M.O.P. - Blue Steel Lyrics

[Li'l Fame]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[VERSE 1: Li'l Fame]
Plow! I'm shootin muthafuckas in the belly
Spread em like jelly, play em like skelly
I'm representin for the real niggas
Fake moves, make moves, you fuck around, I have to kill niggas
I pack a nine that have em wanna box
With a gun or I can knock em out the box with a ox
Niggas gotta pay the piper then
And I know you're mad, cocksucker, because it ain't no type of wins
Niggas throw rhymes, I throw rhymes back
If niggas wanna throw crime, I throw crimes back
If niggas wanna throw props, I throw props back
Them niggas wanna throw shots, I throw em back and lay em flat
So if you ever think of tryin to get loose
I do your ass like Bishop did Rahiem in _Juice_
Kid, I'm tellin you now you can't afford it
And I bust a nigga ass quick on the mic that's extorted
Crazed, I rock for days on blaze with Laze E Laze
You niggas get blazed, the Fame can't be fazed
Huh, you couldn't make us for a try out, punk, you die out
I wet shit up even when I got the dry mouth
It's time I let em know the deal
Nowadays shit is real, so I'm packin blue steel

[Billy Danzenie]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[VERSE 2: Billy Danzenie]
Clack-clack, salute from the ill nigga Bill
I represent Gunsmoke Hill, I'm packin blue steel
I'm comin at you to take your wealth
If I endanger your health that's cause you did that your damn self
I blow your muthafuckin back out, I keep a ill feelin
I'm wide open like ?John Dillon?
When you come, you better be armed, son, see, I works with mine
You know what's happenin to you, it's 'hammer time'
Out the streets a real raw man
I'm top dog, man, I'm your connection with the morgue man
For my peoples I put 2 in your face
(Clack-clack) ????? with some ?????
Cause Danzine ain't fakin no jammers
A herb nigga tremor, real niggas ??????
It's cool to see em bangin for that new school
And all my niggas, they work with they tools

[Billy Danzenie]
So make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
[Li'l Fame]
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
[Billy Danzenie]
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)

[Li'l Fame]
Yo Bill, you got the ifth? (Yeah, yeah!)
One in the head? (Yeah, yeah!)
[Billy Danzenie]
You got the pound? (Yeah, yeah!)
Let's kill em dead
[Li'l Fame]
But first I wanna get some, you really gonna diss em
Cause I'ma blast his muthafuckin ass like a ?system?
[Billy Danzenie]
Yo, if you go we all do, cause you know we all crew
Somebody fuck with me, I know they got to fuck with you too
And cocksucker, you want it
In your next life you're nailed just like the last bitch nigga that fronted
[Li'L Fame]
So if you want beef just set it
Because it don't cost nothin to send your ass to the paramedics
The four-pound'll make em hit the ground
So buck em down (buck em down)
Buck em, buck em, buck em down

[Li'l Fame]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[Billy Danzenie]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

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M.O.P. Blue Steel Comments
  1. Christopher Fraser

    So if you ever think a trying to get loose i do ya ass like bishop did raheem in juice

  2. Mizzo _Beeto

    Cant find the video bruhh fuk yutube

  3. Vuroja

    Say what say what say what??????

  4. Legendary DQ

    "I do yo ass like Bishop did Raheem in Juice kid" - Lil Fame

  5. Floyd Hunter

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  6. Fino ala Morte 1899

    Ouuuu fucking yeaaah

  7. Karl Rasur

    hard flows ❤️🔥

  8. Kenny Jones

    How come this song isn’t on iTunes???


    Kenny Jones They don’t know what time it is this type of heat is too underground for ITunes

    Kenny Jones

    7bkprince well iTunes needs to get it together!


    Kenny Jones that’s a fact 💯

  9. Laure Stromboni

    Nyeah Eh? 11 fakes votes "thumb down"? LICK SHOT

  10. relldafox

    Say what say what say what #Impackinbluesteel

  11. Timothy Garcia


  12. famfirst718Ent

    M.O.P 🔥🔥🔥🔥 THE HILL

  13. Robert Barlow

    Brooklyn all day every day

  14. Dawud Yelton

    dr period...one of the if not THE most slept on beat monsta...one of the first to put rock guitars with the crazy 808

  15. BXNY 1

    “I wet shit up even when i got the dry mouth”

  16. Timothy Garcia


  17. Davon Dennis

    If you not from NYC you don't understand

    Chevy Raji

    I'm from Algeria (North Africa), and I understand this, it is: the real pure HIP-HOP!!!

    tmat 2019

    @El Flame Typical NYC hubris. Lol

    tmat 2019

    Uppity New Yorker! Lol!

    Ollie E

    I'm not from NY.... I still dig it

    Jorge Rodriguez Suarez

    This is the lenguage of tigers of the street's. This is a universal comunication. And the tigers around thr world come to this track pray to the death.


    Wow iam getting old, #fire

    Kings County Baby

    BROOKLYN BULLY #Brownsville...

  19. BTA

    MOP To the death!!

    Sean Colclough

    Downtown swinger shyyyyyt original version

  20. Worn out Testicles

    I can't explain just how much I love this shit! The other night the Jamie Lee Curtis movie Blue Steel came on and this started playing in my head 😎

    Fatboy Bugsy

    facts homie

  21. Somethin' Foe That Ass

    this shit goes way too hard

  22. mc shira m.o.s.s

    mop muthafuckas came to da door explaining everything about hardckor hip hop shit word is bone .

  23. DeJuan Battle

    the beat is classic

  24. Nestee994

    so long time I do not listen to. It's fucking classic

  25. Abraham Palmer

    great song

  26. RDoubt96

    The kick drum on this is crazy.

  27. Japreme Magnetic.

    Clap-Clap! #RGM

  28. Antonio Smith