M.O.P. - To The Death Lyrics

[Billy Danzenie]
Ah! check it out, y'all
M.O.P. up in this motherfucker
You niggaz hear?

[Bill] M.O.P to the motherfuckin death
[Fame] Straight from the streets gettin cash
[Bill] Young black niggaz puttin crews in a smash
[Fame] The drug game put the name on the map
[Bill] Known for bustin caps
[both] And takin over like the Japs
[Bill] We leave you dead stinkin butt-naked in a second
We're niggaz that stopped sellin drugs to sell records
[Fame] You know it, I'm down to the very last breath
It's Lil' Fame
[Bill] Billy Danzenie
[both] And M.O.P. to the death

To the death!

[Lil' Fame]
It's M.O.P. to the death, my peoples move quiet like a mason
A strong black nation, the last generation
In the Ville catchin wreck was big fun
Quick to pull the triggers, little niggaz with big guns
Before niggaz chase me niggaz gotta face me
I walk with my gun cocked and clicked on safety
M.O.P. niggaz always ready to gat cha
I catch a cap for my niggaz if I have to
You feel the pain, you niggaz know the name
Cause this shit ain't a game
We blow shit out the frame
When I'm smokin and drinkin I do deep thinkin
About my peeps underground, because I'm down till I'm dead and stinkin
This shit is real, so you can't make a mistake about us
Lettin you niggaz know it ain't nothin fake about us
Yeah, I'm kin to the end with all my niggaz that left
It's Lil' Fame and M.O.P. to the death

To the death!
It's M.O.P. to the motherfuckin death
To the death!

[Billy Danzenie]
Aiyo, I'm sentenced to Clint', but fuck it
At least we're all all in this together
Me and mine swing it back to back forever
And I'm salutin my niggaz
Straight up, cause they're true to the game
And mad fast on the triggers
The Last Generation, we're all that's left, the hometeam
We're trump tight to the death
To all the crews that will be mashed and bruised
We don't doubt you
It's just that we don't give a fuck about you
Comin through representin
My niggaz on the Island
Kaksackie and way up in Clinton
M.O.P.'s with me, D-a-n-z-e, the danze
It's not a joke when ya come my motherfuckin man
You frontin for nuthin
Bring it if you want sumthin
My family get down, all my peoples'll bump sumthin
One thing about us, these is real niggaz
They like to kill niggaz
Get down with dirty Brownsville niggaz


To the death

Plow! bitch-ass nigga
You niggaz hear
M.O.P. up in this motherfucker
Primetime, nigga
Fuckin with me

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M.O.P. To The Death Comments
  1. Matty Gauthier

    Is this from 1992 or 2092??? Way ahead of its time

  2. ______X ______

    m.o.p. always made the best gun noises with their mouths.

  3. aurelijus murauskas


  4. Ill will Ill will

    Shout out to mid 90’s M.O.P
    these dudes def had their lane!!

  5. TheDivine2007

    them vs onyx...album wise???

  6. warren hargrove


  7. Quincy

    I'm from Chi-raq but MOP raised me!!!!!!

  8. D Ball

    From Monday thru Sunday M.O.P will be bringing the muthafuckin gun play!!!

  9. Anonymous 3

    As a kid from the suburbs I’m always amazed how addicted I am to real Hip Hop.

    user 9429450

    spread the word

  10. Lockie Ee

    Thank you for no adds!

  11. Hidden King

    thumbs down??...you fu** serious

  12. xDexter'sFinestx

    You deserve the Nobel Prize for posting this, bruh

  13. momica 86

    Who want sum real hip hop?

