiling", often limiting the difference between the peak and average levels in the music. This meant that the disparity between the loud and quieter elements in the recording (known as the "dynamic range") is significantly reduced. Earache's idea of "Full Dynamic Range" vinyl reissues is to counteract the "Loudness War" and ensure that fans hear the music as it was intended to sound - pure and organic audio pressed straight to 180-gram vinyl from the original studio analogue or DAT tapes, many of which were stored for 20+ years. This concept is not designed for the casual music fan that might only listen to albums on their phone or iPod, but the real music enthusiasts who like to put a record on a turntable, sit back and absorb the sound waves at the optimal quality, experiencing the warmth and depth to the music as it was originally intended; the instruments leap out of the speakers."

    jonny j

    stringbender11672 Short answer... no