M.O.P. - Got To Go Lyrics

[Lil' Fame]
Mr. Steve Rifkind, listen
Loud Records alone, fucked up the way we roll
Years on the road
We sure to ship gold, no matter who we signed to
But still get love in the streets y'know?
So tell them CEO's
Get that cake up, "Ante Up"
Show me the bread, you fake fuck
You know what the M.O.P. like
We like gangsters
Frank make the Famester wanna sing like
{"Oooooooooh-hooo"} Question, who wanna fuck with us?
Guns bust, we hazardous
Brook-Nam, classic shit
Make me make you wanna slap a bitch, so
If you wanna rock with the M.O.P.
Hollow back when you ready to roll, but until then

[Billy Danze]
You know how we do, when our back is against the wall
Get at every one of you all and brawl 'til we fall
It's called, tryin to live
What better way to give, back to the hood
than to put in lights?
Rumor has it, we shouldn't be worth as much
without the commercial touch, plus we curse too much
I'll tell you what
Bill still back blunt reppin (FIYAH!)
Where the homies from Fox and 1-4-7 (FIYAH!)
We are who they tryin to forget about
If you don't like don't listen when William spit it out
It's the MO, P'S~! The real ghetto guy
with nothin but pride and nothin to hide
Still we're criticized worldwide (fa'sho, fa'sho)
They only see us wildin when it come to respect
Look we tired of takin the blame
for every young kid catchin a bid doin his thang
It ain't our fault; YES, we support survival
Yes we support holdin the fort against a rival
I'm givin them the code to the street, like the words of the Bible
Remember William delivered it like a novel

[Interlude: scratching]
"M.O.P. now" "It's game time"
"You thinkin it's all good"
"Respect the streets, it's the L-I, L-F, A-M, E"
"Bill Danze, representin 1-7-1-8, dangerously"
"M.O.P. now" "It's game time"
"M, O, P!!!" "You niggaz still" (got to go)

[Lil' Fame]
One mo' gen
The streets is back, come on in! We ride
In the name of Big Pun, Big L and Freaky Tah
ODB, B.I.G. and we still got love for Shyne
So get drunk, get (high) roll it up, blaze it up

[Billy Danze]
Okay today I might bow out gracefully
Let 'em keep this whack rap shit
cause this whack rap shit, just ain't for me
Nah today we ain't hurtin shit
Nope, he don't even deserve a clip
You heard of it
M.O.P. blast, wit'cha nowhere near O.G. ass
Please ask your mans and them about Danz and them
Known to put it down upon the Big Mile
I'm Big Bill and them now (got to go) motherfucker

(Got to leave) I don't know when to go yet
(Oooooooooh-hooo, hey yeah, oooooooooh-hooo hey yeah)
(I, got to go, got to leave, oooooooooh-hooo)
[fades out]

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M.O.P. Got To Go Comments
  1. Bekhb Hafeez

    For real hip hop junkies

  2. Darius Olfus

    2001 shit

  3. way2gocurtis

    man, I used to listen to this back in the day

  4. AdWil

    Survival Support

  5. Gman jordan

    my shit

  6. Mel Wonder

    love this shit