  14. Emergency Multimedia


  15. Lloyd Short

    best intro ever

    Most Loyal

    Lloyd Short big facts

  16. Anthony Mcmillan

    The first M.O.P album I ever owned on tape was 1st Family 4 life in 98. A 🔥 album btw 😀! But before I bought the First family 4 life tape the first video that I ever saw from them is the original version of "✋ le your business"! Pure gutter! I discovered this album at a FYE(for, your, entertainment) store in the mid-2000's. I was bobbing my head through much of the album. Through each record label they went to they didn't stay long there because they tried to tone them down and to compromise themselves. They don't do that. Some artist's go to a major record label and make artists like puppets to give them a good amount of 💰! If M.O.P compromised themselves then they'll probably hang up the mic and venture into other things that's hip hop related. They've did song's with Biggie, Big Pun, Smoothe Da Huslter, Treach, LFO, Kool G Rap, Cormega, The Lox, etc. The majors can't stand them but the independent heads and loyal fans love them! That's y they've been around for nearly 30 years.

  17. TheDivine2007

    but...m.o.p. sound like kool g rap

    Hidden King

    TheDivine2007 ...uuh...it's hardcore boom bap....sure they was influenced by g rap like many many others...Pun is heavily influenced by G Rap also....don't get what the "but" is about.

  18. TheDivine2007

    heard onyx copied them....


    This album came out in 94, Onyx's debut was 93


    @Robert https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.49303/title.m-o-p-tell-the-story-behind-unlikely-collaboration-with-lfo


    @Robert and these dudes sound like kool g rap....

    Underground Chamber Muzik

    nah Onyx was before M.O.P.

  19. molek-u -naut

    Get Day Fool!

  20. DD LOVE

    Where are they now, specifically Billy? 😁💜

    sayzar P

    Billy 6 pack album drops tomorrow look it up.


    @sayzar P Thanks!! 💜💜💜

    Queens Mitch

    Still banging shit out Billy got a solo joint out call 6pack . Fame do too. But it's still always m.o.p to the death. My real family

  21. koke311

    One of the best rap albums of all time right here

  22. God’s Body

    Damn ii miss the 90’s Jersey in the building m.o.p ii grew up off them ii was a problem

  23. AVE Block

    Motherfukin classic

  24. Rob Jackson

    Every track is gangsta

    Liberty Chip

    Straight up. No filler

  25. Travis Carson

    Raised on this early 90's #MYERA #GOODTYMES #STILLGOODTYMES

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    For real. So grateful to have been born in '82. Was listening to Public Enemy by '89... Kids these days can't imagine the feeling of bein a HipHop head back in the early 90s.
    Basketball was at its peak, too...
    Venice Beach in the 90s, greatest place ever

  26. charles briggs

    26:38 27:51 💥💥

    Liberty Chip

    Drama Lord, Heistmasters, Top of the Line... Whole album amazing.

  27. mc shira m.o.s.s

    ''Say what, say what, say what

    I'm packin blue steel ''

    Mop muathafuckaz!!! hardest Nyc shit foreva!!
    Mosh Out Posse for real NiggaZ!!!

  28. Legendary DQ

    01. Crimetime 1-718 00:00
    02. Rugged Neva Smoove 01:46
    03. Ring Ding 06:55
    04. Heistmasters 10:44
    05. Blue Steel 14:46
    06. Who Is M.O.P. ? 18:14
    07. To The Death 18:27
    08. Big Mal 22:19
    09. Top Of The Line 22:27
    10. This Is Your Brain 25:59
    11. Drama Lord 26:18
    12. F. A.G. (Fake Ass Gangsta) 29:53
    13. How About Some Hardcore 34:45
    14. Positive Influences 39:18
    15. Guns N' Roses 39:34

    Neaky Womack

    Danny Quinones thanks

    Legendary DQ

    Darrion Brown you're welcome

  29. Wilson Fisk

    Some the best hardcore hiphop pure raw facts this and lifestyles ovda poor n dangerous two of the most slept on albums of ther kind🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. kareem provide


  31. MrHakla1

    This got me thru some REAL SHIT IN THA CHI....PERIOD!!!

    kareem provide



    Wilson Fisk

    I kno the feelin held me down thru high scool and mad crazy days n nights in the streets this and the other 2 releases firing squad and first family lifestyles of a ghetto child to blood sweat and tears tmeless street muzik

  32. Kj Heuston


    kareem provide

    Kj Heuston



    Salute to my elders✊💯..