Moose Blood - I Hope You're Missing Me Lyrics

Remember when you said you'd stay
But you left in January
Then you came home in May
Did you come back for me

I wish I could start over
Be the boy she didn't know
But I guess she'll always be the girl that I take home

Remember when you met my dad
In our old home
And the first night we spent together
I couldn't be alone

I wish that I could go back there
So you could get to know
All things I used to love before I left home

It takes me back to growing up
Those better days
The first girl that I kissed
And all those childish ways
We talked for months
I tried my luck
You finally gave in and girl you know how to fuck

It takes me back to growing up
Those better days
The first girl that I kissed
And all those childish ways
We talked for months
I tried my luck
You finally gave in and girl you know how to fuck

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Moose Blood I Hope You're Missing Me Comments
  1. Grant Inskeep

    So clearly influenced by Brand New. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  2. Roberto Guerra

    RIP Moose Blood

  3. Gianna Moscariello


  4. Fiatlux Mequi

    Balance and Composure vibes.

  5. SuprA 44

    The Wonder Years - There, There anyone?? Chorus is quite similar

  6. Niklas Halver

    marietta- You got the map backwards

  7. Harry Isaac


  8. Larnz Costa

    Such an amazing band 😭😍

  9. Ralphy Right

    does anybody know who's the tattoo artist?

  10. Ralphy Right

    Does anybody know who's the tattooer at 01:29 min?

  11. Elisa Alvarez

    😌💖 thank god for these guys

  12. drippy31

    guitar sounds like blink 182

  13. erin manson

    I hope they don't get big cuz they're mine but I hope they get bug cuz they deserve it <3

    Nadine _-

    erin manson me

  14. Antlion161

    she finally gave in

  15. you look so julia


  16. Rhi Catherine

    "girl you know just how to fart" :') ????????????????????????????

    CJ Gloria

    Rhi Catherine its fuck in case you're wondering, I always thought I was fight until I heard an acoustic version of this

  17. No Ears

    I wish I had friends that I could go out to the beach and have a campfire with and have a great time >_<

  18. juliebeth

    but you left in janyerry

    Macy Thompson

    fav part haahha love it

  19. ThatBlindGuy247

    these guys remind me of Brand New which i love but Blush is too pop punk :c

  20. Giuliana

    M ♡ B

  21. nanceicecream sunnyday

    that's what we all hope for, truth is he or she barely remembers us.

  22. legendofjustin

    i'm currently at the gym squatting with tears in my eyes because of this song

    Lars Darling

    +Boéjar Musik oh yeah dude fuckin good one yup

    Rowan Lafontaine

    +Boéjar Musik not sure how that makes him gay? Hmmm.


    Gym lad #gains

    Randy Perreault


    Sammy Fiction

    I'm currently in toilet with tears in my eyes, real mean shit

  23. taylor roy


    Gabriel Starkey

    taylor roy 😂

    506 Jewboy

    taylor roy i wish i talked like that

    Justin Resuta

    omfg thank you for this. this made my day taylor

  24. catsandeggybread

    Damn only took me 2 seconds to like and favourite this :)

  25. Austin Mariano


  26. TaimaBean

    I love everything about this song but I would be lying if I said that my favorite part isn't how he says January

  27. DEADWXIGHT ///

    Omg they filmed this were I live...the caste kinda thing is reculver

  28. Cory Golden


  29. mads !!

    just started listening to moose blood and holy shit .... why haven't i been listening sooner?? such great stuff

    ❥ wizzy

    that ghost me too, mate. me too.

  30. JakeLeBobz

    Saw these at rescue rooms last week, definitely one of the most best bands going. I encourage everyone to go and see them at some point.

  31. Sam Gibbins

    Landscapes 🔥

  32. anon nope

    The first night we spent together, I couldn't be alone

  33. sewagedump

    What genre is this

    Timothy Matheny

    No... this is what you would call "Pop Punk". The genre was pioneered by bands like Green Day and Blink 182 and includes bands like Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, Real Friends, Knucklepuck and Moose Blood. Staples of the genre are pizza and flannels.

    Forevertheless Band

    Timothy Matheny Dude, this is what you call emo. Yes, it is a sub genre, but this is emo. Just a little better than pop punk. Especially these guys, leading the pack in the emo-revival in my opinion

    Forevertheless Band

    JakeLeBobz Yo, emo is short for emotive... Not emotional. Get ya facts straight


    JakeLeBobz it's called darude-sandstorm

    Joe Dirt

    Pop punk af

  34. Bikal


    Sk8ter kek

    Bikal Why is Ned upside-down? 😂

  35. xsomerandomchick69

    i want to see moose blood live so bad

  36. Crystal Cook

    I was crying during their entire set at warped last summer and I got some weird looks from people but it was totally worth it.

