Moran, Trevor - XIAT Lyrics

There's always been a need
to get rid of this grief
it's what I call XIAT
Been in highs been in lows
feel like there's nowhere to go
is there something wrong with me?

Trying to do
Normal things I used to pursue
so fired up
but now rotting inside
I do my hardest to break out of this shell
Without a crack
I'm still stuck in this hell.

Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
Thinking Maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round
Whoa oh

I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

If there's an out, I need a way
maybe an escape
I wanna be at top, grade A
I've been up, pushed down
Facing the ground
I've been trying to find my way

Trying to do
Normal things I used to pursue
So fired up
but now rotting inside
I do my hardest to break out of this shell
without a crack I'm still stuck in this hell

Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
thinking maybe
life's just a merry-go-round
Whoa oh

I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

Life's just a merry-go

Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
thinking maybe
life's just a merry-go-round

Whoa oh
I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

Life's just a merry-go

this is what describes me
this is what describes me



Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
thinking maybe
life's just a merry-go-round

Whoa oh
I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
thinking maybe
life's just a merry-go-round

Whoa oh
I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

Life's just a merry-go-round

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Moran, Trevor XIAT Comments
  1. Lexie Paige

    Still listening to this till this day

  2. arienne


  3. mikayla

    who listening in 2020 😳😳

  4. Hannah T

    Wait, wasn't he on iCarly? I recognise his face

    Evan Hope

    He looks like Nevel or whatever but idk if it is him

    prince edits

    no thats someone different lmao

  5. unicornsickle

    X I A T this is what I thought described me.

    But now I know it doesn't
    X I A T no longer owns me❤️

  6. Chloe Jean

    wow, haven’t listened to this since i was so young! wow

  7. Sarah Ann

    I had a panic attack yesterday after not having one for maybe over a year I’m so disappointed in myself.

  8. ally menzies

    dawg i willl never forget how hard i bopped to this

  9. hannah phelps

    i miss this trevor 🥺

  10. emily. :P

    just realized "xiat" sounds like "anxiety" . . .

  11. Jay Len

    y'all it's been SO LONG but this song was just playing in my head so i had to play it

  12. BlissxFull_Mxnchy !

    I pranked trolled someone in Roblox with this song and they just started arguing with me .-.

  13. lesley gallardo

    hjhjlkhljihuyobjhjjijhohojhjoihojohjugjhm,,..ohouoiyiy t9uoyugi 8yttuyyu536.30.3.

  14. Baby Bunny


  15. Jay

    i love this sm 🤧

  16. Morgan Taylor

    It’s been 4 years and I still come back to this song every single day 💔

  17. Searcher

    Thank you

  18. Angelina101010

    I think Trevor’s music is my new obsession and you can’t stop me

  19. lumiile

    This song describes me...

  20. hmcherry

    2018 anyone?

  21. azurebby

    I literally just learned rn that when he sings “XIAT” he’s saying “anxiety”....

  22. Goodnight Goodbye

    How have I not listen to this song sooner 😍

  23. yeet oof


  24. karly hansen

    #2018. Love you Trevor!!!!

  25. GraiShawn Landry

    It's been quite a while but this song is still amazing

  26. Mia and Valerie

    I’ve listened to 30 secs and already it’s on my playlist:)

  27. Jaida Russ

    I had an anxiety attack and I immediately thought of this song 😂😂

  28. Gestinabare9 James

    A good song

  29. Tikzedits Tia


  30. Lil Lovetta

    Love when he speeds up singing XIAT so it sounds even closer to Anxiety

  31. Elmer Velasquez-Mendoza

    i like this song

  32. Paola Rivera

    its been such a long time and i still love this song. It reminds me really good things <3

  33. Morgan Land

    I'm lucky I don't regularly suffer anxiety attacks but when I do this is was describes me

  34. øk boy

    that last time i listened to this song was like 3 years ago and i still remember all the lyrics

  35. suzy garibay

    2017? 💓

  36. xoxo Lalaa

    It’s literally 2017 I’m still not over this song

  37. Remsworld mzft

    Been fighting anxiety for years,slowly I rise from its hell,its hard and tiring but I keep fighting. I love this song Trevor Moran is Amazing.

  38. Erin Murabito

    what a bop

  39. hood patch

    Haven't heard this in YEARS and I still remember every beat and word😭

  40. Hannah vlogs too

    I used to go around my school singing Trevor music. I was obsessed with his music and i stop listening to his music.

  41. Mia


  42. Kians Collor Bones

    This is perfect. Rn I’m in between anxiety attacks. I’ve been having them on and off for hours because it’s storming and I feel like I’m ganna die. I canyhelp it it’s my anxiety talking

  43. potato


  44. TheComputerChicken

    I like dis

  45. Minami Sensei

    I freaking miss trevor

  46. Dean's pie


  47. Alicesun Wheeler

    Anyone have the ukulele chords or a tab?

  48. Danieru


  49. Ryan Smith

    What exactly does XIAT mean?

    Rosi 533

    Rye RightHere i believe is anxiety

    Jannette Frost


  50. SARAH

    i love my song :)

  51. Cadi Tea

    almost 3 years later and its STILL A bOP

  52. Savannahdoesgamesnstuff

    There has to be a music video for this this is one of my favorite songs from Trev like ever

  53. The_7th_ Llama

    I relate to this song a lot

  54. philipem1000

    I think this is the best of Trevor's work.

