M.O.P. - Conquerors Lyrics

Warriorz... (c'mon) CONQUERORS!!
YO!! They tryin to kill us (YO!!)
But we don't die.. we gon' live!
YEAH! First.. (YEAH!!) Family - YEAHH!!

[in the background]
It's the M dot O dot P ["dot P" repeat]

Dis da Mash Out Posse baby
Lemme tell y'all somethin
When we go to war
We go all the way to motherfuckin war

[Verse One: Billy Danze]
(OKAY!) I never accepted the glroy
I gave you the story, and showed you how I do it
(MY WAY!) It's the warrior tactics, I'm tellin you bastards
your back is really no match for this ratchet
(LET'S SAY!) You studied the criminal minds
Specifically mine, you'd be amazed at the shit you would find
(B.K.!) Got a nigga twisted
So I rips it like I rip cause I'm gifted, so
(TO-DAY!) Rap is my profession
And the omens I posess would make me do it with aggression
(AL-WAYS!) M dot, O dot, P dot, forever we hot
Whatever we drop, together we not
(GON' PLAY) Fizzy Wo', William Berkowitz
Witty ways, smooth out your gritty ways, send you to a grave
(WE SAY) If you're comfortable across town
Stay across town, Brownsville put it down

[Chorus: Billy Danze]
It's the M dot O dot P dot (P!!!)
Stop, 'fore you get one of these, slammed in your face
Murder should be the case - nigga this is suicide
Got homies that'll climb up out the sewers when we ride
It's the M dot O dot P dot (P!!!)
Stop before you get one of these, slammed in your face
Murder should be the case - nigga this is suicide
Got homies that'll climb up out the sewer when we ride

[Verse Two: Lil' Fame]
(OKAY!) We notice your mouth been runnin for years
Count your threshold of evils up to lessen some of your fears
(MY WAY!) It's the way of the real, the way of the 'Ville
One day at a time, one day of the crime
(LET'S SAY!) You misunderstood, the ways of a thug
The ways of the hood, you wouldn't survive in
(B.K.!) It'll be an express way to the morgue
Niggaz quick to lay you off, A-S-P-C-A of justice

[Danze] It's the M dot O dot P ["dot P" repeat]

It's the Mash Out Posse
We rep for those, that rep for those.. salute!

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M.O.P. Conquerors Comments
  1. Jubatera

    Please, which is the drummer's name??

  2. coly cheikh sadibou

    mop is my real crew I LIKE THIS FOR LIFE

  3. Joshua Smith

    i love this album to death but i would totally re-work the drums

  4. Martini Gasalini

    first family!

  5. JohnnyWas

    not yea,

  6. Άληστος

    Μ.Ο.P 'till Death


  7. sean armstrong

    nothin like a brotha speakin the truth n gettin paid for it. ITS FUCKIN RARE

  8. doggg

    Dope song! Riff reminds me of Black Sabbath - Iron Man.

  9. nighttime85


  10. nighttime85


  11. questmotion

    actually i think great music never gets old. Sure u can't listen to it all day like the 1st time u discovered the track, but trust me, i still listen to MOP's older albums and i still enjoy them as much ;) Trick is to diversify artists and genres ;)

  12. questmotion

    no worries m8, actually i envy you, u'll get to listen to all those awesome albums for the 1st time =) i wished i could go back to the day i listened to MOP for the 1st time ;)

  13. questmotion

    Rofl 1st album +D good post though, look up all their albums, 100% dopeness on any of 'em ... Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirree !!!!!!

  14. TheAtom

    Debut album? MOP had their fist album 10 years before this one man