    Kaylie Mancino

    Omg you just described me oops they were so beautiful

    Crystal Cook

    +CawCewJew lmao wat I'm a lesbian female so how tf

  37. Lara Horno

    The world needs more bands like them

    Jamey Madore

    +TheHardcorekid Dear Seattle tho

    Rudi Kleingeld

    Check out Black Foxxes.


    Rudi Kleingeld fuck yeah

    Jay Burris Wayne

    Lara Horno Literally Knuckle Puck

  38. indra jaya

    are they shooting video clip on white hills dover?

    Gerard FuckingWay

    I'm 95% sure as I recognise a lot of the places (I live there) and I'm pretty sure I saw the castle In the background so

  39. Kerenza

    "you finally gave in and girl you know how to fuck" ?

  40. Chips In bed

    I like this

  41. Ryan Robinette

    This song is literally a roller coaster of emotions and I love it that it makes me uncomfortable

  42. Ewan Munro

    Anyone got the tabs for this??

  43. Sh4dowghost

    I was like "that place looks familiar" and then I noticed that the video is filmed in the same town as I live in......

    Claudia asdfgh

    Sh4dowghost lol

    Claudia asdfgh

    Sh4dowghost where do u live?


    Where is it?

  44. Thomas McCaul

    but you left in Janury

  45. spiritkisses

    jan ur ee

  46. Elodie Spencer

    Part of this is filmed at Reculver Towers round the corner from me :D love how these guys come from my home town

  47. Kie Mccleary

    These were mental at reading

  48. Gianna Mass

    mooosee blooodd

  49. Dominic Faiola

    first bitches

  50. mandy mason


    Lara Horno

    +mandy mason SAME

    cecil le

    damnnnnn, the name fit the personality, huh

  51. Jim Miller

    Their acoustic set at warped is amazing, if you get the chance to see him, go see them. Eddy will usually sign stuff afterwards and he's super sweet

    Hope Mattice

    +Jamie Miller Seriously! I hugged him afterwards and I wasin tears. It was the most heartfelt and beautiful thing I'd ever experienced.

    Jim Miller

    +Hope Mattice I wanted to hug him so bad but I live jn the south so I assume most guys are homophobic so I didn't ask and I regret it. I really hope they go again this year.

  52. Mekyla Alvarado

    I just met them at warped tour and they are such sweet guys I got to tell them how they reminded me of brand new and I hugged Eddy they also sound amazing live if you get the chance to see them ever, go for it

  53. Sophie Learmont

    I was just at minis bay/reculver like 10 minutes ago and my friend linked me to these guys...spooky

  54. cyra christensen

    Im glad that i had thought to look them up because they are amazing❤❤

  55. Xochitl Hansen

    Oh my ID love if they went on tour with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! It sound perfect:)

  56. Nebula123

    I saw you guys the other day, was really cool. I didn't think it would be good live but it was great. Wish I had a chance to meet you guys, damn.

  57. Copyright Free Music

    You all need to listen to a banr called SPARTA. Moose blood sound so much like them!


    I L O V E sparta. And listen to jim ward, the singer s solo project

  58. Idlehands 87r

    Nice but the Mix is muddy, this has a lot of potential if edited correctly.

  59. Drew Nichols

    Me likey!!!!!!!

  60. Mike Paterson


  61. Liam Owen

    Seeing these in Plymouth next week, quality band!

  62. charlie hobbes

    kyle bby

  63. Please Head North

    we have a cover of boston on our channel if you want to check it out. Hope you enjoy it!

  64. SuperEmilyfp999

    looking forward to seeing you in Brighton tonight :3

  65. UwU OwO

    next video bukowski or boston :)

  66. Jonathan Spiers

    cool lyrics tho

  67. 激怒Black Salve - Sten

    Thank the lord I heard of these guys just now...

    Ben Starzec

    @The L.A. Notes Laughing Coffin! I found them looking through the warped performer list

    激怒Black Salve - Sten

    @Ben Majora Get pk'ed m8
    I have some pretty punk friends on Facebook, that's how I discovered them xD

  68. Sir Hanger

    saw u today in vienna awesome band :D

  69. Thierry Berthou

    Good stuff;)

  70. Neohits Ru

    Превосходная работа. Реально отличная песня 

  71. MorethanFrankie

    Album of the year for me. So good!

  72. Mr TennantMan

    Album blew me away, amazing work lads!

  73. Ennie .Nolan

    These guys remind me a lot of old school Brand New. It's awesome.

    Irmarie Dolz Maldonado

    They remind me of Taking Back Sunday but I don't feel right making the comparison cus they have their own unique sound. Absolutely awesome, though, I agree :)


    Same here, I was thinking of that when I first heard of them.