Moore, Gary - I Had A Dream Lyrics

I, had a dream
That you,were my Queen
And I, was your King
In the shadows of love

No one could see
How close, we would be
Two lovers, you and me
In the shadows of love

I was a fool
To play by the rules
And I was a fool
To let you go

Oh through the night
When I held you so tight
Till the first morning light
But my eyes were closed

I, had a dream
That you, were my Queen
And I, was your King
In the shadows of love

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Moore, Gary I Had A Dream Comments
  1. Marisa Gonzalez

    Wow...this is beautiful and very sensual.....

  2. Ngọc Anh Hoàng


    andrew rochester

    shit just like your moms spag bol

  3. Robert VanHoy

    aah really ,,,,,,, My Lord ....Gary Moore was touched by an Angel play so ,, me for the word ...Full Free Love

  4. Lesley Goddard

    My go to soul soother 💜💚

  5. Elvira Bette


  6. Gary Bates

    Wat a song xxx

    andrew rochester

    haaa gay

  7. oscar armando pinochi

    One of the GREATEST. His guitar sounds from the shadows and it brings light!

  8. donald arrabito

    the man & the guitar

  9. Kcee Kaakill

    Damn Gary......U knew how to cut right to the quick....... your masterpieces are such a huge part of my life

  10. Ágnes Pandur

    No words ... just tears ...Impresses again and again , heartbreaking as only Gary play... Thank you , thank so much my guitar hero

  11. Katarzyna K.

    Something beautiful !!!

    andrew rochester

    not here there isn't

  12. Mandy Morrison Hamilton


  13. challenger srt

    The best way to express your heart with guitar 😔😔😢😢

  14. Kcee KaaKill


  15. KruNosLaV Lucky Star

    El geniale maestro
    Zbog Tebe sam zavolio blues,
    na tvoj unique način !!
    HVALA Gary

  16. Kyle McCullough

    I was a fool...

  17. 6017Alex Purple-Rainbow fan

    Magic guitar!!!!!! One of the best ever!!!!!!

  18. Lucio Anneo Séneca

    Hermoso y visceral tema...!!! Virtuoso Gary Moore.

  19. Gsil Golden

    Gary Moore wrote this, I feel, he had met..his Queen, only ever be one queen in ones life, as only one King in my life, and it had to could not ever be that happy in real life..he played by the rules. She was a fool to ever let him go...........

  20. Alenko Pavletić

    ledenda zauvjek

  21. Queen Bivvett

    I think I'm going to cry...


    +Queen Bivvett  I already did....   This one will get ya every time.

    Kcee KaaKill

    Queen Bivvett is that not just such a blast to the very core of ones storehouse for emotions????

    Kcee KaaKill

    I still stand firm in believing that he was definitely the best guitarist, yes out of them ALL, and still my all time favorite blues artist that ever walked the earth. So many wonderful things leave our lives way to soon and then all one has to hold onto is????????????????
    Words, songs, photos and memories. I’m grateful to have these for so many of the losses that I’ve faced, not just in the musical realm. Point is to really embrace and cherish the Blessings you’ve received while they are within your grasp.

    KruNosLaV Lucky Star

    Every time !!
    For my Queen

  22. jurid abdija


  23. 58 Moore's

    one off da best blues song

  24. harpguy1

    He is my guitar hero ,,, from Dublin ,,, born same year as myself ,,, died way too young

    Cathy Wilde

    He was born in Belfast, and moved to Dublin when he was 16 xx

    andrew rochester

    just like ya das sex life

  25. trashmancrashman

    🌜🌌 🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉 🎧 🌌🌛

  26. Enrique Aldanondo

    " Tuve un sueño "

    Tuve un sueño
    Que eras mi reina
    Y yo estaba como un rey
    En las sombras del amor.

    Nadie podía ver
    ¿Qué tan cerca que sería
    Dos amantes, tú y yo
    En las sombras del amor.

    Yo era un tonto
    Para jugar con las reglas
    y yo era un tonto
    Para dejarte ir.

    Oh, a través de la noche
    Cuando tuve que tan apretado
    'Hasta que la primera luz del alba
    Pero mis ojos se cerraron.

    Tuve un sueño
    Que eras mi reina
    Y les fue rey
    En las sombras del amor.

  27. ნიკა პაპასქუა

    Gary King ^_^

  28. Wyatt Earp

    ****Gary Gary mistrz gitary...***

  29. jorge attikos

    fraking PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (y)


    GARY MOORE ...

  31. departe dEMIne


  32. fredypick

    to delight
    Moore forever.