Moonchild - Just A Minute Lyrics

Just a minute
That's all I need
Just need a little time to breathe baby
Feel it with me oooh
No, ain't nothing to see no
Carry on, carry on with me
Won't be long, no
Just a mintue
Trying to find
The silence for my mind
Oooh, please please
Just a minute
Gonna be, I'm gonna be there
And we gonna have a good time but
I need a minute oooh
Hey, that's all I need

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Moonchild Just A Minute Comments
  1. Becky Ramirez

    I've been listening to them for almost a year NOW and I haven't grown tired of them yet, so I REALLY think that says a lot🤣😉😁😚😙😘😍😍

  2. Barber747

    This is that quiet time/library/studying/sleepy/bedtime/naptime type music. 10/10

  3. Mark Allison

    Love this! so relaxing.

  4. Gokai Red

    I just discovered this group about a week ago and I really think I need a 1 hour version of this and many of the other tracks that they've done...basically all of the tracks that they've done so far...

  5. Ezekiel Victor

    good god