  55. Shalaisjah Cason

    Just realized XIAT is anxiety.......

  56. Aizawa Love Child

    2017 I'm here haha

  57. Hanna Hope

    I have anxiety and depression and this song perfectly describes how I feel. I love Trevor so much for making this song.

  58. R&D_07

    I love this song.I

  59. Courtneyyy

    his laugh at 1:15 still kills me

  60. Ainsley Rayhawk

    It sounds like he keeps saying 'anxiety' instead of xiat

    beep boop

    its supposed to sound like that. "xiat" means anxiety

  61. Misty Forests

    I shared this song to my friend and she said: "I can relate because I've been thinking life is a merry go round." I LITERALLY slapped her.

  62. Fatima 5 Misisipis

    is xiat supposed to sound like anxiety or does it mean something else ? ya, pretty sure its meant to sound like anxiety😂😂😂

    Alicesun Wheeler

    It is! I a remember him mentioning that in a promo around when the song came out

  63. désirjeon

    But what does XIAT mean? Did he mention it and I didn't notice or should I know xD

    Emilie Haensel



    Oh thanks :)

  64. Alexa Hanson

    I wish there was a "❤️" button 😍

  65. Josie Nicholas

    My fave Trevor song!~ ^~^

  66. Skyler Heath

    When the speed up the XIAT did anyone else hear anxiety

    Alicesun Wheeler

    That's what it's supposed to sound like, actually :)

  67. Luckymee1 Duck


  68. XxXKatePlayzXxX

    If I ever had to pick one of his songs to always listen to, ITS THIS

  69. //CatsieMSP//

    I'm thankful for the loop button <3

  70. whatsupjake

    I miss 2014😥😥

  71. clintle

    i tot it said anxiety...

  72. lynn m

    anxiety ;(

  73. Fire jamie

    my life is so miserable and I'm like 12 nothing will ever get better

  74. Fire jamie

    I'm just thinking wow someone finally made a song with like mental problems

  75. Cute Bitch

    My fav Trevor song... haven't heard a song from him since that I love as much as this one :)

  76. Emilrica

    I remember the day this came out I kept playing it over and over💖

  77. Alison Elizabeth

    "im trying to give you social an-xi-a-ty,"

  78. Kay kathyman

    I miss O2L :,(         lol I had to

  79. Extasy Of gold

    I love you so much Trevor that I cant explain it!😘😍😌😁👌❤️

  80. Callie Hearts

    This song is meant for me

  81. AnimeL0v3r AndPotatos

    His voice sounds lower in this song then in all of the others including his new ones.

  82. Ghaithoo TV


  83. Sniper111

    give me at least 5 likes to make my day :)

  84. Sniper111


  85. summer

    hes way cuter woth short hair

  86. Laetitia De Jaegere


  87. Musical. Ly

    Why does Trevor have to be so FRICKING HOT!!! I'm on the other side of the world from him and I hate it... :'(

  88. Ariana Yay

    TBH my fav song by my queen Trevor

  89. Jenna Crolla

    Can someone please explain how Trevor makes his lyric videos look so effing nice ?????? Cuz I literally hate lyric videos unless I'm actually trying to learn the lyrics, but these are so nice!!!!

  90. Rose Lalonde

    My mom won't accept that I have anxiety, I try to explain it to her and she acts like it's something I made up that's making me crazy. I tell her that when I feel anxious, it's irrational, that I don't know why I feel upset and afraid, but I do. She acts like I'm just imagining it, but I'm really anxious. I'm doing everything I can, and she thinks there's an easy fix.

    Rose Lalonde

    We just had a pretty bad conversation about it and I was in the middle of an episode, I'm listening to this on repeat trying to calm down.

    Ur Red Sunrise

    my parents r d same. for d past 5 years i told them dat i hav severe depression n bad anxiety but she laugh or ignore me. its sooo fucked up.

    honey muffin

    My mom does the same thing, but i'm thankful for my friends who help me through it.

    Geraldine Hoare

    My mom belives I have anxiety, but she don't accept that I have depression and I'm bi so I know the feelings xx

  91. Rose Lalonde

    This made me cry, I've tried so hard to describe anxiety and depression to people and they just don't get it. this song explains perfectly.

    Tomato Juice

    A writer with a reason to write I know right?!?!?!?!🐒

    Ren L.

    A writer with a reason to write I hope you get help and feel better! (ik the is a thing in South Korea but I don't care) Fighting!!!!!!!!!!


    honestly same my friends dont get it no one does...

    Anna Grace Yurkutat

    You're right. This song describes anxiety perfectly. It's always so hard to describe exactly what it's like to my friends ("I'm not just nervous, it's more than that, etc.) but this song turns the feelings into words.

  92. your mom mega gay

    When you poop in church its Holy Shit

  93. Naomi Nightcaller

    Finally realised what XIAT means...

  94. Smiles is Riles

    My song. One of the reasons I love trevie trev(😂) cause I can relate to him so much. It's cool to know that a person like him also has anxiety like me