M.O.P. - How About Some Hardcore Lyrics

[Billy Danzenie]
How about some hardcore?
(Yeah, we like it raw!) [x4]
How about some hardcore?

[VERSE 1: Billy Danzenie]
(Yeah, we like it raw in the streets)
For the fellas on the corner posted up 20 deep
With your ifth on your hip, ready to flip
Whenever you empty your clip, dip, trip your sidekick
You got skill, you best manage to chill
And do yourself a favor, don't come nowhere near the Hill
With that bullshit, word, money grip, it'll cost ya
Make you reminisce of Frank Nitty 'The Enforcer'
I move with M.O.P.'s Last Generation
Straight up and down, act like you want a confrontation
I packs my gat, I gotta stay strapped
I bust mines, don't try to sneak up on me from behind
Don't sleep, I get deep when I creep
I see right now I got to show you it ain't nothin sweet
Go get your muthafuckin hammer
And act like you want drama
I send a message to your mama
'Hello, do you know your one son left?
I had license to kill and he had been marked for death
He's up the Hill in the back of the building with two in the dome
I left him stiffer than a tombstone'

[Li'l Fame]
How about some hardcore?
(Yeah, we like it raw!) [x4]
How about some hardcore?

[VERSE 2: Billy Danzenie]
(Yeah, we like it rugged in the ghetto)
I used to pack sling shots, but now I'm packin heavy metal
A rugged underground freestyler
Is Li'l Fame, muthafucka, slap, Li'l Mallet
When I let off, it's a burning desire
Niggas increase the peace cause when I release it be rapid fire
For the cause I drop niggas like drawers
Niggas'll hit the floors from the muthafuckin .44's
I'm talkin titles when it's showtime
Fuck around, I have niggas call the injury help line
I bust words in my verse that'll serve
Even on my first nerve I put herbs to curbs
I ain't about givin niggas a chance
And I still raise shit to make my brother wanna get up and dance
Front, I make it a thrill to kill
Bringin the ruckus, it's the neighborhood hoods for the Hill that's real
Me and mics, that's unlike niggas and dykes
So who wanna skate, cause I'm puttin niggas on ice
Whatever I drop must be rough, rugged and hard more

[Billy Danzenie]
How about some hardcore?
(Yeah, we like it raw!) [x4]

[VERSE 3: Billy Danzenie]
Yo, here I am (So what up?) Get it on, cocksucker
That nigga Bill seem to be a ill black brother
I gets dough from the way I flow
And before I go
You muthafuckas gonna know
That I ain't nothin to fuck with - duck quick
I squeeze when I'm stressed
Them teflons'll tear through your vest
I love a bloodbath (niggas know the half)
You can feel the wrath (Saratoga/St. Marks Ave.)
B-i-l-l-y D-a-n-z-e
n-i-e, me, Billy Danzenie
(Knock, knock) Who's there? (Li'l Fame)
Li'l Fame who? (Li'l Fame, your nigga)
Boom! Ease up off the trigger
It's aight, me and shorty go to gunfights
Together we bring the ruckus, right?
We trump tight, aight?
I earned mine, so I'm entitled to a title
(7 fuckin 30) that means I'm homicidal

[Li'l Fame]
How about some hardcore?
(Yeah, we like it raw!) [x4]

[VERSE 4: Li'l Fame]
Yo, I scream on niggas like a rollercoaster
To them wack muthafuckas, go hang it up like a poster
Niggas get excited, but don't excite me
Don't invite me, I'm splittin niggas' heads where the white be
Try to trash this, this little bastard'll blast it
Only puttin niggas in comas and caskets
I ain't a phoney, I put the 'mack' in a -roni
I leave you lonely (Yeah, yeah, get on his ass, homie)
Up in your anus, I pack steel that's stainless
We came to claim this, and Li'l Fame'll make you famous
I mack hoes, rock shows and stack dough
Cause I'm in effect, knockin muthafuckas like five-o
I'm catchin other niggas peepin, shit, I ain't sleepin
I roll deep like a muthafuckin Puerto-Rican
So when I write my competition looks sadly
For broke-ass niggas I make it happen like Mariah Carey
I got shit for niggas that roll bold
Li'l Fame is like a orthopedic shoe, I got mad soul
I'ma kill em before I duck em
Because yo, mother made em, mother had em and muthafuck em

[Li'l Fame]
Li'l Fame up in this muthafucka
Givin shoutouts to my man D/R Period
Lazy Laz
My man Broke Ass Moe
The whole Saratoga Ave.
Representin for Brooklyn
Most of all my cousin Prince Leroy, Big Mal, rest in peace
[Billy Danzenie]
Danzenie up in this muthafucka
I'd like to say what's up to the whole M.O.P.
Brooklyn, period
Them niggas that just don't give a fuck
[O.G. Bu-Bang]
Bet yo ass, nigga
Hey yo, this muthafuckin Babyface [Name]
Aka O.G. Bu-Bang
Yo, I wanna say what's up to the whole muthafuckin M.O.P. boyyeee

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M.O.P. How About Some Hardcore Comments
  1. shawn don2k15

    Shout out To My First Family Billy is my uncle MO-P 4Life.Slap,Laze,Foxx,man,Tef,Bo,Bobang. 2020 we Skill Mashing Out Posse's

  2. Aquita Allen

    Who still think this is Fire in 2020

  3. StudaBakerrTV

    This album needs to be on spotify

  4. Nazir Palacios

    Hit me up if u LOVE MOP & THIS F**KIN TRACK IN 1/10/ 2020 TILL INFINITY CLASSIC 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  5. Komi

    Yes Yes I'm proudly listening this masterpiece in 2020!!

