M.O.P. - Welcome Back Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, oh, uhh, yeah, oh

[Teflon: repeat 2X]
Yo we still live - NIGGA - surprise nigga, we back
Live niggaz ride with us - CLACK CLACK - where you at?
Ready, aim, FIYAH...
M.O.P. First Family empire

Hit the road bitch! Load your clip, blow your shit
No question, we gon' hold it, you know the script
Back up in this bitch to raise hell
We 'bout to act up in this bitch
We got a, whole gang of 'gnac in the back, get your cup
We 'bout to get you FUCKED UP! C'mon, this one nut
Hit the dutch, we got so much
shit to discuss, 16 just ain't enough
But we gon' hit it with it, cause shit is in the clutch
Now we done stepped on open tracks, repped all over the map
And if you know us you know that can't NOTHIN hold us back
We got mad trainin with gats, mad trainin with bats
And a knuckle game from the days of ridin trains in the back
I thought I told you before I'm a Brownsville nigga
We get down, still fuck around but the pound still with us
Tef, Fame to Bill, we just all trained for the same feel
with the stainless steel, we still claim the 'Ville
Welcome back!

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M.O.P. Welcome Back Comments
  1. Antonio Johnson

    Deniece Williams - So Deep in Love

  2. Orion Pax

    nobody knows the sample ?