  6. Jeff Coleman

    Remember when I first got this....right when CDs started creeping in, but I had the tape lol

  7. Dj Allworld

    reminds me of Conway and Westside Gunn

  8. user 9429450

    Mac-10-aroni lol

  9. oscar rivas

    Who’s still bumping this in 2020?

  10. High Tower

    2020!!! still fire

  11. Sami Uddin

    "I role deep like a mother fuckin' Puerto Rican"

  12. Dust Black

    2020 still banging this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

  13. Marcus Louissaint

    REAL NY & eastcoast SHIT
    Hard-core is our label/culture ....and this is how we rock💪👊💥

  14. Cortney Dupree

    One of my favorite rappers ever

  15. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    mash out posse are underrated also none of these wack rappers are not underrated

  16. Luther Reigns

    "Straight up and down, act like you want a conversation" = "Speak to me and my friends with respect and everything will be fine. However, if you choose to anger or offend us in any way, there will be consequences. Swift and violent."

  17. clownnigga finder

    what was these niggas thinking..they smashed the shit out of this..we loved these niggas..the m.o.p came with beef with tomahawks..Sonny Carson shit

  18. Stockz134

    This track had to make Kool G proud

  19. Anyanwu Chrisangelo

    That's Some Hardcore hit!..

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    This track is dope !

  21. ウサマビン太郎


  22. Paradyce Olman

    I can't front fame and billy fucked this track up

  23. Paradyce Olman

    1:52 prospect plaza in the background not even there neither been gone since 1997 6yrs after this vid was made dammmmmnnnnn the HILL different

  24. Paradyce Olman

    The hill don't look nothing like this anymore we all grew up and left and they did it all over like dammmmmnnnnnn

  25. Paradyce Olman

    Crazy thing is all of us in this vid that's still alive still fuck with them til this day

  26. Paradyce Olman

    Glad I was in this vid classic on my hill saratoga and the Mark's

  27. Weddings By Pierre' Cinama and Photography

    its dope but we still killin niggas tho

  28. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    So underrated and hardcore

  29. Michael Jam

    That beat is still vicious today !!!

  30. Tina Mckenna

    R.I.P BoomBang

  31. Konstantin

    It meant something if you saw tecs and knives in old school rap videos. It means nothing if you see machine guns in millenial's rap videos.

  32. Shane Frasier

    Little Fame always reminded me of a smaller version of Kool G rap

  33. pr0ject25o1

    All I got is my word my boys what I’m holdin. Die for that scrit too. Too real



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    This is when hip hop was hard. Fuck this new pussy shit. I feel like an old ass motherfucker when I say that haha

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    This shit used to cause havoc in the Tunnel!!!!

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    Man....this is a straight up and down headbanger!!!

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    Wow another classic 90s High school memories hooky parties. Skool hours.i♡all music.

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  44. jamespb29605

    Enjoy your battles

  45. rich blue

    Always a great way to start a Friday!!!!! Mash Out!!!!

  46. Leroy Stover

    Brownsville Brown's kill m o p god dammit salute

  47. Daniel Louring

    Hype Williams say
    Passion Williams

  48. Mongo Slade

    This type of hip hop will never be seen again on planet earth 🌍

  49. Cris Sport

    @1:51 that's a decep getting juxed

  50. John Hernandez

    What they know about ??? Word is bond!

  51. Richard Cortez

    Drop n***** like draws

  52. Da old NEW York

    This is dat real NEW YORK champion hoodie's rotten apple shit not this new chi and Cali influenced New York

  53. Da old NEW York

    This dat real NYC hood shit before bloods or crips straight a.b.g shit this is haaard bklyn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Back when words made sense

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    When the Music was Dope
    The Hill that's Real

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    Today's rap brought me here no cap

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    How about some hardcore

  69. A Bare



    notice how everything is directed at niggas. That's exactly how we're dying. That's why the establishment allows this type of music instead of consciousness


    These lyrics were really meant for the establishment to know we're not playing with them so don't get me wrong it's always Peace 2da Godz. BADNEWZGODZ


    I love m o p but for real y'all this is the kind of music that got everybody prison time and shaped the current situation that our young people are in today

  73. Mackenzie Jefferson

    I depend on M.O.P. to get through the day sometimes 20 years or more

  74. The Melons

    2019 Have to re visit every year to remind myself, there once was a time HipHop...💪🏾

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    When Brooklyn was Brooklyn..before the fake ass gentrification..years ago certain folks would of been petrified to come thru Brooklyn..now they're arrogant & walking their fancy dogs down Eastern parkway..they better thank them cameras..lol...I'm 44years and dont forget shit..love this real hiphop..peace to M.O.P, N.O.I and all the Gods from brooklyn

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    Man a blast from the past. Always wondered though  were they got this dope azz sample ..Anyone know?

  80. John Smith

    Loving that INTRO/CHORUS😚

    The way his accent sounds!!, when saying?

    How about some hard core!. 😍😍

    Sounds muddy/dirty
    Like some parts of the southeast of England/Britain/uk accent would speak.

    Old school London accent 😆
    Etc. ..


    " I'm not a phoney I put the Mac I the macaroni" lil fame

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    Ll cool j and mop were what introduced me to hip hop in the 90s. Mop top 3 rap group eva.

    Rap soft as shit now. Even poor white boys was hard back then.

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    I move wit MOP's last generation

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    Am i the only one who think lil fame lppks like beetle juice 🤦‍♂️